T-Pain: My Depression and Lil Wayne Getting Arrested Stopped T-Wayne Album

(AllHipHop News) When Lil Wayne and T-Pain donned their “He Raps..He Sings” T-Wayne shirts on the video of Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” in 2008, it was almost a foregone conclusion that these two would release an album. Over five years, one jail sentence and a bit of miscommunication, T Pain recently revealed what has kept his joint project with Lil Wayne from surfacing.

In an interview with VladTV, T-Pain reveals that not only was him and Wayne set to release a joint album, there were talks of Pain getting signed to Young Money. Pain admits that Wayne being arrested for gun possession and subsequently imprisoned halted their plans, but concedes that he was not in the best condition upon Wayne’s return:

When Wayne got out of jail that’s when all the shit started happening when I was supposed to get on Young Money and all that shit there. So, we would have been in a different situation. But the sh*t kinda came to a halt because it was just like ‘Alright, this too much’…Not only was it just like real confusing, but that’s also when I started really taking a break from this sh*t because I was going crazy and I started drinking. I started really f*ckin drinking too much because I was depressed and I was like ‘F*ck, Wayne in jail.’ It started getting real crazy for me.

Pain’s signing to YMCMB was not only halted due to Wayne’s incarceration but from an apparent miscommunication between Pain’s management and the heads of YMCMB, Brian “Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams. According to Pain, he was informed by his management that the two label heads did not want ot sign the artist due to his drinking problem and the fact he told the truth too much. He approached the two men a year later and addressed the allegations:

Do I really drink too much because you know at some point, no disrespect, and I understand if you take this as disrespect, but Wayne was a little worse than me. Like as far as drinking and drugs and shit like that. Come on guys, really? Do I drink too much and y’all don’t do nothing too much?’ I was just kinda like saying how they felt. And they was basically like ‘Yeah, we didn’t really—we didn’t say that. We didn’t say any of that.’ So I’m like ‘So, what? So, why can’t I sign to Young Money or Cash Money?’ And they was like ‘We don’t like your managers.’ I was like ‘What?’ They was like ‘We don’t fuck with your management.’

Apparently this meeting occurred in 2011, around the time of Wayne’s return and the same year Pain released his first album not on Jive Records with his RCA Records release of Revolver.

Check out the full interview here.

  • Sean Taylor

    What the f*ck does this have to do with anything.

    I swear the rap game is nothing more than cry baby / drama crazed bit*hes!

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    3 YEAR old ass words..


    Future took ya spot smfh
    The dungeon family blunt roller.
    The only fool to use it right was Roger Troutman

    • anemia716

      roger troutman used a vocoder. I never understood why pain would shout him out. they used two different instruments. one was actual hardware and the other, software. to the untrained ear, they sound similar.

      • heavyboy

        Doesn’t matter if they are two different instruments….. they sound close enough to where as people feel compelled to acknowledge the person that did it first… and that’s Roger.

      • anemia716

        And again, that is flawed logic. Pain should be shouting out his engineer, because Troutman again used a completely different instrument and performed those effects via “talkbox” aka vocoder, while Pain’s effects were added….. post take via whatever plugin they used. I think even IK or NI even makes a T-Pain plugin.

        You can even see Troutman using a “talkbox” in “California Love”. Pretty sure T-Pain, only totes a mic. A completely different level of performance, talent and skill is required.
        And Roger wasn’t the first to use a “talkbox”, he just created a signature sound.

        Ask any musician, especially a funk musician or an engineer and they will tell you that being different instruments kind of matters a lot, especially since one artist performed his effects and the other just had an engineer add them during mixdown.

      • brotha_man

        this might just be one of those evolutions in technology moments. was autotune even ready when roger troutman was using a talkbox? if rodger troutman was making music today he would probably opt for autotune.

        same idea. same concept

      • anemia716

        nah, i’d say he would still go for talkbox. haha. that’s a performance add-on that he used often during performances.

        “auto tune” was not readily available, on the consumer end. if im not mistaken

      • Weedras

        the talkbox/Vocoder was different in the sense that Zapp could manipulate his sound during a performance because he literally controlling how his voice comes out via the keyboard, autotune on the other hand is merely a plugin and some software..

      • heavyboy

        Let me try to explain this a little different…… Tpain shouting out Roger is no different than the person who invented the helicopter giving a shout out to the Wright Brothers (whom invented the airplane), because of the similarities. So it doesn’t matter if Tpain used computer software or if he learned to sing from his a$$, they still “SOUND” the same, or at least close enough to acknowledge. So for him to give props to Roger is completely understandable…. now if he were to give a shout out to Louis Armstrong, who played the horn, then someone not understanding would be valid.

      • anemia716

        hahaha gotcha! agreed!

