Lord Jamar Speaks On The Difference Between Macklemore & Eminem

(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar has been very vocal about his opinions of white rappers. The Brand Nubian emcee has previously had a war of words with Yelawolf, and he has been an outspoken critic of Macklemore.

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Jamar speaks on Macklemore even further during another interview with VladTV. This time he addresses the Seattle performer’s 4 wins at this year’s Grammy Awards. According to Jamar, Mack didn’t deserve to take home the trophies that night.

“How the f**k are you going to circumvent the creators of the genre? I don’t know any black people that have Macklemore’s album. Not a one,” said Jamar. “What I know to be a true Hip Hop fan, or a Hip Hop enthusiast, or where Hip Hop truly comes from – nobody has a Macklemore album.”

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“We’re in a climate now where we have the Macklemores and the f**king Pu**ywolf and all these other motherf**kers, who black people have never heard of. Never heard one song. At least we heard Enimem songs before,” He continues. “They making money. And it’s no longer saying, ‘We have to come through the channels of real Hip Hop to be accepted.’ They’re like, ‘F**k y’all motherf**kers. I got all these white ass fans. I don’t need y’all black motherf**kers.'”

While Jamar takes artists like Macklemore and Yelawolf to task for what he feels is ignoring the black Hip Hop fanbase, he gives props to Eminem and his role in the culture.

“Eminem is a different kind of story. He came up worshiping black emcees. He was the first one that white people were able to look up to and worship,” explains Jamar. “But you gotta look at the altar he originally worshiped at. It was the altar of the black emcee. He did the study.”

Jamar adds, “putting in that time to do the knowledge to the history that you’re coming to. Eminem is one of those dudes. That’s why I can respect him.”

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview below.

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81 Responses to “Lord Jamar Speaks On The Difference Between Macklemore & Eminem”

  1. Black Jay

    Okay….. I can think of one Black Person that owns a Macklemore album. How about this for a wake up call….TALIB KWELI!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, TALIB KWELI WAS ON TOUR WITH MACKLEMORE.

    Did anybody catch that Talib Kweli interview on MSNBC this weekend? The discussion was completely about The Grammys and race. It was some dope sh*t. Check it out.

    As far as this dude…. He’s entitled to his opinion. You can’t take that away from him. But on that level…. so is the KKK. And motherf*ck them dudes!

    The problem that I have with him is the same problem that NORE had with him. His mind is stuck in the 1980’s. He hasn’t grown. He hasn’t matured. He doesn’t realize that 75% of the people you see at hip hop concerts are White. Yeah, I said it. White People! How you gonna sh*t on the people that love and support your music? Black People love and support hip hop too. But we don’t have the numbers in this country. There are more Whites. That is a fact. So we can’t consume on the level that they do.

    I love my Black People. But sometimes we are out of touch with reality. Even here on this website. If you look at any news story on any day (I’ll let you choose) you will see some of the most ignorant, racist, violent, homophobic sh*t in the world. Yet we complain when no one supports our music. We’re pissed when a Talib Kweli or a Common don’t get the respect translated to album sales. Our minds get trapped in a certain level of ignorance and we fail to realize the world is changing. Hip Hop no longer means “Black”. Hip Hop now means “World”.

    I blast that Brand Nubian like a motherf*cka! But as a person? This dude has some serious issues. And unfortunately it’s views like his that are killing hip hop.

    • Truth Powell

      Lord Jamar came up in the epicenter of the 5% nation/knowledge of self culture by geography and era. You gotta understand that shit is ingrained in him.

      • Black Jay

        Understood. But how old is he? He’s not a child. He’s a 40 plus year old man.


        Me or you could never understand the love for hip hop this man have. Everybody have a little racisim, and I listen to all his interviews and he didn’t say , he hate all white rappers, those question are the ones valid keep asking him. So you should be Piss with Valid TV. He’s the instigator. Just be thankful he been leaving Star as off on the interviews.LOL.

      • Black Jay

        Bruh you know we down most of the time but come on…. You saw the video with him and Starr? Come on….. What is positive in that. Please look at that video and tell me. You giving him a pass on that sh*t? Nah…. Not me. He’s more cohesive in this video. No doubt. But that’s not what he’s normally been pushing and you know it.


