WTF News: Cop Knowingly Spreads HIV to Unsuspecting Victims

Here we go again, another person going around knowingly spreading HIV. This one has the nerve to be a cop. Check it out:

Wrap it up, b!

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  • thats just sick and disgusting. please wrap it up ppl!!!


    misery loves company……..

  • Executive

    Can’t feel sorry for the women when they let the dude go in raw.

  • Executive

    I used to do the test, see how far she will let me go and if she don’t even mention a rubber zip up and hit the door.

    • LD51


  • RapItUp

    Need I say more?

  • drop vert

    im so tired of people wit this lame stuff ,check the facts , dr nancy banks , dr sebi, jim humble,and so on black folks keep there head in the mud! thats we we lost now hiv aids is a hoax the meds is what kills u learn the facts!

    • Joey Joe Ramos

      The stupidest comment written…. U got ur self lost…

      • CeeGeeBee

        It’s not proven that AIDS is sexually transmitted. However, IT IS proven that HIV drugs KILL PEOPLE! Look it up. Seems the hoax and MULTIBILLION DOLLAR BIG PHARMA has you “lost.”

      • Thenatural503

        Birth control can kill you. You’re putting chemicals in your body of course they can kill you. The fact of the matter is AIDS does shorten your life span period.

    • Dubz

      HIV/AIDS do not kill people, it destroys your immune systems so you can’t fight diseases. It’s the other viruses that you get (cold, flu) that will kill you because your body can’t fight them. You guys gotta lay off that conspiracy stuff…lol

  • drop vert

    the media got everybody lost

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  • Only wack hoez date baconators…


    This is totally Fucked Up!!! Dude should be castrated with Hot Acid! Did I just see the word “Reckless” misspelled on a TV News Segment?!?!?! That’s why people in the South most times get criticized for their lack of intelligence. WTF is Recklass?!?!?! They can’t afford spell check or a damn proof reader.

  • brotha_man

    all these dumbs a$$ broads need to re take sex ed, apparently nothing was learned. i was smashing a broad the other day and she gave me the ol’ “we dont need a rubber, im on the pill” line. I looked at her and said “the rubber is mandatory” wont be calling her again.
    most of these dumb a$$ broads get that baby fever and dont care what happens, they think once they have a baby they got you. be carefully brothers and sisters, wrap that sh*t up!!!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      dudes be on the same ish so females yall watch out too lol

    • Thenatural503

      Every dude in here has put it in a chick once without a condom probably using the line “I’ll just put the tip in.” Stop acting like females are the only ones who need to take sex ed again lol.

  • so are the kids infected too?

  • Mec-One

    Kill them with fire!

  • Thetruth7777


  • Super-Khalifah

    Honestly speaking…there is no such thing as “safe sex.” ALL sex is risky unless you and your partner are not sexually active with anyone other then each other. There is a 1% chance that you can still get pregnant using a condom and the HIV and AIDS cell is one million times smaller than the sperm cell. So what are the percentages on passing on or contracting AIDS and HIV with a condom? “Wrapping it up” still may not save you. Try not having sex unless you love the person and both of yall getting testing regularly BEFORE and after you have sex. That MAY help!