50 Cent Calls Out Jimmy Henchman On Social Media

(AllHipHop News) As new revelations about the street war between James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond and 50 Cent emerges from Henchman’s murder case, 50 is not lying low or holding back his feelings about his rival.

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The G-Unit leader took to social media to comment about Henchman. 50 suggests that the head of the notorious drug-dealing Rosemond Organization provided information to authorities.

50 Tweet


The issues between 50 and Henchman have been ongoing for years. Henchman is currently on trial for the 2009 killing of G-Unit associate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

Prior to Fletcher’s death, Henchman accused G-Unit’s Tony Yayo of attacking his son, and prosecutors allege a 2005 shooting outside the Hot 97 radio station was part of the feud as well.

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  • Blaq_Boi

    I don’t know how deep fiddy really gets with this kinda life, but from what I’ve seen from reports… Fiddy ain’t ready for the kinda life Jimmy capable of… even from a cell. This ain’t fried chicken Ross.

    • RapItUp

      Well keep in mind, 50’s security rivals that of the POTUS.. if he still kicking out that kinda coin for it, anyway

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  • Black Jay

    This is kinda stupid. If your enemy is catching heat and basically hurting himself, why get in the way?
    I’ll admit that lately 50 has been on his best behavior. He’s worked with Fat Joe, rumored to be doing something with Ross, and getting back in good graces with jimmy Iovine by working with Schoolboy Q. But I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again. 50 is rotten to the core. And in my opinion he has a lot of dirt under his fingernails. It only takes one mistake from him before the Feds perform surgery on his life and find something to put him down. 50 is worth over 100 million. The average n*gga would be in another country on some permanent vacation sh*t or keeping low key. He’s commenting on some gangsta sh*t that he was abstractly involved in? Not too smart if you ask me.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he was involved but not @ the murder level … thats the difference … and most likely why fif is so vocal about whats going on …..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      also dont forget jimmy is also the focal point of the dimish of Gunit … he was the one who signed game and helped him go on his gunot campaign

      • Black Jay

        That may be true but 50 has $100 Million Dollars. Let me repeat, $100 Million Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!! His life should be well above gully street sh*t. But you can take the man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. Regardless of what role Jimmy played in G Unit’s demise (I personally think 50 did it to himself by using G Unit as muscle men instead of hip hop artists), what’s done is done. If you’re not a petty person you’re going to move onward and upward. Jimmy is getting his just desserts. Why open your mouth? That’s a dumb move. That’s some kid on the playground sh*t. That’s like a kid saying,
        “Nah…Nah..Nah… You got in trouble.”

        But the reason 50 can’t resist is because he’s rotten to the core and hasn’t learned from that bully mentality. Jimmy is straight dirt. But am I going to risk all that I’ve earned for some cheap kid sh*t? That’s the difference between a man and a boy.

      • Truth Powell

        And Jimmy has a heart of gold? He’s a scoundrel. Why you going to bat so hard for him?

      • Black Jay

        I clearly said, “Jimmy is straight dirt.”
        Read completely before you get emotional.

      • Sean Taylor

        You sure do know a lot about a guy you’ve never personally met.

        You lil nigs kill me…..

      • Black Jay

        It’s a forum dude. Opinions. If you don’t like it, sign off. Then us “lil nigs” won’t kill you no more.

    • Truth Powell

      50 is a Mastermind. Believe me he knows what he’s doing. He wouldn’t even speak on it if he thought it was going to work against him. Read the 50th Law of Power.

      • Black Jay

        A mastermind, huh? So a mastermind loses his crew due to his inability to manage? So dissing every single person in the industry at his height is mastermind, huh? And now that he can’t get work in hip hop, that wasn’t self inflicted? That’s a mastermind, huh? Not properly understanding that your hip hop brand is tied to all facets of your portfolio, that’s mastermind, huh? When was the last time he was on Forbes? Wasn’t it when his BRAND WAS AT IT’S HEIGHT? How many times has he been on Forbes since? Zero. But that’s mastermind, huh? 50 is not a mastermind. 50 is a clown. And the thing about clowns is that sooner or later, they all have to take that paint off.

      • Truth Powell

        You’re assuming 50 cares about the same things you just listed. He’s not worrying about Banks and Yayo. He’s good. To you 50 is the media portrayal. Remember he’s just a human being like me and you. A very rich, very free human being. He wakes up everyday and can do pretty much whatever the eff he wants. He can fly to Paris just to have lunch. And he didn’t get there because it was handed to him, he built that.
        And I hate to do this but how many times have you been on Forbes since?

