Witnesses In Jimmy Henchman Murder Trial Testify He Ordered Violent Acts Against G-Unit & Chris Lighty

(AllHipHop News) Three former associates of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond testified against their former boss during his current murder trial. As witnesses for the prosecution, Khalil Abdullah, Brian McCleod, and Mohammed Stewart told the jury that Henchman ordered them to engage in violent acts against 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew.

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Henchman and 50’s G-Unit had a long running feud that allegedly included family members being assaulted, gun shoot outs, and cars being burned. According to prosecutors the end result was a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by Henchman that left G-Unit associate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher dead.

Abdullah claims that after violent incidents involving Rosemond, his son, and G-Unit’s Tony Yayo, he hired gunmen to shoot at Yayo’s Bentley. The former member of the Rosemond drug organization also testified Henchman admitted to hiring hitmen to kill Fletcher.

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McCleod testified Henchman offered him $30,000 to ambush Fletcher. He also said Henchman wanted to kill Fletcher himself before being convinced to let someone else do it. McCleod stated he got Fletcher to go to the Bronx for the strike by promising money and women, then he and trigger man Derrick Grant received a kilo of cocaine as payment from Henchman.

Stewart’s testimony included admitting he shot at Chris Lighty’s Violator Records offices, slashing Lighty’s brother with a razor, shooting at G-Unit road manager Baja Walters’ Staten Island home, and stalking 50, Yayo, and Lighty hoping to kill them. He claims he did all these acts on Henchman’s behalf.

Rosemond’s lawer, Bruce J. Maffeo, pointed out that all three witnesses were testifying with the hopes of receiving reduced sentences for murder and drug convictions. Maffeo also expressed in court that Rosemond was in Miami at the time of Fletcher’s murder, and Henchman never specifically said he wanted him dead.

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  • Live Well

    50 is a little too real for this hipster generation. They like pretend tough guys.

    • Savimbi

      A little???? he’s way too real, last of his breed! Come to think of it, seems like this whole henchman trial is the end of a certain period, knowing how active he was in the tupac, biggie era, on to the entire G-Unit, Murder Inc, Violators etc…

      • Live Well

        No doubt.

      • Brindle

        you got a point, it is the end of a period… let the fronten & bluffen begin… all rappers load up your blanks and gun sound effects for the studio…

      • Like Pac was the end of the row & Cali eras?

      • Savimbi

        somewhat but what i really meant was an era when, for a lack of better words, gangstas ran/controlled the music industry before the hipsters invasion…lol

      • No doubt, indeed!

    • EL_BARK

      Lol u sound like a stan if u think 50 a tuff guy.

      • Live Well

        50 is a tough guy bruh. No Stan here, just respect for a cat who’s moms was killed, gets hit 9 times, and then becomes a regular on the Forbes list. What’s your definition of tough buddy?

      • De Hova

        50 caught raw deals. He is a victim. Unfortunately some go through these things, some have it worse. He’s a survivor and that makes him tough in a sense. No need for him to have constantly re tell the stories of his victimization. I understand he’s happy to have survived but at one point it was seeming like he was wearing his bullet wounds as an accomplishment. The youth are impressionable and will aspire to the strangest of things. The Forbes list-now that’s a huge accomplishment!

      • Live Well

        I agree. Like most emcees, he was telling his story but even he has said that he doesn’t want to be known as the guy who got shot 9 times. Still and all, you gotta be tough as nails to persevere through what he went through.

      • EL_BARK

        I think u mean he mentally tough?
        Not a tough guy… And that not true he over exaggerated his beef with preme and greatly embellish his story…. I not saying he a punk…

        But he has the image of being a bully but in the grand scheme of things. He just your typical average hood niggah….

        His story is no differernt from most coming up in the hood…..

      • Live Well

        I mean mentally and physically but yes, more mentally. Aside from that, his story is far from the average hood niggas story. Maybe the average street niggas story, but not some everyday nigga runnin around the hood. Last time I checked, you gotta be pretty tough to get on the dance floor with the wolves. Exaggerated his beef with Preme? Did you really just say that? LOL

      • EL_BARK

        Yes i did say that?

        Get on the dance floor wit wolves???? Lol no he didnt get on the dance floor wit wolves and when he attempted to ? How did things turn out for him…..

        He diss lil kim and got shot @
        Never did nothing.

        He beef wit jimmy and
        Look what happen

        And yes he did exaggerate his beef wit preme.

        It takes TWO to dance… If the other side is not dancing u dancing by urself?

        Preme was never in a beef with 50, they not the same caliber?
        I would bet my last buck preme would never degrade himeself or his rep by even entertaining the fact they had a beef. 50 drama is always one sided and it usually him being a victim. That not beef. If u constantly getting checked and thise who checked u go unchecked, that not beef. U are being taught a lesson.

        He got out of line with murder inc and somebody check him,
        Same with jimmy….. He got out of line and he and his crew got checked for it.

        He never went toe -to toe with none of them dudes.

