Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Do They Do Bow Wow Like That?

They just won’t leave Bow Wow alone, will they? Bow Wow was just out in Hollywood chillin’ doing some stuntin’. (Do people still say stuntin’ like that?) Anyway, he was doing his thang in a white Ferrari. He gets his friend to hop out and take a picture of him pulling up to valet… Then, the internet and the company he rented the car from go in on Bow Weezy.

I don’t know why, but that’s just how they do you these days. There’s no shame in RENTING a Ferrari. I guess people may have thought Bow Wow was lying or just doing too much on Instagram. But it went even crazier when the rental company put him on blast in THEIR Instagram. Sheeesh!

See it all below.


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83 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Do They Do Bow Wow Like That?”

  1. Wayne

    The stupidity of people, so he rented a Ferrari, it seemed smarter to rent the Ferrari, seeing how he spends most of his time on the east coast these days, it’s not the cost of the car it’s the upkeep that’s expensive, from a business stand point it’s wiser to rent a car that he’s not gonna even use 6 times outta the year, oil change alone is 4k+ and can the people commenting on him renting the Ferrari even afford to rent a Ferrari? Platinum Transportation never even said it was a rental, for the people who don’t live on the west coast, they do rentals but sell and do high end custom cars. These clowns but i guess you gotta keep your haters employed at all times lol

      • Wayne

        It’s sad that we just can’t be happy that a black man can afford to buy or rent a Ferrari and not be doing something illegal.

      • Wayne

        Yeah my people own a Ferrari, Lambo, high end luxury vehicle maintenance/restoration shop, they just don’t change your oil, they snatch out the whole engine, clean it and repaint it, it’s not no jiffy lube 1hr deal, you leave it for a few about a week haha and 4k is being lite, depends on how hard you been going. When you buy a high end luxury sports car you need to allot at least 20-40k a yr just on maintenance and those are lite numbers, i just know what it is, i have no immediate plans on buying haha

  2. $21384666

    I dont see a prob here he rented a car while on vacation in hurting california … At least he rent in style . Shit i can only get a beemer if anything

  3. aokot5

    I don’t see the big deal, I thought that renting a car while you’re out of your home city was a regular practice of celebrities…I guess some people still believe that these celebrities(especially rappers) actually own all the shit that they floss LOL

  4. Shotgun_Packa

    This is a reach. I could see if it was TMZ but this isn’t a diss. The company saw free promotion and decided to see what they could get out of it.

  5. Jared

    I don’t really see how the rental company “put him on blast”. It’s public knowledge it was a struggle to pay child support so what person with common sense think he could afford that vehicle? Either way I can’t afford to rent so…lol

  6. joeyjoejoejr

    Rich nigga problems……….I got a hard time deciding to rent a Altima or ask my mother to let me borrow the rav4 for the weekend when I am outta town. Niggas clowning like they ain’t renting when they not at home.

  7. Global_Mission

    Justin Bieber just got arrested stunting in a RENTED LAMBO and not 1 nicca laughed, hated, or said nothing. This is how you do it. You don’t drive your luxury car from Atlanta to Hollywood or over a large distance because it devalues quickly, but broke niggas would not know that. So to save value on their own and still be able to ride good you rent while away from home… #CrabAssNiccas

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      our own just love to break eachother down but then go home to a white wife and half/half kid. (yeezy)

      • Executive

        I got a friend that will throw lil subliminal white jokes at me cause I’m married to a white women but meanwhile he cheats and can’t even financially support his black wife, lmao all those lil jabs he throws really show his jealousy.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        ur white hoeeee is basic

      • Detroit Chick

        Calling a black man a chimp, wow what a class act.. Smh

      • ursocalledgod

        that bullshit you just said has no relevance. whats wrong with diversity and being universal? ignorant ass comments and thought processes like this is why we never will get where were supposed to be. MARK!

    • RichFromBX

      true, but keep in mind it’s out there that Bow Wow don’t pay child support so he looks like a damn fool out here driving a Ferrari like he’s got it like that.

      there’s a difference between stunting and fronting – this fool here is fronting.

      • Newmoney

        if Bow Wow didn’t pay child support he would be in jail. last I checked America don’t condone niggas who don’t pay up, be it taxes or child support, America will reel your ass in…

      • RichFromBX

        not everyone goes to jail for not paying child support – I know of two regular dudes who are dead beats that should’ve been locked a long time ago…no way a celeb is getting locked for it…

      • Detroit Chick

        Nah he has the money he just doesn’t want to pay the ridiculous amount of CS his BM was asking for, kinda like how future went to the courts complaining about giving his BM 5 racks a month when he makes triple that for a show. Their rappers an they have money hey js don’t want to give it up.. He pays it though cause he an his bm are cool now an he isn’t in jail lol.. I doubt he is fronting, I’m sure he could buy it if he wanted to.

  8. Percyy II

    Come on! Bow wow is famous, of course the company is just using him for merchandising. The same way happened to Justin, the yellow Ferrari now is worth.

