Nicki Minaj: There Is Something Wrong With People Who Don’t Like “Looking A*s Nigg*s”

(AllHipHop News) Usually artists release statements apologizing to the public if they offended a core part of their fanbase with their song. Sometimes those very artists act as if they never apologized. In a recent interview, Nicki Minaj addresses the controversy over her song “Looking A*s N*ggas”.

Nicki Minaj appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade45 radio show. After saying that “all the real n*ggas” she knows enjoy the song she explains how it’s not the quality of the song people do not like but some sort of repressed guilt of their own personality:

If you b*tchin’ about this song, somethin’ ain’t right, because all my real n*ggas textin’ me lie, ‘Yo, I’m so glad you gettin’ these n*ggas’ asses!’ I’m talkin’ about niggas that really move weight, you know what I’m sayin’?…I dunno, if you’ve got a problem with it, you guilty of somethin’

This comment comes less than a week after she removed the original cover art for “Looking A*s Nig*as” amidst controversy of the use of Malcolm X’s image in the single’s cover art. Later in the interview she explained that she was not trying to call Malcolm a “looking a*s n*gga” but stated the cover art was still in poor taste.

Check out the full interview where Nicki discusses her upcoming album The Pinkprint, hints at a mixtape with DJ Drama and more:

  • InTheNightKitchen

    I think she should just stfu, quit while you’re “not” ahead. I don’t know whether she’s that stupid or she’s attempting to fan the flames of controversy. Some days I could really shed tears at the state of mind some of my people have and the behavior they exhibit. I really wish I had the answers to mend some of the embarrassment.

    • Troll_E_G

      Why get mad at the worker, its the systems fault. She’s just a flunky

      • Twonpass

        Stop lettin all the flunkies off the hook, hold everyone responsible. We all play a part….
        No Excuses are excepted

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  • Thought Dog

    Because all real black men sell drugs aka weight.

    • Twonpass

      I hope you joking……Real Black men wouldnt give this clown the time of day, she looks totally like a plastic ass barbie. Nothing at all pretty about barbie,. they just forced the belief that she pretty is down your throat.
      I know, Im a hater……farthest from the truth. and so are many of us…..
      Wake up people.

      • Thought Dog

        Definitely sarcasm. Tired of celebrities pushing negative stereotypes and forcing kids to worship money, sex, drugs, strippers and overpriced clothes.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    controversy sells she’s going to milk this cow until the udders are dry. the fact that she ACTUALLY THINKS real men support the song which she says nigga over 100x. despite it being black history month, AND the artwork for the song. see she gotta appease the dominate society by all means her lil PR team KNEW what they was doing by putting that artwork out… it’s the name of the game to get people talking… so i aint hatin on nicki she should get all the money she wants for all i care but i guarentee people are going to look at her different because of this…

  • Seriouslyfolks


  • Black Jay

    This article is slanted. First of all, she never spoke about not being sorry about the photo thing, so why are they showing it? She was talking about the song itself. Obviously she enjoys the finished product after all of the work she put into it. What kind of person is going to put in work on something and then hate it? I personally hate her sh*t. But that’s just my personal opinion. She created it so she should like it, in my opinion.
    NOW PAY ATTENTION FOLKS….. This is where the sh*t gets ugly. You’ll get a million people on this site that’s going to go hard at her for the Malcolm photo debacle. Right? But I’ll bet none of those same people will say sh*t about this website OBVIOUSLY seeking to capitalize off of that incident to get more viewers and comments. And I don’t mean PREVIOUSLY. I mean today. Right now. Why release this story with that headline and show the Malcolm X photo? They’re making it seem like it’s a diss towards Malcolm and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean basically AHH is trying to pimp Nicki AND Malcolm X for ratings. But most people are waaaay too dumb to see that. I’ll bet only a few of y’all so-called “infuriated” people will even mention this pimp move. I ain’t no Nicki fan and I have dissed all of the sh*t she came out with, but this one’s a little unfair.

    • Troll_E_G

      People are too dumb to see ahh n Minaj are owned by white supremacist so they not in control of the marketing nor image….Ahh n Nicki are just workers of the system of white supremacy so our attention should be devoted to that

    • Twonpass

      Wrong, this is all propaganda to sell records,
      This silly rabbit could care less about anything relevant to the struggle of her own dam people….
      Hell she wants to be a white women so bad it aint even funny
      barbie aint no Sista…..

      • Black Jay

        Propaganda from who? Nicki? She wrote this article? Catch up son, you’re late for school.
        Maybe you did have a point when she put the photo up. BUT THIS PARTICULAR STORY IS SOME PIMP SH*T FROM AHH. Oh you’re up in arms when Nicki does it, but you’re giving corporate America a pass? Yeah, right.

