Hip-Hop Rumors: Some Truthy Rumors About Young Thug And This “Gay Thing”

Well, I got a tip from somebody. And it was crazy, because I had come to the conclusion that Young Thug was pretty much regarded as the first gay rapper. My sources in his camp are saying that HE’S NOT. Apparently, he ACTS gay because that is the Atlanta way. Apparently there is some “free thinking movement” in the A that is all the rage in the gay nation AND the straight nation there. So Young Thug is “passing” as gay even though he is truly not. I REPEAT – HE IS NOT GAY. I’m going to need that no more man to man “BAE” usage. LOL! But I’m no “hater.”

So, there you have it. Young Thug misses his chance at making history as another Black man in a hyper masculine field to come out as gay.

Last but not least, there is supposedly a movement to “out” Young Thug. Seem like there are those out there that definitely want to determine his sexuality and make it KNOW. I don’t think its the Pink Mafia either. I’m hearing its members of the BLACK COMMUNITY. I’m not sure what Black industry folk have to gain outing somebody. BUT…if its a WEBSITE…(hint hint) then that’s another story.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • DollasTX

    punk shyt

  • DaHomey6Deuce


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  • DOdo


    • heavyboy

      your name dodo.

      • Jared


  • Brindle

    this is dumb… he’s dumb… just dumb…

  • Lamar Star

    Illseed you and your sources are full of sh*t. It’s the Atlanta way to act gay, really ? . No one in Atlanta, or in any other city is just acting gay. They simply are, or their not.

  • GQ

    This site is dying more and more by the day.


  • CarlosT

    This site loses credibility by the day. You’re on your way to being on the same level as media takeout for the most bizarre and made up articles just to get clicks. Unfortunately, I fell for the trap lol.

    As an Atlanta resident, there is no act gay movement going on down here. People either are or they aren’t. There’s a big GBLT community here much like any major metropolitan city. If you said there’s a movement of broke people trying to act like they have money or a certain social status but really don’t have shit, then I would tend to agree.

    • Youngblood Priest

      For real shawty. These fuckers are tripping.

  • So many celebs are riding this gay train just to get noticed, I respect gays, but why should the world know about your sexuality, when all they want is to be treated the same? If you come out of the closet then you are treated differently, which defeats the purpose.

  • Executive

    So niggas act sus just to see if it works in their favor? FOH!!!! Niggas on some botty boy shit.

  • brotha_man

    this mutha fuggah is gay. i dont know one that acts gay becuase its cool. P.s im sure that knuckle head that was riding for him on the last post will be here soon. This dude and his camp are a bunch of faggots

  • brotha_man

    after this week im done with this site. im retiring. hip hop is dead. ahh is dead. peace to all my brothers who traveled east. SMIB. light is always shining

    • RealAngel7

      Beautiful Blessed Up Day brotha_man, Life Beautiful, The Way Of Life Beautiful, Smile My Brother, Keep You Head Up, Hip Hop Is Forever, Hip Hop Will Never Die, Hip Hop Is Forever Alive, Keep It Real With Life and Life Keep It Real With You, Everything Goes Through Changes, I Promise That Hip Hop Will Get Better, All These Circus Clowns Will Not Survive, This Is The Rescue Of The Real, Real Life, You Feel What Is Real, You Do Not Feel Fake. Do Not Just Listen To The Music, Read The Lyrics, Get Your Real Opinion On All Artists. The Reality Of Real Life, You Are Born To Live Life, Never Give Up On Life, Life Will Never Give Up On You, So Live Life Up and Follow Your Dreams In Life, Seeing All Dreams Come True, When We Work For It. God Bless You and God Bless The World, Much Love, Joy and Peace Up To You and The World.

    • You giving up?
      I just got back!


      • brotha_man

        awe shiz thought you left the camp

      • Ninjaz flashed the DOG sign ( Sorta like the Bat / E; Bark jawnts) when word on the SKREETZ was that you were leaving, so i came back to stop ya!

        I’ll be back in a week?

  • AK

    yeah he only sucked a few dicks hes not really gay , gtfo here

  • “he acts gay because its the Atlanta way”

  • rcdcr

    This is clearly a web site of, by and for geniuses.

  • Black Exodus

    I haven’t wrote here in a bit, but this story for all it’s worth is worthless. If this kid is gay and he’s out with it…let it be! In my eyes he’s the first openly gay rapper period. His actions, his pictures, his speech…everything he controls points to him be effeminate. Straight men, just don’t “act” gay. If it’s a marketing ploy…it’s a poorly orchestrated one. Good luck to “Hip Hop” or whatever it’s called now!