  9. Papi Peligro

    Aint nothing wrong renting. It don’t make no sense why this dude ain’t got millions of dollars. You telling me Justin Bieber got 130 mill and Bow Wow got 300,000. Man the game ain’t the same the game ain’t the same.

  10. ILL Will

    What wrong with renting a Ferrari? If you don’t live in Cali wouldn’t it be a wise decision to rent a car? I’m pretty sure that Ferrari costs more to rent than the s**t you get from a regular rental place and not everyone can afford that s***. Haters eywhere man.

  11. sakiru oresanwo

    Only fools who believed he owned the ferrari would clown him. I take pictures with and drive my boss’ italia, never for once claimed it was mine.

  12. Executive

    You know your a certified hater when you see any dude in a nice car and the first thing that comes out ya mouth is saying it’s rented.

  13. Brooklyn Stoop

    i can see why people dissing bow wow……….its the nature of the beast
    its the rental spot that got me puzzled………..why blow up the spot of a customer? thats bad business

  14. crazy white people

    I think after this Bow Wow should just get a gun and take the lords work into his ow hands lol…Back to Sponla dot c o m

  15. Trujudah

    better to speand 2000 for a couple nights cali than 200000 for some shit that will lose value soon as you leave the lot…..

  16. Obi Won

    Didn’t look like the company was putting him on blast, looked more like advertising.
    “Good Friend Bow Wow, pulling up at the grammys…..for inquires, blah blah blah”
    I rather say I rented a Rari then have my Rolex fall apart on tv and then make excuses about it falling apart.

  17. D_Ably

    Funny as hell. I wish these rental companies would out all the rappers. We all know they frontin hard in their rentals tryin pass them as owned. Its kool if you ain’t caked like that boss, you just gotta stop actin like it lmao

  18. Newmoney

    nowhere did the guy say its his! for pete sakes, South Africa is about the size of Texa’s but when I go to Cape Town I don’t drive my car. I fly and rent something mean…. if you hating on the dude, simple question, do you have money to rent a Ferrari and put down a cash waiver when you go away for a weekend? otherwise shut the f-up because you are just a broke ass hater who expects rich people to have cars everywhere they go! not even billionaires have cars and properties all over the country.

    • C. Rice

      I think you’re missin the point. He inferred it was his by makin it seem like it was. I wish rappers would talk about how ok it is to rent things rather than pretending they have more money than they really do. Perhaps real people wouldnt spend all their money on extravagant crap while living with their parents.

      • Detroit Chick

        He never said it was his or insinuated it was, ppl saw him shining in it an because he has money ASSumed it was his an the rental company thought it was cute to try an shade him.. In the end they will only hurt their own business cause now celebs won’t want to rent for fear of being wrongly outed.. Plenty of stars rent cars when they go out of town, maybe he was testing it out to see if he wants to buy one or drive something different. People are just childish sometimes.

  19. ursocalledgod

    catz cant even afford to fill up the tank on they Crown Vic but throwing shots at dude. lol i get it tho. the problem is you taking pictures and shit and tweeting about the shit and what not and its rented. if its rented call it what it is off rip. when you put your own shit on blast like its yours your opening the flood gates. he should of just kept it low and let someone else spot him and snap a pic if your gonna play that role.

  20. Scosha Moe

    that rental company will lose some celebrity clients. Bow Wow problem is that he comes off as arrogant at times. So whenever someone gets a chance to put him on blast, he’s an easy target. Plus, his supposed bad financial status is always in the media, so him stunting in a Ferrari brings attention to the frontin.

    • Detroit Chick

      There is no justification for it, his money woes were rumors he has been making millions since he was 13 yrs old, he js made over 5 mill for Lottery ticket 2 yrs ago an works for BET.. Ijs anyone who really thinks this man do sent have money is very gullible.. I agree he comes off as arrogant at times but so does 90% of rappers, it’s part of their persona most times an with the hate he gets I see why.. An yes the rental company just shot themselves in the foot for some likes..

  21. Detroit Chick

    This is stupid, so what he rented a Ferrari! He lives in NY an was only in town for the weekend so why would he ship his Bentley from ATL or buy a Ferrari when he could js rent one whole in town? I swear he has more haters than anyone in hiphop, guess cause he is the youngest an been doing it, making money an staying relevant the longest.. Let the man live damn.

  22. DiscoverDior.com

    Do to a bad economy,so many fans don’t believe, it is necessary that people know the truth. The rental car company seems to be struggling so bad that instead of client confidentiality they are using clients for promotion.

  23. Kharifa HartBreaker

    Bow Aint Broke Like They Say I Think He Just Cant Spend As Much Money Like He Use To But I Still Support Bruhh

  24. shockdaworld29

    When you buy a super car, you have to pay sales tax and continue to pay personal property and luxury tax on those items every year. It probably was a wise choice for him to rent the Ferrari…

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