Dear DMX: Don't Fight George Zimmerman

Dear DMX,

Its Trayvon’s birthday.

Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

That’s right. Today – February 5th – would be Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday had he not been cut down by a bullet fired by George Zimmerman. As you already know, the unarmed Trayvon was minding his own business, heading to his Florida home, when a self-proclaimed neighborhood watch dog Zimmerman decided to harass him, follow him and then kill him. Most people feel that justice was not served and that Trayvon was murdered in cold blood. Then, his killer walked out of court a free man, protected by a mix of legal red tape, a society that still stereotypes Black man and apparently the backing of gun lobbyist like the NRA.

X, I know there are no papers signed, but on behalf of millions of people, I’m asking that you completely withdraw from fighting George Zimmerman in this proposed “celebrity boxing” match.

I’m not here to judge. I don’t know your financial status. I don’t know your reasoning for considering this “fight.” In fact, all I know is you are still mad as hell that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon – like most in our community. According to reports, you want to “beat the living s**t” out of Zimmerman. Understandable.

To keep this simple and plain, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should NOT get in the ring with George Zimmerman.

1) Zimmerman is clearly making a play at being a celebrity villain, deeming this a celebrity boxing match. There is only one celebrity and that’s you. He’s the killer of a 17-year old boy.

2) We don’t yet know how Trayvon’s family feels about this. If they don’t approve, we don’t approve.

3) The “die slow” theory, is one that I first heard from you. Don’t give Zimmerman a shot at opulence and prosperity. You could unwittingly be jumping off his career. Let him remain a pariah and allow his legacy to disintegrate into dust.

4) Don’t be party to this sick clown’s media circus.(Read about George Zimmerman’s drug habit.)

5) Zimmerman PICKED YOU. He had The Game and didn’t want any parts of your Compton brother. He tried to get Kanye West, who he definitely thinks he can beat and who offers more attention. He wants to fight you, because he sees you as somebody that he can beat. At LEAST, you are somebody that won’t make him look bad.

6) Zimmerman is trained in mixed martial arts. He looks portly and out of shape, but please believe he’s got some skill sets that trump street fighting.

7) This is deeper than Hip-Hop, but this “celebrity boxing” event makes a mockery of it too.

8) Your first record was “Born Loser” and this could solidify that notion, effectively ending your career.

9) You should focus on the music you still have to create, not on this degenerate that wants to use you for his own ends.

10) Had George Zimmerman killed you X, there would be very little overarching outrage – even unarmed – and you better believe he would have killed you, given the chance. The detractors wouldn’t know what’s in your heart, which your fans know is very big. All the masses would lock in on would be your “rap sheet,” the headlines and would feel justified in the notion that that the streets now have one less n***a on it. We know that “they” think about us.

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So, what if you beat up Zimmerman?

What changes? Nothing. Trayvon does not get justice. Zimmerman makes money. You make money. Some charity makes a couple of faux bucks. At the end of the day, nothing changes with this bout. We just get a brief, pointless media high seeing the bad guy take a frivolous loss. If he wins, then we all collectively have to watch this guy and his smug face guffaw about how he claimed victory once again over one of our warriors. This reeks of “Django Unchained,” where the enslaved engage in “Mandingo fighting,” a disgusting, dehumanizing form of gladiator entertainment. Earl Simmons, you have bigger victories to claim, in life and entertainment. You know that.

But, here’s what you do, X, should you decide to continue with the fight.

Walk in the ring.

Pull out a gun – a gun with no munitions in it.

Let an unarmed Zimmerman for a brief moment feel what Trayvon felt as he approached the end of his life.

Ahh..better yet, just don’t show up. We all want justice, but there are a myriad of better ways to honor the life of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

Happy birthday, Trayvon.