    • Immortal

      I’m stuck on how AHH tried to spin this….first saying that “he ACTS gay because that is the Atlanta way”, then “I’m not hater” following that is “other” sites trying to “out” him hint…hint…what is the “hint” you’re talking about TMZ more than likely, MTO or some gossip site. Yet in the same breath you’re doing the exact same thing that you’re claiming you’re not.

  • Jeff Gleason

    Please…. smh…. Now that he’s blowing up he’s trying to switch the story

  • uguessedit

    Yap and the writers on AHH just ACTING DUMB as Fu**K – They really aren’t!!!


    Straight men would never act gay……not for money, fame, or the like….period

    Ni@@a u gay

  • MrNoName2K

    “ACTS gay because that is the Atlanta way”..GTFOH with all that!!! If he wasnt gay, dude would have already been came out to dead that sh*t..

    • choppinggame

      He said he wasn;t gay a few weeks ago

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  • The_Good_Life

    I ain’t gone front. Homie look like he need the bread. Hope it works out for him.

  • SMFH!

  • Jared

    Thats some new shizz to me. Ninjas are acting gay now? Lol, it’s a brave new world

    • Jared

      “It’s the Atlanta way” LMAO

  • Peter Morris

    These homos are trying to make a movement to convert young normal kids into fags. How the f*ck did we get to the point where it’s “cool” to be gay? Now people are “acting” gay to get popular? Even illseed saying if he was a fag he could have made history. GTFOH and stop encouraging men to become females.

  • Young Lou

    Acting gay is not the Atlanta way. That’s a personal choice especially if you’re pretending to be gay. That’s more gay than being gay.

  • fep feliciano

    A straight man acting gay is just a gay man trying to act straight. lol but for real no real self respecting man would ever act like gay is cool or start a movement around it. sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Young Thug is gay an flaming an trying to fool people…. WE DON”T BELIEVE U, U NEED MORE PEOPLE (Jay z voice)

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “The Atlanta way?” Lol. Now THAT is funny. I”d love to hear what TIP, Luda, Jeezy, and people like that think about this.

  • Vinsanity

    So this dudes backing out now…..ha ha get it

  • Eric Cartman

    It’s just a phase. Once chicks start giving up the V dub to average joes. There’ll be less feminine behavior by these tortured souls

  • heavyboy

    So now even the straight nigg@s in Atlanta are gay???? Come on man yall taking this shit too far.

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  • WhiteBlack

    lol funniest shit ive read all day…

  • poloplayboi

    Are you serious bruh!! The Atlanta Way?! Illseed don’t let no real Atown niggas see this shit. You need to take this shit off and ask around a little bit more cause niggas down here in no shape, fashion, or form are trending “gay” unless they really are. That’s a little disrespectful. This nigga just said that’s the thing down here

    • best_believe

      For real. What straight man is gonna be down with pretending to be gay? GTFOH!

      • Nana De Baus

        he is an actor…..maybe?

    • Youngblood Priest

      They deleted my comment. That pissed me off saying it’s the Atlanta way. Dudes got my city twisted.

      • GQ


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  • SMOKE803


  • hoeyuno

    So dudes pretending to be gay to sell records!!?….no skill rappers use to just pretend to be gangsters. now you see why us stuck in the 90’s headz have such a hard time fuccin with yall..?

    • AK

      you looking in the wrong places if you think this fag represents todays hip hop, try the whole TDE, Joey Badass, Flatbush Zombies, Freddie Gibbs , King Chip, King Los, Curren$y… I can name more but i hope that helped lift you under that rock

      • hoeyuno

        Nah I’m not that outta touch..I know this dude is “special”..

      • Killyoself Asap

        You can have that weak ass new shit. Imma stay with Bun,Juicy,Raekwon, Scarface,DPG,8ball mjg,…real muthafuckas who still spittin n droppin hot songs

  • ccwaterbound32

    i wish pimp chad was alive for this because he would’ve had a field day with this article…

    • Boomie Rogers


  • Stalae

    GTFO he’s GAY or Bi just like the rest of them. No real man is gonna act GAY unless he truly is

  • Clayton Bigsby

    illseed got that phone call like:
    “Retract that sh** or you gon’ get f**ked… up!”

