Lil Boosie Releases 1st Picture and Freestyle Since Leaving Prison (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Jail seems to have been a great place for Boosie to hit the gym and the pen. Today (March 6th) Boosie releases the first picture and freestyle since his release from prison yesterday (March 5th).

Last night, Boosie completed his prison sentence for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance. Later that night, Boosie wasted no time to talk to his fans and sent a tweet from his personal Twitter seemingly referencing his song “Touch Down To Cause Hell”:

A picture of Boosie was released later:

Boosie released his first form of original music since his release in a video recorded freestyle while in a car. Entitled “The Ride Home (Freestyle), Boosie makes references of still being a “shooter”, but acknowledges that he has to be smarter:

Still a shooter, still moving, but I got my mind right/now I’m way richer/what that mean?/I’m way bigger.

Check out both parts of Boosie’s “The Ride Home (Freestyle)”:

Part 2

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  • Tre C

    good for Boosie, his family, friends, and fans. Stay out here

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  • Chris

    Them pushups will get you right.

  • Montezuma1


  • Aubrey Cagle

    Welcome Home Boosie Bad Azz

  • Casor_G

    Boosie aint the best rapper, but I respect him to for living what he raps about to a closer degree than most of these frauds…YOUR favorite rapper included… Suckers!

    • EL_BARK

      I concur,
      Not to mention he rumble that body case in a state thats known for roofing rappers….

      • Casor_G

        Yeah El. Dudes rhymes are simple but he kept it real in the streets and beat a murder case. It appears Boosie got the heart of a lion.

        You know i really ain’t on the tip, but I have no problem recognizing and giving props where it’s earned.

      • Southcidal

        You give props for going to jail? A change in our culture is needed immediately.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol that went over ur head.. He was saying or comparing boosie to other rapper that promote a false image, or rap about a lifestyle they dont live & most couldnt take the heat if they was in that situation……
        Dude was doing a bid and got hit with a body charge, on top
        Of that , it take a lot of heart to fight a body case, guilty or innocent cause if u lose.
        U in for life in most cases….. Some niggas would had cop out and took a deal or ratted…
        That was the point….

        To be honest i thought he was going to get roof,

      • Casor_G

        Already Bark.

      • Sean Taylor

        He ain’t got the heart for shit…he paid shooters.

        Soldiers overseas have the heart of a lion!

      • EL_BARK

        Lol do most bosses get their hands dirty?

    • Judah Nazayar

      i have to agree wid U Casor. And Peace 2 u brother..glad to c u alive and well.
      But i did roast u pretty hard one day. Remember that REGGIN s joke? hahahahaahahaha aww man. But ur a good guy…stay up

      • Casor_G

        What up Judah. I tried to get at you several times but you seem to never respond to anything. Peace my brother.

      • EL_BARK

        Lmao the good ole days. When these boards actually were popping

  • trilltalk1

    now i gues we will find out if all these rappers that claim they was looking out for the nigga and had love for the nigga were keeping it a buck. anyway i wanna see what the music gone belike after dam near 5 years in the pen. we saw what happen to shyne when he came out.

  • bigdoe6

    Get back on the road and get that show money. Keep some smart and responsible people around you. Stay healthy and take care of your fam. You got another chance Boosie.

  • Brick Soulja

    Houston, we have a problem in the rap game. Welcome home to Big Boosie!!!

    • Sean Taylor

      He never was and never will be a problem in the “rap game”.

      F outta here Reggie Miller!

  • Shit i like that, never been a huge Boosie fan, probably because the voice was kinna annoying so a whole album wasn’t gonna happen….but at that tone and with those bars i’d give it a fair listen… Welcome Home Soldier #Salute

    • Made me wanna root 4 em….I concur with your statement tho.

  • brotha_man

    No one cares when you get outta school-
    “I just got outta school! Got my masters!”
    “So what- dont come around here with all that readin and shit- see I can count too 1,2,4,9 So- what! You be countin these rcks byotch!”
    “but I got my masters!”
    “So what you my master now???” -Chris Rock

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Ready fa the mixtape/album….u still got it my nicca!

