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Bill O’Reilly: Jay Z and Kanye West Need to “Knock It Off” To Help Black Youth

“Please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back”-Jay Z

(AllHipHop News) In the world according to Bill O’ Riley: Kanye West is a gangsta rapper and rap has destroyed the Black youth. During an conversation with President Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor last night (February 27th), O’Riley took the time to attribute gangsta rap to the fundemental cause of violence amongst the Black youth.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Senior Advisor, spoke on Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative that he unveiled yesterday. While O’Riley commends the initiative aimed to offed young men of color the tools they need to succeed, he stated that Obama will need to get “people like Jay-Z, Kanye West, all these gangsta rappers to knock it off” in order to truly help. Afterwards, O’Riley began attributing the problem to a few general social groups:

It’s the gangsta rappers, it’s the athletes, it’s the tattoo guys. You gotta get them in there to tell these kids you got to stop the destructive behavior, because you’re going to end up in a morgue or a prison.

Check out Bill O’ Reilly’s entire chat with Valerie Jarrett here

  • SleepyTheGreat

    “O Reilly, Oh Really?!?! I’ll Tie You Up”- Nas. Dude got a hard on for rappers. Probably goes home and listens to Pac and snort lines.

  • EniggaMA

    this dude just says sh!t for a reaction

  • Eric Cartman

    You know who cares about the black youth? Bill O’Reilly…. Real talk this guy doesn’t know the first thing about black culture.. Kanye and jigga putting out soft music right now, not killer music

  • MrNoName2K

    Bill O’Riley stay acting like he know what he be talkin about but dont really know SH*T. Talkin about its the “tattoo guys” lol ok Bill..stick to what you know.

  • GQ

    Bill trolling again. If it’s any music that you can blame, it won’t be Jay or Ye’. Keef n nem’ maybe, not Jay. But on the flip side let’s talk about how white kids get influenced by Marilyn Manson to do stupid, satanic shyt. Let’s talk about how people was committing suicide influenced by Black Sabbath. Athletes? Let’s talk about how so many white athletes do steroids or was buying coke by the ki back in the 80s-90s. I know cuz my dad was serving a lot of “Icons” back then. Influence? So many white kids wanna be Walter White nowadays because of influence. I said all this to say..

    Bill, STFU and worry about your own.

    • Savimbi

      You’re way off the mark here bud. not defending him but it’s truth that the black youth idolize these rappers, athlethes, tattoo guys… Jay and Ye were probably the only names his audience would easily recognize but let’s not sit here and act like rappers don’t have a negative influence on the youth, the molly/strip club/ lean culture these are things that were propagated by BLACK ENTERTAINERS and look at the majority of the youth today??? a quick browse through IG and you’ll see lol

      • Weedras

        #TRUTH not to mention Black entertainers are one of the main promoters of negative stereotypes that continue to reinforce the beliefs of many bigots…

      • DJ7

        While there is truth to this, one must ask…who affords these young brothas and sistas the platform to promote such destruction and most importantly, why? We’re all too quick to label ourselves the problem (which is a problem in and of itself) b.u.t. fail to truly examine the root cause and it’s alternatives…

  • Savimbi

    He’s not totally wrong in his argument, right message wrong messenger…but he’s an old fart i’m guessing Jay and Ye were the easier target since they’re more popular. still some truth in there, rappers, athletes etc…they all need to do a better job at empowring the youth…

    • Craig

      They dont care about the youth, it all falls on the parents, the black celebrities are paid for an bend over for the white man an dance every chance they get. U cant look to them, they aint responsible for black peoples problems. white supremacy and black people trusting white people more than their own is the problem. Don’t let the tv raise your kids.

      • Malik


      • RBG4Life

        Very true and I agree, but you know kids(and even some of these adults) go thru that time period where they are strongly influenced by their peers and if their peers are rocking the latest whatever, listening to whomever, that’s saying whatever, sometimes that influence will take precedence over what moms and pops are kicking.

