The Great Debate: Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao

It’s almost unbelievable that the biggest fight in the history of boxing has yet to be made. As long as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are active, we will always wonder “What if?” The general public could care less as to why this fight hasn’t happened yet, all that matters is if and when it will happen. Obviously, the longer this cold war goes on, the more likely it is that this super fight between two of the best will never happen. Nevertheless, we can still debate. And that’s what this week’s installment of “The Great Debate” is all about. Francisco Salazar (Mayweather) and Andreas Hale (Pacquiao) explain why they think their fighter would win. After you read both sides of the argument, vote in the poll and take to the comment section to make your case.

Floyd Mayweather

By Francisco Salazar

Floyd Mayweather is coming up on having fought as a professional for half of his life. He just turned 37 years of age on Monday and made his professional debut at the age of 19.

He could fight until he is 40 and is likely to remain the unbeaten fighter that he is today. While casual fight fans clamor for a fight against Manny Pacquiao that will not happen anytime soon.

But what if they were to step inside the ring and fight for the title of best pound for pound fighter on the planet?

Not only would it probably generate the greatest gate in the history of the sport, but it could decide once and for all the water-cooler debates of who is the best fighter.

That would be Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Shocked? Surprised? Disagree?

Well, in my opinion, it is not much of a surprise. When you look at all the intangibles of each fighter, Mayweather will likely have his hand raised.

Still do not agree? Let me explain.

Mayweather has the better defense of the two. Mayweather is an expert in the shoulder-roll, which frustrates opponents in that they rarely hit him square to the face. He also has the ability to not get hit flush to the head and has demonstrated a tremendous chin, even against some of the more devastating punchers in the sport throughout his career.

Some of you may have looked up that Mayweather suffered a knockdown years ago against Carlos Hernandez. True, but in the Hernandez fight, Mayweather landed a punch, fractured his hand, and momentarily bent over and his glove touched the canvas. Mayweather was never hurt in the fight.

For the rest of the debate and the argument for Manny Pacquiao, CLICK HERE.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Can we stop talkin bout this already. It’s not gonna happen. Mayweather don’t wanna fight him, and Pac probably ain’t interested no more. Woulda been a good one about 2 years ago.

  • Black Clouds

    This would not be the biggest fight is the history of boxing. Pacquiao already took a couple losses while people were wanting him to fight Mayweather. He is not on Mayweather’s level. Pacquiao would lose.

    • Boeing Justin Lontok

      and maidana is ob=n mayweathers level? please……….

      • Ray Smith

        He’s closer than Pacquiao. Maidana only has 3 losses & he’s a winner who just beat an undefeated champion. Pacquiao lost to Bradley, got KTFO by Marquez. And beating a LW Brandon Rios (who was coming off a loss too) doesn’t mean “PACQUIAO IS BACK!” Let’s see if Pacquiao can even get past Bradley first… then maybe the Floyd vs Manny talks can resume. But until then… sorry, but Pacquiao is irrelevant.

    • Kim Garado

      You are right, Pacman is not on floyd level bcuz pacman is two step ahead from floyd… Good analysis Black Clouds….

      • Ray Smith

        Pacquiao is nowhere near Floyd’s level. Floyd will easily go down as one of the top 10 best to ever do it… Pacquiao will be lucky if he gets into the top 30. Deal with it.

  • Brindle

    People need to drop this. Pac has never been able to handle Floyd, even in Pac’s prime. Floyd toys with the people Pac has struggled with and even losed to…

    • digitallife

      You mean like that second round vs Mosley…anything can happen’s boxing.

      • Brindle

        of course anything can happen, you talking bout one punch in a boxing match… its part of the sport… that’s like forming an opinion off one bullet in a war…

      • Ray Smith

        That’s how GREAT Floyd is… so great, that haters like you have to over-exaggerate one good punch (that didn’t even drop Floyd). LMAO…

    • Kim Garado

      @ BRINDLE, And yet your HERO still duck with pacman until these days!!!!!!!! I don’t understand an idiot people like you who think pacman will easy opponent for floyd while floyd himself is scared to fight pacman…. That thing is i don’t know…. Only one explination for that…. people like you is an IDIOT….