      • Live Well

        You must be a blood relative of Irv Gotti or something. You goin way too hard with this crusade to discredit the man. I ain’t never heard of nobody (who was actually there) say 50 was a punk, not even his enemies. Not Slim, not Bimmy, not Smurf, not Fredro, not nobody. Only Murder Inc niggas try to slander his background and I think it’s pretty clear why they would want to do that.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol irv & ja are soft & morons. I just calling it how i see it…
        I never said he was a punk… I stated above that he wasnt a punk.
        Look up ^^^^.

        I simply saying he is not this feared tougher then nail street cats as he try to demonstrate at various time in his career. U are the one who said he dance with wolves… Implying he was some dude who is to be feared or as if he was some boss on the streets.

        He an industry bully, he doesnt put no fear into cats that were active in the streets and who are known forgetting busy..

        I would called jimmy a tough guy, not 50
        We he gets out of line with streets dudes they check him and i just going off of facts not bang em smurf opinion…..

        Ur preception of a tough guy and being a atreets dude are a little off.
        He a street dude, yes
        He not what most would called a tough guy in the manner in which u were applying

      • Live Well

        He’s tougher than most, and smarter too. Now that he’s filthy rich, he’s only as tough as he has to be. What we both should agree on is that he ain’t scared of nobody. Look at the cats you named that he bumped heads with: Damian Hardy, Jimmy Henchman, and Kenneth McGriff. All those cats are killers doing a million years in prison right now. For somebody that isn’t tough, he sure ain’t afraid of the toughest.

      • EL_BARK

        I would say that . I think he didnt fully u derstand the ramification of his actions….
        Ie example he thought preme was soft or an has been, and he got dealt with..

        He not dumb, he only beef with jimmy & damion cause again he though that him talking shet, about kim and his beef with game wouldnt lead to nothing and at that point he had crazy money which made him feel brave or invinsible….

        He didnt bang with damian.
        He diss kim abd got dumped on…..

        His beef with jimmy wasnt major until
        They violated and lay hands on jimmy son and we know how that turn out .
        And once jimmy reacted u HEARD nothing out of him again…..

        Be stupid and testing cats dont mean u tough.
        Those dudes u name in my opinion are solid dangerous guys, that only a fool would attempt to pull their cards…..

        50 got confortable and got to hogh off his power and money once he got on.
        That shet might fly in music but it dont hold a grain of salt to the cats that really put in work.

        You jeporadize ur man family safety & his homie lost his life.
        If that ur ideal of a tough guy cause he wasnt afriad to back down, or test them, or what have u ok.
        But no one from jimmy camp including jimmy lost they life.
        Jimmy can still see his kids, lodie mac kids and family cant.

        Now u tell me who won? and if being tough was worth it.
        Guys like jimmy & preme accepted the fact a long time Ago they was in for life.
        So them getting years dont make a differernce to them….

        I bet a niggah wont dare lay hands on his family again though.

      • Live Well

        You’re kinda splitting hairs, bruh.

      • EL_BARK

        People parents dies everyday B i dont think losing a parent autmatically equates to being tough??

        Getting shot 9 times, well that make him a victim, and its was because the hitman was sloppy….

        As for being on the forbes list, so is bill gates? Does that mean bil
        Is tough???

        Now i can give u reason as to why he isnt really as tough as he demonstrates.

        He got hit up 9 times.
        He got shot @ in new jersey
        Violator office got shot up because of him
        Ur right hand man got his mommma house shot up and his car shot up
        And ur man who slap jimmy son was killed.

        Normally people who are tough guys dont have these things happening to them?

      • Live Well

        What makes him tough, or anyone for that matter, is the the fact that he overcame that kind of adversity.

  • cly420lounge

    When a corrupt empire collapses, the spectacle is a grand one….

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  • Brindle

    is this about the same 50 that all these hipsters’s is claiming ran up on Stout for a publicity stunt?? This must be a different 50 according to the comments I read previously, cause according to ya’ll this 50 just beefs for record sales… REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, and listen to real music, stop supporten them frauds with your comments, ears, money, convo and thoughts…

  • GQ

    Something tells me Lighty didn’t commit suicide.

    • Casor_G

      He offed himself. Get out of here with that JFK Mumbo jumbo

      • GQ

        Who asked you? I think its more to the story, if you don’t then wateva.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Henchman is sinking quicker than the Titanic… 50 is the the iceberg haha

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Henchmen should be in jail for life raped weekly… Feck that guy for real… Chris Lighty killed himself possibly it had to do with some of that crap, I hate that fecker Hencmen you azzhole!

  • Jayson C Williams

    When the facts come out ppl always seem to take sides. They want their sentences reduced. But all this sh!t is between 50 & henchman.. So y let everyone else around u get hurt and never intervene? Like at some point man up. Get ya strap n u tell ya enemy meet me here shoot the fair 1, or just shoot. Stop bringing everyone else in and involved because u puccy! U scared to lose ya life, pride, a fight or ya freedom, these clowns. But they’ sooo gangsta.

  • Truth


    All his crew does is take lost,from gunshots to stabbing etc……… Jimmy is the real deal and Steve didn’t back down from 50 cent pussies.If he so gangster why didn’t he swing or do something else? All he does is lie about the work he puts in at least puffy took some bottles to that nigga stout head.

