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Nas Speaks On Never Winning A Grammy Award

(AllHipHop News) The relationship between the Grammys and Hip Hop has often times been a strained one. The fact that a lot of the top artists in the genre have never won a gilded gramophone has some fans scratching their heads.

One of those legendary rap acts that has never made it to the podium to accept a Grammy award is Nas. The New York emcee spoke about the fact that after 13 nominations he has never won during VH1’s The Tanning of America panel.

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“I like that the Grammys nominated me,” said Nas. “I know the hugest platform for music is the Grammys, it matters. . . but something that huge is never gonna get it right. So it’s okay. It gives me the opportunity to wear a nice suit on a red carpet.”

Nas was previously nominated for four awards at the 2013 Grammys including Best Rap Album for Life Is Good. He lost in that category to Drake’s Take Care.

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  • ursocalledgod

    NAS losing to Drake..smh thats why i dont pay attention to the grammys. it will NEVER rep REAL hip hop. this year is proof.

    • EniggaMA

      While I just don’t fcuk wit drake I have to problems with him losing to him in 2014. 15 yes ago then I’d be upset

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  • EniggaMA

    meanwhile kanye wins and still throws tantrums.

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  • Black Jay

    It’s a hard fact to accept, but it’s true. Nas has never won.
    In my opinion I believe the Grammys mirrors America’s conscience. Just as the Academy Awards mirrors America’s conscience. They both reflect America’s opinion of hip hop music and Black artists in general. They don’t think we produce art. Think about it. How many times have you seen a movie in which some out of touch White dude puts on a backwards baseball cap and contorts his arms and says “Yo, yo, yo”? That is how the “Old America” perceived us as a people. Our music is clown music. A fad. After all, anybody can beat on a drum and do some Dr. Seus sh*t, right?

    The f*cked up perception of hip hop won’t change until one unmistakable event occurs. The passing on of the “Old White (and Black sometimes) Guard”. I ride with Oprah Winfrey when she said this. The old people are the ones that keep this racism/hate thing going. They are the ones that teach it to their kids. The New Generation cares about color, but minimally. The new youth just want to party. And so the Grammys and Academy Awards won’t change until those opinions die (or at least are diluted by the death of some influential people). The people without the power and money (the youth) are on the right path. Sometimes it’s the elders that keep us down.


      My man, You on a roll this morning. I can Dig it. Nice post.

    • The_Good_Life

      You sparked alot of thoughts with your post brother. I think that the rehashing of these perceptions is done purposely and not from a place of so called “white ignorance”. The people who control the money also control the image. For example, Denzel should have won the Oscar for Malcom X or any of the other masterpieces he was involved in. What did he get the Oscar for, portraying a corrupt cop. Haley Berry could have been won one. What did she get hers for, portraying a desperate slut. Nas should have one for Daughters, the epitome of a Grammy song, what song took it, started from the bottom.
      Now to some, this is not a big deal cause we’re all getting money right. Well, when you get old and your granddaughter ask you to play the movie with the first black female Oscar winner for a lead role, are you going to introduce her to Monsters Ball. Like you said brother, maintaining negative perceptions.

      • Black Jay

        I feel you on that. The easiest way to damage a people is through manipulation of imagery and perception. I cosign that Denzel thing. My peoples and I were talking about that as soon as it happened. He can win as a bad dude but anything that gives light or hope to people of color and is not parallel with “The American Way” is automatically manipulated. But it’s all good. We need to start awards for us. Not just Black folks but people that share an honest vision of the “real America”.

  • MrNoName2K

    Should have but hell a couple platinum plaques and a couple classic albums is whats up too..streets still love you my nigga

    • BATMANfromDaHood

      Try 30 million sold worldwide. Nas is untouchable

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  • $18592567

    nas is a top 4 rapper of all time


  • Jayson C Williams

    He should of won for “I can”.. Maybe if I ruled the world.. Shit he should of got a Grammy for ether lol

    • Malik

      Word! A gilded gramophone for ‘ether’ would have been something else. It would have opened a whole new lane of ears to that scathing diss. Imagine soccer mums listening to ‘ether’ in their minivans and having to go take another peek at a pix of Jay’s thick lips upon hearing Nas’ reference…lol

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    Y’all talking like nas losing. On the bright side HARVARD has established the NASIR JONES hiphop fellowship , named after yours truly. Nas

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    Instagram @newworldhiphop , holla hiphop heads

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  • Obi Won

    I like that the Grammys nominated me,” said Nas. “I know the hugest platform for music is the Grammys, it matters. . . but something that huge is never gonna get it right. So it’s okay. It gives me the opportunity to wear a nice suit on a red carpet”

    I always admired & respected Nas’ humble attitude. Sometimes I feel like he should snap, but he always maintains his composure. When asked about new school hip hop/rap, or the Grammy winnings or anything involving his children’s mothers, son stays poised for the cameras. Gotta respect that

    • Black Jay

      Cosign. The loud dude isn’t the dude you need to worry about. It’s always the quietest one that you’d better watch out for. Jay Z learned that the hard way (Ether).

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  • Elayorx El

    “I can’t hear you man, speak the F up, what….Nastradamus, skama lit, know when I rep, flow when I’m set, I got the chips to make a Lotus my whip”…..Man! Gone are those days, because that was when Nas was at his realest. He would have never made that type of comment then, about his thoughts on “Grammy snubs”. It is apparent Nas has changed, and I’m not sure if it has been for the “better”. However, it does beg the question; when does the line become drawn, between what one has sacrificed for themselves, and what they are willing to do for their supposed, “culture”? Hip-Hop was created, due to the lack of inclusion, and recognition, from the “popular culture”, with very little resources, mind you, so how can we feel any type of way when they “snub” those who continually point out this extremely, “large elephant in the room”, or even those who do not specifically, but just represent Hip-Hop culture? True Hip-Hop culture, not the co-opted version. And this notion of, “The Tanning of America”, is just ridiculous, because again, the “elephant in the room” dictates that America was “tanned” long before Europeans arrived here. Until we start to truly deal with these facts, there will always be “snubs”, relative to Native culture, in every capacity, regarding Neo-Eurocentric idealism. P.S.-that line up top, is from probably my most favorite Nas song of all-time. “You Gotta Love It”, and ironically, you kinda gotta do.

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