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Rick Ross Ft. Kanye West & Big Sean “Sanctified”

  • I must have terrible speakers…over at Rapradar people are saying this album, and this song in particular is amazing. I love the intro and its repeated elements, but that’s all about the soul sample. What are they even talking about?

  • Chris


  • Guest

    make great fa-lae-cio and grilled cheese ? – that’ll be a good reality !

  • .Y.O.

    it seems the simple minded people love this guy but if you take away his fancy production big name features and cosigns what do you have just a fraudulent middle aged man from the suburbs acting like a kid taking advantage of young kids by glorifying things they think is cool

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      .Y.O. — you made me delete the joke I typed below – because I agreed – your right

    • coach jenkins

      dope production and big name features that 65% off what you need tho.
      well the dope production part especially.

    • King Dolla

      .Y.O you sound like a hater right now g. You sound like somebody stole ya girl…..Take away the big production and cosigns….fuck outta here….this nigga drops nothing but heat consistantley that’s why he gets co signs….

    • C. Black

      You light weight threw me off with this one cuzzo. Take away the fancy production, big name features and cosigns from ANYBODY, and all you’re gonna have is whoever the nicca is personally, and whoever the general masses thinks he is personally. Who DOESN”T that apply to?

      • C. Black

        Oh damn, I almost forgot to comment on the song. Not really feelin this one.

  • Tyfromthechi

    Song is nice but this is wrong on so many levels they need to stop playing with god

  • Schooly B

    Leaked on viperal dot com

  • Black Jay

    Who produced this? I’m feeling the track but they could’ve done a lot better on them lyrics. Man…. Where’s the dudes with messages to fight for common day folk? There are soooooo many issues these cats could be addressing. They waste this track on rims, b*tches, and bragging? Damn…. I need me some 1990’s Public Enemy or some Mos Def (the Black on Both Sides Mos, not that new n*gga). Damn hip hop! Where’s the soul?

    • Trill Gates

      its they track nigga. let them rap about what they want

    • GQ

      Shut up. Go listen to PE if thats what u want.

      • Black Jay

        Sorry. Didn’t mean to step on your Rick Ross worship. Hahahaha

      • GQ

        I don’t worship no man, especially that fukkboy, but dam tho, if u need some PE or Mos Def, then go listen to it. You know what to expect from these artist, so why complain about it?

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  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I like Ye’s verse. Did Ross talk about a chick making grill cheese. Man, I swear these chicks need a recipe book if they making dudes grilled cheese.

  • Jakne

    Not being a hater…….Rick lp is cool but for a hour and seventeen minutes william told nothing but lies. And everybody know, he’s the biggest liar in the game. I know they’re others rapping the same way(but the media made his visible-I wouldn’t have cared if he was a trash truck guy-once it came out be honest)…….If you can rap I’ll listen-but don’t take another mans life, portray it as your own, and as a fan we know its BS!-I feel he’s saying FK the fans, if they believe it, I’ll keep lying to them for those $10 or $15……., but the weak minds fall into the stories. From listening to rap, “I’ve learned the rap game is a platform to boost their own egos”. Thats why I don’t venture to far out the circle, i’ll rock Jay, Kiss etc…….Cats who you know better you make that purchase, you’re going to get solid bars, food for thought! I can’t be the only person feeling this way.

  • Jeezy West


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