      • Twonpass

        If parent would quit acting like children themselves , and put a foot down as well as in they lil asses, a lot of these problem would start to diminsh….

        But who wants to own up to their responsiblities. ( yes its sarcasm)

      • RBG4Life

        Totally agree. There’s a lot of growing up thats past due to be done. Sh!t is reaching critical mass out here.

  • Black Jay

    Man….. Bill O’ reilly….. Damn! You can’t even put down your racist baton for a few hours to address some real sh*t? Man…..

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      deep down u on Bill’s side u dumb azzzzz!

  • I love sports, gangsta rap, and have tattoos…..clean background too don’t know what o Reilly getn at….know he don’t no sh** bout our sh**.

  • ihatefaggots

    This old cracker make some good points

  • Executive

    Cause we rap about our hardships and upbringing it’s gotta be considered “gangsta rap”??? Gtfoh, a huge percentage of them devils ain’t been thru shit but quick to throw a label on a nigga.

    • Bussmove

      lol so true,everything we do is bad but when whites do it its not bad,we grew up in violent prone community thats what we gonna see and rap about,we did’nt grow up in a fairly tale good life world so its hard to rap about what you don’t see,also movie have a bigger impact

      • Executive

        Yes sir!

    • Twonpass

      stop calling yourself a nigga, take away their power… Man up Brotha….we are men…
      PS I agree with what your saying, just gotta get out of this silly mindset of calling one another what they called us. you are not taking the power out of that word, none of us are.. we are simply making ourselves look even dumber. You do realize , we contribute to the slave mentality, and wonder why we can break free….
      see the irony in that…
      respect My Brotha…

      • Executive

        You right bruh, but when I say nigga I don’t mean it in a hurtful way, I actually don’t even call my close friends nigga. Their my brothers cause we’ve been on the bottom together.

      • Twonpass

        True, yet we have to remove that word from our library. It is not our word. Ya feel me… that is when we will have progess.. We have to stop letting them label us hw they want to..
        remember Kunta Kinte’s name wasnt toby…..

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  • Live Well

    Phuck Billy O and all that but Jay and Kanye are way too big to be rapping about the same old shallow bulls**t.

  • i’mreloaded!

    It ain’t like he lyin. He just said so many stupid things in the past, you wanna overlook the only real thing he said. Don’t like him, but he’s right.

  • Malik

    Economic dependence, the bane of the Black race.

    Everything we do that stagnates our growth as a people stems from our economic dependence on the existing White power/economic structure, everything.

    • Troll_E_G

      Blame MLK for that

  • Brindle

    Kanye is the reason black youth is more feminine than they was in the 90’s…

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    FACT: Kanye West is NOT a gangsta rapper.
    FACT: Mainstream black music IS detrimental to the black community.
    QUESTION: Why is O’Reilly so infatuated with us though?

    • Terrance

      Answer: Who isn’t?

      I know I know… it is ALSO a question.

  • The Arsonist

    Let me enlighten those of you who think Billy is right, first go check the statistics of when the destruction of the black family began, Late 70’s to the biggest cause was the 1986 War on Drugs act that President Reagan enacted, the black males were being removed from family at an alarming rate, to the point that 1 out of every 3 black males will be in the prison system, gangster rap did not fully take over the scene until 1992 well after the spike of black men being tossed in jail, the problem in the black community is the loss of the black father in the home, 50% of black women will be a single parent, 1 out of 2 black women will attempt to raise their children alone, its very easy to blame hip hop but when you look back at when gangsta rap was on the scene starting with N.W.A they didn’t really take off until the early 90’s and they also didn’t have the global reach artists do now, none of the N.W.A records were even in the top of the billboard charts when they were released at that time the music was on cassette tapes and vinyl, it wasn’t easy to spread music around as it was today, I’m from compton so that music was huge in my area and it hadn’t spread everywhere yet. So lets also add this to the mix, White kids love hip hop just as much as black kids do, I just recently went to a Snoop concert the vast majority of the audience was white blacks were by far the minority in the crowd. So why didn’t hip hop and gangsta rap wreck the white community as well? The family structure in the white community is far more stable than the black community, the expectations to succeed in the white community is far more prevalent than in the black community. Gangsta Rap and Hip hop is a symptom of a much larger problem in the black community its the lack of family structure mainly the loss of the black male being in the home raising his sons, the black child is 6 times more likely to go to jail if the father is in jail. Thats a statistic that no one can argue with, Mandatory sentencing and the War on Drugs have thrown so many blacks in jail its ridiculous and often given them twice the sentence that a white male would get for committing the same offense. The vast majority of black and brown men who are in jail are for non violent drug offenses, thats how you destroy a community you take the males out of it and allow the streets to eat their young. This is something no one wants to talk about, if the streets weren’t messed up the gangsta rappers wouldn’t have nothing to rap about, How Stupid would Rick Ross sound constantly rapping about selling dope if no one in the streets was selling dope. Gangsta rap is a symptom, you have to kill the infection first, then the symptoms will end.


