Lil Wayne Owes IRS Over $12 Million In Unpaid Taxes

(AllHipHop News) Sometimes the richest people seem the poorest. Today (March 3rd), a tax lien has been imposed on Lil Wayne to the tune of over $12 million in unpaid taxes.

TMZ reportedly obtained the tax lien which states that Lil Wayne failed to pay taxes for the years of 2011 and 2012. Lil Wayne reportedly owes $5,843,952 in unpaid taxes for 2011 and $6,311,132 for 2012. Lil Wayne made the Top 5 of Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash King list in both of those years with earnings of $15 million in 2011 and $27 million in 2012.

Lil Wayne recently owed $7 million in back taxes for 2008-2009 and paid that amount in 2012.

Lil Wayne has a history of delayed payments as he and his record label Young Money has been sued by producers over unpaid royalties. In 2012 alone, Wayne paid settlements to “Lollipop” producer Deezle and “Love Me or Hate Me” producer David Kirkwood.

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  • Brindle

    bling bling child star/pretend drug dealer/pretend blood/black Justin Bieber, bling bling…

    • Brindle

      I must admit I was haten on the boy, I don’t wish death or the IRS on no man… but this cat gets on my nerves,lol

      • Black Jay

        And that’s some real sh*t you just said right there. The feds be on some crook sh*t. I don’t wish the IRS on nobody.
        But Weezy is worth over $100 Million. Just cut the f*cking check.

    • Eric Cartman

      Haha clever

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Got money and you know it (IRS voice)

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  • Stay Phokus

    it’s ok they will sell all the cars they gave to young money to pay for it
    play boi ahhh-awwwwww brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *rubs hands together*

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  • This dude isn’t broke, he could pay it if he wanted to.

    I suspect its either he has a shitty accountant managing his business affairs or he just reinvested the IRS money to get a higher return. Some peeps take that kind of risk and even with the IRS interest and penalties they still make a huge return.

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  • Yeah he might not be broke, but it’s stories like these that kills rappers careers, because it’s hard to listen to a rapper rapping about what he has and what we don’t have, when at the end of the day they obviously don’t have it that well to pay their bills in a timely manner. I really hate rap music, rappers are fake, they are worth 10 million but lie about being worth 100 million—Just stop lying and speak the truth

    • You’ve got to realise that a lot of rappers are not savvy business men.
      Even though some hire accountants, they still believe in trying to get away with NOT paying for stuff for as long as they can.

  • R.E Dykes

    this lil nicca on siome b.s,you worth over$100mill

  • R.E Dykes

    he will do a deal with sprite or some skate board group and with the help of birdman pay this off or just go in his own pocket and do it lil wayne worth over$145 mill they say rt?

  • World Dominator

    Don’t Believe The HYPE! If he HAD IT, he’d pay it – the IRS adds HUGE PENALTIES of millions on top of taxes owed! Weezy’s gettin’ PIMPED & KISSED by his BABY with NO VASELINE! These DUMB MONEY crooks SO JANKY, you noticed they didn’t say they ‘paid royalties’, but ‘paid settlements’, so you gotta SUE these JERKS & spend all that LAWYER MONEY just to get paid from the most sheisty dudes in music biz! No wonder GAME didn’t fall for that SUCKER contract, f*ck that! Rather than just pay the fair royalties to JUVENILE, MANNIE FRESH, BG & all – they on some F*CKBOY BULLSH*T!

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