Kanye West Talks Kim Kardashian on Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” (REMIX)

“If you ain’t On Sight/then you on Skype/I put you on the bike, you Bound, girl.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly getting married in May and Kanye wants the entire world to know what made him fall in love with his soon-to-be wife. On the Mike Dean-produced remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”, Kanye alludes to Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, speaks on “impregnating” her mouth and more.

Check out Kanye West on the remix to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” below:

  • Jessica

    Huh? you really need to work on your interpretation skills. Totally out of context

    • Keith N.

      Uhh…are you implying he was not talking about Kim Kardashian?

      • Jessica

        No i’m talking about the the article saying he refers to her dead father. I know you’re trying to get hits for your site but really?

  • $18916246

    I impregnated your mouth girl/Oooooooh?/That’s when I knew you’d be my spouse girl.

    Kanye, You have a daughter that will no doubt hear this verse about her mother one day. I know, I know, ignorant folks will reply with, That don’t matter, who cares, but I’d say isn’t that the problem?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      that could be a prob lol but hey daughter will be grown one day and get sperm shot down her mouth … and thats whether or not kanye ever rapped these lyrics … its destine to happen !!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!! ijs

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  • getreal

    Kim sucked his dick and he came in her mouth. That’s what I’m getting from it. If she did do that why let the world know. That should be a private matter between you two. Dude has no respect for him, her, their child or the relationship. SMH

    • Jessica

      I guess Jay has no respect for Beyonce either since he calls her a b****, said he wants a brothel, a wife that f*** him like a prostitute, they talked about how she swallows (watermelon), she talked about being on her knees and him Monica Lewinsky’ing her dress. But wait they are praised for that. Funny how that works

      • getreal

        I’m not into most hip hop artists and I’m not into Jay Z , Beyonce or Kanye. I have never heard Beyonce’s Drunk in Love or Jay Z lyrics calling his wife the B word. The only reason I know about Kanye is because I read the lyrics on another blog. If I had read about Jay Z’s lyrics re. his wife I would have said the same thing. NO RESPECT and NO CLASS.

      • $18916246

        They (Jay & Bey) perform and record together…..They’re married and still their lyrics don’t get this blatantly descriptive…Kanye just went left. At least Jay & Bey deliver a somewhat cryptic subtle sexy message. Jay & Bey have taken vows and look to spend the remainder of their lives together and are keeping the marital spontaneity alive in song. Kanye went from adult and raunchy to perverted and disrespectful. But I guess Kanye can’t get mad when people clown him for wifing Brandy’s lil brother’s ex. He seems to enjoy her for the same reason along with putting their bedroom manner on public blast. I know this rant in song has to do nothing to help Kim distance herself from her porn past.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      are you surprised tho ?? thats his baby moms you dont think she aint swallowing by now LOL !!!!!!!!!

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  • Once again this is the same dude who cries for privacy, but release private information to the public in the form of music….So when the media asks questions about his own words, then he gets upset and flips out….People are on to this scheme…..The kids want to see some new fresh faces in Hip-Hop and music as a whole……These old artists need to make it official and transition into acting because this soap opera bullshit is getting old.

    • heavyboy

      Older artists aren’t responsible for the soap opera ish cause all ages do that. #2 you can’t ask someone that makes millions a year to just give it up. #3 they should transition into acting but what if they can’t act?

    • Willhewalk


  • shotgunn_eArl

    Kanye need 2 keep his weirdo ass out of this and mind his damn business

  • VentKing11

    Y’all need to chill out, it’s just music. I like this beat and Ye bodied it I don’t care what y’all say…lol

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  • Willhewalk

    Kanye has always been way overrated as a rapper. I never thought that he was that impressive, lyrically. But he makes some of the best beast I’ve ever heard. He needs to fall back as a rapper and stick to being feat on songs. I think even Jay knows that he isn’t that nice of a rapper but sales records. Jay need to stop lying to that man in the booth and tell him the truth.

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