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Ja Rule Explains How Big Pun and Fat Joe Got Him Into A Car Chase With Police (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) From Cipha Sounds’ story of being deathly threatened to drink alcohol by the intimidating late Big Pun, it is easy to surmise that Christopher Rios loved to get people drunk. The consequences of this love of intoxication can be dire as Ja Rule explained that he once got into a high speed car chase with the police due to a night out with Big Pun and Fat Joe.

On the anniversary of Big Pun’s death last week (February 7th), Ja explained to the packed crowd at Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal event that after drinking with Big Pun and Fat Joe, he got intoa  high speed chase with cops from Manhattan to Queens. Ja was eventually arrested, but not before trying a hilarious evasive technique. Ja dedicated his story to Big Pun and Fat Joe because “they got me f*cked up.”

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Check out Ja Rule explain his high speed chase with the police and the improvisers hilarious take on being friends with a man whose nickname is “Crack”:

Video shot by LiveMoneyCulture

  • Terrance

    I know that turn as well. It’s very sharp indeed. He meant “Flushing Meadows” if I’m not mistaken, coincidentally the exit is 9e…


    9enteractive .com

    • Super-Khalifah

      Fresh Meadows is a part of Queens also but I’m not familiar with the turn he is speaking of so he MAY have meant Flushing Meadows also….who knows lol

      • Terrance

        I could be wrong. He could have meant Fresh Meadows. However, my description of exit 9e at Flushing Meadows is accurate. #BLESS

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  • Super-Khalifah

    That wouldn’t be a good memory for me lol

  • AJ Thomas Ox

    i never get the improve part tho i always end up stoping the vid after the story the improve shits retarded to me. good story tho

    • Terrance

      For whatever reason, I stop after the story as well. Never saw any of the improv to judge. The stories I’ve seen to date are usually entertaining enough…

      • $18592567

        Stories are dope. The improv is worst than the worst ‘Wildin Out’ skit u can think of…

  • MrNoName2K

    Stories be decent but all that other “improv” sh*t is for the birds..

    • Frank

      word up. They can be funny sometimes, but its just extra. I gotta check if they got the whole night on Youtube.

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  • RichFromBX

    So he was arrested after a high speed chase with the cops while drunk but didn’t get any time over it – wouldn’t the hip hop police been all over this and put his ass his jail for years?

    • Guest

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  • brotha_man

    maybe he was so drunk that what he thought was a high speed chase was actually him falling over again and again, in the front yard trying to reach for the keys that he thought were in his pocket, but in reality the keys were still on the living room table…..true story!

    • Terrance

      Ha Ha…

  • Lisa Diamond

    Ja Rule is softer than Baby Poo..lol.. back to
    Sponla . c0m

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      how? cuz he decided to make songs that appealed to more than the hood, put the label he was apart of on top for a few years straight, take care of his family, stayed loyal to those loyal to them and came out of jail big as shittt. stop trolling and get a real fukkin pic

      • Lisa Diamond

        1st of all this is me and YES white people do log onto hip hop sites too (Dumb Fcuk), 2nd thing is Who is talking about his music? No one cares about Ja Rules Music Career..Ja Rules been cold Musically for like a DECADE..You sound GAY, Talking about how Ja Rule looked like when he came out of prison. I dont even watch Ja Rule’s body and Im a Woman…You sound like a GAY Ja Rule Fan or Even Worse Ja Rule’s secret GAY Lover!. .back to

        Sponla . c0m

  • SözeCasavetti

    Ja Rule was nice in the late 90’s….But that was then….I wish that Murder Inc. shit with X and Jay would have happened, that would have been deadly….

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