    Now he backtracking.

    • Nana De Baus

      lol like ross did to vlad

  • richard_b_hard

    Well he is from HotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttLantuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    The gayest place in the world quite possibly!
    Still can’t fathom why some niggas would rather eat sausage instead of a juicy Georgia peach!
    If this dude is straight and acting gay he might as well be gay.
    No self real respecting nigga acts like a homosexual unless he is really one.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    “Truthy”? Now that’s gay

    • superh8

      “Truthy”? Now that sounds gay.when u moving 2 the Ayyyyyyy?

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  • i_am_LOUD

    Nothing but a bunch of phaggets live in Atlanta. I could never live there.

    • Youngblood Priest

      Don’t come then nigga. All you out of town niggaz. It ain’t us. Its The Foreigners. (PEOPLE NOT FROM THE A)

      • i’mreloaded!


    • i’mreloaded!

      We didn’t have that issue until all these outta towners start movin here. I don’t have nothing against them but don’t put blame on my city like we mass produce gay people or sumthin.

      • superh8

        If ur city wasn’t gay then these fags wouldn’t b rushing 2 live in the Ayyyyyyyyy

      • i_am_LOUD

        I think of Atlanta I think gay. Never wanna live there. Bunch of black faggots

  • Ronlg1

    No sir, there is no “Atlanta way” with dudes pretending to be gay. Either they are or they aren’t. And every dude in Atlanta ain’t gay. You better do more research. That is an insult to every straight man in Atlanta. By the way, no straight man that LIVES in Atlanta is complaining about being in Atlanta. You clown ass niggas can front all you want, but the ratio of women to men here is crazy. Y’all can stay where you are and fight over the same chicks or maybe even lack thereof, while us straight guys in Atlanta enjoy the 20 to 1 ratio of straight WOMEN to men!!! Damn suckas!!!

    • superh8

      Hi ratio yet u still gay

    • i’mreloaded!

      What people fail to realize is that damn near 70-80 % of the population of Atlanta ain’t even from here. While there is a high gay population, a high number of the gay community relocated here from somewhere else. People talk all that Atlanta gay stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend them comin down here screamin dat and I doubt they would. Me personally, I don’t care who is gay as long as they keep it ova there. Too many fine azz women here for all dat.

      • Ain’t no damn 70/80 % ppl not from ATL in ATL. You bugging.The House always wins.It’s more ppl from here than ppl who came here

      • superh8

        High ratio, u still gay

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      rep where your from or rest your head but there is bad bishes everywhere…

  • superh8

    Trinidad james another faggot in the A

    • i’mreloaded!

      He ain’t from Atlanta, he from Florida. He just claim Atlanta. Try again.

      • superh8

        Well, I guess every fag moves 2 the A bc it has a high content of gays which would make it a gay state.

      • i’mreloaded!

        First, Atlanta is not a state it’s a city. Second, you sound ignorant as hell. Third, if you are secure in your sexual preference and not confused such as you are, you wouldn’t be wondering who’s gay and who’s not.

      • superh8

        U gay nigga.stfu &just admit it . It’ll b ezr 4 u 2 come out the closet.u gay.

      • Shalove2

        Atlanta is the Black gay capital of america. Black gay men from all over the country particularly the south have decided to call Atlanta their home. Just cause you live there don’t change the facts.

    • FCE-Auto, Inc.

      hate him or love him, the truth is we have absolutely NO reason to suspect trinidad is gay.

  • i’mreloaded!

    What nigga acts gay to sell records? Guess my albums would be going double cubic zirconium then cuz ain’t no way in the hell……. Ain’t no actin, either you is or you ain’t.

  • Hannibal

    We are not down with that gay shit period

  • SleepyTheGreat

    SMH AT ALLHIPHOP….. Moonwalking

  • majesticking

    Its not where you from its’ where your at, let a man be what a man want to be. Peace!

  • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, or even looks like a duck …..then guess what?! It’s not a dog, it’s a duck.

  • Pierre Carrillo

    This ni99a gay

  • Winko Sosa

    All these Niggas callin Thug Gay Slick Homo as well and used to wear
    they momma heals and lipstick and fetch her purse when they was
    lil!!!!!!!!! none you know this Dude He aint from florida he from jonesboro South projects lil Haiti is in Zone 3 Cleveland ave southwest atlanta my hood….do your homework

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      so your hood calls other dudes “Bae” and say stuff like “me and my love” then show a pic of two dudes?, yall be wearing leopard print mini skirts/shirt that look like a skirt? You and your homie interlock arms like husband/wife and sip leen???? i hope not!!! i dont know if he is gay but that shittttt looks funny…. rep your hood but i hope they are not doing any of this

    • Charter

      Homework complete and the math says “Gay is gay”. Residence has no bearing on that verdict.

