Why’s The Florida DA Going So Hard At Marissa Alexander?

State’s Attorney Angela Corey is having a very bad year.

Her office has flubbed two high-profile murder trials and now the state’s attorney announced they aim to increase Alexander’s sentence to 60 years if they win a conviction at her second trial.  In her original trial, Alexander was convicted on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but in the judge decided she should serve the three counts concurrently, meaning she would be in prison for only 20 years instead of 60 years.

There are three high-profile cases in the state of Florida where a legal firearm was discharged by someone who later claimed self defense.  Two of those cases, George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn, who both shot and killed unarmed black teens, resulted in acquittals on murder charges. The third is the case of Marissa Alexander, who is awaiting a retrial now with the new threat of 60 years hanging over her head.

Alexander fired a warning shot during a dispute with her estranged husband, Rico Gray, who she says threatened to kill her that day. Alexander was not permitted to use the Florida’s now infamous “Stand Your Ground” defense, and she was originally convicted of three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison under a Florida mandatory minimum sentencing statute.  The jury in her original trial deliberated for 12 minutes before coming back with a conviction, but, after an appeal, Alexander was granted a retrial because of flawed jury instructions.

On the heels of the Michael Dunn verdict, which in many ways reopened the fresh wounds people of color felt after the Zimmerman acquittal, the reaction has been swift and passionate.  It seems outside of the realm of what is fair and just to even consider charging Alexander with a crime that would lead to a lifetime behind bars.  Even though Alexander’s warning shot didn’t hit anyone at all, to Assistant State’s Attorney Richard Mantei, this is simply Florida following sentencing laws.  And the court that will hear Alexander’s retrial has ruled that if a defendant is convicted on multiple counts, then they must serve their sentences consecutively.

But to Alexander’s supporters who have followed all of the high-profile cases prosecuted by Corey’s office that have made national news, Corey appears to have a vendetta against Alexander.  While Corey’s office is arguing that they are following state precedent, it’s also true that prosecutors have a huge amount of discretion and power.  If Corey wanted to, she could easily conclude that three years behind bars for defending yourself from your abuser is enough and send Alexander home after this ugly ordeal and grave injustice.

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  • dfwricwil

    From what I’ve read she’s the abuser but 60 yrs. Dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SBRon

      Yo Black, I haven’t followed this case closely at all!! Sources…?

  • The Black Fist

    I keep telling yall fools! there’s one justice system for whites and then there’s one for blacks. White America & segregation @ its finest!! what’s new smh!

    • Brick Soulja

      I hate that my black people are defending this wild manipulating animal. She is making black women look bad just that blue contact wearing broad who falsely accused those Duke lacross players of rape. She should have been jailed for those false allegations and since she wasn’t, she eventually went on to murder a man. Don’t just defend someone because of the color of their skin.

      • The Black Fist

        I’m not defending her actions im just highlighting the difference between black & white justice. the excuse the jury use for not convicting GZ as charged was because the LAW had their hands tied and based on Marissa’s defense she felt like her life was in danger just like GZ when he murdered unarmed Trayvon Martin but she was charged and
        convicted to 20 years exercising the ”stand your ground law” fly her ass out to California on those charges and she’ll get what she deserve but if your State allows you to get away with murder then it can’t segregate skin color for that law that’s all im saying.

      • Truth Powell

        Yeah difference is if she was a white woman no one would be giving her case attention and she would go to prison.

      • The Black Fist

        If that same white woman went on to prison bet if wouldn’t be for 20-60 years! especially once the infamous insanity plea hits the table.

  • Black Jay

    I’m not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but….
    After watching all of the laws aimed at Black People in Florida, I have an idea about what’s going on….

    1. Are the republicans trying to run Blacks out because of the huge political role that state has in our Presidential elections?


    2. Are the Black People in Florida being driven out because of the prime real estate?

    It’s no secret that as Florida goes, so does the Presidential Elections. Republicans got spanked by Obama in two elections. Most of the country is against them. So they really have nothing left but redistricting, voter suppression, and ass backwards laws targeting the minority vote. I personally don’t think the prosecutor did all that she could on the Trayvon Martin case. In fact, it seems like she threw it.
    But also Florida used to be known for the Old White People retirement destination. That’s where the green was. And for the most part it’s still true. But with the influx of Black Millionaires and people of color with paper, I feel like they’re getting more than a little nervous about their property values.

    What do y’all think? I’m curious.


