Suge Knight Explains Pot Shop Fight; Says Game & Kendrick Lamar Got Bad Record Deals

(AllHipHop News) Last week footage of former Death Row head Suge Knight punching a man outside a weed dispensary surfaced online. Suge had not spoken publicly about the incident until he appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show.

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During the sit down with Arsenio, Suge explains that the relationship with the people at the pot shop started off on good terms, but when he found out the man’s name was “Zimmerman” Suge says that threw his “mood off.” Apparently, things got worse from there.

“When I get to the door, they buzz me in. They’re happy to see me,” states Suge. “This guy pops in and tells me [expletive] if people don’t have they papers right they can get killed in this [expletive].”

Suge also took the time to address the business side of the music industry while on Arsenio. After speaking on D.O.C. and Dr. Dre’s contract situations while at Eazy-E and Jerry Heller’s Ruthless Records, Suge then claims that Interscope has given bad deals to The Game and Kendrick Lamar.

“If you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton – Game, Kendrick Lamar – got two of the worse deals in the industry,” claims Suge. “Reality there’s more slavery now than ever.”

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Watch Suge’s interview with Arsenio Hall below.

  • The game Always been shady. The master P route always been best. Get it on your own especially, since the birth of the virtual web aspect. Means access to more people, not to mention the streets gonna feed you if you real. 100

    • Antwon Grant


  • drac215

    Sad but true. Some how people like suge(business wise) seem to be the bad ones, but in reality he helped a lot of artist in the financial department. God bless the industry when people like suge got to come to the rescue!!!


    • $18592567

      Negative. He knows the details, but Pac hit came from the Atlantic not the Pacific.imho

  • Antwon Grant

    WTF does this guy worry about other peoples long as they are happy why do u care.

    • $18592567

      That’s how he got in the game forreal… By checking out other artists deals… Do ya research

  • killingignorance

    Tell us what we don’t know. but then going independent is almost impossible except this days though a few have. I feel sad for The game not because he’s poor but i think he has underachieved both musically and financially when considered with his talent. I believe he’s a better artist than 50 cent

    • $18592567

      You’re not listening to what he’s saying…

    • Sonny Tutimez

      poor? The Game isn’t poor its just he made so many ppl really rich he didn’t see all the profit…The game’s first 2 albums together sold like 10 million and he got his cut but so did everybody else so instead of being a 20 million rapper he should’ve been a 50-60 million dollar rapper

      • Blaq_Boi

        True, he even spit it on that “One Night” track off Doctors Advocate. I guess Game those types who unfortunately feel they owe everybody from they childhood. Which can be a catch 22, cause while some niggaz stay real, others will just hang on to leach.

  • Black Jay

    Suge is a f*cking enigma. On one hand he falls victim to his obvious inability to handle himself as a responsible adult. On the other hand he spits some knowledge from time to time. He’s a f*cking dummy for the way that he handles himself. But he kicked some knowledge about the industry. Some dudes will do anything to get some shine. And most end up signing wack ass deals just to get on. I’m not saying that Game or Kendrick did that (also, how the f*ck would Suge know what they got) but you do have some record companies that are straight pimping dudes out there. I would say that Dr. Dre’s Aftermath is definitely one of those guilty parties. Look at how many people he “signed” and then put on a shelf. Livelihoods ruined before they even started. Diddy was another slave master. Don’t even get me started about Bad Boy’s track record. Suge kicked some knowledge on that. But he’s still an idiot to the 5th power.

    • $18592567

      Do your homework bro… Suge and Puffy REAL beef started when MJB and JODECI contracts were reviewed by Suge and his counsel. Deals pass through so many channels that a person who’s plugged in can find out very easily what that paperwork looks like. The paper trail also tells a great story, because every logo you see on a project is a palm that has to get greased…

      I agree w/you in regards to Suge’s behavior, but he’s seen some crazy stuff in the last 25 years too.

      • Black Jay

        I never discussed Suge’s beef with Puff. I simply said that Bad Boy and Aftermath have been running the slave game for a minute. They both have track records to prove it. As far as what Suge is seeing, we’re both speculating. I personally doubt he knows anything about Game’s or Kendrick’s contract. You think he may know because of previous relationships. But at the end of the day, we both don’t know. What homework are you speaking of?

      • $18592567

        I mentioned Suge and Puff’s beef because it stemmed over contracts that Suge did not put together. Meaning Suge has access to paperwork that he does not have his own signatures on…

        I agree w/you regarding the slave game in the industry, but it shouldn’t be limited to Bad Boy and Death Row. Every label is trying to get something for nothing…

      • Black Jay

        Cosign on that record label thing. I gave those two as examples. Obviously they aren’t the only ones. But cosign. Record labels been slaving folks for years.


        anyone with an attorney can look up any contract signed in the US.

