50 Cent

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Questions Snoop’s Manhood!

The old 50 Cent is coming back. Looks like 50 isn’t holding anything back. Who has NOT thought about what the f**k is up with Snoop’s french manicure? But, nobody on the level of 50 Cent is saying these things!

Until now…

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Seems like Mr. Cent is just going in on whoever – even his old friends. Peep what I found in the Ill Community.


50 said to Snoop, “What the f*ck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man,Damn.”

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On the real side, 50 and Snoop just collaborated not too long again. Peep:

And then there’s the classic:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    snoop is still that nigga….but a french manicure??

  • bobmarley420


  • Jared

    Snoop is always going to be Snoop but I’m not mad at 50 for this one.

  • hoeyuno

    Maybe this ish is needed..the metro sexual shit has gone too far..confusing a whole generation..

  • brotha_man

    shaq tho, shi* got me rolling. when other black people laugh, we laugh, we don’t know why we laughing. dont need a laugh coordinator ……

  • brotha_man

    i swear the whole worlds gone gay……whats up wit this ish? somebody please explain.

  • Jayson C Williams

    He not lying. Manicures are ok. But when u go Parisian? That’s a bit too much

  • trilltalk1

    how is tht a diss or him getting at the nigga? all he said was talk to me about this one. shit every nigga with eyes saw that shit and was like WTF!!! yall reaching and trying to create traffic with this one.


    50 is an attention whore. He just trying to keep his name reveleant or must be gearing up for a new project and cut a check to chuck & illcoon cause they been reporting on his dumb antics alot recently….. 50 goes to wal-mart and buys a pack of m&m peanuts.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Lol so u approve of a Parisian French manicure? U get frenchies bro?

      • Black Jay

        On some real sh*t? Most pimps do that homie.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Black jay they get manicures. Nothing pass a white clear finger nail tip. Snoop ain’t pimpin he snoop lion? Lol I dont know he went far with the black shit still my nugga though. Shows u how far niggaz will go to get gay fans. Hmmm

      • Black Jay


      • superh8

        How would u know, u gay bitch ass cracker

      • Jayson C Williams

        Lmao it’s too early to be trolling but continue you bring more attention to my posts. You’re like my fan! President of my fan club. My lil puppet lol

      • Black Jay

        @Inmadopuroz, @superh8 , and @Qudus…..

        You’re at it again. Everyone knows you are the same person. I know it’s difficult for you to come out of that closet and admit your homosexuality, but inventing 3 different profiles TO CHASE GROWN MEN AROUND THIS SITE? That’s a little extreme for you, no?

        Once again… Please take your homosexual stalking fantasies out of this website. They’re liable to get you killed.Nobody wants to talk to you. I like women. Not men. Go sweat someone else. Enjoy your gay day.

      • EL_BARK

        No i dont. And my comment went miles over ur head i see

      • Jayson C Williams

        Self flattery? Smh you’re no where near that clever at least your comment wasn’t. You don’t know what side you wanna be on. Condone that homo stuff all u want bro my bad..

      • EL_BARK

        I wasnt condining it.
        But U miss my point when i called him an attention whore
        Meaning he does anything to get attention lately
        Ie like him posting that pic of steve & diddy knowing it was going to get talk about only to delete it…. Him throwing shade at snoop was yet another attempt to get attention cause he knew it would news as if he dissing snoop…..

        Further more i also pointed out the fact he must got a new project out.
        A person who not gay doesnt have to say i not gay,
        There fore me negating the fact that shet is suspect is self explantory

      • Jayson C Williams

        Valid points bro. But aren’t all celebrites attn whores? Snoop was almost outgrowing hiphop so what he do? He went full rasta changed his name to keep relevant cause he still wants to be in the spotlight/on our tv screens. All these acts have their own ploys. But it only seems to be that when 50 does it it’s a crime against humanity. Like your points at least 50’s posts are valid. And I understand that he’s built this resement from the fans from him being a bully, he’s def copeable. But facts remain ppl go in on him more for his attention seeking tactics when all our fav rappers actors etc do it.

      • superh8

        As usual

    • Casor_G

      Yep!!! Allhiphop on the take. 50 must have paid that money to keep him in the news before his new album

  • Live Well

    He didn’t even diss him. The anti 50 Cent machine is marvelous.

