Schoolboy Q

Stream Schoolboy Q’s Album “Oxymoron” For Free

(AllHipHop News) The Oxymoron listening session tour continues with Schoolboy Q liberating a free stream of his debut album for his fans. Today (February 22nd) Schoolboy Q announced that anyone can stream his debut album Oxymoron for free on iTunes Radio.

The album is scheduled to be released this Tuesday (February 25th) and his is preparing to perform songs from the album at Le Possion Rouge in New York City tomorrow night (February 23rd).

Stream Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron on iTunes Radio here.

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  • Sorry Q you my nigga but I was not impressed with this CD at all. H&C was better.

  • The Arsonist

    The album is a letdown I expected a lot more from a camp thats on fire right now you can’t hype an album up like this and then deliver a mediocre product is it the worst album ever? No its not, its ok, but you’re following GKMC an album that was assembled perfectly. I think he should have consulted Dre on this record instead of saying Dre had nothing to do with it as if thats a medal of honor, one thing Dre don’t go for is records that aren’t sonically perfect, some of the mixes are sloppy with the background vocals being louder than the leads.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      dre also didnt have anything to do with GKMC 🙂

      • The Arsonist

        Actually Dre did have a lot to do with GKMC even though he didn’t produce a record, after Kendrick finished the album he turned it into Dre for approval and believe me sometimes thats all it takes, I know a few artists personally thats been in the booth with Dre and that dude is relentless every syllable has to be perfect, thats what Dre likes so much about Kendrick the kid went in the studio did his thing without Dre and when Dre went over the album it was Flawless to him, there were a few changes made like for instance “The Recipe” was a Detox record.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    he sounded corny as expected but i had to hear it first in the sligh chance it was alright. Too much lean. still waiting on the Rozayyyyy!

  • andone

    gonna wait for my copy in the mail i dislike previews and spoilers… not only that but i find most streamed music quality hard to judge from vocals, to the lyrics, to the beat so i prefer to wait it out… plus we already heard nearly half the album and imo they been up to par for the most part, that will hold me over till then… lookin forward to supporting this project, 50’s up next!

    • hoeyuno

      Yea I rather cop a physical copy…back in the day when you bought a tape the music was more appreciated. and if you didn’t like that shit first time around you played it until you felt that shit…

      • andone

        co-sign… copped the step bros last month and had to give it a few spins b4 it grew on me but i made sure to not peep the leak and go into it undecided… been banggin it since it dropped waitin on this to do the same… also when ur a fan of the art its dope to be surprised wit some new bars fresh off the press!

        FYI: the pre order came wit 3 tracks to DL but im cool till tues

      • anemia716

        same. always need a physical copy. better sound, better feeling (imo) and you’re supporting the artist.

      • andone

        agreed… even if if not as dope as u expected ur still not trippin cause we get plenty of mixtapes inbetween… one example is big krit, the mixtapes were better then the studio ablum but i still rep wit homie… Animal Ambition and Cadilactica comin soon!

  • C. Black

    Boy oh boy, folks jackin the game all the way up with this free shit. Got folks thinking they’re entitled to peoples projects. Sorry, you are not. Pay how you weigh. I thought it was just me for a second thinking these dudes were losing their marbles until I started reading various blogs from branding/promo companies and industry insiders (I guess that would be the word for them) talking about the same thing and touching on points referencing different genres of music. Specifically speaking on how hip hop is damn near the ONLY genre of music that does this goofy shit.

  • EatABootyMob

    Most disappointing album of the year. Guaranteed

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  • brotha_man

    I heard the album and must say having to pay for it is highway robbery, the album is garbage

  • Abbas

    rap it, share 😉

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  • AK

    The album go hard yall just not into that LA shit, and Q was never the most lyrical in TDE he makes bangers dont compare him to kendrick.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      id be surprised if he sells tho simply cause kendrick had a way better setup to take over and better features to get him over that hump … hope it does well tho cause man of the year and break the bank is my ish …. neither sound like some LA ish but hey it is what it is lol i like it sounds more like what i need to from my east coasters …… man of the year kind of reminds me of some jayz big pimpin for some reason maybe its the bounce in it ….

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