      • Brindle

        just hit the reply button and it will say @ brindle for you… Pac sucks face it, he was hype Floyd and Pac would never fight because of the Arom and De la hoya situation… neither of them ducked each other, it was the history between the promoters and you didn’t say nothing relevant to boxing other than you’re a pac fan, you jack a$$, stick to the music convo’s…

      • Kiko Balagtas

        Its only mayweather who’s walking away … Arum never said ‘never’, pac and arum STILL sounding off to fight …. This wont-work-with-arum thing is another duck move .. like that 15% offer (40M) of floyd to pac … most people aint dumb and dumb, they can see things plain and simple … even famous blacks (holmes, irvin, hagler, toney) say floyds scared of pac

    • James James

      Brindle – your logic is just plain silly. For instance, Ali Ko’d Foreman, but Foreman Ko’d Norton, and Norton broke Ali’s jaw and won. Styles make fights. Just because Gayweather beat Marquez doesn’t mean anything. Pac Man destroyed Ricky Hatton in 2 rounds knocking him down three times, while Gayweather took 10 rounds to stop him. Wake up and stop being in denial. Gayweather is afraid to fight not just Pac Man, but he ducked Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito as well. If it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Gayweather ducks any threat. He’s a coward and he beats up women.

      • Brindle

        “styles make fights” is cute to say… “gayweather” just means you biased to Mayweather so your opinion doesn’t count (you accidentally removed yourself from the argument)… Pac goes in trying to knock people out and accumulate punches, that aint Floyds game… Common sense, logic, and facts always confuse those who are emotionally vested… Paul Williams was fighting at 147lbs in 2007 (his prime) Floyd was at 154lbs fighting the top 3 Jr. middle weights, Ricky Hatton was one of them… Back to your room… study this art

      • Ray Smith

        Margacheato was an overhyped bum who never beat anybody except an overrated Kermit Cintron. Floyd chose Baldomir over Margacheato, because Baldomir hadn’t been beaten in nearly 10 years & was coming off wins over Gatti & Judah. He chose Baldomir over Margacheato, because Margacheato hadn’t done shit. Then he chose DLH over Margacheato & it isn’t difficult to see why. Then Margacheato lost, so Floyd fought undefeated champion Hatton. I don’t understand you retards who talk good about Margacheato’s bum ass… just a tall long guy who had to put plaster in his gloves. SMH… know your facts, idiot!!! Floyd never ducked Margacheato, because Margacheato was never “the guy”. He fought Baldomir, DLH & Hatton because they’re better than Margacheato. Period. Like I said… do some research before running off at the mouth, idiot. And Pacquiao is & always will be garbage compared to Floyd. If the little idiot would’ve gotten away from Bob Arum, Floyd would’ve schooled him years ago. But no – Pacquiao would rather stay with Bob Arum, so he can continue to ride Floyd’s coattails & make his name off of Floyd’s back. SMH… you’re an idiot.


      De La Hoya lost to Floyd by split decision only. He could have won had he not faltered in the last two rounds. Freddie was the trainer at that time and he has figured out how to fight Floyd. With Manny, Freddie’s best pupil, they can execute the blueprint up to the 12th round coz Manny has the stamina to do it. That is why Freddie is confident that they can beat Floyd. He almost did it with De La Hoya, and this time there is no doubt that he can do it with Manny. And Floyd knows that Freddie has figured him out that is why he is scared to fight Manny.

      • Brindle

        I will say De La and Zab where Floyds closest fights… But to say Freddie has him figured out, that’s what everyone says before they lose to him… Pac’s never been on Floyd’s level and Freddie aint on the Mayweathers level

  • hoeyuno

    Mayweather dodged Pac man when Pac was in his homie already said a couple Years ago the fight woulda been great..