    • grabo2003

      It’s in overdrive. An alien would think Fif the only rapper in the world….people declare him irrelevant yet they talk about him ALL the time…no one talkin about chingy no that is a rapper who hasnt been relevant for a while out of the many!!!

      • Live Well

        No doubt! You could argue he’s the most relevant right now the way he’s being covered.

    • Rck

      It really does feel like the writer’s on this site are subliminally and directly hating on 50.

      • Live Well

        Vladtv style headlines.

    • Jayson C Williams

      You’re absolutely right. When he was on too everybody was making nice. Soon as u fall off that’s when the real hate starts. But all pub is good pub. He needs to drop some hard undeniable shi!t soon

      • Tre C

        it ain’t happening. Just like so many waited for “the old DMX to come back”..them days are gone.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Yea but 50 don’t even drink alcohol.. Z’s biggest issues remain to be drugs & his tormented past

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Snoop beat a murder trial.

    • EniggaMA

      fif beat a murder

      • Executive

        Where? In the studio.

  • Black Jay

    50…. Put your album out.

    • superh8


      • Black Jay

        @Inmadopuroz, @superh8 , and @Qudus…..

        I see you’re still having your identity crisis. But you should really stop. Everyone on this site knows YOU ARE THE SAME PERSON. You’ve created 3 different profiles to STALK GROWN MEN. That’s kinda pathetic, don’t you agree?

        For the millionth time….. I know you are having difficulties with your homosexuality. But I don’t like you. I don’t like men. I like women only. I’m a straight person. Only p*ssy.

        Please stop stalking me with your gay fantasies. It ain’t happening. Okay? I’m not going to meet you (as you have numerously recommended). Why do the work?

        You really need help with your homosexual stalking fantasies. YOU FOLLOW GROWN MEN AROUND THIS SITE. That’s kinda silly. There are other alternatives that will not be as dangerous as this one. Try to get some help. I’ll pray for you. Enjoy your homosexual day.

      • Qudus

        Are you insane?
        Didn’t I invite you to a meet in your town DC for a beat down that you declined?
        My Alma mater is in your town, so I can show my face there anytime, just say the word and I’ll drive onto your tuff and beat the breaks off you fool.
        If multiple peeps are going at you, then check yourself, m0ron

      • Black Jay

        @Inmadopuroz, @superh8 , and @Qudus…. Using all 3 aliases again, huh?

        Do yourself a favor and stop with the gay worship. Everybody on here knows what’s up with you. You’re gay. A homosexual. It’s all good. I ain’t mad at you. Live your life.

        But I’m straight. I ain’t got time to meet with no homosexual. I like women. You like men. Keep that gay sh*t over there.

        But it’s cool for you to be gay and sh*t. That’s your style. Just please stay away from me and stop the gay worship. We don’t do that sh*t over here. We like p*ssy over here.

        Good luck with your gay adventures.

      • Qudus

        hahaha…I see you but it’s cool though, I’d rather you troll than spew hate, so do you, troll all you want but remember, the moment you start talking sideways, I’ll be back to putting my leg on ya neck till it breaks, ‘podna’…hahahaha



    • Jayson C Williams

      All ima say is 2005 pimpin ken use to sell his DVDs outside of Onyx strip club every night. I ain’t never seen him with no damn French manicure. I ain’t never seen Filmore slim with no French manicure with black polish. Now manicures a straight manicure, I’ve seen.

      • Live Well

        Not to mention, Snoop ain’t no pimp.

      • wickedjones

        yeah but his mentor Bishop Juan is. And he wears green nail polish.

      • brotha_man

        mentor for….? cuz snoop aint no pimp

      • wickedjones

        u know that dude was hanging with bishop. he was taking that pimp persona. But anyway, Snoop is married with kids. He’s a hero in my book.

      • brotha_man

        hero? like superman? or like a prominent historical figure, hero?
        to each its own

      • wickedjones

        what i mean by that brother. Is that any Black man, married and taking care of their children, is my Hero,. Its about family for me,. And i don’t necessary have to like their politics.