      Yeah we got a long history with the Bullcrap. She just shot the gun in the air. SMH. They wanna win so bad, I got a feeling they gonna throw the book at her. Hope I’m wrong. All Florida isn’t bad, It’s just the old money is about gone and it’s a new generation. Immigration really got them shook, because most latino, gonna vote Democrat and then it’s a rap. The more they try to suppress us, that just gonna make more of us turn out. Rick Scott out number one project to get rid of.

      • Schooly B

        Where do you get your information from?



      • SBRon

        But yo, you didn’t mention the Anti-Castro Cubans who are devout Republicans. The “Hispanics” who can pick from like 5 boxes for the Census, employment…whatever!! These pieces of crap (Rubio’s ilk) who check WHITE are the very same who discriminated against their darker Countrymen before Castro ran dat ass out!! Granted, It’s not much better down there present day with crazy embargos & whatnot!!I’m just sayin…



      • SBRon

        Yeah man, I’d love to see it!!

  • Truth Powell

    This girl is the stereotypical dumb b*tch. Can’t really feel sorry for her.

    • Troll_E_G

      U wrong for the fuckery u typing

      • Truth Powell

        That girl was wrong for bucking at her ex with children present in the room.

  • brotha_man

    How in the fu*k can fo’ birds get you a life sentence?
    But give a cracker seven years for money launderin’ millions
    Shoot a ni**a in the leg they sentence you like you killed ’em
    Cracker catch you wit’ that iron and throw you under the buildin’

  • Brick Soulja

    She had no right going to his house after she put a restraining order against him. Her life was not in danger once she got in her car, but she chose to grab her gun and go back inside.

    • Slick Blak

      She was at her home! They still lived together!

    • Troll_E_G

      How are you random white person trolling under a black womans pic to create distractions

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  • Schooly B

    REALLY?!!! This person really shouldn’t write unless they are going to research the topic they are speaking on. Warning shot?

  • hoeyuno

    This case was/is bullshit! The jury made a decision after 12 minutes!!!!?? 12 minutes it took them to decide a mother witg no priors was gonna go to jail for basically the rest of her life!! I could see if she shot him but she shot a warning shot in the fuccin air!!!!???

  • best_believe

    This DA is against the 2nd Amendment.

    • ConflictLife

      Exactly. This is the main reason for the severe prosecution of Alexander that everyone seems to be ignoring. On top of that, Corey has had plenty of complaints throughout her career for overcharging and questionable practices such as withholding evidence. With that said, Alexander was still stupid for letting off a shot in a situation where she did have a means of getting away from the conflict.

  • Slaughtr

    To any person who saw Rosewood that’s all I needed. 2014 nothing has changed contrary to black folk thinking getting paper is the main push for everything. At the end of the day and the beginning if your skin is brown injustice follows. In the constitution brown people are considered 3/5ths of a man. Florida continues to uphold their black codes so really no need to be surprised this is America the country with a continuing history of race lynching.

    • Str8UpReal

      Say it aint so

  • EniggaMA

    I hate hearing about sh!t like this. Won’t get into to a race rant but the sh!t is sickening

    • Troll_E_G

      It is about race n speaking truth is far from ranting

  • Str8UpReal

    Stand your ground isn’t applicable for black people? WTF

    • Not when they are ADVANCING their ground.

      She went out & got the gat & returned.

      That isn’t self defense or Pookie Loc from South Central wouldn’t be in jail for drive bys.

      *Pookie Loc = Fictitional charecter

  • Thenatural503

    Okay well stand your ground is for if you have no chance to flee right? Didn’t she leave the house go to her car and then get the gun? Wouldn’t the chance to flee been right there? Got in her car called the police and said my husband or ex or whatever is in our home trying to hurt me?

    • Troll_E_G

      No reason she should be in jail while murderers walk free. No excuses for that

    • That’s the basis of the law.
      Apparently, she wasn’t supposed to be there, and then turned to the agressor.

      ‘Chet is fugged up but if I sucker punch ypu & break your jaw, then say “I don’t want to fight!” & back down, taking the broke jaw as a “W” & start stepping, you havr to eat that or call the jake & press charges. if you be like “Well, you don’t have to fight…you just have to get fugged up!” & swing, you are guilty, especially if I press charges…and you don’t.

      The hubby is a Butchcraig @$$ Ninja though.
      Putting baby momz in jail is some real fag ‘chet.

