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T-Pain Discusses Why He Was Never Signed To Young Money

(AllHipHop News) At one point Auto-Tune crooner T-Pain had plans to sign with Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint. The deal never went through, and apparently he never signed on the dotted line because of “he said, she said” comments.

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“My management came to me and said Baby, Wayne, and Slim got together, they talked and they don’t want to sign you because you’re a liability… ‘You drink too much. Sometimes you make a fool of yourself. Sometimes you tell the truth about things that shouldn’t be told,'” Pain tells VladTV. “I thought we are all real n***as. I thought we were ‘real motherf**kers.’ You don’t hide nothing. That’s what we do.”

The “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper)” performer later spoke with Baby and Slim about their decision not to sign him. The founders of Cash Money records informed him that he was not added to the team because they did not like his managers. They claim his management lied to him about the “liability” statements.

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Watch T-Pain’s interview below.

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25 Responses to “T-Pain Discusses Why He Was Never Signed To Young Money”

  1. i'mreloaded!

    He was better off anyway. Woulda never made another song if he signed wit them. Cash Money is like the Bermuda Triangle for veteran artists. Where da hell is Mystikal?!

      • i'mreloaded!

        Oh yeah, dat ni**a is wit Cash Money ain’t he? See what I mean? I forgot all about him. That goes for Ace Hood, Bow Wow, Jae Millz, Lil Chuckee, The Game, Limp Bizkit, Corey Gunz, Christina Milian, there was a rumor Ashanti was over there too. Guess if you ain’t Drake, Wayne, Nicki, or Tyga you can forget about it.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Funny thing is.. Mystikal has a track ‘here I go’ a remake with ti and his camp. So u mean to tell me ppl from your own city who looked up too u haven’t even came out with a video for you but T.I. Paying homage can? Something ain’t right over at cash money

      • i'mreloaded!

        Yeah you right. That joint was on that Hustle Gang mixtape. Mystikal shoulda been came out with something homey.

      • Jayson C Williams

        As soon as he came home but these new aged execs posing on the game

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        yeah…. its called if you wayne, drake or minaj…. YOU AINT SHIIIIITTTTTT!!!!

      • baller187

        pain be getting broke, nigga aint had a hit since jay z black balled that nigga, why u think he cryin over not signing to young money

  2. Aurelijus

    “you drink too much” wtf? so its ok to drink sizurp too much, to smoke weed to much? lil wayne… but if t-pain do that too much he cant be signed? that shit is crazy. cash money is know for drinking shit and smoking weed and they tell that t-pain drink too much 😀 lol

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