        OK, but I miss that one with Benzino! I didn’t disagree with your views. I just stating what i get from his interviews. I guess I’m stuck in the mid 80 & 90’s too. It was hard for those brothers, and Now you can jump out the box and go platium. We know you can only go gold from the hood, so if you’re platium, (This include all the so call pop rappers) is it racist for him to be kind of salty, Knowing nothing about the culture. eminem grew up learning the culture. Hip hop started in the hood. I’m sorry if that racist. Once you cross over, you leave the hood, the hood leaves you. Even tho you’re popular, make alot of money, famous or whatever, it’s not hip hop no more. It’s Urban Music!! Intergration hurts blacks school, and you think it’s not gonna hurt hip hop. I glad to see young black men succeed. But you’re only famous until next hit, If you’re that lucky. Hip hop was Ours, Why we got to share, why we need to be accepted. Not all WP, but that the way i see it. That the vibe i get from Lord Jamar. . JMO!!!


        You can’t pay Star no attention. He be on that volka, & snow, and just be saying stuff for shock value. I listen to his talk show sometimes (when i can stomach Him) and he’s no stupid man. He’s just an entertainer. Lord Jamar don’t care for Yellawolf. But I don’t cosign no racial overtones or threats of bodily harm period. Just hate how people diss him , or call him old and bitter. I thought you had the right to agree to disagree.

      • Shalove2

        What the fuch does that mean, “he’s old now”? Do you believe that only children should be 5%? Are you saying that knowledge of self is for children. adults should not be ‘poor righteous teachers’. Is there an expiration date of truth or one’s beliefs.

      • Black Jay

        Thank you for asking me and not assuming. Not too many people on this site do that.

        No. It doesn’t mean your beliefs change as you get older. You believe whatever you want to believe. Age isn’t a factor in beliefs.

        But age is a factor in BEHAVIOR. And these videos and statements that he’s made aren’t productive, helpful to him or to the listener, and is straight up wrong in some cases.

        Now I’m speaking from his TOTAL OUTPUT OF THESE VIDEOS. I’m not speaking from just this one. But even on this one he’s borderline racist because just because he doesn’t know of a black person that purchased Macklemore’s album doesn’t mean that someone didn’t do it. Talib Kweli did. And that alone makes his statement f*cked up.

    • Elayorx El

      Ok, Mr. Jay, what’s good? Now, I usually don’t respond to you on here, because you usually seem to be embroiled in quite a bit of controversy, so I falls back, but on this one right here? Nah, I had to say something. So, Lord J being “stuck” in the 80’s has got to be a misinterpretation, if I’ve ever seen one, because it’s this so-called “maturity” that is clearly killing our culture. Why are whites not trying to take over any other cultural group, that this country is also filled with? Why does it always seem to be “us” that they want to emulate, yet be away from at the very same time? How are we disrespecting those that , “love and support” our music, by trying to protect our traditions, and core values? That is no different from what any other culture would do. We, not consuming on the level of whites in this country, is only part of the story, because we make up the majority here in the, “Americas”, and technically, we are the majority, but why does this fact not affect other cultures who are also, “outnumbered” here in America? One word: Slavery!(to the degree that it was carried out) Which is another whole ball of wax, as you already know, I’m sure, and something that has not even been dealt with properly here in America for obvious reasons, but that is the “Catch-22”, because that would explain most of our ills here, and none of this would even be an issue, now. Why are the news stories you speak of the way they are about us here? Out of all the good we do in this country, and not to mention WORLDWIDE, why is the focus only about what you do see daily on the news regarding us? Common, and Kweli don’t get the respect because of what was illustrated above. We all know this though, and that is something that has been going on for a while. The world may be changing, but certainly not for the better, especially regarding true Hip-Hop culture. Hip-Hop has always been about the World, but the only problem was it wasn’t about the world through, “WHITE AMERICA”. I’m inclined to think it’s views like Lord J’s that are actually enlightening, and saving our culture, because like a TRUE man, he is doing what he is supposed to. Calling it like it is, and not worrying about how someone, or thing is gonna feel about it. That is what it looks like when you’ve almost totally purged the lies that have made up our systems since childhood, and get some TRUE knowledge about ourselves, like most cultures across this planet. The answer is plain and clear: extract the spirit, and true nature out of the thing; fill it back up, with a bunch of BS, and now you have the ability to pretty much do what you want with that thing, like; conduct inhumane experiments, treat us like deer out in the range, and get off for it, commit wholesale genocide on us, and our way of life, under the pretext of some woman claiming she was raped by one of us. The “Crack Era” operation that was carried out in our communities across the country, creating the commodities needed for the “Prison Industrial Complex”, that just so happened to be on the rise, right around the same time. Emulating our style of artistic culture, to the point of taking it over, and eventually steering later young, and impressionable minds to believe we had nothing to do with it, ETC. I could go on, and on. Who else does this happen to in such a way, in this country? Let’s also not forget about the “Indians”(term used just for this writing), that were also heavily comprised of many “Blacks”, which is something else they continue to cloud, and smokescreen, again, for obvious reasons. Now, I ain’t tryin to compete with you, or go back, and forth on no ratchetness, or nothing like that, but I just felt compelled to put some different perspective out there, not to mention you have the avatar of one of my favorite characters of all-time, which if you remember, was dropped from the show, for no real “sane” reason, and shortly after that, we started having problems with fathers for real, in our own communities, in droves! Sure makes one wonder man, I swear. Anyway, my bad on the length, but this is one of our most pertinent issues, relative to our overall health as a culture, and community. One L…..