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  • I rock with bruh to a certain level couldn’t really take his voice in large quantity, I was more of a Webbie guy than a Boosie. I’m glad to see that brother home and I expect he can’t do no worse than a lot of these fraud a $$ rappers out here. Imma root for bruh cuz he got knocked down and I wanna see him rise up against all them odds. Very few of us come home after what bruh was facing so I wish him well. Lol what if bruh come out sharper than a blade lyrically? The second rhyme video was str8 if u hear him…sounded real to me

  • MixtapeDJs.Net

    Let’s celebrate a nigga that never went to jail.. You don’t get no reward for being in prison

    • Sean Taylor

      That’s like people bragging about taking care of their kids….

      I swear this society is getting dumber with each new generation.

      • Judah Nazayar

        thats widout a shadow of doubt..

    • Judah Nazayar


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  • siddiq ja’far

    This NIGGA is garbage!

  • World Dominator

    People honoring this dude like he won a US WAR abroad, or CURED CANCER or something! He’s a criminal, making mediocre ‘music’ at best, acting like he’s someone important, directing young thugs with nothin’ to lose, to kill others & forever shattering other families dreams & hearts! Say NO SUPPORT for this BUM! Support REAL ARTISTS with SOMETHING to say, not ‘ya know wut Im sayin’?……. F*CK THAT!

    • SpliffThaMobbaholic

      LMAO @ “mediocre at best” thats an over statement…dude is trash..his voice sounds like Trina…Trina rap better then this guy…lmao

    • king

      Hater all your life huh lol if people want to celebrate let them .

      • Sean Taylor

        Yeah a hater because he speaks the truth.

        You would think after 4yrs he would change but this dumb azz is still talking about being a shooter.

      • king

        Ti was arrested with a lot of guns he still speak of guns in his lyrics.

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Really a hater ? Wow I guess you like it better if he killed your little man & come home & brag about how he still got it in him to do it again . We love to listen to that “kill a black slave descendant music” I used to listen to Boosie then I woke up from the deep sleep of sadness , Boosie can do better but hey if your a thug for life just don’t try to switch up in front of Jesus on judgement day .

      • king

        Who did he killed

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Don’t even worry about it , just go’head & cop the album coming out soon I’m sure you’ll be asking the same question when he raps about gun play all through it . I can see you now “who did he kill ?” with your head bobbing .

      • king

        Ti was arrested for major gun possession and speaks about still to this day..

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Very ungrateful . & not regretful . If you continue to boast about your wrongs after Jesus has shown you mercy soon your mercy will run out . Mark my word .

      • king

        Say no to drugs

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Saying no to drugs is good I’m 32 & have been sober since 20 so I agree . Now we gotta let these rappers know the same thing . Your headed toward the right direction kid I’m proud of you .

    • Jonathan Cayol

      Supporting Boosie 7 days after Black History Month after he successfully got away with killing a young black man for a few thousand dollars . Good job black nation we did it again . The world awaits on how he will stylishly rap about how much of a gangster he still is & how he is about to continue being a gangster . If you don’t support Boosie your a hater & Lil Webbie should kill you am I correct ?

    • RichFromBX

      I’ve said the same thing in the past about this dude and Meech – cats out here talking about this dude as if he’s done something positive for black people. Like you said, this dude has had black males killed and people are welcoming him home like he just got back from the moon. Such hypocrisy – rappers will be out here saying this that and third about GZ but will line up to work with Boosie who’s responsible for the deaths of more black males and destroying more black families. SMDH.

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  • Screwface

    Now if he continues to further the cycle and doesn’t try to make a change for the better, like what Azie Faison did, I can’t respect this man. With the evidence they had on him they could’ve fried his black ass but money, or god, or the fact that L.a. Is like the only state still under Napoleonic law, he got another chance. You ignorant wanna be’s and him can glorify the street life all you want. That’s why t shirt companies and 40 ounce beer bottles will never stop making money. There will always be imbeciles like you and Boosie to make sure the 40’s need pouring out, and the shirts say RIP and FREE on them.

