Nicki Minaj Answers Lawsuit Claiming She Stole “Starships” Song

(AllHipHop News) In September of 2013, Chicago EDM artist Clive Tanaka filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj claiming the Young Money rapper’s hit song “Starships” illegally used parts of his song “Neu Chicago.” Radar Online reports that Nicki (born Onika Maraj) is requesting that Tanaka’s suit be dismissed.

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Court documents filed on Minaj’s behalf state that she did not infringe on the performer’s copyright because the “Starships” composition and recordings are “original works of authorship.” The docs go on to say that Minaj never met Tanaka or heard the song “Neu Chicago.”

Minaj points out that she received the “demo” of “Starships” from producer Red One and then added her own lyrics. Red One (Nadir Khayat) and songwriters Carl Falk, Wayne Hector, and Rami Yacoub are also named as defendants in Tanaka’s suit.

Tanaka believes that Falk, Hector, and Yacoub heard “Neu Chicago” in their home nation of Sweden. The song apparently received significant airplay as part of television ads in the country. In her response, Minaj acknowledges that the original demo for “Starships” was created in Sweden by Falk, Hector, and Yacoub, and then sent to Red One in 2011.

Minaj also argues that Tanaka released “Neu Chicago” in 2010 but did not register the song until three years later. This was after she released “Starships” in 2012. The Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded creator is also requesting that the case be moved from Illinois to California where she lives and works.

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  1. Jay Wills

    If her lawyers did her paperwork right, she would retian no liability from a beat given to her, the producers would be on the hook..The problem is this dude suing can only get a piece of the producers share, not the bigger Minaj piece..He’ll get a royalty override and walk into the sunset..

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