      • Black Jay

        @elayorxel:disqus ….. What up…. It’s good to see you doing your thing and putting forth intelligent opinions. That’s dope. Keep it up.

        About the “controversy” you see….. That can be attributed to “Fandom” and people getting emotional about whatever artist they love. You’ll see a lot of negativity shot at me but I usually don’t respond because I have a strategy. I’d prefer to let them display their ignorance than to even open my mouth and lower my own self worth. I respond to intelligent people. Stupid people don’t need my help. Lol!

        In reference to Lord Jamar and his views…. I don’t know if you’ve only seen this recent video he put out but he has quite a string of racist comments. When I say “racist” I don’t mean he is PRO BLACK. There’s nothing wrong with that. But when you generalize and label a whole group of people as having one particular agenda against another, that is wrong. You have to deal with the guilty parties and individuals that share their views. I’m not about to condemn an innocent white kid based off of some sh*t that George Bush did. That’s racist.
        In reference to The Black Experience…. My brother, you’re preaching to the choir. Slavery has and is continuing to have a negative affect on our people. That cannot be denied. And to ignore that fact is to be a blind idiot. And I’m not recommending that for anyone.
        But when you say, “These Types of Stories” you have to put some of the responsibility on us. For instance, this magazine and website, all hip hop, is a Black owned enterprise. It isn’t white. And so who should we be blaming for producing this story and stories like it? There’s no doubt that some of the white media is highly anti-black. BUT SO IS SOME OF THE BLACK MEDIA (BET has done more to hurt Black People than any other TV programming and it was created by a Black Man).
        Now as I said, I can’t really knock Lord Jamar for his opinions. He’s a man and they belong to him. But I absolutely refuse to hurt anyone that doesn’t deserve it. And attacking everyone with blanket statements is wrong.
        You know what? I appreciate your statement and I appreciate you stepping in and asserting your opinion. Everyone should. But i have a question for you. When you see some of your people doing ignorant sh*t or you see an ignorant act, how often do you step in? Honestly. Because part of our problem as Black people is the fact that we don’t police our own communities. You yourself even admitted on this very site that you see ignorance and you “fall back” to avoid confrontation. Now think if everyone had that thought and took that kind of action…. No wonder the world is kinda f*cked up.

        I attack racism whenever I see it. Without a doubt I am a fighter for my people. But I am not going to get my Adolf Hitler on and diss a whole race because I don’t like somebody. I am not one of those people that will put everything on the White people. It’s not on them all of the time. Some of the time it’s on us Black People. A lot! Nobody told Nicki Minaj to do what she did against Malcolm X. In fact, nobody told her to show her ass to sell records. Nobody told Rick Ross to say stupid sh*t against Trayvon. Some sh*t we do to ourselves.

        I have an even bigger problem with Lord Jamar because he’s trying to use hip hop as a weapon. Like he owns that sh*t and anybody that looks different than him shouldn’t do it. F*ck that. White People have been involved in this art even during it’s early stages. To diss someone because of their skin color is actually ANTI-HIP HOP. Hip Hop has always been about fighting injustices, not creating them.

        Don’t be confused. Lord Jamar isn’t saying this sh*t because he’s defending hip hop. He’s saying this sh*t because he has a problem with certain individuals and White people in general. Address the people you have a problem with. But don’t attack innocents.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is this. Whether you’re from New York or Sao Paulo Brazil. Hip Hop was created by Black People. No doubt. But it now belongs to the world. Taking shots at innocent people and trying to gain sympathizers due to the common thread of shared musical tastes is f*cked up. Lord Jamar is a racist. And in my world, he doesn’t exist. The thing you need to ask yourself is…. In the world of hip hop with it’s many hues and colors…. Do you give him a voice to hurt innocents? Because if you do, you may as well give the same to Bill O’Reilly and every other racist on the planet. They’re in the same boat.

