Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Minaj Fishing For Controversy?

This latest rumor with Nicki Minaj had me like:

So, the rumor is Nicki has a new song called “Lookin’ Ass Ni99a” and uh, I guess people are really “looking” for it. But there is another side to it that seems to be predestined to create controversy. Like Lil Wayne, who had an issue with Emmett Louis Till’s Family, it seems that Nicki is poking at another historic figure.

This is definitely going to get “The Blacks” riled up and pissed off. This is not likely to get the influential “Soccer Moms” pissed off though, because they don’t care about Brother Malcolm anyway. Somebody hit me up and told me that Nicki is looking to get back in the mix 100% and controversy is one way to get that conversation started all around her. So, the person told me that this is just a ploy for press and attention for the most part. See, I’m already doing it now. If she did it surrounding MLK, or somebody Middle America holds dear, she’s toast. Soccer Moms run this. But she homed in on somebody that White folks don’t even teach in school anymore. I’m sure she is about to get a grade A education here on and probably get GOOBS of negative (which is positive when you want attention) press.

What do you think?

I’m like:

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Clayton Bigsby

    The song is fire, but the artwork could only have been sanctioned by an unintelligent, egotistical, maniacal, whore!

    • Banksy

      The song is doo doo chips

    • Tre C

      the song is playin right?

    • Clayton Bigsby

      HAAAAAAAAAAA! 6 Barbies are having a fit right now!

  • ZUBU

    Fukk this weird ass batch, ho got the audacity to dis Brotha Malcolm, Malik Shabazz, Malcolm Little. The man had so much courage that his nuts were bigger than her fake plastic ass. Isn’t her family from Trinidad or something? They need to go back, don’t come here disrespecting our Icons. Boycott this weird chick, hell I have never fuckked with her so I been boycotting the batch.
    KRS-1 struck a similar pose on one of his early album covers but it was out of respesct. By Any Means Necessary….By All Means Necessary.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Lol entertainers are pathetic

  • Elayorx El

    I F’s with Nick Naj, but the strategy here is a little suspect, to say the least. Just go back to when you was spittin fire on street corners, in front of cameras with the Ankh symbol around your neck, and you’ll be fine Nick;-) The production was never an issue, and only you know the real meaning behind this anyway, so if Malcolm would have forgave, like I know he would have, so can I. Please take it back. One L…….

  • Realist4200

    I didn’t listen to the song, but is it anything like that track from those dudes out of St.Louis, or ATL, like 5 years ago? I forget who it was now man.

    • DC King Of Hearts

      Nope, nothing like the Lookin Ass (Lookin Boy) outta Chitown. It tried to be that, but not by a long shot

  • Chris

    Controversy or none, that song is wack…as…f*ck. Sit yo’ ass in the corner with yo’ nose touchin’ the wall. SMH.

  • 4-12

    The devil is alive – Ricky Rozay

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  • devin puryear

    How can you associate yourself with nothing you stand for. Fcking cooning and buffoning at its finest

  • D_Ably

    All these kiddie kash klick spunk stains make controversy cause they sure as sht can’t make music.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    I see what you were trying to do there…and it didn’t work
    And Detail needs to be chopped in the throat with that horrible ass hook

  • brotha_man

    dont use malcolm x imagine some dumb shit the man deserves more respect

  • brotha_man

    didnt some cats already a song like this? googling……..ah, hot stylez feat young joc “looking boy”

    • Papi Peligro

      Yes dawg people did this back in like 2008. When high school kids in the south would play the dozens. They would just go. Old tricycle throat with the balls and adams apple looking ninja. Its mad late.

  • God Body

    I really hope this backfires on her stupid campaign. No one is checking for stupid anymore. Try say something controversial and uplifting at the same time. You got skills? Try use them for a change instead of this throw away nonsense. I notice she trying to look less fake in the video.

    Do a song/video of you smacking Robin Thicke around with Marvin Gayes family looking on whilst wearing Foxy Brown / Pam Greir clothing. We’d all back that!!

    • RBG4Life


      Suddenly there would be a big deal and everyone would want to know why such imagery is being projected, but if you pissing on blk folks or degrading them.. oh it aint THAT bad and oh THAT’s not what it’s about. People want you to lighten up, look at what the other “blacks” are doing or stop whining a.k.a. lay down and be quiet and while they wipe their feet on you. Funny how that sh!t works

  • True_Fan

    Real Talk I hardly even bother with this new stuff, I go back and listen to old albums from when i was probably too young to fully understand the lyrics.

  • Tre C

    “This is definitely going to get “The Blacks” riled up and pissed off.”

    Illseed is a white dude?

