Cops Say Mazaradi Fox Killing Was Retaliation For 1998 Murder

(AllHipHop News) Police recently arrested a suspect in the killing of former G-Unit rapper Jamal “Mazaradi Fox” Green. The authorities have now released what they believe was the motive for the January shooting that ended the life of the 42-year-old Queens native and wounded three others.

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According to The Daily News, sources say accused shooter Jamal Scott was retaliating for the 1998 murder of his older brother. Fox allegedly ordered associates to begin shooting after an argument in July of that year. Scott’s brother Curtis was hit and killed. He was 21 at the time.

“Jamal didn’t pull the trigger. He didn’t shoot him. He just happened to be there when it happened,” the unidentified girlfriend of Fox is quoting as saying. “This is 16 years ago and you’re still harboring that?… Killing Mazaradi, that’s not going to bring your brother back.”

Scott was charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder, and felony assault.

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29 Responses to “Cops Say Mazaradi Fox Killing Was Retaliation For 1998 Murder”

    • heavyboy

      you call that dumb?? retaliation for dead family makes you a “dumb f*ck”??? I don’t know Maserati so I’m not being specific to him, but emotions run deep sometimes…. shit’s not “dumb” though*

      • Blaq_Boi

        YES its DUMB. No man sh*t about getting yourself locked up for doing something that’ll solve nothing. Shooting nobody ain’t bring his blood back. So now, if they both had families you got two households with no heads. That sound smart to you? Get off that gangsta music.

      • heavyboy

        That man might’ve loved his brother to death. Then one day
        some dude for no reason comes and takes him away forever.
        Then on top of that, runs around town selling cds and doing
        shows talking about killing weak niggas and you know deep down inside
        that he’s talking about your brother. You don’t know what kind
        of emotional scars dude had to carry. I’m not saying that what
        he did makes him a genius, but emotions can run deep so was it
        wrong? Most likely, but “dumb”? I wouldn’t use that word to
        describe it.
        PS I want to make it clear that I don’t know the details of the case,
        so I apologize if what I’m saying offends anyone involved,
        and also that I don’t listen to gangsta music*

    • bigdoe6

      That’s real. Pac said it best. It’s just a way of life in the streets. No matter how long ago it was people don’t forget. Not saying it was right to come back and take dude out but dude had 16 years of pressure on his chest mourning the lost of his brother. He chose to release that stress violently. Both families lose at the end of the day.

  1. Jayson C Williams

    That’s the streets and if u think that’s a long time huh go to new Orleas that Type of shit happens everyday in hoods all across America. Retaliation murders.. Ppl don’t forget!!!

    • luzzjl524

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  2. Carlos

    i cant believe that bitch said that, first implicating fox in the murder, she pretty much said she knows who killed homeboy’s bro, and that line, “This is 16 years ago and you’re still harboring that?… Killing Mazaradi, that’s not going to bring your brother back.” She act like he should have forgotten about that, he was there with his brother when he got shot. It could be 50 years. karma is a mothafukka

    • Jayson C Williams

      Feel me? She dried snitched the whole way through the interview. If there isn’t any statue of limitations for murder than don’t expect someone to just forget that you killed their brother. Mazardi was a a street bully he got what was coming to him. Rest his soul but he has to answer to his maker now and I bet it’s a lot serious than our convo’s on this blog

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Im from QUEENS, we never forget boy!

      • EDOGZ818


        One day,this new generation will sit back & wonder why the pigs gun them down with impunity.

  3. Darkfather504

    I do not agree with this but this is 16 years ago and although you forgive/forget …. you can’t do both … I have not forgotten about the dude who placed my sister in a coma it’s been 16 years but I have not forgotten and can say I don’t know what would happen if saw him …. we live and move on but it’s hard knowing a mark did this = this is where the faith in the lord comes into play

    • EDOGZ818

      True, but homey did see the dude that ordered his brother’s killing, living it up, balling, etc…..enjoy the status as his brother’s killer, etc….& gave him that MOCHA!

  4. Jared

    I don’t want to condone any type of violence but if there is no statue of limitations on murder why would someone’s vengeance dissolve after time? Who just forgets a family member being killed especially when you know the suspect. I would not commit murder but this is the thinking of people living by the gun.

    • Freebe Jackson

      its a lose lose situation for niggaz…if he told on who killed his brother he labeled a snitch…if he kill the person responsible for his brothers murder…people have all kinds of excuses why he shouldn’t have done it and should have let it go…

  5. Qudus

    This is interesting. This kind of revenge killing is how the no snitching code came to be to begin with. You don’t snitch to the authorities in hope that you’d get to take your pound of flesh when the opportunity presents itself. Now you’ve got mudafvkas claiming don’t snitch while the killa of their kin/friend lives/hangs around their hood everyday and they don’t do sh1t. I digress I know, just wanted to get that off my chest.

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