      • brotha_man

        You know the worst thing about nigg@s? Nigg@s always want credit for some shit they supposed to do. A nig%a will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga$ will say some $hit like, “I take care of my kids.” You’re supposed to, you dumb motherfuc*er! What kind of ignorant $hit is that? “I ain’t never been to jail!” What do you want, a cookie?! You’re not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherfuc#er! -Chris Rock-

      • brotha_man

        i feel just messing wit ya

      • superh8

        U must’ve seen pimping ken while leaving or going 2 ur job @ the strip club n u still trying 2 strip with ur ugly old ass.smh

      • Jayson C Williams

        Lol you’re my no. 1 fan. Keep up the good work! My lil puppet!! Lml

    • Sean Taylor

      So if they wore skirts and pantyhose that would be “cool” because all the pimps did it too?

      FOH with that gay ish!!!

  • Brindle

    sound like 50 was just clownen with snoop…

  • soyhiphop

    Title is misleading hes just saying it how you would say it to your friend damn homie wassup with that? Illseed stop reaching please

    • Phatt Killah

      yeah but he put it on twitter for everybody to see. I wouldn’t do that to my homie.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u reach for Di(k with ur 13 boyfriends u fu(king Mexican hoeeeeee!

      • soyhiphop

        Hey troll I see u still have no life

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I hope Ur kids don’t get fed

      • soyhiphop

        They super fed… by the way i fed your moms kids she swallowed them bitch got no teeth so the head felt extra nice she game me a gum job..she told me she wants you out her crib you a grown man still living in the same room you grew up in type of n!gga that still got pokemon posters on his wall u b!tch u ha 🙂

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        They may be fed but they super slow just like they Mexican bit(h made daddy. Dominicans= tropical Mexicans

  • ihatefaggots

    Snoops a faggot

  • Tre C

    welcome to last week’s news

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    Yall are reaching on this one.

  • snoop smoking estrogen blunts,lol..snoop been doing this sh!t though..

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Niggas acting real gay for boosie so i don’t if snoop painted his nails

  • Bryant D Neal Sr

    I am a snoop fan but that shyt gay!

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’d buy a 50 album if he started calling these rappers out on their bullish again……these feminine azz rappers.

  • jball8

    It’s pimping

  • Chris

    Wifey would kick me in the testicles if I came home with them sh*ts.

  • Slaughtr

    When society forces you to accept gay shit you suddenly bring out the suka in niggaz

  • JerZeBoy

    I don’t want to hear $hit about “if your comfortable with yourself” or “don’t be homophobic” or he is a Crip or this or that this is WACK!!! being a man and you your getting French manicures is WACK and you will never sell me on it.

  • dehova

    The last time I heard 50 say “What’s going on” and “talk to me” in the same sentence was at the end of one of his most brutal disses (FYI “I run NY”)

  • Super_Hero

    The continuing feminization of Hip Hop. I’m surprise GLAAD hasn’t gone in and called 50 a homofobia and called for a boycott.

    • Godson

      Hahaha.. Oh it’s still early… they complain about everything.

    • justmathoughts

      shhhhhhh, dont bring it to their attention

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  • Executive

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling Snoop gay but painting your nails is some woman shit.

  • The_Good_Life

    This new movement where everybody’s going left has more to it than what we see on the surface. I refuse to believe all these skirts, dresses’, manicures, jeggins, intimate hugs and kisses between all these grown men is just coincidence. All of a sudden! Out the blue! Naah son!

  • GQ

    Man, this shyt gotta stop! Skirts, man bags, dresses, leggins, now french manicures? What’s next? Ni99as gon start wearing stilettos in a minute.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Snoops on that pimp schitt, pimps get a pass… 50 wasnt questioning Snoop’s manhood either… All that other man bag schitt and all that needs to stop though…

  • SleepyTheGreat

    50 on a rampage

  • 1on1

    Um no I love Snoop but this is not cool and he doesn’t get a pass. A man with a french manicure is one of the most feminie crap I’ve ever seen. It’s ok for a man to get a mani but once he start adding color and design it starts looking a little g@y

  • RealSpit

    As much as i like and respect snoop from a raps game perspective 50 is correct on this one. I just feel no matter how cool you want it to be somethings should be left alone and left to women/girls and shouldnt be touched. Im not with all this feminine gay rap sh!t. These rappers now dayz call wearing a skirt and blouse swag. GTFOH!!