    • Judah Nazayar

      kan..excellent post

  • superh8

    That mix is the best ive ever heard the bitch

  • Twonpass

    Are you seriously defending anything this dude does….. Wake the hell up people.. he aint hard, he aint no soldier, half you dummies have no clue what the hell a real soldier is….. Marcus Garvey was a soldier, Malcom X was a soldier, fighting for a real cause, this dude killed or had someone kill another brotha, his own brotha… Gotto wake up. What we are doing to one another is part of THIER plan for us, but I guess we like to be dumb and just not look at what is right in front of us…
    Current Rap reflects the people who like it…….sadly there are no conscious brothas out here getting the praise for the good they do, we like to glorify the dumb shit we continue to do and wonder why we have nothing, we have gained nothing, we have accomplished nothing since slavery…..
    I bet some of yall think Black folks are doing pretty good these days huh…….
    If you knew better and actually paid attention, you would know that WE have not progress not one bit…….
    Quick fact and Im done…….
    After Slavery We owned 1/2 of 1% of al wealth in Amerikkka….think about that for a sec… pretty powerful…..
    Fast forward 130+ years……..even with Oprah, Jay Z, Diddy, Bob Johnson
    We still only own 1/2 of 1% of total welath in amerikka…..
    Wake Up…..
    We are moving backward at light speed……
    No debate just my statement on the shituation…

    • pastor NotGivvafuck

      STFU !!!!

      • Twonpass

        another dummy in denial…. Ill wait , more of you will show up…..
        oh and lil boy I will slap you and your mama, go sit ya punk ass down somewhere, PS I aint wit that internet fake gangsta / fag shit…
        silly rabbit

      • pastor NotGivvafuck

        U EARNED IT

    • Mr. T. E. Z


      • Twonpass

        hahahah, maybe because I am too busy helping the community to be all on a blog site acting tough, calm down Brotha…..did I step on your panties or something….
        And exactly how do you know what I do, did or am doing….
        Ill wait….

      • Mr. T. E. Z


      • Twonpass

        FYI, stop telling the Agenda who you are and what you are doing.
        you want them to know your every move..?
        U ever play chess…kinda hard to win that way….
        but enjoy the belief that you have…
        Peace my Brotha

      • Mr. T. E. Z

        That’s exactly why I say you a Bitch nig…fuck the agenda…Im looking out the window like Malcom wit a K….U Scared of White People; but wanna talk shit about someone black who has done more for their community than these white boys you fear…

      • southside

        bitch nigga u must be from new york or somethin

  • Mr. T. E. Z


    • Twonpass

      What with all the tough talk Brotha……we just debating on the reality of the shituation…..
      funny, what do you do for a living…..since we all have slave jobs… no job in amerikkka isnt … unless you own and control yours (not drugs or pimpin they control that too…) but a real business…
      No … ok….
      Knock it off tough guy

      • Mr. T. E. Z

        Im real…I employ over 50 Black Men and Women in Memphis, TN. And you talking all this but just bringing down another BROTHA….the reality is you too scary to address realtiy cuz you live behind this screen…I see your history is full of hate…Don’t talk shit about another BROTHA…do some positive…BITCH NIGGA

      • Twonpass

        Ok so you want to go there,

        Young brotha why in the world are you so up in arms about a comment made by me?
        this is a non sense blog site… taken way too seriously….
        You got a lot hate toward someone you dont even know…. but sadly that is the agenda hard at work. They want us to hate each other, you dont see that…
        Now again go back re-read my comment and see if I was hating or presenting some truth…

        PS I do not have to provide my personal info …
        just get the message, forget about the messenger….

        Peace and Love Brotha…

      • Mr. T. E. Z

        Bitch nig …you the one said you would slap me and my mama…fuck boy don’t get all soft now

      • Mr. T. E. Z

        Nigs wanna scream Peace and Love…anybody can type…it takes a Man to stand up and own his

  • Twonpass

    Let me apologize to the internet thugs, pimps, d boys, gangstas…i see some of you got your panties on backward….
    I forget the level of intelligence that sometimes permiates these blog sites….
    Real Brothas and Sistas know the truth…
    the rest just keep on following the shepherd ( most wont get the reference)
    Peace and Love…..

    • Mr. T. E. Z

      Apologize to your parents…you have failed them

  • Mr. T. E. Z


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  • Obi Won

    LOL!! The homie Boosie hasn’t lost a step!!!
    Get that man some beats!!!

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  • 2morsPurpose

    Who’s making good music these days? All of these characters are wack!! As long as it sells they will make it. That’s all that matters. My job is not to judge so I can’t judge no man/woman especially Boosie. If you don’t like him that’s your prerogative. If you think that criticizing him will make him change then keep on criticizing. Unless you are going to come through on your big white/black horse to enlighten this so called “criminal” I suggest you take a closer look at the change you are trying to make happen from behind a computer screen. Matthew 7:2, For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. We live in a World where people don’t forgive and really no good will come of it.