9th Wonder Says Jay Z Wanted Little Brother Beats, Calls Phonte Best MC of Last Decade

(AllHipHop News) 9th Wonder is a professor, a producer, a huge Duke fan and possesses ample Hip Hop knowledge. During his appearance on Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg’s Juan Epstein podcast, he spoke on missed Jay Z collaboration, differences between Drake and Phonte and more.

9th Wonder rummaged through his encyclopedic mind of Hip Hop knowledge and gave the date he first played beats for Jay Z: September 20th, 2003, less than a month before The Black Album was released.  According to 9th, during his first session with Jay Z, he played him 20 of the 150 beats he had ready and claims that Jay Z wanted the beat for “Lovin’ It”, which ended up becoming Little Brother’s first single off of their sophomore album The Minstrel Show.

When describing his former groupmate Phonte,9th had nothing but the highest praise as he called the MC “one of the best, if not the best rapper in the last decade.” After simply saying that “Young Money” was the difference between Drake garnering mainstream success as opposed to Phonte, 9th Wonder explained the mechanics behind mainstream music :

Young Money created a platform for Drake to have that platform to get to a larger audience. Once you get to that particular platform of being mainstream, you know, you are  being exposed to a bunch of people who dont matter what you sounds like. Kendrick Lamar is a classic example. How many people out of the people that bought his album really understand Kendrick Lamar?  We can say maybe 200, 250 thousand.

Check out the full Juan Epstein podcast below:

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24 Responses to “9th Wonder Says Jay Z Wanted Little Brother Beats, Calls Phonte Best MC of Last Decade”

  1. hoeyuno

    Can’t dispute that. phonte raps about ish everyone can relate to..he’s your favorite rappers favorite rapper. check out “last day” if you never heard him.

  2. Arrie Mental Woodard

    there are a lot of mc’s that do what phonte does very well. He is/was dope, no doubt, but the best???? i dont know about that one…..On a side note..
    there is some kendrick stan somewhere loading up his rifle, throwing up his dubs and plotting on 9th right now….

    • Romia Blue

      You gotta remember 9th is coming from a standpoint of not only watching this dude and working with him from the beginning, but seeing it evolve. Think about the roster of people he’s worked with that folks (unless they read the liner notes) didn’t know about? Everybody got their opinion but can you name those other mc’s that sing & rap very well?
      While we’re waiting on that list, check out Phonte’s Not Here Anymore off Charity Starts at Home.

      • acapwn

        Lauryn Hill, for sure. Andre 3000?? Nah…rap, yes. Sing, not so much.

      • Celz

        Drake ain’t no Usher.. Dre killed Prototype. Drake may sing a lil better but Dre raps WAY better

      • acapwn

        I can’t agree with you on Prototype but Dre does rap circles around 90% of the rappers currently doin it, for sure!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        true that but that still doesnt mean that he is the best…. shit on the real we may never actually know the answer to that question. what qualifies as the best…. because in my opinion ill take Mos Def over Phonte, (he spits, sings, play more than one instrument, and he is an accomplished actor) lauryn Hill over Phonte, shit on some tracks i may even take Drake over Phonte depending on the subject matter. and thats 3 off the top with out even thinking, add Celz under me added Andre 3000…. is Phonte better than Dre????? your points are noted Romia and i respect them but its some heavy hitters out there doing it. but again like i said before phonte is dope…. please dont get my comments twisted! phonte gets my respect for sure!!!

  3. Prime Culture

    How The Hell Are These Guys On A Show & Don’t Know MOST Of The History Of The Artists ??? I Live In Minneapolis, Minnesota & Know More Than These Guys On The History & Most Of The Artists In Real Music, CAN I HAVE A JOB ???

  4. Black Jay

    No offense to 9th Wonder but I’m getting very tired of hearing about his ONE RECORD he did with Jay Z. It’s like he’s putting out commercials and hoping that Jigga will “buy” again. 9th is a talented dude but move on. He has tons of other braggable projects to speak of.

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