Newark, NJ Takes Stop-And-Frisk Crown From New York City

(AllHipHop News) As New York’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio dismantles the controversial stop and frisk policy in New York, Newark, NJ now has became the centerpiece of the racially biased practice, according to new reports.

The American Civil Liberties Union of NJ has dropped the bomb, claiming that Newark uses stop and frisk over 10 times more often than NYC.

This statistic means about 91 of 1,000 residents are shaken down and checked by authorities based solely on their race. Newark, NJ is about 75% African American.

Of those stopped and frisked, about 25% receive a summons or some other legal notice.

Udi Ofer, ACLU-NJ’s executive director, released a statement that outlined the the civic organization’s stance on the matter.

EXCLUSIVE: NY’s Mayor Bill de Blasio: “A Promise Kept: Ending the Stop-and-Frisk Era”

“Several disturbing patterns have emerged that raise constitutional red flags about the Newark Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices. Specifically, our report raises concerns about the high volume of stops, racial disparities in who is getting stopped and the fact that the vast majority of stops appear to be of innocent people,” said Ofer.

Critics of the report state that Newark’s crime rate is considerably higher than New York, making the comparisons unfair.

Still, the ACLU holds firm that these findings are unjust.

“The U.S. Supreme Court made clear decades ago that under our Constitution, police are permitted to stop people only if they have individualized and reasonable suspicion of a crime,” said ACLU-NJ’s Ari Rosmarin. “When 75% of those stopped in Newark are innocent of any wrongdoing, it raises significant questions about what criteria officers are using when deciding to make a stop.”

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    another non hip hop story ? al sharpton the race pimp in the center of the picture

    • Jayson C Williams

      Listen it’s a hiphop story no matter ur reply to this or what you say. It’s sad that blk ppl are this dumb to believe it’s not a hiphop issue. Bunch of ignorant house niggaz these days. No more fight the powers that be.. Just twerking and nae nae huh bruh? Foh

      • we don’t kno he or she Black. Lotta racists troll this site, look at the avatar.

  • Black Jay

    Man it’s open season on Black and Brown folks for one reason. The Old Caucasian is on the verge of being the minority. Government statistics show that clearly. What you’re starting to see a lot of panic. Arizona was the first state then it slowly but surely moved from South to the North. Them old school cats are freaking out. They don’t like this new type of thinking where the Black, White, Yellow, and Brown try to ignore race and see the goodness in everyone.
    Y’all Old people will yell and scream into the night. But change is coming. No matter what dumb ass laws y’all try to invent. Time is The Great Equalizer.
    To the new all inclusive America, Keep your head up people. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. But just remember. This sh*t won’t last.

    • Isis Papers 4 real. At the root of all racism against non-whites is fear of genetic annihilation

      • I looked up your Isis papers….very interesting. ..who says you can’t learn a little something from these boolshit articles. ..

  • onestrong

    We need this kind of unity in West Memphis AR where black people are getting harass and even killed by these gangters in blue and I’m not talking crips but the police.

  • soyhiphop

    Better you than me! i been stopped and frisk here in nyc countless times lol. just joking shit has got to stop nationwide is us not them weather they frisking a black and latino in newark or stopping a mexican american in arizona to check if he legal or not..meanwhile white criminals are skipping and singing not being stopped not being ask for a green card to see if they are even american..a black man in they white house did next to nothing shit still the same

  • MrNoName2K

    That sh*ts gotta stop..

  • chosenxeno

    Man the body count dropped by 85 last year in Philly. Keep Stopping them and Frisking them. Damn shame it ended in NY. Watch the bodycount skyrocket. I’m black and I don’t care who doesn’t like that I said that.

    • Black Jay

      Somebody should’ve stopped and frisked you before you left that dumb ass comment. Ignorance is a dangerous weapon son.

      • chosenxeno

        I bet the the Bodycount increases by at least 50 in Black Areas in NY. I said what I said because I can’t make excuses anymore and when you are “Living Proof” it’s hard to buy any of the excuses triflin hood niggas make. I was born in the Projects and lived in my Mothers public housing house until I was 22. I also dropped out of High school. Got locked up and I still made it to the this great neighborhood that’s mostly Black where people jog and have toy dogs (lol even the straight ones). How is it that these people made it out with all of these “they are out to get us” conspiracies? Too many lazy niggas don’t want to get off their ass.