      • Elayorx El

        Ok, well, if you took some things I stated out of context, it’s cool, because I really do think that is behind most peoples’ differences in opinions. Semantics aside, I didn’t think it necessary to have to “specifically” state exactly which “whites” I, or Lord J may be referring to, because that is obvious. Energy need not be wasted in constantly having to differentiate between the two. Lord J has explained his position numerous times, so I’m not understanding how you think he is condemning ALL whites. I figured you may say something in regards to the points I was using to support my position, which is why I said, “as you already know, I’m sure”, and other similar statements toward you. It is ok to continue to learn no matter where you are, and what you may be doing in life. If we know anything, it’s that we do not know much at all, which brings me to the next point. **You saying me avoiding confrontation, and you saying you attack racism every time you see it, are two different things. Me “falling back”, relative to the shenanigans I’ve seen you attached to on here, has nothing to do with getting involved in one’s community. For the most part, it was CLEAR that you yourself shouldn’t be entertaining it. I’m not sure how you’re correlating the two.(that was in response to the question you asked me)**(not to mention I have witnessed others “step in”, on this site, to no avail) My involvement in my community would be too much to get into here, not to mention it is going off topic. Back to Lord J; my first response illustrates why he has taken the position that he has, and he should not be castrated for this, although I’m not a fan totally of his wording, his overall premise is a valid one. Since you’re aware of the history, then surely you’re aware that a people as broken as ours, need some sort of separation in order to effectively solve our own issues, at least to some degree. Saying Hip-Hop belongs to the world confounds the issue, because at I stated, it always has. Now, I told you I wasn’t trying to be controversial, and you still found a way to take a stab. If you want to point to anything that is the real problem in our “communities”, it is the injected, pure bred venom we seem to love to hurl at one another, even if one may come in peace. That is something in the sub-psyche, that cannot be dealt with until the individual comes to terms with this. “Black” people have to be told the unadulterated truth about themselves, and their positions here before they can properly find real solutions, and you will not accomplish this, engaging in the lifestyle that brought you the problem in the first place. Pardon self if you took something out of context, and felt the need to go there.

      • Black Jay

        Huh?????????????? Bruh…. Come on…… A stab at you or controversy? Maybe my comment about you staying out of beef could be taken like that. I acknowledge it could be taken as a slight. But it wasn’t intended to be that. If you took it like that, I apologize. But it wasn’t intentionally going at you. I have no problem going directly at cats I have issues with. This isn’t one of those instances. As for the rest of my comments? I don’t know where you could’ve gotten that. All of my comments were clearly aimed at Lord Jamar. If you took it on some personal sh*t, it wasn’t the intention. I debate. I don’t make sh*t personal. We differ on opinions. That’s it.

      • Elayorx El

        Nah, I feel you, but the part where you stated my “falling back” had something to do with one not getting involved in their communities, and how that mind state is kinda why the world is F’d up. My bad if you meant something else, but that’s how I interpreted it. No doubt, we differ on opinions.

      • Black Jay

        Oh nah….. It was a comment on people not taking a stand in their communities. It wasn’t at you personally. I’ve been guilty of the same things sometimes. You see something and you keep out of it cause you feel like it ain’t your biz. But the point I was making was imagine if the whole world did that every time someone said some racist sh*t or did some mad dirt (which is pretty much true right now). No wonder the world is f*cked up. And we all contribute to that because of not acknowledging and trying to stop an act. We’re all guilty of it. Me too. So it wasn’t a diss per say as it was a general state-of-the-union comment on our Black Community.

      • Elayorx El

        Ok, that’s wassup, and is a beautiful segway to this question: Given the history in this country, relative to our folks, and others who have stood up, that got involved, intervened, etc, could you totally blame those guilty of the downright apathy, when it comes to matters of our circumstance, especially when you factor in the desensitization, and propaganda techniques that the media engage us in daily? Another question: Do we even really have control over our own selves anymore?

      • Black Jay

        That’s a dope question. And complex as f*ck. Lol! Let me answer it this way….

        Yes and no.

        Yes: As a father am I responsible for what i teach my child? Absolutely. If I don’t seek out knowledge and try to gain facts to feed myself and my family, I’m not doing my job as a father and a husband. I don’t accept excuses from my sons and I shouldn’t prop myself up with those same excuses for my inability to deal in a changing society.

