Drake: Kanye Said Wack Lyrics On Yeezus That Fabolous Wouldn’t Even Say

(AllHipHop News) Either someone slipped truth serum into Drake’s tea or he is just really feeling himself. A day after Rolling Stone revealed that Drake said Macklemore’s Grammy text to Kendrick was “wack as f*ck”, Drake is back and critiquing Kanye West’s Yeezus.

In the interview, Drake not only says that Kanye West’s lyrical level on Yeezus was inconsistent but said that it was so bad even a certain rapper would not say those  lyrics:

There were some real questionable bars on there. Like that ‘Swaghili‘ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh*t like that.

Drake did go on to say that Kanye is the reason he has a career and that he “loves everything about that guy.”

Drake also discussed his relationship with Rihanna, whom he was linked to since 2010. In June of 2010, Drake told The New York Times that he was a “pawn” to Rihanna as she disappeared after they hooked up. A week after, Drake clarified those comments to MTV News by saying it was rare for a woman to “makes me feel nervous or makes me feel small.” In his latest Rolling Stone interview over three and a half years later, Drake is a changed man when it comes to pursuing Rihanna:

She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like ‘Man, that would be good’. We have fun together, she’s cool and shit. But we’re just friends, she’s my dog for life. I’m not after p*ssy like I was three years ago, when I was trying to make up for all the years when no girl would talk to me. But I haven’t met somebody that makes everybdy else not matter.

UPDATE: Drake has sent a message to his Twitter account to address his comments in the latest interview:

  • HAHAHAHAAHAA! That’s actually funny….. He still won’t respond to Kendrick though (-_-)

  • i’mreloaded!

    Was dat some kinda subliminal jab at Fab? I like Drake’s music but he need to get a grip.

    • johnblacksad

      a bit confusin… you got “We Can’t Be Stopped” in your avi but you like Drake’s music? I’m missing something here…

      • Tre C

        so he can’t like the Geto Boys and Drake?

    • Truth Powell

      I think it’s about time Fabolous starts being called out for the mediocre artist he is.

    • BD


  • Casor_G

    Man this dude is an A+ coward; sneak dissing and trying to cover it up.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Fab will rap circles around yo corny ass

  • johnblacksad

    wtf?!! “even Fab”? Drake really feelin himself… like we need an RnB star’s opinion on this… smh

  • johnblacksad

    talkin ’bout ” I’m not after p*ssy like I was three years ago”… n!gga please… you never was about puzzy… still tryin to simp all them hoes
    Breezy G’er than this dude, word!

  • ggogins

    Damn. Did half of yall even try reading past the headlines???? His tweets explain that the media is BS

    • johnblacksad

      where there’s smoke… he must have said something similar… it’s not like he’s known for being the realest n!gga out

      • ggogins

        Everybody talk slick when they think its private. If he would have owned up to it then its a diss…otherwise its just people bumping there gums

  • RichFromBX

    dudes are making a bigger deal out of this than it is – not every opinion is a diss. Look at the stupid ass headline here, Drake never said the word ‘wack’! I don’t think the line on Fab was a shot – Fab will throw some silly words out there sometimes so I see where he’s coming from.

    I’m by no means a Drake fan and actually think that he’s a big part of the reason why hip hop had taken the turn that it did but at the same time BS like this makes me mad – why try to create beef where there is no beef?

    • hoeyuno

      I agree with the fab analysis..even if drake said that ish he wasn’t dissing…

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Drake Has Always Been Honest, In Music and Interviews. I Never Get The Fake Presona Feel Like I Do When I Hear a “Rick Ross” or a “Meek Mill” Interview. Them Niggas Always Seem To Be In Character and Touch on Things With a Politically Correct Point of View. Drake Interviews Let’s You See What He’s Thinking….Like Just A Nigga Who Make Music.

