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Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake vs Macklemore – Real Beef?

At first I thought this was a joke! But I heard that there may actually be something to this. Now, folks have hit me up on email of all places and let me know that this could turn into something. Now, I know what you are thinking…this has to be the softest beef ever. But, it could be interesting! They are saying that Drake sees Macky More as true competition in the pop word and was truly upset about not winning that Grammy. This is apparently why he said that everybody should have gotten an apology for Mackelmore winning – not just Kendrick. The only thing is that Drake was not mentioned in that conversation and Macky More only felt like Kendrick deserved to win. Rumor has it, Drake’s seen that as some sort of snub. I don’t know the truth behind it, but for ANYBODY to say ANYTHING about another artist as “wack as s**t” says A LOT. I don’t think there is going to be a rap battle out of this, but I do think there’s probably going to be some tension at the next fashion bazar or where every these young rappers hang out.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Ronald Tregan

    Damn this would hands down be THE softest beef in rap history

    • Immortal

      Would Jermaine Dupri vs. Puff, battle of the backup dancers count?

      • Ronald Tregan

        Haha it counts but as soft as those two are they’re both harder than Drake & Macklemore.

      • Gullag

        Puff maybe sheisty…but he aint soft my dude get your facts right.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        that’s actually true.. (he still utterly talentless at rapping and producing though).

      • Jared

        Nah this one got to be even softer. Puff stay with goons, lol

    • Black Jay

      Cosign. One dude behaves like a girl and one dude wants to perform all of the world’s gay marriage ceremonies. Damn!

  • Papi Peligro

    what is that.

  • soyhiphop

    i wanna see these two vaginas beefing lol

    • rockchalk81


  • kane pacino

    drizzy gettin nervous like macklemore gonna take all his fans

  • Black Jay

    I personally thing the LGBT needs to get involved. It’s looking more and more like Drake was born a male but probably will be a good candidate for a sex change operation. Lol!

    This n*gga is just soooooo sensitive. First of all, I thought Macklemore’s apology was a political move. He wanted to ease the anger that hip hop fans felt at him receiving the award. But he was right. Kendrick should’ve won. That is pretty much the universal sentiment out there.

    But how you gonna try to regulate someone’s apology? For real Drake? Whether he views it as corny or not, Macklemore owns that sh*t. He’s a man. And don’t no man on earth have the right to tell another dude who he should or shouldn’t be apologizing to.

    Drake is feeling his stock drop right now. That WATCH THE THROWN cover he did for XXL went to his head. Hip Hop belongs to everyone. There isn’t a king. But Drake is getting that Issac Newton treatment right now. “What goes up must come down”. He’s talented but he ain’t Michael Jackson. And even the biggest superstar to ever do it saw his stock drop. And when you supposedly “found a formula” to move up the charts, you can’t get mad when someone figured out your formula and starts to do it better than you. Plus, how long can an MC do borderline R&B before he pisses off the Hip Hop community? Self inflicted if you ask me.

    • johnblacksad

      100% co-sign… but I believe you meant “how long can an RnB artist do borderline hip hop before he pisses off the community?”

  • Peter Morris

    Drake needs to kill this rumor quick. This puts him real fuckin low on the totem pole if it’s true.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    Awwww Somebody mad because his album wasn’t considered the best in 2013! What’s worse, the emcee who EVERYBODY said (with or without a Grammy) was somebody that sat Drake’s ass down back to Wheelchair Jimmy. We know that’s why he really mad. He can’t stand seeing that GKMC was considered the best rap album over Nothing Was the Same. And the fact that this apologist (and the Grammy winner ) thought so too, got his Jew Fro in a tangle.

    Man up, Snow Flake Drake. You can’t win them all

  • Ben Haggerty > Aubrey Graham

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  • jdubba

    Imagine throwing two marshmallows together.

    • Jared


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  • DesignatedH8R

    lol, well written this time, illseed.

  • richard_b_hard

    Maybe lil Aubrey should go sit on Birdman’s lap and cry on his shoulder!

  • trapstar3

    damn drake still salty about control lol

    • Carlos

      interersting point of view. you might be right

  • D_Ably

    Awwww Drake caught some feelings off a gay. What they gonna do? Break out the Louis Vuitton handbags and start whippin each other? lmao

  • God Body

    The wackest thing ever is Drake having an opinion on it. fallback.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    I Hate Yall ” I Hate Drake Because He’s Lightskin” Niggas. Yall Niggas Disgust Me.

  • The Reality Report

    Mackelmore should duff him out

  • World Dominator

    DR(F)ake is softer than Puppy Ears! Needs to GO & CRY somewhere, Macklemore is making 10 TIMES him, cause BABY & SLIM got those greedy hands in between his money flow, & MACK is 1000% indie, making like $40,000,000.00 this year biyatch! Drake is gettin’ PIMPED by Weezy’s kissin’ Baby on lips BS agenda! FAIL!

  • majesticking

    Word in this corner we have cottonelle Drake vs. Mack the marshmallow and the winner spews cool whip.

  • Shan Haque

    blowjob battle

  • justus182

    Drake needs to calm his ass down, this dude acts like he’s Nas or somebody, nobody over the age of 24 is checking for your dumbass.

  • Charter

    I heard Drake wants to settle this with a pillow fight.

  • Robertcarvalho

    Both sissy’s.

  • $17637591

    Nxt time Drake & Macklemore be in the same place its gonna be a vicious, nasty…..pillow fight!!

  • Carlos

    bottle fight!!

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  • Bella A

    Drake’s just angry because he wanted to paint Macklemore’s toe nails and Macklemore said NO because he wants Kendrick to Do it..lol..!!!! back 2
    Sponla . c0m

  • LoverOfHipHop

    FOH Drake