    • Kim Garado

      Until now, floyd still duck pacman…. That’s why floyd come out with more excuses!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ray Smith

        What excuses? Pacquiao is irrelevant.

    • Ray Smith

      Yea… he ducked Pacquiao to fight Marquez, who turned around & knocked Pacquiao the f**k out!!! LMAO… you haters are idiots.

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  • Mayweather dominated Juan Marquez,Pacquiao struggled against juan,fought him 4 times,plus he got knocked out cold,that right there should tell you something…Mayweather will be fighting Marcos Maidana,a far more dangerous opponent than pacquiao..Marcos got 35 wins with 31 ko’s…if pac lose again people need to let it go…

    • digitallife

      Styles make fights..marquez also had four chances to learn everything he can about his opponent..Maidana more dangerous than Pacquaio…ok you officially need to sit down son.

      • first time they fought was a draw,Marcos is a bigger,stronger,younger opponent plus he ran through floyds protege which in my opinion makes him more dangerous.

      • o0KiLLa0o

        wow, I cant believe you are comparing fighters so bad. from May – Broner to Pacquiao and Marques.

        Seriously, you have to listento Digitallife “ok you officially need to sit down son.”

      • Kim Garado

        @ LOW IQ, First time pac vs pedquez is a draw due to the judge error,,,, you more on…. Strong punch is useless when he have no foot to chase the runner!!!!!!!!!! idiot!!!!!!

      • Ray Smith

        Pacquiao had four chances to learn, too. Marquez proved he is superior, in 4 fights. Period. No excuses, Marquez is better than Pacquiao. End of story.

    • Mmel

      your handle shouldn’t EQ it should be LOW IQ you talk nonsense and I think ur family is an idiot!!

    • Kiko Balagtas

      maidana more dangerous than pac? .. i stopped reading

      • Ray Smith

        Why? Broner would beat Pacquiao. Maidana beat Broner.

      • Kiko Balagtas

        ROTFL .. cant wait for a broner fight … best comedy in boxing so far .. ultimate hilarious with pac, chicken walk every round


      EQ. It does not mean that if A beats B, and B beats C, A would would easily beat C. This theory has been proven wrong so many times. As Nacho Beristain said, “We had no chance”. Juan was fighting a heavier weight for the first time and he was forced to fight as an aggressor, not as a counter-puncher. Floyd has all the advantages. He came into the fight overweight by two pounds and just paid $600K or so.

  • digitallife

    Both men have padded records..Floyd retired rather than fight Paul Williams and Pacquaio ducked a fight at 130 a few years back. People act like these men are scared of each other or like this isn’t a 50/50 fight because of how JMM put Pacquaio to sleep. I’m sure if mofo’s had 4 shots at Floyd they would’ve gotten to him as well. How come we don’t see Floyd in any rush to fight Lara or get Martinez down to 154, for the same reason Pacquaio won’t fight them…they’d both lose those fights.


      It does not mean that if A beats B, and B beats C, A would would easily beat C. This theory has been proven wrong so many times. As Nacho Beristain said, “We had no chance”. Juan was fighting a heavier weight for the first time and he was forced to fight as an aggressor, not as a counter-puncher. Floyd has all the advantages. He came into the fight overweight by two pounds and just paid $600 k or so.

  • The Black Fist

    DAMN! Mayweather vs Pacquiao generates more exhausting drama than Dr Dre and Detox. both, I don’t think it’ll happen & this shit is not healthy for fans. smh

  • hdfghdf

    Mayweather doesn’t like to fight southpaws and fighters that pressure, so between prime Mayweather vs prime Pacquiao i think it would’ve be a win for Pacquiao. If the fight happened tomorrow it would be another Lewis vs Tyson or Leonard vs Hagler, regardless of who won all the talk would be “yeah but the fight should’ve been years earlier”. Mayweather’s worse off in this situation because his undefeated legacy (which he’ll probably keep) will always lead to talks of who he should have fought rather than who he did.

