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50 Cent Releases Video Response To Steve Stoute

(AllHipHop News) The tension between 50 Cent and Steve Stoute that began years ago came to a head this weekend when the two met face-to-face at a Knicks game. The latest round of heat between the emcee and the ad exec started up again after Stoute made comments about 50 during a recent interview with Angie Martinez.

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Instead of blasting Stoute in his own interview, 50 has responded by channeling the “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” skits from Chappelle’s Show and incorporating scenes from the movie Juice for his own “When Talking Sh*t Goes Wrong” clip.

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Watch 50 Cent’s “When Talking Sh*t Goes Wrong” video below.

  • Eli Pinilla


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  • Black Jay

    Okay…. When I brought up the Tupac reference some of y’all made your half-baked comments. Now that 50 has brought it up, what do y’all have to say now?

    The last part of the video was pretty funny. I can’t lie.

    But I predicted some level of diss was coming….. Hell, Angie Martinez could see that sh*t. Lol!

    50 keeps digging a hole. Let your skills speak. Why go this route? Man….. 50 is killing his new contract before it even gets started. Damn…..

    • Qudus

      Shut the fvck up! Do something with yo life and stop obsessing about 50, you b1tch-dodging-a$$-pussy

  • Super-Khalifah



    This irrelevant WWE acting fool just needs to stop with this dumb female stuff. This shit is SOOOO LAAAAAME.

  • 50 cent need to go sit down somewhere……This beefing thing is wack, they are stupid rich and still playing these game. #growup

  • Dadon850

    50 has got to understand nobody wants to hear his sh!tty music or see his sh!tty movies. Please go away!!

  • yesanditcounts

    With 50….it’s all beef. He came in the game… with beef. He sold his music… on beef. He is who he is because…. of beef. Now rap is tired of him…….because of all his beefs.

  • Infinite8

    50 is TRASH NOW PERIOD!!! STRAIGHT GARBAGE!!! I don’t even know what 50 needs to do to be decent, good or great anymore!!! Kendrick on his track doesn’t even help him. Don’t know what else to say….. SMH

  • The_Councilman

    This is the only way 50 can get attention and views of his videos. What needs to happen, and most artists have already done so, is ignore the name 50 Cent when brought into a conversation. Positive or negative, if you as much say his name, he’s going to say something back to turn the attention on him. And his actions prove everyone right about him. He doesn’t make quality music, he steadily stays in the kitchen cooking up beef. Shouldn’t have gave this nigga money.

    • Hector G

      no likes on your comment…why? cause you are a hating joke

      • The_Councilman

        Hector G is the true definition of an OxyMORON. How can you call people out on hate, when all of your comments are that of hate?

  • orlando jackson

    its sad dude, 50 is irelevant now, beef is dead people aint got time for that, the click you get on that video doesnt mean they will go watch your new show on starz or buy your album… your career is over this is why they let you go from interscope…. where is your album… the last song you drop was garbage, you boxing is down… cheetah vision aint releasing shit cmon bro

    • Hector G

      your comment has no likes so that makes YOU irrelevant and you cant spell irrelevant either dumb a$$

  • Chris

    At least 50 didn’t make another one of those Pimpin’ Curly videos. SMH.

  • Hector G

    everybody in here is too dumb to notice that every time you count someone out, they come back and win in hip-hop and make you look stupid. cmon people stuff like this has happened before in many other kinds of music and 50 cent is past the point where he is going to go quietly….just keep hating someone that has sold like 50 mill when popular artists nowadays struggle to sell 200k…smh

  • Hector G

    the moderators of this thread are little goof’s. you are biased cowards who afraid of letting people freely write whatever they want, so you moderate everything to your liking. I wont be back again. keep deleting the comments to your liking tools, you’re scared, i get it