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur is the co-founder of He’s a business man, cultural critic, pundit and trailblazer that has been featured on National Public Radio (NPR), BET, TVOne, VH1, The E! Channel, MTV, The O’Reilly Factor, USA Today, The New York Times, New York’s Hot 97 FM and like a zillion other outlets. Follow him on social media at @ChuckCreekmur.

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  • Cory Evans

    I do not agree with this article. I know Zimmerman is after attention but if someone can beat his ass…cool do it. This also is not a fight it’s a boxing match so mixed martial arts wont matter. Next, I am pretty sure DMX will beat this man’s ass…remember Travon did.

    • E McArthur

      That’s not the point, it’s the fact that dude is gonna be paid off this match-that’s what they’re getting at. Whether X wins or loses, Zim got a new career.

      • Cory Evans

        Career ? I dont think he will continuously eat from this one match.

      • $50k/yr working a “career” for 20yrs or $1 million in a night. “Career” don’t matter he”ll be making enough to replace a career

      • Cory Evans

        Although this is off…$1 million wont be made if he donated 1%..I meant all of it.

    • Charter

      You’ve never played chess in your whole life, have you?

      • Cory Evans

        damn chess this is real life not a game. I know the comparison and It’s not that serious. Unless I am misinformed Zimmerman is doing this for charity. If he makes money I understand your complaint…if it’s for charity I say let him get his ass kicked.

      • If he donates 1% of his income, he can say “the earnings will be donated to charity”

  • Brindle

    Well written article from someone that’s read more than two books… I’ll admit it, if x fights Zim, I’ll watch as long as its free, not ppv… Unfortunately, in no way should anyone black be expoiting the death of Trayvon, to make money for rap, Zimmerman, charity, etc… This is buffoonery/coonery at its worst.

  • Sun Zoo

    what you don’t understand is the promoter of this PPV event is suing DMX for a no show last year. So… X has to do it or get sued for $1 milliion. DMX is a bit crazy but he’s not stupid. He’s a street dude and one thing street dudes don’t do is underestimate an opponent. I’m sure he’ll be prepared. And even if he loses… he’s still Darkman X and we still gonna love him. George Zimmerman will always be a pariah. If he wins, he’s still a pariah. He will live and die with the guilt of killing that poor innocent kid. He’ll never enjoy life. So… Chuck… always bet on black.

    • TruthSerum813

      He’ll sure enjoy life alot more with the check he gets out of this then he would without it.

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  • Slaughtr

    Save this bs and let it do what it does, and how many fckn open letters have to be written stop the boot licking. DMX is already faked on so let this shyt be.

  • LD51

    Great article, thank you.

  • Wether or not someone black fights Zimmerman, he will get the attention the media is hyping him up for. It’s a lose or lose situation for our community. If someone doesn’t fight him the media will deem us indirectly as cowards. If we fight him we still lose from the popularity he’ll receive. It’s all apart of a bigger scheme of things.


      You right man win or lose he wins.

      • This system of things sets it up in a way to try & keep us oppressed. Even in victory

    • Sy

      There is no way the media will indirectly deem blacks as cowards for not stooping to that level.

      • Take note of the word “indirectly” that I put in there. They will deem us afraid in some way or manner for not falling into the ploy

      • who the F cares what they think!!!

      • You talkin about the same media that indirectly deemed Trayvon a thug?

      • Sy

        Yes, I’m talking about that media. It’s easy to deem a young black male a thug because we constantly act like thugs. Plus the media has to acknowledge Zimmerman’s defense, which was the strategy of painting Trevon as a thug. But deeming blacks as cowards….I don’t think so. Everyone knows that blacks aren’t cowards, not when stacked up against any other race. No media source can give the notion that blacks are cowards (without embarrassing themselves) because we didn’t send someone into the ring to perpetuate this stupidity. But with a 70% illegitimacy rate (a breeding ground for thugs), you can easily deem a young black male a thug.

      • C. Rice

        I disagree with you, we have long seen evidence of double standards the media place on black americans. Fight and win, fight and lose, dont accept the fight, it will all equal niggas bein niggas to the media.