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  • Rustob Agruspacion

    Andrea hale must be really, really high…

  • Boie Macho

    This is funny. What is here to debate if Floyd will not fight Manny because he is scared. It is just like debating who is the better president even none of them are running. It is a USELESS debate.

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  • Wilbert Santos

    Floydiot has been dancing with sloooooow partners – to make him looooooook SHARP.

    • Ray Smith

      At least Floyd isn’t getting KTFO by those “slow partners” like Pacquiao did.

  • DJ7

    Remove Bob Arum from the equation and it might happen. Fools say Floyd is scared. The emotional fan “feels” Pac has/had a chance.

    • Kim Garado

      You want pacman to leave bob? why would pacman do that when your hero is a BIG LIAR!!!!!! Look what he did to Khan? Floyd make a poll for his next fight between Khan and Maidana and guess what happen? Floyd choose the loser of that poll!!!!!!!! See how BIG LIAR is your hero???????

      • DJ7

        Eliminate the emotions out of your post and you’ve said absolutely 0…I don’t argue with fools! Sorry, move along

      • Olympus Dela Cruz

        Face the fact the chicken Floyd ducked Pacquiao.

  • Ramon Antolin

    Mayweather’s shoulder roll is ineffective fighting lefties with blinding speed like Pacquiao that’s why he doesn’t want to be with him in the ring! He’s too much concerned about his health in facing Pacquiao! He is not 100% confident to win over Manny that’s why he is avoiding him! Pacquiao will bust his face whenever they will face each other! Mayweather knows well about that, that’s why he’s afraid to face Pac!

    • Ray Smith

      You’re delusional, son. Pacquiao is & always will be an average brawler compared to Floyd. Floyd would school him. Deal with it.

  • Kim Garado

    I don’t understand why there is an IDIOT people who think pacman is easy opponent for floyd while floyd himself is scared to fight pacman.

    • Really?

      Pacman plays into Floyd’s defensive/counter strengths. For example another great defensive/counter fighter is Juan Manueal Marquez. Every fight Pac had with Marquez was a challenge. I mean win lose or draw it was always a hard fight for Pac. Now defensively/countering no one comes close to Floyd. Even with your bias you have to see the logic in that.

      If the fight ever happens I will give Pac the first maybe the second round since those are the rounds Floyd get’s his timing down. But after that it’s a rap. Floyd v Pac fight would be similar to Zab/Mosley fights with Floyd easily sweeping the last 9 rounds.

      • Kevin

        Wrong. Floyd hasn’t had a knock-out in a long time. While an expert counter fighter, he doesn’t have no where the same power as Marquez. Even then, Floyd’s most recent knock-out, which was Hatton, was helped by the fact that Hatton smashed his head on the pole when he went down from Floyd’s punch which helped KO him.

        Floyd is aging and his punching power has diminished since then, and even then, he was never known as a power puncher to begin with.

      • Really?

        I wasn’t referring to ko power. And I could have made the same argument for Pac. Floyd is a better defensive fighter than JMM. And JMM fought Pac 4 times and gave him problems every time.

        Now if Floyd is a better defensive/counter puncher than JMM then it’s obvious who would win between Floyd and Pac. Floyd would win easily.

        You can get into the politics of why the fight hasn’t happened but I really don’t care about that garbage. Too much ego going on and it’s a shame. I will leave it at that.

        No bias here i’m just a boxing fan making an observation of what I notice. Been glued to boxing since Tyson so I know a thing or two. Very few fighters that can give Floyd a run for his money. I think Lara would be a much better fight than Pac. I could see that fight being similar to Floyd v DeLahoya with Floyd doing just enough to win. I think Lara is the only fighter out there that could actually win more than 3 rounds against Floyd.