      GOOD POST!

    • Brindle

      gangsta rap used to be the symptom… you new negro’s is just intentionally retarded…

      • Jonathan Bacher

        hahahahaha very true

      • Killyoself Asap

        Amen. That young thug n migos is proof of that shit mane

      • Willie Stewart II

        Same symptom, same cause. Take it from a black man who use to want to be gangsta like most other impressionable young black men. I had a father to put his foot up my ass when I got out of line so I turned out alright. No criminal record, raising my son, married to the mother of my child and no problems keeping a roof over our head.

    • 216Brim

      So where was gangster rap at when the mafia took over

    • Twonpass

      Very well put my brotha

    • Willie Stewart II

      Preach man. My father stuck around and I’m stickin around for my son. Break the chain.

  • @corieallen

    Hollywood makes movies that make Jay and Kanye look like church boys. He’s not gone go against Hollywood cause he will be unemployed. But really tho “Gangsta Rap”. Jay and Kanye don’t even talk gangsta $h!t. What’s really on in Billy’s mind? Is he mad because two young rich black men talk $h!t about whats really going on in world politics. That they are socially conscious. Or is it because they call themselves god?

    • Bussmove

      exactly i say this everyday that movies have a bigger impact on people than music,its visual and people want to try things they see it has done alot of damage to our community and they see it as art but do not want to see hip hop as an artform.

      • Truth Powell

        That’s simply not true. Unless the visual is a music video. Tell me a movie from the past two years that had a sweeping negative impact on youth culture.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        And how exactly would you gather proof for such a case in such a short amount of time ?

      • @corieallen

        Jay and Ye have not had a sweeping negative effect. And movies have blatant violence/drugs that far exceed rap lyrics or videos.

      • Willie Stewart II

        Had you broadened the time span to more than just two years than I could easily bring up the likes of scarface, the god father or new jack city which have had a big influence on youth culture. Honestly I haven’t really watched many movies lately but please keep in mind that youth culture didn’t only start going down hill in the past two years. Not saying I disagree with you. Just saying, two years isn’t a lot of time.

    • Or is it cause they call themselves God, while other people pretend to be. How do they pretend? #LawMakers…. you figure it out.

      • @corieallen

        Knowledge of self is supreme. If you have it, you really don’t give a $h!t if people accept you or not. 85s don’t understand it.

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  • Executive

    Why my shit keep going to moderation? I speak truths and they fuckin with me.

    • Willie Stewart II

      Try less profanity.

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  • Troll_E_G

    Bill is an ass but its true…he’s only taunting them because he knows they won’t do anything because the same people that pay him pay them….think about that

  • dee

    young white kids listen to heavy metal and kill kids, they parents,rape they lil sister,shoot up schools, malls, movie theater etc

    • Killyoself Asap

      LOL that shit never happens other than columbine. Look it up. No metal fans do any of that crazy shit

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Pick your poison, left, right, brown, white, yellow, purple.
    Reilly always pointing at black “culture”, thats lame.

