Lil Kim Talks About Her Pregnancy For The First Time

(AllHipHop News) Lil Kim may be pregnant but she wants to make it clear that she is still a performer at the end of the day. At last night’s (February 13) The Blonds fashion show, Lil Kim announced her pregnancy to the crowd before her performance.

After telling the crows that she’s “a mom, but I can turn it up a little” she dedicated her performance of “Lighters Up” to the Notorious B.I.G:

Kim also spoke with Us Weekly about her pregnancy and reassured everyone that being a mom will not change the ferocious lyricist we have have known for over 18 years:

I’m still going to be hardcore. The baby has made me even more of a beast!

Check out US Weekly‘s photo of a pregnant Lil Kim:


  • Romia Blue

    ain’t she getting sued? where’s that mixtape she was supposed to drop? anybody checkin for her to still be a beast after this baby? hope it’s healthy…time to start that new chapter and hang it up Kim…

  • Tre C

    hope that kid doesn’t google Mom’s activities in the 90’s

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  • WeakSauce

    I’m a fan of Kim but dam girl! You done fucked up on them Plastic surgeries! smh

  • gamer Ned

    You the greatest Queen B

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  • MrNoName2K

    I wonder what was on ol boys mind when got that “im late” txt/call


    You sitting on Allhiphop, your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating, maybe I’ll listen to this track today maybe tomorrow. No do it now.

    you tube . c0m (/) watch?v=kwNyl_uWQfY

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  • Sean Taylor

    That face…..

  • Willie Stewart II

    That’s one ugly ass picture of her but basically what I gathered from this is that she’s gonna put bein a mom on the back burner and her child is gonna come second to her no longer existent career.


    Who’s the pappy???