  • Eli Pinilla

    Damn, came back on here and all I see is hate. 50 ain’t make this video. It was a fan and he re-posted it. And so f*ckin what if he did?!?!? That man came outta nowhere talkin shit for no reason. Wasn’t asked about 50 or nothin, just threw his name out there. And not just on this interview but on the breakfast club too. These 2 been had personal issues. Steve stout dropped 50 after he got shot. Tried to advise 50 NOT to sign with Eminem and somethings as well with the sneaker deal. If 50 woulda listened to Steve stout he prolly be dead right now. Why u think 50 dissed him on the g-unit cd?!?!? Yall act like Steve stouts some major mogul figure who loves hiphop and shit. He makes money fa sho. But he’s had his problems with nas, puff and a few others cuz of his snake – ish ways. Nas talked about that sh*t on “last real ngga alive”. Stout waited till 50 was on his dick and lost the backing from interscope to finally say something but NEVER once mentioned 50 for the past 11 or so years he was doin his thing…..

  • Lisa Diamond

    Steve Stoute was thinking ”Oh shit I’m gonna get FCUKED UP now lol. Steve Stoute look like he wanted to cry lol. .bac to
    Sponla . c0m

  • Brindle

    I never knew the day when hiphop we be anti-aggression… everyone haten on 50 for steppen to dude for talking ish, shows how they deal with things in their life… ya’ll some punks, talking brave on the net but when you see a small dose of reality you wanna get all MLK… Black history month is over, its March… Pick up your most violent rap album and start making the peace loving, ish talking people act right with your own hands….

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I use to think 50 was a real dude. He is starting to look like a bully. Big difference. I remember a video when he met up with Young Chop and he got all tough with Chop about answering his calls. Chop just looked at him. Then he was like, I’m just playing. He is on the playground making a bunch of noise. When he ran into real dudes like Joe and Lox, he squashed it. Other dudes who would ignore him, he would just keep on picking. Now little portly Steve Stoute dont want it with him and he knows it. Meanwhile, he acts all non threatening and docile around white hollywood. GTFOH

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      ” Meanwhile, he acts all non threatening and docile around white hollywood. GTFOH”

      been saying this for years. all 50 do is attack black people. that was his purpose.
      a 50 fan (im guessing) said why would he diss EM when EM is his boss (for lack of a better word) but my response was then why diss dre since dre is EM boss…… to this day i have not gotten a response. he dissed vivca fox and oprah but what he say about chelsea handler? funny how people dont pick up on that

      • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug

        “a 50 fan (im guessing) said why would he diss EM when EM is his boss
        (for lack of a better word) but my response was then why diss dre since
        dre is EM boss…… to this day i have not gotten a response. he
        dissed vivca fox and oprah but what he say about chelsea handler?
        funny how people dont pick up on that”

        ^^^^^^ Co-sign

    • TheOnlyCoop

      I saw that video and you could tell 50 was playing from the beginning. I’m with Stoute on 50, but he did kind of got of his way on the Breakfast club interview to go at 50.

      • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

        Truth on the consequences of his actions. He knows how 50 is and should have kept his mouth closed.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Seeing the way he said it twice, once when he wasn’t even asked I think Stoute knew what was coming.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Desperation is the emotional state of despair in which a person
    feels a situation to be hopeless and without satisfactory options. Decisions
    made in desperation may be more rash, impulsive, and inappropriate than those
    made in a rational frame of mind

    • Brindle

      who are you calling desperate, Steve or 50?

      • Brooklyn Stoop


      • Brindle

        desperation is a last second emotional state of despair… 50 always been aggressive on cats… I’m glad to see he hasn’t changed like the rest of them..

