Hip-Hop Rumors: Did TMZ Blame The Black Panthers For Zimmerman’s Death?

Whoa! Whoa! George Zimmerman ain’t dead! But there is a price on his head. But, this price on his head is new. There are a lot of people that justifiably feel that George Zimmerman got a way with killing a teen. So, he ain’t safe in these streets. Recently GZ had to get the hell out of Miami because there were threats on his life. GZ tried to go to the beach (really dude???) with his girl, her kid and his son (Really, family?) and tried to have a family outing. Somebody said there was 10 stacks on his head. That’s like a real number! But, TMZ’s report somehow tried to link the NEW Black Panther Party with this seeming bounty on Zimmy’s dome piece. Not fair. The video they showed was from 2012. LOL! Come on. This new case could very well be a bleeding heart liberal vigilante.

I’m not going to run the video, because it has nothing to do with present day.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    fcuking reaching with these titles… sh!t is so wack!

    Then he gon start with “whoa whoa… zimmerman ain’t dead”… smh

    Damn illseed, sometimes you do a damn good job, the rest of the time, it sucks azz…

    bring Sydney Lace bac k at this point

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • don king

      Sydney Lace is Illseed with a cheap wig on.

    • Casor_G

      Nobody is going to do $#!t to George Zimmerman, this isn’t ’66, we aren’t riding for the cause like that tht these days

  • johnblacksad

    “hmmmm… how could I up the hits on this shitty website before february is over?”

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  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    damn how many times are they gonna keep reposting this shit. for as much as everybody hates this guy everybody continues to give him shine through there post. u might as well start donations for him too. if i was all these sites i would never run anything about this P.O.S and let fade into obscurity.

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    pathetic…muthachuka still managed to get me to read this post though

  • Peter Morris

    I come to this site because I don’t want to read MTO. So stop writing like them. The only thing missing is the fake “blind item” rumors. Step the game up illseed.

  • Sean Taylor

    $10K to kill someone, get caught, do life or get the death penalty!?? Nice to know the panthers are bringing up the community.

    • Immortal

      Sean that was speculation with no proof. Let’s be honest, the Black Panthers will never see the power and strength they had back in the day, but that’s not to say there aren’t some bright minds in the New Black Panthers who I’m sure have better ways to spend 10K like community projects, Information Operations, and the like. It’s possible, it could be true, but I’m not inclined to believe it one bit.

  • EniggaMA

    you whiney ass mofos act like y’all forced to come to this site

    • johnblacksad

      Ain’t nobody whining… you still thinkin like lil kid and you obviously don’t value your own time…

      When them mofos start being funny with the articles, we let em have it, period.


      • EniggaMA

        everyday people complaining about whats in a rumor section of a blog. a rumor section i repeat. but u not whining. go get u some tissue and head on over to cnn or msnbc.

      • Papi Peligro

        Its cause its wack and they have comment section. Next its way less people than it used to be.

      • EniggaMA

        But ur still here

      • Papi Peligro

        I already said its wack and they have a comment section. If they had an article entitled Biggies baby is really Obama’s. I’d click on it then say that’s wack. I can do the same thing you doing. Why you mad?

      • PL

        The word rumor by definition is “a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.” What The Illseed Collective does is pull random BS out they ass to generate interest in this site… “Word on the street” and “my sources” are the obvious flags! Open ya eyes and try to use your head for more than a hat rack.

      • EniggaMA

        The only people who should be offended by what I Sed is people who come here for there news source. which I guess u fall into that category. U probably though dude was dead when u read the title. Me my first thought was if I read it here first it’s prolly not true. Why? Well because I use my head and take the site for what it is entertainment. Moron

      • PL

        Not offended @ all bruh.. it’s the Internet..don’t forget! Spreading BS stories about people is not a good look…Method Man already checked Illseed on this before…he (or they) must have forgot.. The Onion is more entertaining than this..

        “They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

        nah keeping talkin’ slick and people stop checkin’ ya site then you should be worried…

      • EniggaMA


      • johnblacksad

        lame ass arguments… actin like it’s impossible to miss a major info and hear about it the most unexpected way… just get the fcuk out of here

      • EniggaMA

        daaaaamn u stil on my dik. a lil pathetic don’t u think. now thats butt hurt

      • I remember when it was true or would come true!

    • GQ

      And you act like a lame ass dikkrider who gets paid to stick up for this bullshyt site. Kill yaself

      • EniggaMA

        And u sound butt hurt. Didn’t mean to offend u shawty. NEWS FLASH for u slow muhfughaz don’t come here for credible news

      • GQ

        Fcuk you

      • EniggaMA

        Lol u got that

      • EniggaMA

        Lol u got that

    • PL

      dis ninja must be on AHH PR team!! Hope they payin’ you bruh!