    • Jdilla2982 .

      I guess all them nikkas gay then b/c the shit he do dont get no pass bruh

  • don king

    oh, i get it. so u wanna say hes not homosexual, hes just a straight faggot.

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  • trapstar3

    hypermasculine? lol somethin a gay nigga would say

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  • dbfromdc


  • I’m in ATL and I don’t know anything about any free thinking movement.

  • Dave Williams


  • thisthatrandomHaitianGuy


    Yall need Mo People! We dont believe yall! son gay! his music Fuego stilz

    • FCE-Auto, Inc.

      and u hit the key point on the head. young thug is gay and everyone LOVES his music. he is the hottest out right now with the hottest 2 songs (stoner, danny glover). so he is already accepted in the hip hop community. mark my words… he will be coming out of the closet soon. and he will be accepted in the black/hip hop community. once that happens, it’s over for hip hop as we know it AND the black man.

      soon, us heterosexuals will be discriminated against. we will be the outcasts and gay will be the new norm. it is already happening. all of this was prophesied and is surely coming to fruition. think about what happens now to a famous person that blasts gays and homosexuality. ur career is finished UNLESS u recant your words. they like to say gay is the new civil rights. i’ve never heard such fuckery in my 34 years on this planet.


  • dremoney02

    I don’t know about any free thinking movement, but I went to Atlanta for the first time last year. Man oh man I never seen so many homos in my life. It’s like the east coast San Fran. That’s why I laugh when I hear them Atlanta trap rappers talk tuff ha!

    • Myleage

      dont know what area u went but its really not like that

  • Killyoself Asap

    So thats how they really gettin down in atlanta now? Damn, and thats supposed to be the mecca of rap right now? Sheeeeeeiiiiiit.

    • FCE-Auto, Inc.

      it is not by chance that atlanta has THE biggest gay, black population (probably in the world) AND is now the hip hop “mecca.” this has been in the works, i imagine, since they realized how powerful hip hop was/is. hip hop is the foundation of black culture, so they realize if homosexuality is accepted in hip hop then eventually it will be accepted in the black community as a whole, which is EXACTLY what THEY want.

      they want us upside down like they NATURALLY are as the seed of satan; edomites. they want our heads in the ground and our private parts facing up to The Creator in BLASPHEMY… UPSIDE DOWN literally, figuratively, psychologically, emotionally and most important spiritually.

      • FCE-Auto, Inc.

        they are in the process of creating the “new black man.” this past february, which is also black history month, jason collins, a 7 foot tall NBA player came out as gay. then the next week, michael sams, a football player came out. THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE!! think about it… as a 7 foot tall basketball player he represents the “biggest” black man. as a big, strong football player, michael sams represents the “toughest/strongest” black man. the 2 major sports that black men dominate!

        open your eyes ppl, they are trying to change the culture, our beliefs and what’s acceptable right before out very eyes!

  • King Ricky Spanish TheMovie

    motherfucka i’m from atlanta proud detroitier now let me just say we ain’t call another nigga bae, hell you ain’t even call yo main bitch bae its my shawti. i rocked wheat timbs not uggs for bitches! i mean atlanta is full of fags hell gucci mane hoped in the shower wit niggaz off a pill nobody said shit but jeezy. So it’s gay tendencies in some of these rappers hell ma$e got caught wit a tranny in the A on a backstreet! Honestly it’s South, southwest, and eastside. Everywhere else in Atlanta is Fruit City! FreeThinking my ass More like #OpenBootyHoleMovement

  • Chris Floyd

    man thats the ATL movement?..yall can hav. that ish…lol GTFOH….thats some ish u lame bamas down there are on…i got fam in the A …an aint none of them on NO (callin nikkas bae mess)!!!!!! call me bae and see wht happen…lol

  • Let’s not force some made up term on the youth…. nobody’s ever hard of free thinking movement….smh. Be gay and be proud. Jeez!

  • Guest

    No amount of money will make a straight man GAY the consensus among Heterosexual Men is Young is Gay you don’t play like that