NY’s Mayor Bill de Blasio: “A Promise Kept: Ending the Stop-and-Frisk Era”

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has exclusively given AllHipHop the following editorial, where the progressive leader proclaims an end to Stop N Frisk. Read below.


I made a vow that we would end the stop-and-frisk era that unfairly targeted communities of color. It was a promise I made to the people of this city, and to my own children.

And on January 30, less than a month into our administration, we kept that promise. Standing on a basketball court at a rec center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, we turned the page on one of the most divisive problems facing our city.

Alongside our new police commissioner and our city’s top lawyer, I announced we had reached an agreement with the plaintiffs from the landmark lawsuit that found the overuse of stop-and-frisk to be unconstitutional. We announced the beginning of real stop-and-frisk reform.

And those same people wronged by our broken stop-and-frisk policy stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us to make clear this was a new day.

One of them, Nicholas Peart, was a young man who had been stopped and frisked five times by the time he was 23. The stops never led to any charges of wrongdoing, but that didn’t mean Nicholas walked away from them unscathed. As a boy, Nicholas admired the police. As a young man, he grew to fear and distrust them. And it was those repeated experiences—visited on him and his friends—that led him to take legal action against stop-and-frisk.

What we announced together is aimed precisely at changing the way police interact with young men like Nicholas. With new oversight and an inclusive reform process that gives the communities most affected by stop-and-frisk a voice in changing the broken policy, we are setting a new course for New York City that will ultimately make us all safer.

We have the best-trained, most dedicated police force in the world. They have driven crime down to record lows. And their safety is one of the reasons why we have taken this path of reform.

Our police cannot do their jobs without the help of the communities they protect. I have heard it from beat cops and precinct commanders—they want to build trust, so neighbors will confide in them where the real criminals are, where the guns are hidden, and where gangs are most active. That information is critical to preventing crime, but its flow has been undermined by years of excessive and unconstitutional stops by police that have disproportionately targeted young men of color—90 percent of whom were innocent of any crime whatsoever.

Our new police commissioner understands this. In Los Angeles, where he served most recently, Bill Bratton took a police department seemingly at war with communities of color and steadily—year by year—rebuilt trust and cooperation. And crime dropped dramatically in the process. Commissioner Bratton is focused on bringing police and community together in mutual respect. As he said in Brownsville, “We will not break the law to enforce the law.”

Our agreement with the plaintiffs in the Floyd v. City of New York lawsuit is going to fix the underlying problems that allowed stop-and-frisk to spiral out of control to nearly 700,000 people stopped just two years ago. We will have a monitor in place to ensure reform is delivered, and we will have communities at the table to guide those efforts.

January 30 was a great day for New York City and for millions of families. It was a great day for the activists who stood up in the face of injustice, and the people who marched on Father’s Day down Fifth Avenue in 2012 to protest the wrongs of an excessive stop-and-frisk policy. Now we begin the hard work of fulfilling this moment of progress, and delivering concrete reforms that will ensure every New Yorker’s constitutional rights are protected, and every community is kept safe at the same time. That change won’t happen overnight. But it will come both from the very top of the police department and from the grassroots of communities. That’s a powerful combination that can—and will—succeed.

It is time to mend the fabric of police-community relations, and start down a new path that lays the groundwork for real and lasting public safety.

  • David Gonz

    shooting and robbery about to go up.

    • ewop07

      Yeah they should continue stop and frisk for spicks

      • David Gonz

        and nigs

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        they never check the internet for the millions of whites that share child porn files everyday

      • David Gonz

        yea they do .

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        no they don’t – it would be arrest daily – outta the millions daily

  • Flea

    yay, no more police hiding behind cars in the middle of the block where the street lights aren’t working.

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  • Afi Keita James

    He’s a puppet of the banksters.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    great afro on that kid in the top picture – haven’t seen that in a long time

    • hoeyuno

      All its missing is the pick..that fro is gonna have its own Facebook page..haha

  • Guest

    Good for NYC never could happen in DC and PG county Md where I live

  • Isaac Hayes

    Good for NYC Never could happen in DC and PG County MD where I live

    • Phatt Killah

      yeah dude i’m in Laurel where the cops aint got SH*T esle to do but eff with cats. It’ll come though

    • rs_yes

      I’m in PG County too. I can tell you this though…PG cops don’t f*ck with you as much as VA cops. Sh*t is ridiculous when you cross that bridge into VA. I was born and raised in VA, but I can’t stand going over there because they pull me over for the dumbest shit ever. Last time I was over there, these fools pull me over for my tint, mind you my whip is registered in maryland and there is no reciprocity on tint laws. When I mentioned that to the cop, ohhhh he was pissed.

  • Phatt Killah

    Man just hit coporate america and these lobbyist and everything else will fall in line

  • $18916246


  • changethenypdnow

    This is a well-written lie. How is deBlasio keeping his word by hiring the “architect of Stop and Frisk”, Bill Bratton, as the new head of the historically racist NYPD? In addition to being the nation’s evangelist on the greatness of Stop and frisk, Bratton ran the notorious LAPD for the past few years and now he’s back in NYC exporting practices like gang injunctions, arrests for jaywalking and breakdancing. Bratton is the businessman who charged students in LA $200 tickets per school lateness, crippling families and the future of student of colors. Don’t believe the hype. Nothing has changed in NYC, I saw a kid yesterday stopped and frisked for nothing with his pants down and shoes off in the snow. Black people of color, stop falling for messiahs!

  • changethenypdnow

    People should understand that the state has a vested interest in continuing stop and frisk practices and thats why this charade has gone on so long. deBlasio hiring Bratton is a continuation of the practice not a surrender. Why would Bratton all of a sudden stop a policy that his whole reputation and resume is based off of? As black NY senator and BK president Eric Adams stated in testimony, the practice is meant to instill fear in black and brown people. Its success rate of retrieving guns is less 2%. But it is successful in forcing curfews in the hood (no one goes out at night bc NYPD vans roam the street), feeding holding cells, and overtime for officers who dont know how to police any other way, and making NY’s affluent feel safe that my black ass is up against the wall with my pants inside out and my brain at risk for being on the pavement if i make any move or protest.

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