  • Live Well

    All this uncut aggressiveness lately is just fear talking, fear of losing his spot. His entire life has been dedicated to being famous so that’s his whole identity. He’s been saying it in his music since day one. Now he’s seeing that Macklemore is bigger, Kendrick is better, and his NWTS album was like a bag of Lays Potato Chips, a few good bites but 70% air. Earth to Aubrey: You never been all that nice, you just a decent emcee. You just a one trick pony. You’re real good at that one trick but the trick is getting old because everyone has seen it a million times.

    • Ronald Tregan

      I love that Lays chips analogy my dude

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  • Man that boy soft as hell….I only like maybe a couple songs of his at best cuz he just too soft for my listening tastes man. I can’t pull out the Chevy and bump Drake…I’m sorry..In the words of the honorable Big Stacy “that s*** gets no play in my ride”. Even in his videos his lil rap movements be off like a muf***a…lmao Drake…lmao again. That’s why he don’t understand that Rihanna just wants sum D and keep it moving. Sucka a$$ dude mayne.

  • MrNoName2K

    Someone needs to bring this nigga back down to Earth..que FABO

  • hoeyuno

    I could care less about pop stars dissing pop stars but these magazines have been misquoting entertainers for years..


    You sitting on Allhiphop, your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating, maybe I’ll listen to this track today maybe tomorrow. No do it now..

    you tube . c0m (/) watch?v=kwNyl_uWQfY

  • Black Jay

    Reality check…..
    The only people that complain about the media are Republicans and people on trial. There are a couple of shady media outlets but for the most part, journalistic ethics are held in the highest level of accountability due to lawsuits. No magazine wants to be sued.
    With that being said, here is what everyone needs to know….. DRAKE SAID IT.

    If he didn’t he would easily put on his lawsuit hat and get some cheddar. But they have him on recording spitting that sh*t (which is how most interviewers back up their reporting).

    Drake probably thought he would get some “Off the record” type treatment but forgot to tell them cats it was off the record. If you don’t say that and you don’t verify that the recorder is turned off, guess what? Your ass is on the record.

    Now let’s deal with his career recklessness….
    Coming out of mouth about an artist that gave you props on your tour is akin to the dumbest n*gga in class attempting the most difficult math problem. Drake knew he shouldn’t have done it before he even tried it. It further solidifies his B*TCH PERSONA because women go behind other chicks backs and gossip. It’s a female move.

    And in my opinion, this is a light-skinned flaw. Drake basically thought he was the All American Boy. Just because his image is more clean cut than a Gucci Mane doesn’t mean that America views him as anything other than a N*gger. And he’s about to get that lesson post haste. To America, he’s still just a Black dude with money.

    Instead of attacking folks because he’s not number one at the Grammys or people view another Brother’s record better than his (Kendrick Lamar) he should’ve seen that at Hip Hop’s very core, attacking your brother is mostly bad for business and gives a platform for some of White America to tear you a new ass.

    So sit back and enjoy. Drake is in a free fall. Completely self-inflicted. Unnecessary. Foolish. Dumb.

    “No new friends….. No new friends…. No…No….New”

    Looks like that anthem just may be his downfall.

    • RapItUp

      This is far from a light skinned flaw.. I’m light skinned, and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing some ho sh*t like this.. Never have.. never will.. This, is a DRAKE flaw. For somebody that appears to have an inkling of intelligence, you just throw it all away with such a reckless, and illogical blanket statement.

      • Black Jay

        Sorry bro. I call it how I see it. Some light skinned cats do get the impression that they’re not Black. That’s a fact.

      • RapItUp

        I feel you.. I see that happen a lot with mixed girls. Beautiful mixed girls, black daddies.. And they just hang 10 and get the hell away from a brotha ASAP. I’m in SoCal so I know what you mean, 100%. We don’t all rock like that though bruh! Drake the kinda dude I wouldn’t pass the smoke to

      • Black Jay

        And besides…. I didn’t say all lightskinned people. I didn’t give an amount. But for you to deny that some lightskinned people don’t have this flaw isn’t logical. That would be like me, a dark skinned brother, denying that some dark skinned dudes date out of their race because of their unhappiness with being dark. Same concept. Try not to take it too personal homie. Not an attack on you. But that type of mentality does exist. And in this case, I believe Drake is falling victim to this flaw.