  • Haha, Kanye couldn’t be further from gangsta rap than any other rapper.

    Rap is not the problem. Education is. Poverty is.
    If there wouldn’t be so much money in crime
    people simply wouldn’t do it. Period.
    It’s the law which makes drugs, prostitution,
    etc illegal. So kids in poor neighborhoods look
    up to those drug dealers who ride big cars at
    young age.

    Kids know.

    High school is useless. So why go there.
    Private schools are too expensive.
    The only chance to attend college is through
    sports. Oh I’m bad at sports.

    Nobody wants to be on the bottom of society.
    They all wish they can make their moms quit
    her job, get a decent car and a nice home.

    So a shortcut is needed.

    You see other dealers who impress.
    They have cars,
    They have girls,
    They have Money.
    They are respected,
    Police is even afraid.

    So young boy thinks why waste
    time at school and end up at Mc Donalds.
    If you will end at Mc Donalds anywhere, no
    matter you have a GED or not.

    So the fix! Let me get a shot at dealing drugs.
    Anybody things I can quit anytime.
    You start making money. Your money is even
    good, you get caught up into buying luxury
    to impress more kids so they begin selling for
    you. Then all of a sudden you start facing

    Since no skills required for drug dealing.
    Product sells itself. The only skill you need
    to have is being violent. The most violent guy
    seems to take the market. So you get into
    shootouts. Others want a cake of your territory.
    During shootouts it’s always innocent people
    being killed. You increase your territory, then
    police gets you and you do the time.
    The next guy will fill your void. Story repeats.

    The only blame you can make is that people
    don’t value education.

    But how are they gonna value education?

    If they even hear on the news that public schools
    are underfunded.

    They don’t see anybody in their area making
    it further than getting a service job somewhere.
    They see their own parents. Struggling with bills.

    When there is no perspective people are not
    going anywhere. it’s not limited to blacks. Same
    for Native Americans and Latinos.

    you will not pick up a book and become an Einstein.
    There must be an infrastructure laid out.

    Why are most scientists and inventors from Germany?
    Because school there is for free. Now China is on the
    way. Because education is not expensive.

    In USA Education is big business. Either you have
    rich parents or you have the grades for a scholarship.

    People with money just buy their titles. It’s not even
    a clean competition. It’s more like a caste system where
    the rich build their wall around poverty. Make sure nobody
    comes close.

    it’s not even about black and white or whatever.

    Not rich vs. poor.

    It’s the corrupt government which does not serve the people.
    It’s the normal people paying the taxes. Voting their representatives
    to govern things in their best interest.
    Using tax money in the people’s interest.

    There is enough tax money in America that can be spent for education.
    But instead they spend it on the war budget. Spend it on surveillance
    and drones to spy on the own people. Why? Because it brings more
    money to people who invested into the industrial military complex.

    Buying a stealth fighter for the military comes from defense companies
    having a 10000% markup on each purchase by the federal govt.
    They don’t have that chance when they are equipping schools with
    latest technology. And they don’t want that.

    In the late 60s they already had to fight with a too educated population.
    Students who opposed the Vietnam war. People who started questioning
    American politics. They don’t want this to happen anytime again.

    – They want you to be fat.
    – They want you to be lazy.
    – They want you to fight over the peanuts they serve you.
    – They want you to believe there is really a difference between Republicans and Democrats.
    – They entertain you with useless media.
    – And they want to make sure they keep you busy.

    And they keep talking about democracy.
    There is no such thing as a democracy.

    • Twonpass

      Dammit man, spot on………let see who offers empty rhetoric as an excuse.
      I appreciate your comment. shed light on real issues and not sugar coat what they throw in the wind as issues.

