50 Cent Releases “Funeral”, 1st Video Since Leaving Interscope Records (VIDEO)

“50 bars of please, 50 bars of pain/when I’m dead and I’m gone, nig*as will remember the name. 50”-

A day after announcing his split from longtime record label home Interscope Records, Caroline/Capitol/UMG newest signee, 50 Cent releases his first video, “Funeral”. Directed by Eif Rivera, the Jake One-produced track finds 50 telling the story of the scene at a man’s funeral intertwined with the story of how he ended up dead.

No word on if the track will appear on 50’s upcoming album Animal Ambition on June 3rd.

Check out “Funeral”, 50 Cent’s first video since leaving Interscope Records below:

  • Papi Peligro

    Man people been sleeping but 50 been hungry on some of his last few songs. That beat is ill.

  • Bryan Strive Bradley
  • Jayson C Williams

    This wasn’t that bad at all.. He needs a lot more of that..

    • superh8


      • Jayson C Williams


  • Eric Cartman

    Dope!!!!! Wow

  • Tommy Lewis

    Can’t hate on this. This is fire. Reminds me of some late 90’s tip.

  • hoeyuno

    Sounds Like somethin off “power of the dollar”…sounds dope. fif could give us a ill album if he sticks to the formula.

    • hoeyuno

      And that line you guys quoted “50 bars of pleasure, 50 bars of pain…” Is from power of the dollar..

  • Black Jay

    This song is tight but……
    I don’t know if I would’ve led with that. A funeral video and song to lead off your new career??? It ain’t a track to lead off a new record deal with. It’s gonna be kinda metaphoric if his new album flops. I think it will appeal to his core fans but it won’t expand him beyond 100k the first week.

    But the song is some dope underground sh*t. I’d rock it for a few days.

    • Nicer Day

      Those burdens only apply to a mainstream artist, His no longer a mainstream artist, that was his biggest problem on interscope…100k is great for an artist that’s not signed to a major…his pretty much has been given a budget and outlet to go dominate the market he help built, to say the least… 50 cent has always been a mixtape/underground/independent artist

      • Black Jay

        Are you kidding me?! 50 has been mainstream for most of his career (In da Club, Candy Shop, songs with Justin Timberlake). Who are you fooling? He didn’t sell over 30 Million records by being underground. That’s funny as hell….hahahahaha

        I kinda get what you’re trying to say but…

        Some of y’all need to make up your mind. Some dudes are saying this isn’t really a step down from the majors and some of you are saying it is (but only when his moves are questionable to logical thinking). His overall goal, whether Major or Independent, is to sell records. Bottom line. Sure they gave him a budget and will let him do as he pleases, but he’s no Tech or Duck Down. 50 is king of shine. He came in hungry with a crew and so his mixtape game was tight. He has over $100 Million now and his crew has evaporated. He owns several other ventures. How hungry do you think he’s going to be?

        Nah, he doesn’t get a pass. In fact, he gets judged more harshly than others because he knows the formula. Maybe he is intentionally trying to get his core fans first. I don’t know. But if they’re your core fans they never would’ve left, right? But a funeral song as a lead single? That sounds suspect.

  • DOdo

    if you like this and haven’t been checking for 50 go back and check the big 10 and type audiomack 50 Cent – Immortal [The Album] 2013 into google and click the link. nothing but fire.

  • listening to 2pac 24/7 and this song is just wack to me..

    • Guest

      Anyone would sound wack after listening to PAC 24/7

      • Celz

        Keep it real my nicca that tracc was nice

  • Live Well

    Grimy ass hood story. That’s what’s been missin to me, story tellin.

  • brotha_man

    i hope this is things to come….this that classic fif

    • superh8

      Yea, me 2

  • PorchBoySlim

    this is fire…niggas been sleeping on 50 though…his last couple of mixtapes have been pretty good too.

  • Executive

    Power of the dollar was his best work.

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Fam u can’t act as if Get Rich or Die trying didn’t happen.

  • Cashis King

    50 has been on fire recently… ski or aa is going to be a classic

  • youngplaya

    50 DOPE..Love the video and the story slick rhymes too. Preciate it..no gimmicks just Trill shit

  • Fosho3528

    50 murked this sh*t. Good ol’ east coast story telling for ya right there. Type of sh*t these young kids can’t keep up with and wonder where the dance is for it.

    • Celz

      Nowadays niccas a spit a bunch of meaningless punchlines strung together incoherently and think they killed some shyt.

  • scullyson



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  • Boomie Rogers

    (In my 50 Tyson Voice) 50’s Back, 50’s Back. Seriously tho i’m glad he on his independent tip. Interscope was the main reason he was puttin out crap for awhile now

  • Schooly B

    50 back on that bullshit. Nice!!!

  • CabriniGreeny

    Dope! This what I want to hear from the homie.

  • Dope shit…but I wish it would have been mixed down differently. I have on Beats headphones…them drums should have been beatin the shit outta my eardrums…especially on a 50 track

  • ZUBU

    Nice joint I can relate to the story-line.

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    No matter how hot the shit 50 puts out it ain’t gonna matter they blackball him

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    This is the 50 I remember!!

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  • ChiVa02

    Okay, 50. I hear you..And Jake One on the beat..I’m feelin this one..

  • Jakne

    Can this be a part 2 of “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ LP?” Spit it 50, get back in the rankings…….Go hard on the joints.

  • ColeWorldNoBlanket

    50 still that nigga, he just needs 2 put out material more often.

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  • richard_b_hard

    What happened to Lloyd Banks??? see Yayo but no Banks.
    50 still got it,but if he starts working with officer ricky he gonna lose a strong fan base.

  • superh8

    Funny how yesterday, a lot off u flip floppers were saying 50 done now 2day he back . bandwagon riding bunch of fickle bitches on here

  • Song is fire!!

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  • Milain Kennedy

    50 stop rapping your hurting my ears tell your boy Eminem too stop both of you are way past your prime. I still dig your earlier projects including all the G unit stuff. Em was great till this last cd. You should get Eminem on your headphone thing and leave the rapping to Jay z who still performing at high levels.

  • GRODT was my s*** and many other songs from 50 but he lost me when he started doing all the female bickering back and forth with other rappers…it was entertaining for a while but then it started lookn childish….I like this new joint tho. I’m no number one fan but bruh ain’t never fell off, an impossibility with over a hunnit m’s in the vault. It’s just kinda hard to recreate sum GRODT s*** twice…

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  • Maitreya One

    50 is 40 years old talking about furneral music. where is the growth in that Im just saying as a HipHoppa beyond entertainment. This is just my humble opinion i mean no harm. We have to advance the conversation and stop rapping about the streets it doesn’t validate us as men. if we don’t rise to higher goals like creating a city a HipHop city we will be has beens. This conversation is only for the HipHoppas who love the culture!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sick beat song and vid #props

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