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Memphis Bleek Addresses Game Calling Him Wack & Jay Z Illuminati Rumors

(AllHipHop News) Memphis Bleek has been doing a round of interviews lately, and his most recent Q&A was with VladTV. During the sit down, the New York native talks about Game’s previous comments that he is “wack” and the ongoing speculation that his longtime friend Jay Z is a member of the Illuminati.

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While Game did not have any problem naming Memphis Bleek on his list of Top 5 wack rappers, Bleek did not respond in kind. Instead, Bleek reveals he has no issues with Game, but he does clarifies they are not friends.

“If he felt that way about me that’s cool. I ain’t got nothing to say about him. Nothing bad, I wish that man much success,” says Bleek. “I don’t know him to kick dirt on him. Like I said, I’m not in the business of kicking people when they’re down.”

The conversation then turns to the rumors of Jay and Roc-A-Fella being members of the Illuminati.

“We from the projects. Now n***as is devil worshipers because they get rich. That don’t make no sense,” states Bleek. “I never knew if you drink blood and worship the devil you get checks, because if that’s the case why not everybody just f**king do it.”

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Bleek also shares his thoughts that some people believe certain artists become successful from ties to secret societies because they cannot believe someone from poor upbringings can reach those heights. In Bleek’s eyes, Jay Z’s success was predetermined by God.

“Every business there’s one guy God’s hands pick to do it,” says Bleek. “I always say it’s a gift from God when it comes down to Jay.”

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Watch Memphis Bleek’s interview below.

  • Jason Mazur

    “I’m not in the business of kicking people when they down” Side diss lol

    • WeakSauce

      Thought I was the only one that caught that, lol

    • Jayson C Williams

      Glad someone caught that. He’s slick lil jay z

      • Ike smith

        Dude I’m in NYC. Matter of fact I work in Marcy pjs. They barely like jay but no love for bleek if he would have been easy with Nas. Same and jay would had never had to break apart Cause jay z took a loss. See. Sometimes the company you keep does matter. See if jay was a lame brother and didn’t protect bleek Him and dame would still be cool. Hahahha

      • Flea

        you can’t be serious. Malik gets more respect in Marcy than Shawn does. Always has, ask niggas in the yard by 354

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  • Ike smith

    This dude is trash been that. It’s his fault jay got that ass ripped by nas. Jay took up for bleed when bleed started the beef with nasas. Jay looked out for his boy and that shows how jay protected him cause I took up for him and got that ass roasted. So please spare me with anything bleed related. You all still talking bout that song with ti and trick daddy. Nigga please

    • PhilTheGreat

      Deep rooted feelings my brotha…

    • Jayson C Williams

      He had a lot other material pre round here u just not on it. U judge a little but not the total package, but it’s ur opinion. Me I rather have a complete look at things and present facts!

      • superh8

        Ur an ass . that’s my opinion

  • MrNoName2K

    Game crazy in his scalp. Bleek gets down

  • Brindle

    this fool said ” if you drink blood and worship the devil you get checks so why not everybody do it” then turns around and says the same Jay Z that wore the “do as thou wilt” T-shirt was hand picked by God… Rappers are their own 3rd world country when it comes to morality…

    • Weedras

      lol! so the do as thou wilt is now a sign as to you being apart of a society or is just a quote from a man.. lol! there are plenty of things in the world of fashion that can be linked to gothic and occultist individuals.. that don’t make wearing it a uniform of sorts for a society lol!

      • Brindle

        lol… I’m not into that whole illuminati thing or speaking on it (according to the red line under it, I even spelled it wrong)

  • One Nite Stanley

    Bleek is funny, lol

  • I mean, it aint like Game was lying. how many Memphis bleek albums have u bought AND LIKED? I rest my case. but I aint gon lie, “534” was his best album.

    • Super_Hero

      Game will sell the same amount of albums Memphis Bleek would. Not much which is why Game is trying to sign to other artist that are selling. Reality TV isn’t helping his album sells.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Facts are bleek can rap he just not a punch liney rapper. His albums for the most part weren’t put together well, they were thrown together. All the dope tracks were given to jay than beans we he came on. Bleek really wasn’t given a proper platform to succeed vastly in rap. But he was jays man so at least he came out. His first album was dope. That I can’t lie about some of u aren’t old enough to even recall or to lame enough to know how relevant his first album was

    • johnblacksad

      I grew up like a regular cat…

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Memphis put me to sleep listening to his music ha ha

  • David Gonz


    • outlaws was wack as hell too…. they aint been shit without pac

      • David Gonz

        and memp[his can make an album without jay? at least outlaws made more then a few

      • Super_Hero

        And nobody can name a hit.

      • David Gonz

        nobody can name a memphis hit except that shamppoo commercial. at least the laws were soem real niggas this nigga jumpin around in neon.

      • yeah they made a few but the majority of folks cant name one song, one album or one mixtape… outta all the years them niggaz been out all I can know for sure is one of them is named Hussain Fatal. i couldnt name a song if 50 grand was on the line.