      • E McArthur

        50 can stop working tomorrow and can still live in a mansion…if that is desperate…i wanna be there!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so you want to stop working to live in a mansion……….. okay guy

      • Brindle

        that’s not what he said

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        what did he say then

  • Brindle

    also, ya’ll with cool aide pumpen veins keep acting like aggression is a cover up for some kind of insecurity, you the same ones that say somebody homophobic if they aint down with the gay movement… quit being scared of people who are naturally more aggressive than you… get some testosterone, and then join the convo…

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      you know when steve stoute said “aggressive content” he was quoting 50 right. no one is anti “aggression” or anti “aggressive music”, these are terms 50 used and was excuses 50 used when talking bout his music. just like when his album drop and dont do #s………….the people that bring that up is bringing that up because 50 made that important, so what u see isnt hate, its just putting a mirror to 50 and his BS. he a fan of 48 laws of power right? well then he shoulda followed the rules instead of claiming to follow it

      • Brindle

        I’m talking about Stoute and the whole way hiphop is turning (bunch of pretend drug dealers “turning up” in the club… I’m the one using the word “aggression”… and to me they where valid reasons for the change in music and content, you call them excuses cause you got an issue with 50… I don’t know either one of them, just calling it and today environment for what it is, SOFT, and getting SOFTER, POP and getting even more pop…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        you aint use the word aggression, that is a word 50 uses ALL the time when he is making excuses about his music. read his articles the last time he was poppin…………….actually read any article during the anticipated release of B4 i self destruct. all his articles he talked about his “aggressive content” which is why steve stoute said that. but lets be real, 50 killed the street rap genre. if you listen to trinidad james comment and when he said NY rappers sound like southerns………….50 was the king of that
        instead of him doing records with other street rappers he killed them and tried to go pop with that ayp tech song………… 50 is the one that started getting softer and softer and tried to go pop so many times in his career it aint even funny. so i guess 50 gonna follow his old blueprint and start picking fights so he can get hot again……………..the thing is, this time it aint gonna work

      • Brindle

        lol… I breed Old Family Red Nose Pit bulls… “aggression” is part of my every day language…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        but what im saying is it was 50’s everyday language and thats why steve stoute said in the interview now 50 can drop his “aggressive” content………. its cause thats something 50 been saying and making excuses to why he havent drop music yet. what you say is what you say…………….but i was just pointing out that this is what 50 been saying for over 5year

  • from these comments i can see how some of you operate. if someone is having a conversation and they bring your name up for no reason at all and then starts to make all type of comments about you is it wrong to approach that person? i dont think it is. he probably thought he was never going to see him again in life. maybe thats why puff when upside his head wit that champagne bottle. some of you may be too young to remember that. now if 50 seen him and didnt address it you all would be here saying hes a coward or bitch.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      so you still believe in the character called “fiddy”………..

      • I just no facts bruh. I have big homies in southside. i knew about him before the deal. plain and simple. if you dont like someone and you say something about them be prepared for whatever may happen point black period. regardless. he probably thought he’d never see him again lol nyc is small.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if he (stoute) thought that then thats dumb. but when i remember 50 at his height i see suge of the 90s
        and where i see 50 going now is the same way of suge in the 2000s

        both served a purpose for the same person (jimmy iovine) and both gonna suffer the same fate

      • personally i doubt that because you gotta think. 50 became as big as an artist as dre and em. he was making as much as them after they got their cut. jimmy is the new jerry heller. 50 makes street music. they want him to make more pop. this deal is best for him. as far as the stoute thing i see you have brooklyn in ya name so i’m assuming you are from brooklyn. you mean to tell me if someone talking shit about you and you two are not cool you gonna see him and not approach him? because that is the real focal point of this article.

      • Dadon850

        Stop that bs dude, 50 been went pop. He sh!tty, his music sh!tty and even his movies are sh!tty.

      • you mad bro? you sound like he didnt sign your gunit wife beater or something lol

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        had a meeting to attend yesterday. but to answer your question………i’ll have to answer it like this. when i was young, yes i was quick to want to confront someone over words. but the old heads i was around as i grew into a man showed me something different…………. so nah, words is words and action is another topic. now hear me out, if 50 was actually doing something (not rebuilding his brand like he doing now) of substance then them words wont mean nothing, but since 50 is starting from the bottom he dont need any slander so i get why he approached him………..but lets not make it like 50 approached him on “power” level he approached him cause them words can hurt what he’s trying to rebuild.
        people diss jay all day every day and you dont see jay stepping to people, why? *sarcasm* cause he pu$$y and scared the illuminati might kick him out………….yeah ok, or is it that he have way more important things to do then allow gossip to take him off his square.