      • Black Jay

        For real? A n*gga like Suge gonna put time and money towards that? For real? This dude can’t even keep his court dates. He’s gonna commission an attorney to look up what Game and Kendrick got? GTFOH! This dude barely got weed money.

      • superh8


  • Slaughtr


    • MrNoName2K

      ehm ehm sir…spell check please

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  • Executive

    If I could ask Suge something it would be: if Pac was your “lil brother” why did he die broke and owning barely anything??

  • i’mreloaded!

    I don’t see how Game got a bad deal. He was already on in the West Coast and he sold mad albums and got shoe endorsements. K. Dot the same thing except he has other endorsements like the Beats By Dre $hit. I say they doing pretty good at Interscope. Anybody’s initial contract ain’t gonna be dat great because it’s their first deal and they just wanna be signed. You gotta show them you worth the money with your work you put out. Niggas don’t start off as managers, hell naw, you gotta start off in da mailroom first homes. I’d say Game made out really well on Interscope and Kendrick is gonna be there for a while after the year he had. And didn’t Game get his own label because of Interscope? You may not start off wit the money you want on these deals, but Interscope surely will put their artists in the position to make millions through other avenues other than music. Just ask Fif, Dre, and Em.

  • baller187

    this nigga is so washed up, beat up and broke, sad after havin all that cash, but what he is saying is right

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  • MrNoName2K

    Suge aint dumb. Definitely knowledgeable about the game. Unfortunately his reputation and f*cked up decisions precede him.

  • superh8


  • Tre C

    the whole “there’s more slavery” than ever is starting to get ridiculous. People were snatched from their families, beated, raped, and LYNCHED. You signing a bad record deal doesn’t even begin to compare..that’s an insult to our ancestors to keep spouting that ignorant shit.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      so how did enslave africans BUY their freedom and the freedom of their families?
      their is more to the story then what they miseducated you in school

      • Tre C

        you completely missed the point I was making but I will attempt to work on my “education”

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        If I missed your point then explain it if it still matters. But slavery always seem to = brutality when in fact the worst form of slavery is the slavery you don’t know your in/were in is all I’m saying. Harriet Tubman said she could have freed more enslaved people if only they knew they were enslaved. So that means the mental slavery listed way longer then the physical

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  • CaliDime

    Some of you who commented HAVE NO IDEAL … Compare K.Dot Deal to Chief Keef deal… K. Dot got screwed … he has no BIG money he gets crumbs just like TLC his money does NOT go to him … it goes to the many hands in the pot. What has Kendrick bought what does he have to show for this succes … Honestly Nicki will always have more money then

    • Guest

      Lets be real. Suge is just bitter that he is no longer a cog in the music industry b/c hanging ppl over balconies just ain’t cool anymore. lol. K Dot’s deal may not be what it is supposed to be b/c he was definitely a gamble. If you can warp your brain back to 2 years ago before all of the accolades of GKMC not many ppl knew much about him unless you are a true hip hop head. But the masses definitely would buy Section 80 like they did GKMC. Section 80 to me has more replay value than GKMC. But we all know the industry is all smoke & mirror singles. As for The Game we have to give Dr. Dre for the direction he provided for those 1st two albums. Though I still like his new music his new albums definitely are missing the polish that Dre provides. As for your Nicki comment…..hahaha! Let see how much she’ll have LEFT if she isn’t able to capture some magic now that “New Rapper” smell is wearing off.

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  • sauve

    how can suge even talk >?? he was taking all of tupac money then got him killed when he found out her was leaving his label because tupac found out he was taking his money !!

  • ab

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  • youngplaya

    Typical….instead of peeping game of what Suge saying niggas want to drop more negativity on the board and give they personal opinions about a black man from Compton that made millions on top of millions and lived to tell about. Im starting to think niggas hate knowledge more than anything.

    • Guest

      You sir are an IDIOT!!! You don’t think Suge is “dropping some negativity”. While criticizing their record deals. If you saw the news now a week later you’d see Suge is just trying to bring some negativity to Dr.Dre since the two above rappers are his proteges. His motive…a $3 million dollar lawsuit Dre is dropping on Tha Row. Suge is a crab in a barrel & you Sir are the feces dropping out of his crab ass!

      • youngplaya

        Man you aint shit. Get yo bitch azz off this board. Go suck one punk

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