  • dolomite205

    50 and snoop are friends. 50 is just joking around wit snoop

  • Global_Mission

    Hey Hey, over here guys! Look at me, Please!! (In my 50 voice) #Corny #AlbumComing #TripleWood

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “The enemy is after your SPIRIT. But you ignore the voice in your head when you hear it.” — Ceelo (ironically)

  • Guest

    Gif made me weak.

  • The_Councilman

    No different than when Rosebudd Bitterdose sold his nails to Revlon. Snoop got paid to model the nails. He’s in the business of making money, his way. A true pimp always keeps his nails manicured, and if someone wants to pay him to model some designs on his nails, so be it. #DeeperThanRap

  • i’mreloaded!

    Sound like he just playin around to me. Not dat serious.

  • TB

    Yeah, that shit there is not gangsta

    • Ike’s Mood

      thats right you fuckin jasper…its pimp culture! look at frank ward’s hands in the mack when they gettin they’re shoes shined. do some homework for chrissakes…

      • if a pimp tell you to eat a dick sandwich, u gonna say “man, it’s pimp culture to eat a dick sandwich..” ?

      • Ike’s Mood

        no, YOU’RE gonna say that, Keyanna…

      • TB

        Nigga, no man in this is world should be walking around with a bitches fingernails. Hoe ass nigga! You wear bitches thongs too I bet saying, “she can wear em why can’t I?” Fag ass nigga

  • AlbertoRipRon

    So I guess dudes in the comment section get manicures. 50 dissed him. Or just good promotional timing for his new upcoming album.

  • $18916246

    Curtis…SAD…Dude is going to keep it up until he’s promoted himself to the coroner van. His smarts are overshadowed by his undying will to be a troublemaker.

  • ccwaterbound32

    man he keepin it pimpin! he just payin homage to the game…50 a L7…

  • king

    Fifty just trying to stay relevant by any means necessary

    • D_Ably

      the most played out phrase in the hip hop community ‘he’s irrevelent’. Thats what chicks say about their Ex’s.

      • king

        It’s never played out when it’s the truth.

  • Jonathan Cayol

    I wonder what the masculine Deep Cover Snoop with the fade from 91 have to say about these nails ? This is effeminate . Men are growing very feminine , I could careless about 50 being responsible for showing us this if I were to focus on 50 & not at what he is pointing to I’d miss the point . The facts are Snoop took the picture before 50 posted it because I already saw this so I’m not about to go beat up 50 for doing this I’d rather look at what his finger is pointing to which is facts .

  • drac215

    Let the women have their own thing!!! Since when has it been cool to not hang at the barber shop but instead the beauty shop with the women. Snoops wife probably doesnt want her husband with her under the hair dryer with her and her friends!!! Man up snoop, youre doing too much and confusing your manhood with hollywood. God is love peace

  • this ya’ll hero. this the man who got ya’ll calln ur daughters/wives/mothers h0es and ‘b1tches aint sh1t.’ smh. It’s part of the emasculation of Black men to hate women (Black women in particular), jus like they taught ya’ll to sag ur pants as part of prison culture (the ‘woman’ in prison showed ‘her’ goods that way). You allowed this and gave birth to a generation of Tyler Perrys. Only a village that wants to go up in smoke degrades and suppresses their women. We didn’t start this but ya’ll put the nail on your own coffin hating Black women cuz we your last line of defense. I will always have my brothers’ back but look at the pic above and know you’ve been duped for the last 20 years. Him and Dre laid the groundwork for the desecration of women in Hip-Hop. All the men who were called “soft” for treating their women right still got a good woman and all the men who went ‘hard on h0es’ left sittn in ‘wife beaters’ starin at ea other sweaty necks.