      • Black Jay

        Stay on subject dude. Because I can ask you the same question. How many times have you been on Forbes? That’s a stupid question and it’s making it personal. Fact is fact. 50 is a bully. And he’s behaving like a kid. As usual. He is a human, no doubt. Nobody is perfect. But he’s a little dumb with his people skills. And that can’t be disputed by anybody.

      • Sean Taylor

        Zero huh…that’s why in 2013 he was 5th on the list of hiphops wealthiest artist right under Birdman, which was 4th on the list.

        All yall lil nigs do is talk out of your azz because it sounds good. Guess his portfolio is doing just fine.

      • Black Jay

        Hey dude…. Your research is suspect. Go to google and type in Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings 2013.

        1. Diddy 2. Jay Z 3. Dr. Dre 4. Nicki Minaj 5. Birdman 6. Kanye West 7. Lil Wayne 8. Wiz Khalifa 9. Ludacris 10. Pitt Bull

        Wanna run that last statement by me again? Do your research dude. Amateur.


        “50” is on there somewhere!!! R U???

      • Black Jay

        Once again…. Let me break it down for another emotional dude….. This is an opinion based forum. A topic is presented for discussion and various individuals give their opinions on that subject. Although there is no monitor and the rules are frequently broken (sometimes I’m guilty too) it is EXPECTED that all parties speak on subjects without engaging in personal attacks. Attacking my financial standing (which you know nothing about) is a clear indication that you have nothing meaningful to contribute to the subject presented. So please do me a favor….. Stay on subject. Otherwise kill it.

  • Dadon850

    Lol @ 50. He never said a word when Henchman was on the streets. Now he locked up forever and 50 clowning him. But 50 Stan’s will say he gangsta for calling Henchman out. Smh

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      fif been sh*tting on these old dudes since the beginning of his career … when ever he mentions old n*ggas jimmy falls in that fold …… lol

    • Peter Morris

      I don’t think anybody was worried about Jimmy. Since day one 50 was going in on Preme while Preme was on the streets- and he was somebody to worry about.

  • $18592567

    jimmy cooperated for years. fact. 50 makin’ fun of him… so what. they beefed for the last decade, so ain’t nothin’ new.

    • andone

      it is to those not in the know… plus jimmy deserves to be put on blast every chance there is *we lookin @ you game!

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    Yall cats is funny acting like if someone you hated went to jail for killing one of your people that you would be all, “I’m gonna pray for him.” FOH

    You can have a hustlers mentality when it comes to doing business, but you can’t have a nigga mentality. Jimmy should have left that nigga shit alone.

  • don king

    ok yayo beat henchmans kid, henchman kills a friend of yayo n 50, henchman gets “cought” (no 1 of g-unit snitched of course… of course) n now henchman tries 2 save what he can n 50 is clownin him. all 2gether r a bunch of fuckin idiots! a kid got beaten, 1 man lost his life n another lost his freedom, just because they werent man enough 2 get dirrectly at each other. no winners, all losers in my opinion.
    n 2 all u 50 stans talkin bout 50 is the biggest g, did u guys ever noticed that he only talks? he does nothin. 50 had beef with whole rap ny n NOBODY got touched BUT 50. he got stabbed by murder inc. g-unit beats kids, but their fans still think they r real man lol. keep hatin on the truth.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      dont forget rosemond managed game with his gunot campaign which pretty much dismantled gunits fire …. that alone is enuff to be pissed of @ jimmy for life lol he tried to take his livelihood ….

      • don king

        yeah, i would have been pissed at henchman 2, if he tries 2 ruin my brand. but i wouldnt send “the goons” out 2 smack a kid! what kind of coward shit is that? i would go crazy 2, if u touch my family. the sec. that happens, anythin goes.

    • Truth Powell

      I don’t think anyone should’ve died over the slap but why didn’t Henchman get Yayo shot instead?

      • don king

        just like i said, they r a bunch of fuckin idiots, who werent man enough 2 get dirrectly at each other.

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  • Lisa Diamond

    Jimmy Henchman be Singing to the Police lol.. back to
    Sponla . c0m

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  • king

    Fifty lol the true crime informant……

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  • David Gonz


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