  • song feels racist with the nigga shit

  • The Reality Report

    She is a clown for using that as the cover with the word “nigga” on it. Just look at the instagram posts all Black history month though clowing random Black people as the first this or that. We are our own worst enemy, smh.

    • Judah Nazayar

      all these “illuminati” rap negroes.. are just the message bearers of the Establishment. Esau wants say “EFF the BLACKMAN..and HIS MONTH.. he simply gets one of his Coons to sing hIs song. THATS A SELLOUT= A ESTABLISHMENT/HOUSE NEGRO.

      • Judah Nazayar

        Look at Kanye, this guys been caught numerous times wid the Baphomet clothing on, skirts, Ellen, Kardashian,Love of European clothing designers..when we set the standard for cool fashion. When he gets a shot..he sells a white T for $200.. Knowing damn well ..that was a Hanes v neck wid the tag ripped out.= TOTALLY PHUGGIN SOLD OUT/ESTABLISHMENT NEGRO. Emmit till and now Malcolm? Cmon now.. THEYRE BEING TOLD AND PAID TO SEND THESE MESSAGES TO YOU.(N$GGA,N$GGA,N$GGA,N$GGA,N$GGA,N$GGA….YOU HAVE NOTHING…N$GGA)
        which is ironic.. Becuz these rappers are the biggest N$ggers of all time!! shet, in the 90s.. It was bad to sellout. They made songs about it=no crossover,pop goes the weazel,the eyepatch(dela soul).. Now, selling ya azz(literally/figuratively) to the eastablishment is considered..Cool. Thats like Bob Marley stopped singing against Babylon n became a fulltime politician.

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    When you want ‘safe’ controversy (with no penalties, only publicity) – degrade blacks and the black history. When you want REAL controversy and are looking to exit the biz – degrade the Jews! Of course, most of these clowns choose the blacks in order to stay in business.

    • Judah Nazayar

      the even iller thing is… the blacks are the jews…

  • World Dominator

    Her talent ‘well’ was SHALLOW, I can’t name ONE of her songs in the last couple years! ONLY time she’s seen is slashin’ those fake t*tties (only the most gullible substitute THAT for ‘talent’) ir tryin’ hard to ‘create a controversy’……One dimensional attention WHORE!

  • Immortal

    Well her ignorant a$$ got her wish. The fact alone that this was posted and we all commented good, bad, or indifferent, gives her the “buzz” she wanted.

  • Bryan Kyser

    Bitch don’t even like Black people herself !!!!

  • Bryan Kyser

    Reminder- this is the same chick who has a song called ‘Stupid Hoe’ where she calls black girls and Lil’ Kim ‘NAPPY HEADED HOES’ !!!!

  • Sid Eudy

    I Hope this ends her somewhat career

  • Yea I c she tried to look regular on the vid….ol colorful 8 hunnit hair weaves having a$$ hoe…lmao she need to go sit the hell down with the bs…she coulda easily made the song without using anything that has to do with Malcolm. Fakest trick in the industry calling out niggaz? Gtfoh hoe u supposedly like broads anyway right? At least according to your verses so what u worrying bout these lookn a$$ niggaz 4? Yall notice how her booty only look good when she posing on a chair. Fix a flat injected a$$. I just wanna slide mines around in between them lips on her face.

  • This coon said “The word ‘n**ga’ causes so much debate in our community while the ‘n**ga’ behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not.” And mofos really think she “slam-dunked” w/ that comment. This broad is the most coonin-est female rapper in history, wearing Blonde wigs, calln Black women chimpanzees & nappy-headed h0es. The only ones rewarding her are the puppeteers who put her up to this type of ish, the ones who determine what kind of music will be played..she is worshipped for her “n!gga behavior” and justifies it, blamin’ it on Black folk. So Black folk can’t call her out for putting “n1gga” and Malcolm together b/c Black folk use the word? This bish is WHITE in her ideology, the same as white folk who give Zimmerman and other murderers a pass cuz “Black people kill other Black people, what’s the big deal?”
    To conjure Brother Malcolm’s image and put the word N1gga beside him, then try to pretend you referring to the people that aren’t shown in the picture outside the window?
    Brothers, please don’t think real women are praising this broad cuz she tried to pass off the defamation of Brother Malcolm as feminist & empowering.

    I dissed her in 2012 for her house-n1gga statements, soundclouddotcomslash adopefemalemc. Paradoxical Diss-Did It On Em is what it’s called. Black men & women out here getting murdered for knocking on doors, tryna get help after a car accident, for playing loud music, for walking home from the store, and this bish defame Malcolm?? She need her @ss beat, simple as that.

    Her legacy will reflect a coon @ss broad who bleached her skin and her lyrics will be forgotten.