    • Troll_E_G

      Just wanna add the very education system that’s under funded was created by Nazis……research if you don’t believe me. …but I think all races in the US need to be segregated …..n have seperate systems that represent each race. Whites cannot control everything tho they want to due to white supremacy……the same tactics used in slavery are still being used today and if the US really wants to help even tho it’s the opposite….the entire law,education, and economic system of amerikkka needs a reboot….whites should only represent white people n not Mexicans, Afrikaans, Chinese etc . ..white police should not patrol black n brown communities , it should be patrolled by people of the same appearance….this will decrease crime n stereotyping because blacks know there Own culture…..that’s my point in a nutshell



    • Willie Stewart II

      It goes a little deeper than just not valuing education but for the most part I agree with you.

  • Jamel Williams

    Yeah but what Bill forgot to mention was the people that don’t want this program to work the people that fear having young people of color in charge because of all the wrong which was done to them over the years by the system to keep them down.. Don’t blame the artist that went against the machine to rise above the ashes blame yourself because you have a platform that doesn’t lift us but tears us down.

  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL kanye n jay are pop music stars.They make records for the radio. They bout as gangsta as mac miller or schoolboy q



  • Killyoself Asap

    Mindless gangsta trappin shit will never die out. Kids just need to know that ALL of these dudes are fakes and actors. Thats the toughest part is makin em realize that. I think the only real gangsta rapper was Spice 1. Nobody can contest that shit

  • $25766220

    Ain’t shit bout the rappers. You look up to the drug dealer gettin money on the street, rappers emulatin niggas on the street. Everything everybody is talking bout is really going on in these hoods wether u like it or not. start there



    • @corieallen

      I agree… Jay and Ye are not in the streets. The dudes in the street are the ones to come at. Bill doest have the right to do it, unless he’s willing to go stand on a corner in Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, North Philly, or Compton. He got all the answers but never stepped foot in the hood. He only knows what he reads about or see on television




    • Bosho

      Well said- I agree 100.

    • Freezamon

      This site is corrupt and is not a legit site ..Im done with this crap…

    • Isaac Hayes

      What truth is he telling Silly Billy is talking out his a$$ as usual. Sorry it is not that simple it is a complex problem that has been going on since Black people arrived here. I heard better arguments by C. Delores Tucker, Stanley Crouch, Dr. William H. Cosby Jr., Jason Whitlock, Rev. Calvin Butts etc. Man go get a late pass and turn the damn caps lock off.

  • deanharris

    O’Riley right or wrong isn’t the issue to me, we can argue that point to I’m white in the face lol. The real issue is Jay and Ye are almost billionaires and they can start using their wealth and influence to establish institutions that willl help stabilize the communities they came from through education and wealth creation.
    Grow the F*** up, you’ll be dead soon!!

  • Willie Stewart II

    Why is Kanye mentioned in the same sentence as gangsta rap? Okay so yeah he made that we don’t care song with a bunch of little kids singing “drug dealin just to get by”, but Kanye is the furthest thing from a drug dealer or a gangsta. I agree that when you have money like that, you could be using it to help the community you came from but I personally don’t know what Jay or Ye are doing with their money. I know Jay did some shit to help people over in africa get water so I’d hope he’s also doin somethin to help people in his own back yard or he’s as much of a hypocrite as our government has been since the beginning of African American culture. Not that it’s his responsibility to do shit for anybody else with this free market system that we have goin on but it’s the morally right thing to do.

    • Yusef Ali

      It’s not that he is a “gangsta rapper”… It’s because of his influence.

  • Brandon Jackson

    Saying rap music causes violent crime is like saying violent video games cause mass shootings. Stupid commentary like this coming from Bill O’Reilly is not suprising in the least.

    • Yusef Ali

      You’re a fool to think that there is no correlations between hip hop and black youth criminal activity…. Either that or your blind..

      • Brandon Jackson

        I am not a fool i just have enough common sense to consider that institutionalized racism along with lack or opportunity and funding for schools in black communities play a huge role. Drake raping about his ex girlfriends does not cause violence. Just like playing pac man does not cause mass shootings.

      • Yusef Ali

        Ok, so you’re blind then.

      • Brandon Jackson

        Nah i just have common sense and a brain.

  • Isaac Hayes

    I can always count on Silly Billy and circus clowns to make me laugh.

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