      • Django 2Chainz

        TPain actually says He’s using a different machine, & explained the Difference Between Autotune & a Talkbox…. & I think Pain was a Pretty Good Producer before he fell off, Soooo Im sure he’s somewhat musically talented maby Not Zapp tho

      • anemia716

        oh no most def. ive seen t-pain in the studio. and he does definitely have talent, not trying to discredit that at all. and yea, there could be a few plugins he’s using and you’re right. there is a difference between a vocoder, talkbox and the plugins. “auto tune” is a plugin. and talkbox is hardware. but pain does his thing, not trying to take that away haha


        I did not know that . Knowledge is power.
        It sounded the same ..
        Still pain has ran his course

      • Weedras

        that’s why sometimes if you watched roger he would sometimes have a clear plastic tube at the side of his mouth, you got have knowledge of using a synthesizer to use a vocoder….


        I did notice that

  • Eric Cartman

    If YMCB releases music.. The radio will play that shit 24/7.. Thank god they didn’t sign him or else we’d hear this faggot non-stop

  • Eric Cartman

    On that note.. Upvote this comment if you think this dude is a fruit cake

  • Black Jay

    Common sense time folks….. Okay…. First they didn’t want to sign him because he had a drinking problem. Then they went to some bull sh*t like, “We don’t like your manager.”
    But what they REALLY wanted to say was,
    “Since Weezy went to jail and got out, your star fell. You ain’t hot no more. And seeing as how Wayne has been away for a while, the streets is wanting an album from him. So we don’t want to do a split with you because we feel you would kill his shine.”
    That’s basically what the sh*t was about. If Wayne really wanted an album with dude and they were tight, nothing would’ve stopped it. But Wayne wasn’t feeling dude that much. And I don’t blame him. Cash Money was trying to get maximum value.

    But here’s the ironic part of it. Who would’ve known that Wayne couldn’t put out dope material unless he was sizzurped out of his dome? Nobody knew that the sober effect would kill Wayne’s sh*t. And it was done without TPain’s hinderance.

    But right now Weezy is almost where TPain is. His last two albums were garbage and his heart isn’t in it. They both have fallen off. Mediocrity doesn’t sell records. Maybe a mixtape in 2025.

    • Django 2Chainz

      IDK I Waited for a Long time for the I Cant Feel My Face Album *Shrugs I dont know if Wayne got the Power to say who he can make a Whole Album With

      • Black Jay

        I don’t know…. Maybe back in the day. Now? I doubt it. He’s about to hang it up anyway. His heart isn’t in it any more.

      • Casor_G

        Wayne is garbage but he is still killing the game. Talent doesn’t always win

      • Black Jay

        Wayne ain’t killing the game. No way! But he has the potential to kill it if this next Carter album is dope. He’s stated that this is his last album. Well if the album is wack, it most certainly will be his last album. And that won’t be his choice. But if it’s some dope Carter 2 sh*t he might have some life.

      • Django 2Chainz

        Only Way You Hear Carter 2 Wayne on The Carter 5 is If You invent A Time Machine, & Go Back & Kidnap his Ass Haha….Show him What he’s become

      • Black Jay

        That’s funny….. But it’s kinda true.

      • Immortal

        Bruh wayne doesn’t have the fire that he had back in the day. He became too overexposed and other wrappers caught up to him. The best he could do is a solid album that tries to take you back, but gives him an out if he wanted to retire, or another out if he wanted to come back. But on the whole, he’s not making those long money moves outside of wrap like others are. Yes he has a label, ok but what happens when drake and nikki falls off? I don’t see him as a Jay or 50 where wrap isn’t your only motivation or cash cow. I’m not saying this because I don’t like him, but after “a millie”, there hasn’t been anything from him really, and even with that song, some of the remixes by others were better than his actual song

      • Black Jay

        That’s what I keep telling cats. People throw so much hate at Jay but do you know how much focus and energy it takes to stay viable in hip hop for so long? You’re right. We’re looking at the end of Weezy’s career. Drake and Nicki will leave and Wayne ain’t got the energy to keep it up. Oh well…. He’s worth over $100 Million. He can retire early.

      • RapItUp

        Well Juelz was HOT right when they were talking about doing that tape, Wayne was taking off.. but Wayne got really busy at that time (features, etc.) and Juelz started falling off, and getting lazy (see Dipset side of things) and eventually Juelz needed Wayne for that tape, but Wayne was on to the Carter 3 and beyond. Pop princess mode

      • Django 2Chainz

        “Pop Princess Mode” haha Thats funny…..I Seen Juelz once say The Record Labels stood in the Way Of making that Happen, & Too many people would have to come together & get involved…Which probably would be the Same For a TPain Album…Not that anybody wanna Hear that Now(No disrespect to Pain)

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i guess they were wrong cause up down is a hit

  • hoeyuno

    When the autotune shit ran its course there was no use for t pain..that shit still has me boggled..that was a horrible time for rap music.