    • Super_Hero

      Not too many people know who makes up the Outlaws. You have to say (insert name) of 2 Pac’s Outlaws to know who you talking about. But those same people know what a Memphis Bleek is without saying, of Jay-Z Rocafella. Nuff Said.

      • David Gonz

        pshhhhh. please nigga memphis bleek is a big softee

      • Super_Hero

        softee or wack? I don’t care for Bleek but who the f is Outlaws. Bleek got more money and more success then all them broke dudes put together. f Pac, im tired of people acting like he is a super gangster. Dude became a gangster after Juice. before that he was responsible of carrying Digital Underground equipment. His name was MC NY when his mom got ran out of a NY crack house and moved to a Bmore crack house.

      • David Gonz


      • David Gonz


      • Super_Hero

        I’m laughing at you trying to convince me 2 Pac wasn’t a softee by letting Suge extort him because Puffy wouldn’t bail him out and sign him. lol

      • Super_Hero

        And what does that make of Pac. Dude got ran out of NY then extorted by Suge.

      • David Gonz


      • Super_Hero

        Goat of clowns. Get beat up, run to a new town that had dudes extorting him so he can claim gangbanging. Yet none of his enemies got touched. Pac was a loudmouth punk that would get picked on every city he moved to.

  • don king

    “I never knew if you drink blood and worship the devil you get checks, because if that’s the case WHY NOT EVERYBODY JUST FUKKIN DO IT” n thats exactly why ppl think these guys r devil worshippers, cause they would do shit like this just 4 a $.

    • Brindle

      that’s exactly what I said below… it aint about the illuminati, it aint even about actually signing a contract with a two horned red man… its about these fools got no morals and no code… the pretend they do but it changes with the direction of the wind/money

  • Cloud Air

    bleek you’re not fooling anyone.. we all know you just don’t want to be written out of the will

    i get tired of you artists acting like you don’t know what the illuminati is when NY artists know better than anyone.. every NY artist knows about the illuminati because they sold videos about it on street corners in the 90s.. also you hear NY rappers talking about it in the 90s.. the NY artists seemed to know about it before everyone else

    so when you act like you don’t know, you just look stupid


    stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes

    i guess you’re going to say when jay-z ACCIDENTALLY wore a shirt with Jesus in flames right? i guess you’re going to say he ACCIDENTALLY wore aleister crowley’s “do what thou wilt” quote on his sweatshirt right?


    you aren’t wack because of your corny music.. u are wack because you are a liar

    • Mec-One

      When did you find out about & learn so much of this “illuminati” you speak of?

    • ImaFoolBoy

      Maybe Jay Z wears those shirts and puts those images in his videos and artwork because he knows that idiots like you will take it seriously and type up 12 page reports about him being part of the “illuminati”…when it comes to entertainers all publicity is good publicity and this is partly what makes Jay a marketing genius

      • Killyoself Asap

        Right. These rap clowns believe everything

    • Ryan

      Totally agree. KILLUMINATI BITCHES

  • Cash

    Bleek is one my top ten artist of all time.

    • dayleedumped

      followed by lil twist, bieber, lil zane, and a bunch other corny sounding mutha fuckas

      • brotha_man

        dont forget migos worst rappers on the face of the earth

    • La’shaun Saint Claire


  • Mec-One

    I’m not mad at Bleek …. Dude played his position ….. he got the opportunity to drop 4 albums ….. he’s not out in these streets starving & complaining that he’s owed something … no owing of back taxes, no jail time, & no baby momma drama. I think the dude has done well for a cat that just about everybody counted out the game right from the jump …….

    • I agree, I respect rappers who fall back and stay humble…All these other rappers been beefing for too long.

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  • David Gonz


    NY -1

    • Super_Hero

      lol Bleek blog and you talk Outlaws and 2 Pac. who is the stan.

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  • Killyoself Asap

    Lol you kids are stupid as shit. Jay aint got shit compared to those supposed illuminati families. Why dont you retards do some research on that shit before you talk on it. Thats all you idiots talk bout now..” is jay with them” is “puff with them” “is rozay”? Those clowns aint got shit in the scheme of things.

    • Thank you……My thing is this, if the “Illuminati” is all about wealth, power, respect, and ruling the world. Why is that such a bad thing? Don’t we all want these things?

      • Dope

        Because it’s obviously OK to hate on anyone for having what you don’t have, but wish to have. Jay’s loaded, so it’s OK to hate him, because we want his wife and money.
        Guess that’s the logic behind hating on successful people without any obvious reason.

  • coldPissa

    These brothers think people are stupid

  • water_ur_seeds

    From what I can remember Game’s ‘beef’ with Bleek started from Game being on JT’s ‘Get Low Records’ and Bleek starting a label called ‘Get Low’… Bleek is dope BTW…

    • David Gonz

      forgot about that so hes whack a softee and a byter.

  • garzza85

    game right bleek is wack. and the outlawz are bigger this side of the pond compared to bleek

  • That’s maturity I respect this dude for that.

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  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    I like bleek and Game is my dude but he is bi polar he can’t help himself.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      how long ago was it? Vlad stay on some sucker ish and he will eventualy get f’d up again because of stuff like this… why bring up old news

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