  • Antwon Grant

    yall should chill with the BS..everyone knows Snoop and Fif are cool..he wasn’t going at them like that..stop this dumb shit AHH

    • brotha_man

      even if he wasnt sh*t still suspect

      • yea its not that deep. dead ass i got a manicure and my homie was coming at me on ig cuz i get polish lmfao. i didnt get no french tips tho. its just some homie shit. he cracking jokes. they’re reaching right now

      • brotha_man

        idk..only time i step foot in a nail place is to pay for wifey nails.

        by polish, do u mean u get color? no diss just asking. im new to brothas in nail salons…didnt know dudes did that. must be a westcoast thing

      • nah its clear. personally i used to work all kinds of stock jobs and my hands would always get cut and fucked up. so i started getting em done to take all that dead skin and scrapes off.

      • brotha_man

        i can dig that

      • MrsOno

        Hell naw that’s not a west coast thing…lol! That’s for the funny bunnies! I will cut my husbands nails, he will not be at the nail shop with me. He gets polish….smh! I don’t care if you break bricks with your bare hands, what does that have to do with a man getting his nails polished? He’s making excuses…sorry.

  • chasin money not hoes

    This nigga nails look better than my chick that’s a problem!!!

    • king

      The problem is you need upgrade your chick nails point blank.

      • chasin money not hoes

        Naw homeboi u missin tha point…point is no man should have nails better than any female on this planet ya dig?…now I gotta question yo manhood folk this ain’t got ish to do wit my shawty I jus feel like he got sum sugar in his blood and I ain’t talkin bout diabetes. I guess yo boyfriend gets his nails done too perhaps??

      • king

        You obviously no nothing about the pimp culture little one?

      • Guest

        Boi stop first off its 2014 folk ain’t no man walkin round wit female nails bra idc who u r snoop dawg or if u wrkin at mcdonalds …ima say u fruitcake af off tha muscle….where I’m from that’s not normal kinfolk at all so fukk wat u kno bout pimp $hit and imagine u walkn round wit dat ..ain’t gone b no explainin bout sum pimp $hit bc u gone getcha issue.

      • regal84


      • chasin money not hoes

        Fukk u mean HUH? Goofy a$$ nigga u must b frm canada

      • king

        See little one your the one who is missing the point go back to playing in the sand box your not even understanding.

      • chasin money not hoes

        STFU old head thank he kno but in reality u b at tha gay parade and sand box?? More like ya girls box

      • king

        Yeah little bit trust and believe I definitely know what I am talking about

      • Guest

        Do ya thang folk I’m straight over here

      • You can’t say that “No man should have nails….etc;” you don’t make the rules, you can only control what you and people in your circle do, but to say something that we all should be doing is wrong.

      • chasin money not hoes

        Lol ok my boy go wear female nails wit ur boyfriend initials on em!!



    • wickedjones

      Nigga be worried if his ass look better than your chicks.. (drumroll…. wah wah, wah.)

      • chasin money not hoes

        Whatchu mean folk?

      • wickedjones

        that was a joke.

  • Akuma

    snoop is gay

  • richard_b_hard

    Man there was a time when only FEMALES got their hair done,wore skirts,and tights,and got their nails done. These days it’s hard to tell who is a male and who is a female,soon niggas gonna be giving each other open mouth kiss instead of dap and when you call em out they gonna try to justify it by saying it ain’t gay unless you use your tongue.

    • digitallife

      You do realize getting your nails done dates back centuries all the way up the ladder to kings right? Getting your nails colored is a whole other subject.


      They are kissing each other. Lil Wayne and Bird man!!!

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    50 Cent having personal problems finding himself as a young lady so he lashing out a everyone else bout they sexuality. It’s ok 50. You’ve just been a 13 year old girl for the past almost ten years who has yet to have her period. It’s all right ma!

  • I am not sure if 50 cent has listened to fans in going back to his hungry days when he was quick at the mouth, just so he can sell some more records…..But if 50 is just being 50 then we all finally see that 50 is a bigger fraud than all his enemies……Now artists are really not going to want to EVER work with 50 because he has a track record of working with artists then attacking them in public or vice versa….I guess after you reach to the top there is nowhere else to go but back down.

  • What Is This

    Gosh, People act like 50 can’t have a sense of humor!? Doesn’t mean he’s tryna beef…..


    That doesn’t sound like beef to me!!!


    I remember back in the 80’s cat’s down in Miami were wearing make-up and putting moose in their hair like how white chicks use to do!!! A couple of those clowns came to New York, and went home real quick!!!


  • patti livernash

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