Hip-Hop Rumors: Is RZA Going To Do A “Wu” Album Without Raekwon?

I could be hearing this the wrong way, but its starting to sound like RZA is about to convert the Wu Tang reunion album and turn it into a RZA album. Listen to what he says…and how he pauses when he says it.

“I would say there’s an album called “A Better Tomorrow” that I started working on last year that’s coming together great. Its still missing a few elements, but uh, its coming together real great. If those elements don’t make it, its not going to take away how great its gonna be. Because its great even if no lyricists are on it. Just the sound and music of it alone sounds timeless.”

Last year this time, we were saying:

Wu-Tang Clan Announce “A Better Tomorrow” Album Is Coming Soon

And then…January 2014…

Poppa Wu: Raekwon’s Issues Over Money Delaying Wu-Tang Clan Album

Peep the video!

I HOPE these guys can get it together because they do create magic when they form like Voltron! Money and business do more to prevent dope maneuvers than anything else.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • E McArthur

    but Meth on it though right?

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Yes just not Raekwon.

  • The_Councilman

    This has always been a problem with the Wu going back to Iron Flag. RZA wants to take over the production and creative side of the album, and just have the others drop verses. If someone objects to a certain track, then there’s going to be a wall to climb, because RZA isn’t budging on the production. The 8 Diagrams album almost didn’t happen because Ghostface and Raekwon wasn’t feeling production and they said it didn’t feel like authentic Wu, but more like RZA was using them to sell tracks to Hollywood. All this talk of money is a smokescreen for creative issues. Rae is like, if you’re going to showcase your tracks for Hollywood, pay me more than my usual, because RZA is the one to stand to benefit from the project financially, in the end, when Hollywood calls him to score movie soundtracks.

    • Elayorx El

      Interesting perspective.

    • Worlds greatest


  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Illseed you reach too much! No people just want an album to be good that is all. Rae is concerned that RZA isn’t going to give it his all.

  • Jared

    As long as Ghost and Rae make the cut…

    • brotha_man

      truthfully i rock the wu all day. but as long as ghost and rae keeping putting out quality music and mixtapes, I dont really need a wu album

      • Papi Peligro

        Man and RZA’s beats killed that last 1.

  • brotha_man

    and thats why rae and ghost aint trying to fugg wit it without proper compensation. fool me once…..

  • DC King Of Hearts

    At this point, I’m just waiting on The Crystal Method

  • johnblacksad

    I want everybody on the album

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  • Papi Peligro

    I think they tired of RZA’s beats. I’m sorry RZA’s beats killed the last Wu album. Even 8 diagrams by Ghostface which was bought 1 of the worse Ghostface albums in a while was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that Last WU Album. I think RZA gotta come off the production just me.

    • vandyll

      Honestly he’s good to do a few beats. But not the whole album. Rza is always good for 3 to 4 crazy beats on an album. Then his style gets mediocre. they need to spread out the production a lil.

    • Live Well

      Bruh, you gotta do your homework and learn the catalog before you comment on it. The Ghostface album that you referred to, 8 Diagrams, was a Wu Album. In fact it was the last Wu album, so what in the wold are you comparing again? Sounds like you misread something and are just repeating it.

      • Papi Peligro

        I meant 12 reasons to die.

    • Worlds greatest

      i think u right …rae and ghost have their ears to the streets and continue throwin verses on hard beats while RZA out in Hollywood makin flicks..

  • jd

    This can;t happen without Rae. I’m sorry. It will not be the same. No Rae or ODB (R.I.P)? Can’t do it.

    • brotha_man

      I agree losing ODB was a big hit and if rae and ghost dont show up = garbage album. cuz meth aint the same meth

      • jd

        So true. Gotta Have everyone.

    • Worlds greatest


  • Elayorx El

    Wow, well, in accord with many posts here, I do think spreading the production out would not be a bad look. Maybe Wu-Elements could be incorporated, thereby not compromising the Wu sound too much. With groups, it’s always a challenge, because everyone does not grow at the same rate, nor in the same way. Even more so with Wu, because of their number, and uniqueness. EVERYONE needs to be on this particular project however, even ODB, so hopefully they can attach some lost verses of his on this one. All in together now!!!!!!!

  • dbfromdc


  • Isaac Hayes

    I’m a Wu Tang supporter but I would prefer they just leave well enough alone. Just tour the world make that bread. I love to hit a Wu Tang show with all the living members together. I miss the Rock the Bell joints . Last show I went to with all of them plus ODB was the Wu Tang/Rage against the Machine Concert in 1997

  • brotha_man

    this reminds of the Ice Cube vs NWA and Ruthless deal. everybody was on board till ice looked at the contract and was like no thanks. be smart and demand what you feel you’re worth

    • Worlds greatest

      Exactly. RZA tryin to have total control over the sound of the album and also dick these niggas on money…Dont work like that when Rae consistently puts out good music.. I respect RZA but dam pay niggas what they dserve

  • Worlds greatest

    NOT a WU album without RAEKWON. But he comin out with an album very soon so Im def coppin that shit..Stays with that mean sound