Mobb Deep “So What”

  • your so ritht.So what, and who care about mobb deep. Oh yeah the NewYork media keep trying to bring them back LMAO

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    I’m not really feeling this, it’s sad the way P fell off. Dude was murdering the game at once, his lyrics used to be so on point.

  • Isaac Hayes

    As a 41 yr old I still enjoy that hardcore East Coast Hip Hop but I don’t know I mean this is how they make a living still but damn you going to be 50, 60 still making Thug music it is not the same as the Motown acts or ole skool R&B acts you can do that till you are 100 years old. They need to invest into the next young kat or get a small business.

  • KingAri

    #MobbDeep all life