      • Kevin

        Well the thing is is that Marquez had 4 fights to finally figure Manny Pacquiao out….fighting someone several times, you’re bound to finally get a lucky punch like the one he got. Whether you think it was a lucky punch or not is irrelevant, we can argue that later. Fact is though, give anyone 4 fights and they will definitely figure you out. Remember Pacquiao still beat him twice, and had 1 tie with him. Overall, the better fighter is still Manny as a result.

        And no, it’s not that simple. Floyd is a better counter striker in that he’s super quick in counterstriking the moment he gets hit but Marquez actually packs a lot more power than Floyd.

        Floyd isn’t a power puncher, I highly doubt he’d be able to deliver a knock-out to Pac-man.

        On the other hand, Pac-man has blinding speed and can fight with both hands, from unorthodox awkward angles that makes a shoulder roll defense moot.

        And back to the lucky punch Marquez landed, i call it such because Manny was beating the living hell out of Marquez up until that punch. Manny just got careless and walked right into that counterstrike, but if they meet a 5th time, I’d put my money Pac wiping the canvas with Juan’s face.

      • steve

        floyd mayweather is a great match maker why do u think he hasnt fought pacquiao yet. he knows that a quick southpaw like pac could pose a serious threat against his shoulder roll. yes floyd is a better defensive fighter than marquez but again, styles make fights. marquez’s style is fighting backwards and waits for a punch to come. that style is taylor made for pacquiaos style. now if u have seen the last fight pacquiao was winning the fight and busting up marquez until he got too careless just to give the fans a good show. we will find out if pacquiaos quick awkward southpaw style wil break mayweathers shoulder roll if floyd will grow some balls and fight him.

      • Ray Smith

        Pacquiao also got knocked down in that fight… but it’s funny how you conveniently leave that out & try to pretend Pacquiao was “dominating”. Marquez is superior to Pacquiao, which is why they had to do all the rematches. Because everybody knew the decisions were horse shit. Marquez deserved the decision in 1 or the 1st two fights. He CLEARLY won the 3rd fight & got robbed. And we all know what happened in the 4th fight. So yea… Marquez is better than Pacquiao, as proven in 4 fights. Plain & simple.

      • Really?

        It’s not about figuring Pac out. All of those fights were close and two of those many scored for JMM. So my point is since ALL of those fights were close and JMM has a similar style to Floyd but Floyd is light years ahead of JMM that is obvious who would win between Floyd and Pac.

        Plus I never said he would ko Pac. Did you actually read my statement? Pac hasn’t had a ko in while as well. I didn’t bring that up because it is irrelevant.

        As far as speed Pac is not any faster than Zab, which is why I mentioned him in an earlier post. If Floyd and Pac fought you would see a similar result. Pac would win the first couple of rounds and Floyd like he always does will get his opponents timing down and dominate the rest of the fight.

        As a true boxing fan you have to respect Floyd’s defense. Their is no one in that division that could win more than 3 rounds against him. Which is why I also mentioned that Lara would be a good match for him given the weight class and size. Look don’t get me wrong Pac is good but he is far from touching Floyd.

      • Kevin

        Your argument is flawed. Like it has been said several times, style makes fights. For example, there are three people. Person 1 can beat Person 2, and Person 2 can beat Person 3. Person 1 and Person 3 fight, but Person 3 wins.

        Furthermore, you said that because Marquez gives Pacquiao a lot of struggle, Mayweather should also present the same amount of struggle but even far more beyond that because according to you he’s lightyears ahead of Juan. Well

        1) Marquez is a brawler power puncher.

        2) The reason why Marquez presented a lot of problems is not just because he’s a counter striker, but also because he has power with those counter strikes

        3) For example, Pacquiao has been knocked down several times by Marquez throughout the course of their 4-match rivalry. Pacquiao has been pretty bloodied up too, all as a result of that power Marquez packs

        4) Those things alone are what are able to pretty much tie Marquez up with Manny, and result in another 2 close fights and 1 win.