      • I think it’s really because he doesn’t like him also. Jay is a different type of dude. 50 is more of a street dude like the type of dude you have beef with in the street you know its on sight. Jay you’re more like idk if he gon say something or not. 2 different animals. I do see your point. Lots of politics in those interscope offices. i’d like to see what he does now. banks can release another album. nobody is asking for a yayo album even tho his album was pretty good for his standards.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        and dont get it twisted. im pro black so im not for the tearing down of a black man/women just for the sake of tearing them down, HOWEVER, 50 kicks people when they down and talk issue about his peers when he thought he was “mr interscope” so all this “karma” thats biting him is just deserved. if 50 can make a come back then great and everything i said is pretty much BS, but if he cant then i see the whole confronting stoute as just another 50 cent ploy to generate buzz for his “agressive content”, like the kanye vs 50 (and wasnt that album when 50 tried the pop lane), 50 vs NY (pretty much). 50 is like a one trick pony

      • Yea he was black balled then he did the black balling then the company did it to him, but if he was just making rap money he would’ve been screwed. i read a xxl article about 10 years ago when he first dropped. he said i think after 3 albums folks will get tired of me, but its cool i’ll be rich and doing other things by then lol. how true was that though?

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        if that was said then thats true. but i always say that 50 and em have the same career. only difference is the race. em is a one trick pony too. 50 after a while seem like he was just following a formula after awhile. start a beef, diss a rapper, drop some music (repeat)

      • yea em does songs with the type of artists he used to poke fun at all the time. he’s on tour with rihanna now like wtf. i honestly think 50 cxan make this thing pop. i think a lot of artists who have a big name will try to go on the type of independent route he’s doing. this isn’t a koch deal either. i’ve ben a 50 fan since the power of the dollar days. i like quote on quote “aggressive” music. gives me a pep in my step lol. i also listen to kid cudi, the big seans, freddie gibbs and jeezy type ish too.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        but who killed “aggressive music”? thats 50. the lox, fat joe, dip set, wayne, rick ross, and whoever im leaving out was people he was posed to be working with….(TI) but jimmy put that battery in his back and he killed the main people that was making street rap. so what im interested to see is how 50 can come back AND who he end up working with. 50 problem IMO is he is way to transparent so even if he genuine its still gonna look like a gimmick cause of the bar HE set. but time will tell whos right, steve or curtis……….

      • true indeed. he did try to bring ny together with his ny sbow with a few ny artists like the lox, corey gunz, maino, jim and juelz so yea we will see.

    • WeakSauce

      I feels you. I’m ChiCity. If you know someone talking stuff, when you see em. You will address is, If not you the one looking like a sukka!

    • E McArthur

      in the business world people are checking people everyday…you don’t get to be successful by keeping your mouth shut all the time..

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  • SouthStack Frost

    I agree with Stoute’s comments on 50’s music the last few years.. but I also think 50 was right for checkin that nigga wen he saw him… Stoute tried to embarrass him on radio(even though its mostly true) and 50 took it personal(reasonable and justified response) the only thing I don’t agree with was that Stoute felt he could just speak his mind when he really isn’t able to defend his position against someone who isn’t afraid of confrontation.. especially confrontation against a small fish..

  • The truth hurts, why can’t some rappers take constructive feedback?
    Steve gave some constructive feedback and it was up to 50 to prove him wrong
    by doing something dope musically.

    I think 50 knows he cant step up to the challenge and make a banging album.

  • He doesn’t beef with ANY white people, why is 50 cent ALWAYS attacking his own kind? Black people can’t never act accordingly.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      i wont say black people cant never act accordingly but 50 never beefing with white people but always attacking blacks is spot on

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        what white people should he be beefing with?

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