      • RapItUp

        Most def, and it wasn’t taken personal by any means, but Drake is realllllly fogging up the light skin demeanor. We are catching a lot of heat right now, I just want people to remember that Drake is an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors. Not for light skin people. If they (LS folks) claim him, then count me out! He’s a sucker and reading all these sensitive articles about him in the media is just sickening! Thank you for keeping it respectful Black

      • Black Jay

        No doubt. I see your point. He is making it kinda hot for a few people right now. But I definitely feel what you’re saying. Respect Black Man.

    • RichFromBX

      What does light skinned have to do with anything and how is making a generalization about someone based skin tone (light skinned or dark skinned) different then when a white dude makes a generalization about about someone because they’re black or the other way around?

      • Black Jay

        Read my response below. That is my point.

    • Celz

      He’s trying to play the black and white card at the same time… He try’s so hard to get a ghetto pass when he doesn’t even realize alotta real street dudes like Suge Knight don’t even have a ghetto pass anymore. What the fucc you need a ghetto pass for anyway? Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke , Maxwell would get more respect in the streets because they don’t try to act like part-time thugs. Anyone can get got, but part-time thugs are targets. Drake is a part-time thug… Don’t make someone around him catch a body like that.. OwwWwwWwww…

      This nicca could have been the biggest male pop artist since MJ but he will be just another rap nicca.. What a fuccin waste..

      On some real shyt he needs to see a pastor or a shrink he has serious insecurity issues hopefully he gets that shyt worked out before he starts having kids.. “I’m not after p*ssy like I was three years ago, when I was trying to make up for all the years when no girl would talk to me. “

    • Obi Won

      Hold up my G, I’M LIGHT SKIN!!!!
      I’m fukin with u Cuzzo lol, but I know what your talking about, the difference with Drake is he’s a little over emotional. I said a long time ago that if I want to hear a rapper sing or Harmonize, i’ll listen to BTNH. Regardless if the magazine quoted son or not, if that’s how you feel, stick out your chest bish boy and admit that’s how you feel. He needs to get out that DJ Khaled everybody is my friend mentality. Especially in the sport he’s in.
      We know he doesn’t like Kendrick, but it has that “I thought we were friends” vibe. Everyone is on top at one point, including his Boss, nothing last forever.

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  • Live Well

    Kanye won’t say shit but Fab is gonna throw a dart.

  • Dante Rapper

    Fab do say some whack shit now-a-days…what happened to “ddd..ddd..damn”

  • GQ

    Fab said some shyt about his girl killing tha shoe game, call it Shoeicide or sum bullshyt like that.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    fab would eat both of them for breakfast.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    So he dissed Fab in the process though.
    “Anybody know a studio that’s open?” – FAB

  • John Q. Public

    LOL @ “…they also took my cover from me last minute”

  • Elayorx El

    One thing I’m aware of regarding this industry, is that most of it is straight up, FAKE, and that is coming from personal experience. Some may be surprised to know how many rappers actually conspire to “go at it”, in order to generate more attention, hence more revenue. Same with the mag game, sports, politics, social me…..ok, we get the point;-) Look how much Macklemore has garnered in such a short time, not to mention him being considered “Hip-Hop”, no less. Surely we all know what that is about, and the race issue need not even be mentioned;-) I give spect to Drake for saying anything at all to someone like Mack, because we all know everyone else is suffering from Massa syndrome, even if it was because Drake felt slighted.(which he shouldn’t, because he won last year, and put out another banger this year) Fab is one of the few right now that can even see Drake lyrically, and I doubt fam is looking for that type of headache right now, or is he? Those who look for the downfall of another, need to pay close attention to who may be looking at them.(cats be in the crosshairs and don’t even know it) Drake is the LeBron of Hip-Hop right now.