        There’s nothing a motivated black can’t achieve in America(Ask me how I know!) . The most people can do is not like you. That’s just one person. I walk out the door every morning knowing that there are people who don’t like me simply because I’m black. That didn’t stop me from making it.

        They laid out the statistics for black on black unsolved murders and murders in general last year in the Papers and that shit was embarrassing.

        We need to start asking questions about our selves instead of being apologist. Questions like:
        What are young black males doing to have people react to them so violently? (even though we know the answer)

        If blacks are being why are there middle class black neighborhoods if blacks are being held back?

        You see the news. You see your family! (I sure as hell see mine!).It’s time to stop pretending we don’t have a problem. I’m sick of us looking for a person to point a finger at. We all know why stop and frisk was born. Murder Rates in Black areas were out of control. Thank god it’s here. I’m so tired of watching the news and praying it’s not black people that did “that”.

        There used to be a saying that went: “Don’t tell a nigga what he can’t do or he will go out of his way to prove you wrong”

        Now you tel a nigga that and hey accept it instead of, trying to become something that matters.

        “I’m a player” “I’m a hustler” “I’m the king of the block” “I’m the Madden King” SMFH

      • Black Jay

        Brother… You’re preaching to the choir when we’re talking about Blacks taking responsibility for their behavior. I will be the first to go after some ignorant sh*t. But the STOP AND FRISK LAW IS WRONG. Why?
        1. It gives the police permission to do racial profiling (and I know you’re not going to tell me that the NYPD ain’t racist).
        2. It is not only in New York but is springing up all over the country.
        3. Trayvon is the biggest reason this shouldn’t be allowed. He was killed over the way he was dressed and unfairly followed. Are you going to say that was cool too?

        If you had said something about PARENTS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR CHILDREN, I could roll with that. Because the true problem starts at home. But you want the government to do parenting? That’s basically what you’re saying with this law.


        Where does it stop? If you don’t like the “I’m a hustler” sh*t or “I’m the Madden King” shit, how about this….. How about TAKING CARE OF YOUR F*CKING KIDS!!! Oh but expecting people to be responsible is asking too much. You’d just rather push it on law enforcement officials and have a million Trayvons in graveyards. Nobody is going to care for Black people but BLACK PEOPLE. Stop expecting the government to do your job.

      • chosenxeno

        “Stand your ground” is bullshit. “Stop and Frisk” is not. Just about every person caught up in Stop and Frisk who was clean looks like someone who was trying to play that role. I haven’t been stopped and frisked. Because I’m a grown man who dresses and acts like a grown man. I’m not one of these overgrown Adolescent types(You know the one. You’re black so I know you know! lol).

        Everything is numbers. We need to get to the point where they can’t justify these things based on numbers. Right now they can say : “X” amount of people were murdered there and this is what we need to do”.

        The only way to stop it is by winning the numbers game. To win the numbers game we need to fix ourselves and cut the BS. We know why all of this stuff is happening.

        I’m glad I ran into you though. You can atleast be onest about our state. Unlike Sharpton and his Ilk. we need more Cosbys and Tommy Sotomayors. People who will be blatantly honest.

      • Black Jay

        Dude…. It’s the same stale ass Oreo in a different wrapper. One is for cops. One is for anyone. Either way the Black dude is getting sh*tted on.

        Parents need to be parents. Do your jobs and leave law enforcement to crimes. It shouldn’t be a crime to be a Black Man that loves hip hop. And that’s what both of these dumb ass laws say. Wake up!

      • chosenxeno

        I’m just looking at the Impact Stop and Frisk Made in 2 of the largest cities in America. Parenting is where it starts but have you seen the parents? They are more like friends these days.

      • Black Jay

        So instead of parenting, you’d rather ATTACK THE CHILD WITH DUMB ASS LAWS??????
        How about strengthening parent laws and education. How about stepping to the parents and snitching on the kid if you see him or her doing some dumb ass sh*t….How about communities being responsible for the child?

        There’s no easy solution. But one thing is clear. Inventing laws to f*ck with kids just because the PARENT didn’t do what they were supposed to isn’t going to help anyone. Attack the source of stupidity. Not the symptom.

      • Concise logical points made in your above posts….

      • Black Jay


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