        No: The Black Man can never be truly blamed for any feeling that comes from slavery and oppression. The feelings of mistrust, anger, sadness, and fear are valid and every Black Person that has felt the results of slavery has a right to have those feelings. So just as I have given Fatherhood as a reason that I can’t accept this result, I have to be mature enough to realize that AS A RESULT OF SLAVERY, not every Black person is going to HAVE AN INTACT FAMILY. Slavery and discrimination straight killed the Black Family on a lot of levels.

        At the end of the day, I don’t blame Lord Jamar for his feelings. Feelings are just that. Feelings. But when you are in an influential position, people listen to your message. You can either “Keep it real” as some would put it, or you can recognize that leadership role and set a good example. I believe a person that does this very well is Talib Kweli.

        But that question is deep. For me it’s a combination of yes and no. That’s the best I can answer it.

      • Elayorx El

        Affirmative, and I feel you on this one. As a father also, to piggyback your example, I would love for my children to listen to both, Talib, and Lord J. I believe they compliment each other well.

      • Black Jay

        Also… You need to check that video that Lord Jamar did with Starr…. It was straight racist. And that’s mostly what I was speaking to. His TOTAL OUTBURSTS. Not just this interview. Look at that video and tell me you cosign it.

      • Elayorx El

        I’m trying to find it, but am unable. If you could produce the link, I’d appreciate that.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u need a life Uncle TOM ASS NICCA!


        You beat me too it. I Co-sign your comment 100%. Hip hop is dead. Records sales don’t make you a dope MC. He’s talking about the culture it’s self, and in a sense he might be outdated in today’s world of Hip pop. I’m a Brand Nubian fan, love his comments, but they just put out pieces of it to keep you coming back. Plus this came out last week, this post is old.

      • Elayorx El

        No doubt, Theodore. Totally agree. One for all!

  2. Truth Powell

    Lord Jamar needs to get out more. I’m in the south and Yelawolf has black fans down here.
    Now Macklemore yeah….the only people of color that seem to like him are his industry peers.


    Lord Jamar needs to get with the times. This shit is borderline bigotry. And also, Em was the first rap act to get the attention of white fans? What about Beastie Boys?? SMH

    • Shalove2

      Bigotry? Really? People appreciated the Beasties because they did their thing not not the Hip Hop thing. They started out as a novelty act and became musical artist. Macklemore is a Pop act, plain and simple. He is not HipHop.

  4. Tell-it-like-it-is

    i don’t get it whys he doing a promotional tour? does he have an album coming out? i hate when ppl do these bullshit radio interviews and have nothing to promote but hate. why does he give shit what those dudes are doing that shit don’t effect him at all no matter what way u look at it. just a waste of time and breath and straight up hatred

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      Vlad calls him and Star in, gives them a couple drinks and lets them talk sh*t because he know they will say something controversial that will drive traffic to his site and he can monetize.

    • scullyson

      Then don’t read what he has to say. Simple as that. Why waste your energy on something your tired of ? Smh…defies logic buddy. Think about it.

      • John Q. Public

        I didn’t. but I did put my comment in the comment section… just my opinion on all the Lord Jamar articles this site be postin

    • IG:@Trilluxx ▲

      Me as well. Why can’t we look at everyone as people and not “oh wait, he’s white” or “oh yeah, he’s black”.

  5. Areray

    While it may be some truth to what Lord Jamar is saying I think his message gets lost in the midst of his anger and bitterness, I don’t think it’s so much what he it’s saying, but rather the time in which it is being delivered..

    I just put out a banger entirely produced by Cooarri
    Who produced Uncle Murder’s “Warning” track
    Before he had to sue Tuneheadz for trying to rip
    Him off and take credit for producing it

    Google search “Areray”

  6. EQ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    but seriously what hiphop head is jamming a macklemore album? its the best right? according to the grammys right? no ones talking about how good that album is..lol just goes to show you that the grammys aint sh!t especially when it comes to hiphop….

    • IG:@Trilluxx ▲

      Well I have Macklemore music. I have almost all of his albums. And he’s great. He’s not the best, but he’s great.

      • EQ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        that dudes last album was friendlier than a box of puppies,pop all up in that album,in my opinion that album was in the wrong category..that sh!t was not great to me,it was a friendly positive album,but not great in a hiphop category.

  7. Brooklyn Stoop

    tanning of america should show you whats going on.
    rick rubin calling the relationship between blacks and jews a “natural” alliance is proof that we will always be a underclass to non blacks until we learn to appreciate our self as a race and a people.