      • Twonpass

        Wrong my brotha, i dont let anyone get a pass
        PS I really dont give Amerikkka a pass on anything….( another topic)
        Of course She didnt write the article ( come on brotha) , I was referrig to the substance in which the article was based on.
        AHH is a controlled media entity, trust they will do what ever it takes to sell or profit… sadly so does she.
        The fact that she knew better just chose otherwise speaks volume about her character.
        Too many of us chose to do the incorrect thing just to profit or shine or look like we got it together, sadly most have no clue and it comes out over time….
        I appreciate your rebuttal…
        Always good to debate , keeps the mind moving…
        Peace my brotha

      • Black Jay

        Lol! You right man. I can’t front. This is America. What else should we expect? Always some ignorance being put out there for us to consume. I can’t front. This whole thing is exploitative. Peace Man.

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  • SauceMan

    What up doe” Dis a real live fly young brotha checcin in from H-town by way of STL. YEA Missouri Texas connection lookin azz nigga, no pun intended. Tha Song go HAM, NiKKI Flexin, and we all should stop judging tha sista. CHECK THIS OUT you all wanna talk about something….ok let me put this VIBE out there….Instead of thinking about how Nikki and Cashmoney and every other person in hip hop is ruining “THIS THING OF OURS.” LETS talk about how next year, 2014 in Feb it will be 150 years since the civil war ended. Yo NO Se, Im just up studying talkin my talk. Main shot out To the whole Northside of the LOU…..8up….Shout out to Mo City……..4s up!!!! PLease Free Quadruple OG FReddie B and every other gansta that wanna be with they family and make this NIKKI MInaj MOney…lol….
    NIKKI IF YOU READING THIS>>>>>>> If you ever need a outstanding writer iM NOT THAT LOOKIN AZZ ni**a…im THAT NI**a….LAL

    • Troll_E_G

      You clearly an agent of distraction

    • Twonpass

      the fact that u freely use the “N” word, means you dont get it…..
      You just contradicted everything you mentioned. Well if you are studying, you must not be learning much. And Since the ending of the Civl War you say, what exactly have we learned, gained or accomplished, and (dumb ass) rappers and (sell out ) clowns who work for the agenda have no merit in the conversation.

      I know you cant give a definitive answer, cause your too busy learning what doesnt help US as a people I know, look beyond the past…. Funny most of US have no clue about the past, beyond landin in America as a slave…..
      You make the statement that you were studying, well study some History, not His story….ya dig…..The truth may shock the hell out of you.

  • SauceMan
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  • I be wanting to like her man but I just dont know man….Def pipe but ion think I dig baby girl too much…she seem aight but seem annoying as f***…she talented enough that her core fans love her and i believe she ain’t have to do the controversy thing cuz the album coming out, she coulda did sumn else.

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  • Real Truth

    The author & this headline is supporting the most ignorant thing in print today. There is nothing right with it, and that is what is wrong with it, Malcolm’s teachings explain this fuckery better than anyone today ever could. This site must be owned by George Zimmerman, the Tea party, and the KKK. This is who benefits the most from the disrespecting of our fallen heroes, and great black men out there today doing things legit and teaching our youth correctly about our struggle. Nigga is a state of mind. This only goes to show how lost they want us to be from the truth of who we are (Kings and Queens) prior to slavery, and begs the question. Who is promoting this? Who benefits? And why? Why do they want you dumb and numb to the truth? Why the headline? Who cares about her song if it is not uplifting us as a people, or a culture, it’s a distraction from our inner greatness..

  • SauceMan

    I guess Im Illuminati NOw…

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    i feel where everybody is coming from about her using the pic but this particular statement by nikki has nothing to do with the pic, she is referring to the song itself like Black Jay was saying below… and to be honest her releasing the song withthe picture is not in any way going to hurt or taint the legacy of Malcom X and what he stood for…. the consumers and the media just glorifying the bull ish now. its last weeks news at this point.

  • The_Good_Life

    That can’t be Nicki. She’s much smarter than she portrays. Like 2 chainz said, you gotta dumb it down to be successful.

  • this bz used Brother Shabazz’s image for promo, defiling it w/ the words “Lookin @ss N1gga” next to a pic of him looking out the window, then tried to distance herself from the disrespect, saying she was talking bout people OUTSIDE the window & that Black ppl shouldn’t call her out for callin him a n1gga cuz Black ppl use the word. I’m sick of this bish gettin out in front of white America, actin a got-damn coon & then blaming it on Black ppl when white folks at the top are rewarding her behavior. She tryna distance herself from Black ppl w/ the blonde wigs, bleached skin & defiling of Black women in her music (chimpanzees, nappy-headed h03s), now she defile Black men like you gotta be a dope dealer to be real. This bish the furthest thing from real, from her fake mentality to her physical body. I dissed her for her house-n1gga behavior back in 2012, follow my name to the link on soundcloud. Her legacy gonna be desecrated when she’s no longer young, along w/ her face from future cosmetic surgery. smh @ her existence

  • Just stop talking. {{-_-}}

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