Jeezy and Rick Ross

Rick Ross To Drop Jeezy Collab “War Ready” Today As Part Of Album Pre-Order

(AllHipHop News) The world will get to hear former rivals Rick Ross and Young Jeezy on the same track today (February 7th).

Ross announced on Twitter that the two southern rappers’ collaboration “War Ready” will be available at 5 pm. Consumers who pre-order the Maybach Music Group leader’s Mastermind album on iTunes will get the Ross/Jeezy single.

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    nearly all of the world do not give a fruk about hearing 2 fakes co lab…

    • Slick Blak

      Its common knowledge that Jeezy was part of BMF I mean ayo MUDASKUNTS who never been next to the game always quick to hate. I don’t know bout Ross but you can check Jeezy credentials. I guess because he didn’t get Big Meech time he is a fraud? FOH!

      • RapItUp

        I don’t think he was denying Jeezy track record, but the subsequent actions that followed upon Meech’s arrest.. You know, when the snowman fully bitched up, didn’t hold his crew down but was quick to shout out for cosigns..

      • FRUKOH

        big meech said he fake so did his boy blu so gtfoh with that.

      • FRUKOH

        ‘all the real gangsters are on their way to being dead or in jail, they dont make records to sell’ ….and u dont know what i been in so who the hater speaking out his a*s now?

      • BVI Boss

        I like the term “MUDASKUNTS”
        You must be from the Virgin Islands. Big up the VI we world wide.

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  • johnblacksad

    I never stopped fcuking with Jizzle!

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    • FRUKOH

      yeah and jizm too

  • baller187

    jeezy best get with ross cuz he always stayed losing against ross, and i like jeezy but ross always did better and larger, richer

  • World Dominator

    William ‘Officer Ricky Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts is the biggest FRAUD in Hip Hop history! & Jay ‘Young Jeezy’ Jenkins has ‘sold out’ to his corporate bosses to ‘appear’ with ‘his rival’ to try to save FAT BOY’s floundering record. To think that this ‘fake drug lord’ worked for the Feds & did NOTHING of what he raps about makes every so called ‘fan’ of his, the MOST GULLIBLE idiots in the world. He’s a pretty decent ‘actor’ though in ‘playing this made up boss’………… he’s a f*ckin’ JOKE & the JOKE’s on you following this no talent man boob flappin’ fool!

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  • RichFromBX

    this is why no one takes rappers or hip hop in general seriously anymore – dudes scream that “real” ish but dudes still line up to do songs with this cat knowing how fake his ass is.

    I’d have more respect for Ross and anyone that does a song with him if Ross just straight came out and say he’s a songwriter/actor and nothing more but he’s still trying to push that street nigga ish but I guess if dudes are still rocking with him he doesn’t have to change

  • All he is giving away is a download………Fans are struggling, give them something that can actually help them during the struggle. #justaying

    • Schooly B

      Like what? Please tell me what YOU would do differently.

      • Give fans a chance to meet or hang with you for a day or something, show them a day-in-the-life of, so they understand how it all works……It’s 2014 fans give their last to support these artists and they give back nothing.

      • Schooly B

        And somehow thats supposed to make their lives exponentially better? A ride along? That ideas rejected; come again. You say they’re struggling and spending their last on music (which in and of itself is stupid as f*ck) so what else you got mini mogul?

      • Speak for yourself, an upcoming artist would treasure the chance to walk a day in the life of a hot rapper….I don’t know what world you live in but most kids rely on a an “allowance” and rush to spend it all on a music download, concert tickets or something to that effect…..Try to think back in the day when you were a child, how much you idolized these celebs.

      • Schooly B

        So we’re talking about kids now? Ok. How about instead of a kick it day with your favorite artist they get a voucher to attend a financial responsibility class? That way they’ll learn that spending their last on a fleeting experience is a silly investment and instead putting that money into something that will return a profit is better. I would suggest they sit with my friend at MoneyThink who is 25 that started from the bottom and now works on the president’s fiscal think tank. I started in the same place and do pretty well for myself because I couldn’t see myself making someone else rich while I starved. I never idolized artist I always looked to the power behind the shine. Maybe teaching kids the reality of what it means to be an MC financially instead of selling pipe dreams is better. But you know what? They wont. Because people keep spending their last on silly sh- and they know no matter what as long as it knocks and it shines people will continue to do so. You have another idea? Because that last one won’t cut it either.

  • WeakSauce

    PreOrder?! lol Yeah because I’m sure is going to sell out! Com’n Man!!! Stop it already Ross, William or whatever your name is this week

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  • Obi Won

    I still wonder how Rick Ross’ has made it this far outside of music. I gotta give the man credit. For him to be A,B,C,& D, and ALL hip hop fans give him the blues, How the hell is he still around. I mean, all our favorite artist work with him & party with him, not to mention him putting his young boys on with MMG. I always said dude made good music, cant take that away. Maybe the same way we KNOW Keanu Reeves isn’t the “one” is how people feel William isn’t really Freeway Rick Ross


      And he sellin them wings!!

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  • Darien Long


  • Montezuma1

    Pimp C exposed Jeezy for the backpack rapper he was before he became a Money getting Crip from Macon GA of all places and we all know Ross is a fraud. The strange thing is both make good music so why all the foolishness? Ross makes good music. Jeezy used to. I think Jeezy needs this more than Ross.