    • TruthHurts

      But yet Future is still using it as his whole style and still charting songs and selling tickets for tours… guess you don’t pay attention to the industry much. (*not condoning auto tune just pointing out your lack of knowledge)

      • brotha_man

        who is bumping future? future gets no play in the north. name some of his charting hitting singles…cuz i serious dont know any….enlighten me

      • Immortal

        more like does anyone understand the words that are coming out of his mouth? No rhyme and No reason

      • Im from WA state and I don’t bump it

      • brotha_man

        i used to stay in wash. tacoma hilltop area.

      • I stay in Bremerton

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Nawwww T.Pain just in case you really forgot due to drinking problems… J. Ethered at u at the summer jam when he dropped… Lyrics below! might want to sing along 🙂 fu.kouttahere 🙂 Moment of Silence…

    “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)”

    Only rapper to re-write history without a pen
    No ID on the track let the story begin, begin, begin

    [Verse 1]
    This is anti autotune, death of the ringtone,
    This ain’t for iTunes, this ain’t for sing alongs
    This is Sinatra at the opera, bring a blonde
    Preferably with a fat ass who can sing a song
    Wrong, this ain’t politically correct
    This might offend my political connects
    My raps don’t have melodies
    This should make niggas wanna go and commit felonies
    Get your chain tooken
    I may do it myself, I’m so Brooklyn
    I know we facing a recession
    But the music y’all making going make it the great depression
    All y’all lack aggression
    Put your skirt back down, grow a set man
    Nigga this shit violent
    This is death of autotune, moment of silence


    [Verse 2]
    This ain’t a number one record
    This is practically assault with a deadly weapon
    I made it just for Flex and…
    … Mister Cee, I want niggas to feel threatened
    Stop your bloodclot crying
    The kid, the dog, everybody dying, no lying
    You niggas’ jeans too tight
    You colors too bright, your voice too light
    I might wear black for a year straight
    I might bring back Versace shades
    This ain’t for z100
    Ye told me to kill y’all to keep it 1 hundred
    This is for Hot 97
    This shit’s for Clue, for Khaled, for we the best in
    Nigga this shit violent
    Death of autotune, moment of silence


    [Verse 3]
    This shit need a verse from Jeezy
    I might send this to the mixtape Weezy
    Get somebody from BMF to talk on this
    Give this to a blood, let a crip walk on it
    Fifty thou’ to style on this
    I just don’t need nobody to smile on this
    You niggas singing too much
    Get back to rap you t-paining too much
    I’m a multi-millionaire
    So how is it I’m still the hardest here
    I don’t be in the project hallway talking about how I be in the project all day
    That sound stupid to me
    If you a gangsta this is how you prove it to me
    Nigga just get violent
    This is death of autotune moment of silence

    • BigHomie337

      U really ain’t have to write the whole song dude. We knew what song you were talking bout. I’ll give u a like since sure that’s what u wanted.

    • Casor_G

      This is d-riding in its purest form. clown posted up the entire lyrics of a song

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  • He told this drunk story last year on the Breakfast Club

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ironically tpain has gay management and has expressed in the past how people over look him simply because of it … i wonder if this was one of those situations but very funny if it is seeing that we talking young money LOL

  • Papi Peligro

    So soon we change. So soon we looking for a new love. I don’t think so much of the auto tuned died. Cause FUTURE DRAKE. Still doing it. I just don’t think dude wrote any hits. Those songs dont have no longevity.


    t pain aint got no talent unplug that auto tune and he sound like a big crackhead

    • golder1

      Its crazy how people want to say who doesnt have talents but cant accomplish what that person has. I dont listen to T-Pains music but it takes talent to do what he is doing!

  • wei sheng

    Radio & rec co. Execs dictate what’s hot, why u think they have rotations of the same bs songs for? Keep playing a song with crappy lyrics but a decent hook & banging beat puts the masses in a trance & they begin loving the song. It’s about money!!! It’s a formula. Shout out to real mc’s #e40 #curren$y #talibkweli #jcole #drake #freeway #kdot #schoolboyQ #wutang #redman #absoul #kanye #jayelectronica #………

  • It was a good idea at the time, but that ship as sailed…However this is proof that rappers aren’t making as much money as they claim in theirs songs, because at the time T-pain claim to have had millions from ringtones, I just don’t see how millionaires are still trying to get signed like indie artists with no money.

    • golder1

      TiPain is worth almost 40 millions. No artist wants to foot the bill to promote and market their own music. T-Pain has made millions off ringtones, music written for others, touring, ect.

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