  8. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mackelmore could care less what this bitter nicca thinks! I Aint even a fan of mackelmore but this dude just comes off as bitter deep down inside. Im just keeping it real.

    • IG:@Trilluxx ▲

      Honestly if we can just see everyone as people and not worry about skin color or ethnicity then we’d all get along. I say have Jamar look at Macklemore’s skill and rapping, not that he’s white…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        true I agree

  9. 4real 4real

    What Lord Jamar is saying is WHERE IN THE MIST OF A TAKE OVER! It happen when the BLACK artist ruled ROCK & ROLL, along came ELVIS and the game changed. Look around people all the top selling artist are white…in hip-hop? How is that possible, there is a change coming it started when it left the EAST coast to the SOUTH! But it’s not stopping there so don’t smile to long you gonna miss it. It’s still moving, out of the GHETTO period straight to the all white suburbs. Young black kids are called and treated like thugs yet the white kids making the same music are called artist with talent. Have you notice every person that seems to be coming out of the closet now just so happens to be BLACK??? This is more than just a change in the times ( as a lot of you young people think ) give it another 5 years the ratio between the BLACK & WHITE rapper will haved flipped to a 80% to 20% in favor of the WHITE rapper.

    • IG:@Trilluxx ▲

      Why don’t we all just see people as people and not worry about the color of someone’s skin. Yeah it may seem like music is getting a “take over” but so what? White rapper this, white rapper that. That’s all you hear. Why can’t we just look at artist for their actual skills and not mention anything about color. Example: Lord Jamar can just say hey I don’t like what he raps about or I don’t like the way he raps and THAT’S IT. Nothing else, no mentioning ohh he’s Caucasian or whatever. The world would be a nicer place

  10. cricejr

    I get what dude is sayin 100%. But the problem is that this “whitification” of hip-hop started a long time ago. And I aint talkin about the Beastie Boys or 3rd Bass, who were dope. Im talkin about Marky Mark, Vanilla Ice type cats. They sold more than any dope MC when they came out. Eminem kicked that door open so now anyone can slide through & circumvent hip-hop junkies and wack black MCs, of which there are PLENTY, just help that cause.

    • IG:@Trilluxx ▲

      He’s just mad that a white artist won again a black one and it sucks. Yes Kendrick Lamar is amazing, but Macklemore is too. His songs are great like “Same Love” “Wings” “10 Thousand Hours” and they’re all great inspirational songs. So of course he deserved to win ya know?. Ughh it pisses me off when people put down on Macklemore so much.

      • cricejr

        Deserve? Come on man, you know what this is… The Slim Shady LP beat The Roots’ “Things Fall Apart”. As far as im concerned, that was hip-hop blasphamy. Which album was more “inspirational”? This is the perfect example of what really matters…

  11. NightBlazer

    Eminem is the only white nigga that black people can really relate too. He rapped about real shit, his father left, his mother failed as a mother, dude is more real than people give him credit too. Although MMLP2 wasn’t a classic, Eminem has cemented himself in the TOP 10 MCs list.

  12. Isaac Hayes

    Damn I’m late to the party I love this subject props to Lord Jamar for keeping it thoro. Hip Hop is Black Music period respect to Eminem just cannot stand his POP fans. Respect to all others not Black that are true to Hip Hop. But with that said I still not with that Hippie sh!t LOL!!

  13. Arrie Mental Woodard

    how come he wasnt stopping Grand Puba from wearing all that Tommy hilfiger, he is a white designer…. he should have been pushing karl kani on his ass

  14. chasin money not hoes

    I wholeheartly agree wit my boy jamar hip hop isn’t jus a lifestyle it’s LIFE period and I feel white boys should pay respect to that..point blank bc even tho u makin all this money ..respect back from tha hip hop community won’t come from tha real hip hop heads like lord jamar or any OG of tha game straight like dat.

  15. Pirate7X


    + Makclemore did say what Lord Jamar is saying on “White Privilege” years ago but folks are upset with LJ speaking out boldly.

    + Grammys are voted by many uninformed members who are supporting based on color so they may get them but still may not deserve them.

    + Grammys are not a true measure of Rap Music skills so worrying about who wins them is near moot.

    + There is a clear objective in pushing white artists to the top and forefront in rap and pop culture.

    + It is the fault of us the older generation (40+, rap’s second generation of fans and first born into the record era) for letting a great amount of the newer Hip Hop enthusiasts run rampant with the rubbish we here now.

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