Kokane Calls Out Ice Cube For "Doing Something Wrong And Foul" With N.W.A Movie

(AllHipHop News) Ice Cube’s most recent motion picture Ride Along is a huge hit with an estimated domestic box office gross around $92 million, but it’s another potential Cube led film that is now facing criticism.

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Ruthless Records rapper Kokane tells HipHopDX the N.W.A. biopic being produced by Cube’s CubeVision may not be painting an accurate account of founding member Eazy-E.

“We put a proposal together called ‘Protecting the Ruthless Legacy’ that we want to get on The Arsenio Hall Show,” said Kokane. “Ice Cube, I don’t fault you for doing this movie. You’re a genius, and you show that stereotypes can be lifted off of us, but at the same time you are doing something that’s wrong and foul. You’re purposely leaving out certain information that is vital to the story.”

Kokane claims that no one involved in the production contacted him, Above The Law, nor any of Eazy-E’s children about providing information for the movie. He adds that he is working with Eazy’s kids, fellow N.W.A. members MC Ren and DJ Yella along with Big Hutch and J.J. Fad to tell the “real story” of the Compton crew’s history.

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  • Man without the real Eazy E story ain’t no N.W.A story….R.I.P EAZY…him and cube was my niggaz I rocked wit out the group. Plus Eazy gave us BONE THUGS..D.O.C was dope too. Plenty stars was born due to N.W.A one of my all time favorites. Cruising down the street in my 64……All the gangsta rappers of today was birthed by them and the geto boys…

  • Dan_Tebasco

    It’s hard though to squeeze in 10 years or whatever the span of the movie will be to less than 2 hours of screentime… So obviously not every detail of their lives can be put in to the movie…

    • MrNoName2K

      real talk

    • Tru

    • SeekingMyMassa

      Why are you worrying about this coon music Massa?
      You should be more focused about using that whip to keep us in line!

  • Romia Blue

    If dude has the funds to include the production it would take to include these parts of the story that he says are missing, then by all means, step to Cube like a man and say how you feel. Griping about it in an article without giving Cube a chance to validate ain’t cool. “You’re a genius but you’re wrong and foul”…

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I go back to remembering the rift between the two. And where the hell is Dre? Somebody get that nigga off the beach and comment on this situation. This is his legacy too.

    All in all, I got faith in Cube, but I at least want to get the complete story. Is Tameka Wright involved too? Niggas need clarity

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  • Black Jay

    A half-truth is a whole-lie. It can never be respected. But with that being said, it’s a movie. You couldn’t tell ANYONE’S whole life story in 2 hours. Let Kokane make his own movie if he doesn’t agree. No two minds are alike.


    First of all, the movie is about N.W.A. and not about the life of Eazy E. And also, Cube is a founding member and was there from the very beginning unlike Kokane, Above the Law, and any of Eazy E’s kids. So what cha sayin Kokane??

    • Carlos

      I was thinking the same thing. N.W.A. movie, probably 1 and a half hours long, not eazys story, no time to also involve all of Ruthless records, cuz then if cube does that he has to call Penthouse Players Clique, Michelle, that bitch Dre pushed down the stairs or punched, Bone Thugs, etc. Kokane can make his own Eazy movie or by the sounds of it a Ruthless records movie. Either way, he should keep his mouth shut till he see the movie.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Keep his mouth shut till the movie drops? Than when it’s finished they’ll b a dispute maybe even injunctions (easy’s wife don’t play) the movie will be pushed back and possibly trashed.
        He should speak his piece, but the founding member was Easy.. So his role in the movie should be as authentic as possible but… He’s not the only one in the group fact is they all need to be sitting down with cube. But cube to me (personal opinion) is kind of house niggerish.. He’ll depict what is good for selling tickets.. He might not get any input with any founding member. I could be wrong..


        “D Barnes”….

    • Jayson C Williams

      You’re right. Drawing form your statement.. Should Easy E have his own biopic? I think so..

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  • Boomie Rogers

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  • Apricot Napalm

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  • DEELeo0811

    Kokane for real needs to sit down somewhere and let ice cube, dre and tomica do their thing. Kokane put on his twitter he was there for the 100 miles and runnin time period and that he should have been consulted on the NWA movie. I don’t think so the movie is about N.W.A. with 5 guys that changed the world with gangsta rap. The most important people who needs to be involved were involved in the script. Mc Ren and DJ Yella was involved in making the script come together as far as they both told their side of the story on what they went through in the group. Dre and Cube told their stories as well, and for Eazy part they gotten the info about it from DJ Yella, MC Ren, and his wife Tomica who he was sleeping with during that time period where the group started to fall apart so it makes since. And why would you involve Eazy’s kids in making the script at the time N.W.A. was making music and even when they broke up and going through their personal beefs with each other. Like they wasn’t even old enough to know what really happened because they wasn’t around like that and plus all his kids at time was 10 years all the way down to newborn age and one baking in the oven from his wife around the time he passed. So Kokane that makes NO sense what’s so ever, Like really it’s always the ones who are no long relevant in the music game that sees a opportunity to make a easy dollar too. Like nobody is that stupid, I mean when Notorious movie came out Lil Kim’s camp (no disrespect intended) had a problem with it, TLC biopic came out on VH1, pebbles the thief and Chrystal who can’t sing came out the woodworks saying they had a problem with the portrayal of the movie. It’s all about the money people, he just wants to make money too. And I really don’t care to know why people have a problem with his wife Tomica or about her in general, but keep in mind that to be able to even do the movie they needed her permission and approval from his estate which is her since Eazy E did co-founded and own the rights to NWA music and the Ruthless name. This is a theatre movie not a damn documentary, we need some dramatic moments in there. As long as it shows what each person problem was in why they broke up comes in play with some personal struggles in their lives than that is all they truly need to make this movie. If he wants to tell what he claims to know about Eazy E than he should do his documentary for entertaining purposes. Kokane is hustling off of eazy e name just like everybody else, but he is trying to play the concern homeboy. Well homeboy where were you when eazy was getting ripped off from jerry heller and screwing them dirty hoes? Buy the movie ticket, sit down, eat popcorn and watch the movie like everybody else. Peace and love to all..!

  • hoeyuno

    I thought they were getting lil eazy to play eazy???

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  • king


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  • Juz Saying

    This a NWA needed Ice Cube Movie which is False, U Show Eazy getting beat up by Suge but no Cube getting beat up by Big Hutch, Cube No Vaseline in the Movie but no Real Compton city G’s, Snoop in the movie but no Bone!