        5) Manny is an aggressive fighter that likes to engage his opponents a lot, and that isn’t the most ideal strategy with a Mexican brawler with power. A slugfest can end poorly for Manny Pacquiao like it has already.

        6) Mayweather is all about getting in points, and being the cleanest fighter in the sport right now. He lands punches and then deflects, land more punches, and deflects and isn’t an aggressive fighter, which if he were, you’d end up seeing a very roughed up Floyd in a fight against JMM.

        In conclusion, Floyd won’t knock Manny down, which is a strong point-raker in the eyes of the judges. Plus, Floyd isn’t ”lightyears” ahead of JMM, he’s just a lot faster and JMM is a flat-footed fighter = disaster recipe for JMM.

      • Really?

        When I saw Floyd beat JMM I saw him win all 12 rounds. When I saw JMM fight Pac the first time he gave him problems throughout the fight, plus the second, third oh and Pac went to sleep the fourth time. So I would say yes light years. Your entire argument is based on KO power which neither Pac or Mayweather has in the welterweight division and is completely irrelevant to who would win. I never said Mayweather would ko Pac. But given their fights against similar opponents Mayweather has a definitive edge. Pac has speed, well so did Mosley and Zab when they fought Floyd. Both fighters even scored close knock downs on Floyd which is why I respect Pac enough to win at least 3 rounds but that’s it. You have not been able to disprove any of my points so far.

        Like I said I call it like I see it, Floyd is probably second to Roy Jones as far as striking ability. Last two fights landed his right hand at will and obviously power did not influence the judges. Look at the comp stats of punches thrown to landed ratio. Floyd usually throws 100 less punches but lands 100 more then his opponents. Numbers don’t lie.

        My point all along is that styles make fights. Pac plays right into Floyd’s strengths. It would be an easy win for Floyd which is why I would be more interested in seeing Floyd v Lara.

        Your only sticking point is to say that Floyd is scared of Pac. Which I won’t get into because the politics of boxing these days are ridiculous. In my opinion both fighters deserve some blame. If you want to stick it to Floyd there then I don’t really have a problem with that, but any argument that Pac would beat Floyd based on styles and the fighters they faced is a lie.


        Dela Hoya lost by a split decision only. He could have won had he not faded in the last two rounds. Dela Hoya offered a rematch but Floyd declined coz he knew Dela Hoya has figured him out the first match with relentless attack but faltered in the last two rounds. The fight generated 2.14 million PPV and is still the highest but Floyd declined to fight coz he was afraid to lose. The rematch could have broken the 2.14 million PPV. Freddie was the the trainer at that time and you can argue that Freddie has figured out how to fight Floyd. With Manny, his best pupil, they can sustain that kind of attack up to the 12th round and Floyd knows that.

      • Really?

        Roach is the trainer for Cotto who lost to Floyd. Your points are mute and none of them prove that Pac would even compete with Floyd. I use what i see in the ring to compare boxers you use rumors and the media.

  • Isaac Hayes

    I used to love pro boxing but now I’m a 41 yr old casual fan I not into MMA so I still want to see this fight. At least it will bring out the honeys to a boxing party cause Chávez Jr and Canelo don’t bring them out. I got Floyd over Pacman.

  • Kingfor1000years

    Fok Floyd he’s the one not wanting the fight, he’s been evading last offer on table a fight for charity and seemed to have shut down the great marketing skills of Floyd

  • xXx

    All these clowns pretending to be expert in boxing shoving this horse dung opinion about who’s going to win between these two fighters – who cares? Till Mayflower grow real balls and actually fight Pacman in the ring instead on twitter we will never really know so STFU…

  • Oknas

    I didnt know 2pac boxed? lol