      • EniggaMA

        Nigga u never saw me say anything negative or positive about this site. I’m talkin to u bi t ches that come here everyday but complain about this $hit

  • Executive

    My heart dropped when I read that, I was about to dump this cooler full of Gatorade on somebody.



  • John Q. Public

    F*CK You allhiphop for this 1

  • MrNoName2K

    The “New Black Panthers” aint worth SH*T and Zimmerman is a B*TCH

  • RapItUp

    Person using illseed alias.. You are such a clown

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  • tried to vote summa the bs below me down, but the “voting has changed”.umm, AHH, why the FOCK have a vote dwn button if it can’t be used?
    This site is one of the media outlets keeping Zimmerman afloat. He had all the hype and publicity, a televised trial, etc. But as soon as his media image fades into the background and ppl move on, he’ll just be that dude who murdered a Black teen & got away w/ it. And someone very well may allow him to understand how it feels to be stalked by a vigilante.
    AHH, ya’ll run by the right wing.

    • About the vote down, tell that to Disqus, not AHH.

      • I’m glad u had something constructive to add to the Zimmerman/New Black Panther discussion, Arth.

    • acapwn

      I down-voted your ass just fine. Must be you!

  • water_ur_seeds

    Why write ‘for zimmerman’s death’?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yeah, VERY irresponsible

      • water_ur_seeds

        Ive just realised, did ‘Illseed’ mean to write ‘death threats’? Either way its terrible journalism…

      • LD51

        Believe, he wrote what he wrote on purpose. The headline had me jerk, I wouldn’t even click on something related to him I’ll be damn if I help feed his celebrity – wait, HES DEAD?! Bait, Hook, Sinker

      • Yea I’m pissed that I fell for the Okee doke. ……

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        yeah, and he does that a LOT

      • water_ur_seeds

        yeah im guessing the fact ahh havnt changed or corrected the tittle proves its no mistake smh

    • PL

      …because that’s the only way this site can generate hits nowadays by speculating and spreading BS…there’s always gonna a be a story about
      -George Zimmerman
      -Kanye West ranting
      -{insert rapper, athlete, celebrity or just anybody not associated with hip hop’s name here} doing something ignorant…

  • digitallife

    I think you could count the amount of people that would care about this cat by how many viewers fox has and it ends there. 9 out 10 people wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep either way.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    blame one group when half of America wants it? – the Panthers (if any left) should sue !

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  • acapwn

    They pull this bullshit on SOHH and that’s why I stopped goin there. I’m out. Won’t be back.

    • “You’ll be back! They always come back!”

  • PL

    Here’s something interesting..Go to the Search field at the bottom of this page and type Zimmerman…look @ how many articles they’ve had about him in the last 24 days…

    Now search Black History Month…

  • aokot5

    Wooooow really Illseed? Come on son you’re better than that! Baiting us with that title!

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      your wrong – he ain’t betta than that – he wouldn’t have done it

  • Man whoever wrote the title for this article need they a** whooped 4 real…could go on and on but it ain’t even worth the time.

  • dayleedumped

    boutta boycott this shit, peace. whoever comments or view this website is whack in my book

  • brotha_man

    *shakes head, puts champagne back in the fridge*

  • richard_b_hard

    I wish the Panthers would kill Illseed!!!! I would more than make up for me having read this crap.

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  • soyhiphop

    Blacks are hypocrites i’ve personally known of real cases where black criminals get away with murdering innocent people most of them black one of them an innocent bystander. they intimidate people into not snitching. yet no prizes on their heads no outrage no big media coverage im not defending a sick demented psycho like zimmerman but you can’t let the media play with your mind and race baiters like sharpton and jackson the hate at the factors they create thugs and poverty..zimmermans come and go but your own kind breaks records destroying it self. you think not? How many non black artis glamorize their issues i never heard a rock group sing about doing meth yet we allow rich record labels white owend to promote songs about black destruction these rappers are the new age coons

    • Iysis

      Have you not heard of elton john or the beatles, they spoke about doing drugs all day…. and if you know personally of people who are getting away with murder you and them should all be in jail for allowing it to happen.

      • soyhiphop

        The court let them get away i aint no these guys personally i knew the victims

      • D_Ably

        Have you heard elton john or the beatles? they really didn’t

      • workoutdc

        Rocket man by elton john and “With a little help from my Friends” by beatles are both drug songs

  • illseed youre a herb for that title. this website is like the dead body in the bushes on boyz in the hood. we just check up on it every few days to poke a stick at it and watch it rot further.

    see ya wouldnt wanna be ya.

    and shame on you for basically dry snitching and spitting in the face of the black panthers at the same damn time. they cane people in other countries for shit like that.

    youd think after all these years youd be more responsible for what you write, g.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I don’t get it…… because the video is two years old it doesn’t count anymore? This some kinda new retard logic?

  • MercedNative209

    these articles are trash….