    • Malik

      In my neck of the hood, Drake doesn’t even exist talk less of being the LeBron of Hip-Hop. To each his own I guess. At the end of the day, Hip-Hop remains an innately personal thing. It’s all subjective.

      • Elayorx El

        Nah, I feel you though; in that case I guess everything could be considered subjective, and personal, while concurrently objective at the same time. You right, to each their own. Respect.

    • Elayorx El

      Interesting how one is able to see the up votes on here, but you can’t see the down votes. I’m not sure why it is devised this way, but you would think being behind a keyboard was anonymity enough. AHH, ya’ll need to make it all the same, or not at all. Some of us welcome the accountability. Respect.

      • John Q. Public

        I agree u should be able to see downvotes if u can see upvotes…

        That said, I gave u a downvote because I don’t agree with your comment.

      • Elayorx El

        LOL…Ok, respect Q. Public.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i think its because as much as people talk shit to each other on here and try act super duper tough behind the keyboard, it would be much worse. Its a bunch of bitter ass dudes on here

      • Elayorx El

        Wow, I had to re-read your post, cause I thought you said “biter” ass dudes, which I’ve been seeing a lot on here as well. Ain’t nuffin, as long as the respect is there, nah mean? You do have a point though. Respect.

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  • FuckU_PayME

    Drake tryin to clown fabolus…smh this clown will be murdered by fab. Fab has mixtapes better than drakes whole catalog

  • Frank

    Fck what he say…. “Titles ain’t shit if the story don’t match it.”

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Real talk if this is true, rolling stone needs to release the audio. Can’t believe everything I read need more proof!

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Wheelchair jimmy salty

  • Apricot Napalm

    Street Family! Watch out Drake haha tuck your chain in- West Philly Freck!

    • Christian Good

      what are you even talking about?

      • regal84

        best reply ever..

      • Apricot Napalm

        U a Lame nga so i’ll help u out- Street Family rumored to rob ngas in Brooklyn- Last nga to sneak dis Fab (Uncle Murda) Freck bodied him in a verse….Google all that then eat a dick

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i feel you fam and im a fan of Freck since im from Philly but on the real he did that to be relevant again. Fab doesnt need Freck or anyone else to ride for him he can mash out on his on…. and the dis wasnt that good… every body can body Uncle Murda lyrically lol…..

  • Charter

    What a fa99ot.

  • jondubock

    To call Drake,”gay” would be an insult to all gays…..

  • jondubock

    watch drake vs tech n9ne on youtube, and yall will never listen to drake ever again…..forreals….

  • drake ain’t talented enough to censure kanye west..

    • Slaughtr

      Right! I agree

  • Immortal

    Sounds like he still wants to be a child. If you say something stand behind what you said and stop using twitter as a means to get a message out. We all know of the “convenient” hacks that soo many twitter accounts seem to go through with these artists. And to talk about CB’s leftovers. dude you were less than a man to say you were her pawn then, and to now say that y’all still friends makes you look like a straight b*tch who’s upset that someone else got some…hell everyone BUT you got some. Man up you’re starting to blur the lines between you and Beiber more and more except Beiber is more gangsta than you

    • SözeCasavetti

      Beiber is obviously more gangster than Drake, shit, Beiber more gangster than half the rappers out these days….

      • Immortal

        And that’s a damn shame lol

  • BigHomie337

    So the media had never lied or used misleading headlines before huh? A lot of y’all let the h8e for Drake blind u from what’s actually going on. It’s @ the point where they have an article saying Drake saved an elderly couple from a burning home and u niggas would still hate. I give him benefit of doubt that he never said that. Plus even if he did say the stuff about Fab, so what. Fab is a mediocre artist that never lived up 2 what other ppl thought he was. Dude has no classic or even memorable albums, and is only good for a feature here and there. Fab can’t outran Drake and that’s just being honest. Anybody believing he coming with any type of response. Should be helping him look for that open studio since Kendrick’s control verse that he was looking for. Lol

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      that Fab Soul Tape 3 is the truth tho..too bad he doesnt drop these kind of albums for actual purchase….

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