    • the problems is that you are worried or even think that media will paint blacks cowards for not fighting zimmerman.

  • This bought tears to my eyes. This morning I said our communities are so far gone, no longer can we see when we are blatantly being made a fool of. Of all the applications DMX??? And is it pure coincidence that all this tumbles out on Trayvon’s birthday. To be discussed all black history month…. and let me guess will this match happen on Feb 26th …wtf is wrong with folks?? I hope DMX comes to his senses quickly.

  • Executive

    Anybody who thinks Goerge Zimmerman is a celebrity should end up shot!

  • Executive

    People sitting in front of the screen but fail at seeing the big picture.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Dear DMX, just to add, you have so much to lose than gain getting into the ring with this looser. He’s living in hell so please stand back and watch him disintegrate to the bottom of the pit where he belongs. Now he wants to fight in the ring right? if he’s a fighter like he claims why did he have to shoot to kill Trayvon (God bless the dead) on the other hand is this a set up because his claims for killing Trayvon was he couldn’t hold his own against a 17 yrs old kid so he had to use his weapon, God knows best. How do you kill a man, take another life that you can’t make, cause the greatest pain to a mother loosing a child and still walk around thinking its all good…. Whoever is supporting or promoting the fight is just as guilty and whatever money is made is blood money

    Just saying, as much as i love America, somethings just makes no sense.

    • Avril111

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    • Charter

      *Lose, *Losing.

  • hitman619

    Isn’t DMX like 5’10 and a 150lbs?
    This is a set up DMX (just like he set up trayvon)
    Walk away DMX

    • John Q. Public

      Plus he chain smokes Newports, not to mention if he sober or not. X might take an L if Zimmerman has really been training hard like they say

      • jeffrow

        if zimmerman wins everyone watching it will bum rush the ring and kick his ass

      • LaurynHernandex

        x is a trained boxer 2 he benched 245 a bit in his belly interview he might still be strong

      • John Q. Public

        That was a LONG time ago… im rootin for him tho

  • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

    DMX is set to fight Zimmerman.

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  • ZUBU

    I would love to see X smash him, but I don’t want Zimmfuck to get anymore fame or money for killing the young brotha.

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  • I cannot think of anything more disgraceful. Difficult to even read about it. But consider this my signing of the above letter.

  • i also think fighting him is stupid.. send the killers over there and kill him. i mean all these dudes talk like they killers and yet they dont walk the walk ya mean.. lots of fakes out there.

  • D_Ably

    You give reasons for why it shouldn’t happen but then if the family say they’re ok with it your gonna be ok with it? Thats some sheepish sh*t right there. Stand against it no matter what. Regardless of what the family say, this whole things fukin corny.

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  • Cory Evans

    “I was challenged,” DMX says. “I still haven’t decided if I was really going to do it. But if I did do it, whatever money that was supposed to go to him would have to go to charity…[I] will gladly be the [expletive] out of him.”……………… X is thinking like I am

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  • nick

    DMX should fight him no matter what! X knows what hes doing, he wanted a boxing match before but got cancelled, with the proper training he will kill zimmerman.

  • Really?

    People for some reason are getting the idea this is a good thing. i don’t support nothing Georgie boy does and any one supporting this needs to have their head examined. A celebrity for killing a young black kid doing nothing wrong.

    X should realize that this is a lose…lose situation. If X wins then it shows in the media that he is a thug and justifies Zim killing Treyvon. If X loses then it’s an absolute embarrassment.

  • xxthoughtxx


  • xxthoughtxx

    ALL HIPHOP THE MOST DANGEROUS SITE to its own People… shit sad… this shit like BET news “soul less”

  • Slaughtr


  • Lisa Diamond

    DMX can’t even beat CRACK!!!! He would of took the L lol. . .back to
    Sponla . c0m

  • kandy830

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