    • hoeyuno

      when fif blew up even the dudes who he was beefing wouldn’t question fifs gangster.. and why would fif punch dude front row at a ball game where there’s a 100% chance your gonna get charged. thats not gangster that’s just stupid!!

      • Truth

        I’m not saying fifty what get down but once again he’s no gangster. He has a history of selling drugs but drugs mean shit if you don’t have no gun game. The streets respect the Shooter,not the one who got shot!

      • D_Ably

        but Jiggas gangster right?

      • Truth

        Well he did stab Un and Puffy got at Stout but what has 50 cent done? Fluck all of these dudes

      • Qudus

        No! His man did. Jay wore that has a badge of credibility, a claim to notoriety but he didn’t stab jack.


        Kay Slay exposed Jay along time ago.

      • JLAWES

        Dude you sounding suspect right now. You don’t live in queens and you don’t know shit. You got it bad for fifty. Fifty had beef with some of the realest niggas to ever come out of Queens and he is alive and rich how is that losing?

    • Brian O’Rorke

      I guess you haven’t seen “50 cent behind the music”. Not to mention even bang em smurf admits 50 was real

    • golder1

      Noone can claim 5o is fake. People who dont even lie him have said he is real. but real who said this is what classifies you as a real dud. This thug.gangsta shit labels you an ignorant ass nigga. Puffy took a bottle to his head because he had people with him who would fight for him. All this shit is wake anyway!

      • Truth

        Its all stupidity but once again Fifty is claiming gangster but all he does is get Victimize and those dudes that’s saying he is real is getting they shit shot up,killed and cut up in Jail. Im just saying if this was sports his stats would be low. lol

      • golder1

        Not to many people who can claim to have victimized 50. Getting jumped by some dudes but still being able to hold your own is not being victimized. And their are lots of real street cats that get shot, stabbed, and killed all the time. If Ja’s was in the same team as 50, Ja would be riding the bench passing 50 the gatorade bottle. All this street shit is dumb anyway. Ja thinks he should get some credibility because he jumped someone and because he did a little time when really that just proves he is a weak.


        Didn’t you mean “WACK”???

    • M.O.E

      Do it for the world to see, so he can be in a cell next to Jimmy, right?

      • Truth

        My point wasn’t about Steve Stout it was about Fifty talking like he’s a real life JImmy. Fifty always talking about how he will put change on a person heads but nigga’s is wrecking his crew hardbody. None of all grew up in queens,fifty sold drugs but he anit no gangster. He just talks tough but never does shit. He starts shit with his million dollars worth of protection while his team gets victimize.


        You act like you know “50” personally!!!

    • Live Well

      You lose all credibility when you salute a rat.

    • 44wade

      lol how old are you everyone knows 50 history in queens except you smh

  • hoeyuno

    hopefully fif doesn’t end up catching some charges during all this ratting…

  • LD51

    Rest In Power Chris Lighty

  • DjLarryLuv

    As someone that has a broadcast journalism degree. I get a little embarrassed by all the spelling and grammar errors on this site(i come here for the content). Come on, you don’t see this bullshit on TMZ. If you want to stomp with the big dogs, get this shit straight with your staff.

    • beezy

      “gun shoot outs” as opposed to some other type of shootout. Lol. The writing on this site is disgraceful.

      • Boomie Rogers


    • artcryme99

      well, they hired their cousins for cheap instead of paying for someone with writing skill. cant blame em lol

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  • wickedjones

    When is black folks going to get to the next level? I mean seriously Grown Men acting like Bitches. All that stuff does is bring attention to ourselves. There’s no code. You know if that fool never slapped his kid, this would’ve never happened. Grown men don’t slap other men’s children. And whats the end result? This was handled very messy from both sides.

    • M.O.E

      “When is”?? When you take ya silly ass back to school.
      P.S. Every race has the same shyt going on. Italian, Russian, Mexican mafia are among the few. We don’t live in a perfect world, so there will always be bad, whereever there is good.

      • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

        Speaking of going back to school WHEREVER is actually spelled W.H.E.R.E.V.E.R. Not Whereever!! O_o … #Ok Bye

      • Chips

        How do you spell “suck my dick”?

      • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

        You may wanna ask yo mama cause it’s her picture next to Dick in the dictionary Fam. #Shrugs

      • johnblacksad

        oh so you looked up “Dick” in the dic.?

        How do you spell suspect again?

      • wickedjones

        idgaf about other races. Grown men don’t slap their enemies children. That was just some ignorant sh!t to do. BTW looks to me that 50 is loosing and now he’s acting out. Hey I’m not in the music business. Truthfully idgaf about Grown ass men fighting each other, but i have a problem when you get children involved.


        Nah, Mexicans and Russians just murk the entire family!!!



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  • Like I said, when you take the stand and snitch, it is public knowledge… You can just go to the D.A.’s public website for your county/city and you can see the cases and names of the rats you’re looking for. Still haven’t found Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50’s name though…

    • dayleedumped




  • king

    These are guys who trying to lighten their sentences how credible could they be??

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