Da Brat Loses $6 Million In Lawsuit

(AllHipHop News) Da Brat has been commanded to pay $6.4 million to a women she hit with a rum bottle in an Atlanta club owned by Jermaine Dupri.

In 2007, the rapper struck a former cheerleader and waitress, Shayla Stevens, in the head and subsequently served almost three years in jail for the violent crime.

Stevens waged a war in civil court and the judge sided with her.

Da Brat, real name Shawntae Harris, Harris, was ordered to pay Stevens $3.7 million in compensatory damages and also an additional $2.7 million in punitive damages.

Da Brat’s lawyer disagreed with the verdict.

“I’m baffled,” Attorney B.J. Bernstein told the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She owned up to what happened when it happened and was punished.”

Stevens argued that the attack caused her lifelong injuries to her brain.

Da Brat may appeal the decision.

She is presently still on probation as punishment for the attack.

31 Responses to “Da Brat Loses $6 Million In Lawsuit”

  1. cly420lounge

    Honestly, I have to wonder if the person who writes this shit has any command over the English language, at all. Like you outsource the writing to somebody in Bangladesh who’s still tryingto figure it out or some shit.

    This site is a representation of the culture, get it together…

  2. John Q. Public

    She must have a shitty lawyer. 6mil is CRAZY…
    Oscar Grant’s child and gf got like what 2mil… and he fukin was murdered by cops

  3. Dan_Tebasco

    She hasn’t had a hit since 2000 she’d struggle putting up 60 000 no way in hell she can pay that money… Judge must actually believe that all rapper’s really are as rich as alot boast about on records…

    • gellie

      Sure, she could do that. But that’s not gonna safeguard her publishing and royalties. She’ll never see another check, which is more than likely What she’s living on right now.

  4. $11625525

    And it’s incidents like this why entertainers broke friends often take the heat for them, so they can continue making money and the person cannot get these ridiculous payouts.

  5. Black Jay

    Contrary to what people are saying, this is the correct verdict in my opinion. Nothing’s more damaging than a bottle injury and the damage is usually permanent. Scar tissue and all. Add to the fact that the chick’s looks went from cheerleader fly to deformed, it was an easy call.
    Some of these rappers get caught up in their own fantasies of running the world. Fame is a dangerous drug. Da Brat kept it real when she smashed the chick in the head with that bottle. But the judge kept it realer. I’ll bet she thinks next time before being hyped up by her own fake image.

  6. DiscoverDior.com

    Serve her right, during an era when female rappers were copying each other, Remy, Foxy, Kim and the Brat were too busy trying to be hood, while failing to realize the gift that they had…Now they are all washed up, old, fat and ugly…….This says a lot about black rapper chicks, and you all wonder why the industry don’t respect them. #fail

  7. gellie

    It boggles my mind that she let this go to trial. The attack was vicious. The damage is permanent. She pled guilty and spent 3 years in prison. How did she think this was gonna play out?

  8. ILL Will

    Damn man she lost years of her life behind bars and got hit with that big ticket…I guess homegirl really got hurt bad..that’s a high price for a priceless life but cheaper.

  9. Willie Stewart II

    Lifelong injuries to her brain. Man if regular niggas could get away with this kind of shit. 6 million. gimme a break.

  10. Isaac Hayes

    Damn!!!! Hopefully Shayla Stevens will donate to the fight against cancer when she gets the $600.00 after lawyer fees and court fees. She might be dumb enough to think she is getting 6.4 million. Sorry for your injuries but you will be waiting a long time for that bread.

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