Drake and Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: The End Of Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Is Here?

DAMN. That Karrueche chick was there for Chris Brown when he was all down and out. The cases and the rehab. But her loyalty was all for nought if the rumors are correct. It seems like Chris is back to obsessing over Rihanna. I’m sure the rumors of her and Drake don’t help anything. Needless to say KT was not the one and seems to have bounced on Breezy. Rhymes With Snitch say they have even stopped following each other on all social media outlets. You KNOW that means its a WRAP! But why is Drake messing with RiRi the real deal for the renewed thrist for Rihanna? Sees so.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Guest

    She must have some of that magical pu@@y because these niggas keep going crazy over her.

  • Ryan

    WHo really cares about peoples relationship issues lol there are bigger problems.



    • Immortal


  • Tre C

    But why is Drake messing with RiRi the real deal for the renewed thrist for Rihanna? Sees so.


  • Darlene Anderson

    Well I ain’t gonna lie….I like her better with Chris, Drake is cool but I like Rih and Chris….better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • brotha_man

      so u like a women get the dog sh*t kickd out of her? actually, she is damaged goods, please disregard my first question.

    • Sleep

      Yeah, good call. Have her stay with the dude that whooped her ass. What are youuuu doing?

  • Trill Gates

    Lol so let me get this straight, Chris dumps a chick who is 100% faithful and there for him to be with a chick who dont know what she wants? And she strings along a guy who would clearly treat her like a queen for a man who beat her ass? Dumb kids- I say dumb kids I tell ya.

    • RapItUp

      LMFAOOOO!!!! I should not have found that so funny but I re-read it and saw the name and .. wow!! hahahaha

      • Weedras

        yo! you got me cracking up lol!! I say! I say!

  • Trill Gates

    Maybe Drake and KT should get together and let Chris and Rihanna learn a hard lesson about appreciating what you got in life.

  • Papi Peligro

    Oh no man. They bout to start it again. Allhiphop that is.

  • brotha_man

    that coochie must be fire!!!! …yes i said coochie

    • Kelse

      You funny, LOL!

  • Danny

    LOL Damn Chris Brown is an idiot

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  • Immortal

    Chris has and always been hooked on Rhi. And Tran has been there throughout, but she knew her role. She’s been through this before when it was said those two were back on. And just like Chris is about Rhi, it’s definitely the same the other way around. Drake just wants the one girl he can’t have, and she happens to be it. Might be time to get over it son before you play yourself.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Rihanna must be working on an album. This is what a PR campaign looks like in 2014.

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  • Charter

    Why are Drake’s eye so f*ckin far apart

    • Lmao nigga a new age neanderthal. …

  • I feel like a need a decoder to read this site sometimes.

    • Nasir Isaac

      Somethings don’t even make sense!

  • Dontoure Smith

    …………………. The hell is thrist?

  • $25041764

    im a regular dude and it seems like i would be ducking and getting tired of this chic shes not all that hot am i missing something

    • She might got that fye ya digg…I wouldn’t chase personally but ol well

    • kixxxers

      She may have the Ability to Suck the Skin of a D!ck…

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  • rose maryawn

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  • Ronlg1

    Man, the world might as well get used to it. Chris and Rihana will ALWAYS be a couple in some sort of way. They will continue to date eachother off and on and don’t be surprised if one day she even ends up pregnant by him. They have a “love/hate” relationship. If we stop paying attention, it won’t be news.

  • See all yall missing the tru story of why these cats feen over this chick….The answer has been right in front of yall the whole time. Wit a 4head as big as hers she must give a viciously debilitating exhilarating thoat muscle flex show. IJS. Real sh**

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Illseed you have written this same article 18 times already. I can give you the next couple of them. Rihanna and Chris Brown get back together. Chris does something dirty. They break up. Chris goes back to Pickachu. Rihanna finds somebody else. Chris drops KT. Hey…to each is own.

    • Kelse

      You funny!

  • $30071418

    Niggas ain’t gone stop till they drop a seed in that hoe..then they’ll wish they can get rid of her.

  • Kelse

    Rihanna is sexy and she’s rich, what more could a man want! Wish you Dumb Azzes would stop calling each other Niggas and calling your women Ho’s, then spaz out when a Wte dude calls you a Nigga! This is one stupid Azz generation. Don’t even have a clue as to who you really are as a Black Nation. They don’t come any dumber than this generation!!

    • Willie Stewart II

      No man aspires to get with a rich woman unless he’s just looking to use her. Men are genetically wired to be providers. Not to sound sexist but it’s the reality.

    • kixxxers


    • Super-Khalifah

      It’s a “stupid azz generation” that thinks all a man wants in a woman is for her to be sexy and rich smh. What difference does that make if she has more sexual partners than the average prostitute? Nobody but a sick-minded man wants a used up woman that has been around the block more times then a marathon and parades in public flashing her body and acting loose. I wouldn’t touch that chick if I had metal gloves on lol.

  • NightBlazer

    Real niggas go on XVIDEOS and have 4 tabs of pornos and never make it to the second video..

    • Eric Cartman

      LOL funniest comment I’ve ever seen on the Internet