Big Boi: Outkast is NOT Working On A New Album (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Fans will get to see Outkast perform together for the first time in over 7 years, but will not be getting any new music. According Big  Boi, Andre 3000 and himself have no plans of working on a  new Outkast album to coincide with their 20th anniversary.

During an interview at NBA All Star Weekend, Big Boi revealed that himself, Wale and J. Cole will be apart of a Game of Thrones-inspired mixtape that will be releasing in a few weeks. While he also admits that he is working on a solo album and will perform at 40 festivals with Andre 3000, the pair does not have plans of making another album:

No, no, no. We’re just doing the tour only, just for the fans. That’s all it is, just the tour. I got a solo record I’m working on. But, it’s just the Outkast 20th year anniversary, just a way for us to celebrate with our fans, but there’s no album in the works, no.

Check out Big Boi’s full interview with Revolt TV

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  • MrNoName2K

    DAMN! I was actually looking forward to that sh*t too..SMDH

  • Fck the bllsht gentlemen. Just fcking do that sht. Fck the trends and everything. Just work on some music from the heart….and then drop that sht via Itunes like Beyonce did. No promotion. Just do it. I’m a dreamer. I’m still hopeful.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Just crushing dreams huh? What ever happened between those two is serious.

  • Live Well

    Maybe no formal album announcement but they’re definitely making music.

  • brotha_man

    Then the question is Big Boi what’s up with Andre?
    Is he in a cult? Is he on drugs? Is he gay?
    When y’all gon’ break up? When y’all gon’ wake up?
    Nigga I’m feelin’ better than ever what’s wrong with you
    You get down

    • don king

      dre needs 2 return 2 the gangsta.

      • brotha_man

        dre need to stop acting like a lil bytch

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Why Andre can do songs with John legend, Lil Wayne and ross but can’t make new music with big boi?!?! Ngga needs to stop eating them veggie sandwiches and get in the stew!!!

    • brotha_man

      andre acting like a lil bytch, hate to say it about the brotha, but damn. Im glad big boi puts out quality ish

  • Pat Sponaugle

    Game of Thrones inspired mixtape? Yes.


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