Amber Rose

Hip-Hop Rumors: Look Who’s Grabbing Amber Rose’s Booty!

Well lookie here. Somebody has a handful of Amber and it ain’t Wiz. I don’t know if this is recent or old, but apparently somebody feels a way about it. And it ain’t Wiz. What do you think about a married mother of one getting her butt groped by a fan? Don’t bother me one bit. In fact, I wish I was him. Peep:

Dats a lucky dude. Wiz, I mean. The fan drove 17 hours…WOW.

  • WTF is wrong with the guys head not matching his arms? Looks weird, and Wiz maybe a clever businessman but marrying Amber gets him an “L”. Any respectable celebrity wife wouldn’t even be taking pictures like that.

    • Jared

      Looks like it just the illumination from the cameras and lights

  • That ain’t even a grab he just resting his palms….me on the other hand would’ve grasped very firmly…enough to where she stands Tipp toed….I wouldn’t waste 17 strong anything on amber.

    • Executive

      Wiz would take of his spandex and whoop that ass, lmao!

      • I tell u what. The day I worry bout a nigga in spandex……lmao

      • Executive


  • Sean Power

    if this is recent that not cool your married woman with kids

    • yomama

      even if it’s old that’s still disrespectful… why even put it up? you’re married now with a kid

  • i don’t gaf if he flew in from MARS B*tch!!!! Your a Married Woman, Show Your Husband and Child Some Sort of Level of Respect…Smh and i use to defend her and Wiz relationship because ppl acted like she was the scum of the earth because she dated Kanye and Actually Moved on, wtf was she suppose to be single for ever??? but back to the subject this sh*t gets no respect from me….Then Again After Looking at Dude Again, He Might Be Gay and Thats Why She’s Not Trippin.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Can’t trust these hoes

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Gay or not.. you don’t let another man grab your ass bitch

  • dayleedumped

    lol i wouldnt care, amber already tatted wiz all over her body, a lil butt grab aint shit she perm marked

    • Charter

      Last time I checked, a tattoo isn’t a forcefield. Stop excusing these hoes.

  • John Q. Public

    that disrespect on her part and embarrassing… Wiz dumb for wife’n her anyways tho

  • ZUBU

    This slut about to be like Ice T’s wife Coco, letting mf’s grab her ass sitting on laps/dikks, etc. Next she gonna drop them draws and spread them thighs. Hopefully Wiz know he wifed a straight hoe, if not he in for a lot of heartache.

    • Immortal

      There’s no way she could explain that sh*t away unless it’s an old pic and was posted now for whatever reason. But I can’t even believe that. But the fail has to be on dude for driving 17 hours just to lay hands on some chicks ass. Ain’t no ass worth 17 hours of driving and she’s not my wife in the first place. And yeah I know the signs in the background say 2014, but was it a show being promoted in advance?

      • ZUBU

        I agree ain’t no explaining dudes hands palming yo wife’s ass. Yeah dude driving 17 hours to see a broad that ain’t his = epic fail…..

    • dehova

      The modern woman seems to think this sort of thing is conducive in a healthy relationship. Might I suggest drawing your arm right back before releasing it to smack a bitch.

  • chasin money not hoes

    Mane bitche$ in general bunch of hoes jus look at how they act wen they wit they homegirls Tryna b slick jus bc they have a coochie they think they run ish only dudes can blame they self bc Simps b wifin them

  • Papi Peligro

    Man. I wouldn’t know what what say. You let a dude with a leather shirt and white vest grab my A$$ I don’t went platinum for. You ain’t got no job. Twitter, instagram, you ain’t eating.

  • Papi Peligro

    That man smile look like Pharrell Happy Song sound.

  • Papi Peligro

    I bet I drive over in like 30 minutes I get head with a 1997 Oro Solido tight sledium shirt, and open button down. All wiz gone hear is Oro Who.

  • RapItUp

    Poster in the back says Live 2014… can’t be TOO damn old!

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  • i’mreloaded!

    If Wiz ain’t trippin, so be it. He knew who she was when he married her.

  • wiz was probably there.


    It don’t matter if wiz was there or not this what happens when nerds start getting money they wife up these dhots the end, u will never see beyonce take that kind of pic wit her moms let alone some dude

  • tdot

    that poster says in the background 2014 poor wiz, if i’m grabbing that you better be sure i’m trying to BEAT that too! as Chris Brown song goes “these girls aint loyal”

  • mackenzie wunderlich

    My Uncle Caleb just got red Ford Focus ST
    by working off of a computer. try this J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

    • superh8

      Stfu u got that car from tricking bitch

    • King Cold

      Fall back Batch!

  • Franky Babylon

    Couldnt be my wife. Niggas got too much pride when you just a local/regular nigga, not to mention being a famous person. Every nigga know that if some of these niggas get a broad to be a little nice to them, they think they can hit.

    I dont care if it was coming from the Make A Wish Foundation and he just wanted to touch it before he die.

    • dehova

      Do you think use of the N word is intelligent?

      • Franky Babylon

        May Jehovah bless you.

      • dehova

        lol What made you say that? Ironic as I’ve spent the best part of an hour in conversation with witnesses.
        And, as for the N word, you can and will do what you want but I can’t hear how this helps you get your point across any better. You sound like an intelligent person with out the use of that word. Every time I SEE the word nigga it make me think of what V-Nasty’s box must SMELL like

      • RapItUp

        oo GOD I almost chucked up my Chipotle reading that

      • TimeWillTellu1

        What exactly did Jehovah witness?

    • superh8


    • ZUBU

      “I dont care if it was coming from the Make A Wish Foundation and he just wanted to touch it before he die.”
      LMAO……. I’m feeling what saying bro!

    • In the words of the honorable Tupac Amaru Shakur, hoping my tru muthaf***as know….This be the realest s*** u ever wrote. Against All Odds. …..lmao make a wish n a bruh still can’t palm…that’s hard

  • superh8

    What a slut & always will be a slut

  • King Cold

    Smfh. This world is ass backwards

    • Charter

      Up is down. Down is up.

  • You all can clearly see that that person grabbing her is gay….Might be her stylist or something. #justsaying

    • Guest

      Yeah he is very happy!

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Jay Wouldn’t Let Bey Do This. I Doubt T.I Would Let Tiny Do That Ether. Not Only is He Grabbing Ass, They’re Facing Crotch to Crotch. #BonerAlert #CouldntBeMyBitch

    • Papi Peligro

      Real talk. Bey gave Terrence Howard a lap dance in front of dude. They wasn’t married though.

      • SleepyTheGreat

        Oh Shit….. I remember that now

  • JeremyAn2

    She’s a wife. And a mother. Having her ass grabbed, not by her husband.

    In what universe is this garden tool living in?

  • Jungz

    yall actin like that nigga aint gay as shit.

  • Mike

    based off her she looks this pic looks old b4 she dated WIZ

    • brotha_man

      wiz! stop making excuses for ur main

  • chasin money not hoes

    Listen woman only do wat their man allow them to do and other way round so I’m sure wiz isn’t keepin his hands to himself either hell!!!!!

  • BeeBeeGun

    That dude is gay as hell tho lol. He aint doin nothin wit that.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Young Dro looks hella juiced though

  • KevMoney2Beats

    The flyers say 2014 lol, dude look extra gay doe @Kevmoney2

  • Looking at the IG comments and looking at ole boy, it’s obvious that homie is gay as hell so its nothing. He went in a Tight End, came out a WIDE RECIEVER ya dig?