Cam’ron Debuts Dipset Cape Line At Mark McNairy’s Fashion Show (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) What was once merely words and Instagram pictures have now manifested in full Dipset glory. Cam’ron debuted his latest business venture with Dame Dash with his Dipset capes on the runway at Mark McNairy’s fashion show yesterday (February 11th).

The capes bear the “Dipset USA” logo, however are not yet available at the Dipset USA online store. Last year, Pusha T walked Mark McNairy’s runway at his New  York Fashion Week show that Cam’ron attended.

Check out Cam’ron debuting his line of Dipset capes on the runway below:

  • MrWindyCity82

    I’m not even mad at Cam’ron. A lot people sit on ideas instead of putting it out on the market.

  • ZUBU

    Damn Cam a fool LMAO. You would not catch me dead in that cape shittt, but Cam doing Cam. The brotha got his own vision, and it is certainly better than wear skirts, kilts, skinny jeans, etc.

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  • Executive

    Lmao, a grown man wearing a fuckin cape.

    • Obi Won

      lmao x 2

      • Jayson C Williams

        Iceberg slim! Now if he’s a clown we all clowns!

  • Jared

    I could see this catching on. Not with me nor the Hip Hop crowd but this could work for him.

  • Jayson C Williams

    I promoted this when ahh first posted about this last week. I’ll say it again it ain’t wiz tights it ain’t kanye skirts or asap rocky black nails or non of that fag hop crap. This is iceberg slim type shit.. Now I’m not the one to wear a cape on a daily basis.. But who wouldn’t wanna play blacula 1 day out the year? Is better than lil (fruit hop) Wayne’s jeggings.

    • ola dioss

      i’m with the homie on this one…and cam on to something he was talking about this on the breakfast club a while back now.

  • wickedjones

    it sort of remind me of that Seinfeld episode where larry david (george father’s lawyer) was wearing a cape and Elaine said “who wears a cape?” In other words if your not a pimp or a superhero dont wear a cape.

    • Black Jay

      I feel you on that.

      But it reminds me more of IMA GET YOU SUCKA when FLY GUY walked out of prison with that pimp outfit on and he thought everyone was giving him props, until he listened more and discovered he was being clowned.

      I imagine Cam’ron was walking down the runway like that yesterday. Thinking everybody was big upping him.

      Today he woke up and feels like sh*t when he realized the whole hip hop community was clowning him.

  • Black Jay

    Man…. For real? Upon first reading this sh*t I thought Cam’ron did it as a joke. But now? Talk about a dumb business move…. What n*gga wanna walk around looking like a fake ass crime fighter or some lost n*gga from London? I ain’t feelin’ Cam on this one. Maybe if he was trying to target children on some party supply store type of deal, I could fathom it. But grown ass men walking around with that sh*t on? This n*gga watched too much Sesame Street. And people wanna know why I’m saying that n*gga’s bank account is about to be depleted?

    “Your honor, I’d like to have exhibit one marked as evidence for this n*gga’s downfall.”

    • Obi Won

      I feel you Cuzzo, but how much do you think it cost to stich up a cape? lol (It still feels weird that we talking about Capes) Fools probably blow that money at the club or drug habits

      • Black Jay

        Man…. I don’t know. But something’s telling me he put real money behind it. Promotion, designers, etc…. He might not lose a lot based off of the idea but if someone doesn’t get in his ear fast, before they go to mass production, he’ll lose a lot. Judging from the fact that he came out with such a stupid idea proves that he probably doesn’t have smart folks around him. So his potential to lose a lot will be high.

      • Obi Won

        lol, I swear I cant stop laughing, but for Cam sake hopefully its just by request type deal, go to the website and buy. I cant see it hitting DTLR or Jimmy’s How much are they charging for a Dipset Cape anyway?!?! lol

        “if you don’t put the weed in the blunt yourself, your own brother will hand you some dust”
        Hope nobody got Cam

      • ZUBU

        “if you don’t put the weed in the blunt yourself, your own brother will hand you some dust”
        LMAO But real shiittt bro. I don’t smoke anymore but when I did I smoked my own. I wouldn’t smoke other peeps stuff especially in a setting like a party/club, etc. I would have my own blunt they can share mine lol

  • FuckU_PayME

    He said if Kanye can get away with the dress why cant he do a cape. If this nigga was still poppin and his popularity was like it was back in 04-05 niggas would be wearing a cape. He had everybody rocking pink already

  • Obi Won

    Maann with all the leggings, skirts, dresses and blouses being worn by dudes these days, it fit right into the category of todays weird ish. Just on the opposite pole of it being sweet. Wild yes, gayish no

  • majesticking

    Cam design a piece of work out equipment that makes doing dips easier and comfortable. There you have it and call it the dip set. Just an Idea yet maybe a lucrative one. I’m gone get at you Cam!

  • Brindle


  • Nox22

    Cam’Ron maybe on to something, I’ve been seeing some designers with there fashion lines with capes…. Hey, ancient Aztec rulers wore capes, there are some tribes in Africa that wear capes to this day. It may have a little run for a while…

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  • Rapist on BAIL

    Cam always been a grade A clown!!

  • SBRon

    I’m scanning the prior posts to see if anyone’s peepin’ what I’m seeing? It’s not even a REAL cape to me, anyway?!? What was his line, “put her right under my cape” or some shit? Son, you could barely wrap a newborn under that piece!!! And that “Dipset” logo is simple…they should’ve had sumthin’ slick on the inside that would POP!
    As it stands, there’s already a Cease & Desist letter from the maker of “Snuggies”!!

  • R.E Dykes

    i dont know about the cape thing but its like ,MONKEY SEE AND A MONKEY WILL DSO


    What is wrong with CAM???