      • Immortal

        It might be, but she asked for the PO to be put in place, and “sneaking” into the house alone to “grab her belongings” begs someone to ask WTF was she thinking and almost like she knew what the outcome would be before she even went into the house. She should’ve called the cops, her lawyer, took a friend as a witness, someone who could’ve bore witness to the situation or even gotten the stuff out of the house for her and saved her all this aggravation and jail time. Maybe she shoulda took the three year bid and called it a day.

      • Exactly, it looks she she went to settle the score.
        Post partum Depression = temp insanity but legally speaking, she has no defense, and that’s not even taking her hubby’s side of the story into consideration, but he’s a stiff necked, hoecake eating @$$ Ninja anyway though.

      • Pirate7X

        She should get time served, that’s it 3 years done and gone.

        Now that state’s att. she deserves to get …

      • They offered her that, but Fla has mando minimums, and she has no one to snitch on, uh, er, I meant “Offer Substantial assistance” on some “Why go to the pen, when you can tell on a friend?” type ‘chet.

        Fire a shot during a felony & it’s 20 jawnts, although 60 jawnts is insane.

        the state’s attorney is just “Doing her job”, with no consideration of her work or purpose.

        CRIME PAYS…just not for the criminal.

    • Mike Thompson

      No stand your ground does NOT require you to flee..

      • Thenatural503

        Pretty sure part of stand your ground is that you have to have thought your life was in danger and had no chance to flee the situation which she had because she went to her car to get the gun. Read up on the law in Florida every state is different.

      • Mike Thompson

        Your wrong… im sorry im repeating it. But your not ready to debate the subject if you got the main point wrong. Stand your ground does NOT require one to flee. And its not true that every state is different. That implies that there are 51 different laws on this issue. MOST states are normal meaning they require you to flee except when in your home. The minority of states like florida has Stand your ground, which says you dont have to flee you just need to be in fear of your life. Most states would have put Dunn and Zimmerman away for some manslaughter charge and would have highlighted all the “last clear chances” he had to flee. They would have highlighted that he provoked the engagement. But Florida has SYG which means those things didnt matter. Prosecution focused on Zimmerman “not being afraid” , the defense focused on Zimmerman “being afraid”. That was the issue. You never heard prosecutors say “Zimmerman had a chance to run therefore he is guilty”. Thats because it didnt matter if that was true or not.. guilt depended on fear only because of Stand your ground. You should read up on it.

    • IsiahZeke11

      You make a good point dude, but as we learned with zimmerman “Stand your Ground” has nothing to do with the word “flee”… As he literally chased and tracked Trayvon down, started an altercation with him, then shot him!

  • pastor NotGivvafuck


  • Super_Hero

    This is more proof that TI snitched

  • Immortal

    On Aug. 1, 2010, Alexander was working for a payroll software company. She was estranged from her husband, Rico Gray, and had a restraining order against him, even though they’d had a baby together just nine days before. Thinking he was gone, she went to their former home to retrieve the rest of her clothes, family members said.

    An argument ensued, and Alexander said she feared for her life when she went out to her vehicle and retrieved the gun she legally owned. She came back inside and ended up firing a shot into the wall, which ricocheted into the ceiling.

    This is from the huffington post, and if true, the fact is she was wrong for even being there. That’s why she had a PO against him. She should’ve called or notified someone that she was on the way there and took a witness, especially the cops and she wouldn’t have been in this situation. Also for her to be there violates the PO she had made in itself, so once again she is in the wrong. She knew where the gun was, so would that prejudice a jury into thinking that this was premeditated?

    • why ur ass on AHH defending Angela Corey?

      • Immortal

        I’m not defending anyone, just stating facts. If you think I’m defending anyone, why not ask in a civilized manner and get a civilized answer or is that too much to ask for? If someone screws up, they screwed up. And like I said before, if this is true, then she plainly screwed up. PO’s are made for a reason.

      • When she found out he was there….she should have left!

      • Immortal


      • Trayvon, this, anytime the media propz up a cause for dumb black people to support on some racial ‘chet, it’s usually BS.

        Not saying she deserves 60yrs, or months for that matter, but you know under “DIFFERENT” circumstances, she would have gotten 60 days.

        Remember in Ohio when dude killed himeself & sell his animals loose? Lions, bears, tigers, etc?

        Dude just got out the feds for a class 3 violation, actually, 3 of them, a 60 yr old whiteman, and he only got 1yr.

        Certain people would have gotten so much time for 1 violation, you would think there was actually a “VICTIM” involved.

        They have cases where dudes snitched on their momz & still couldn’t get less than 5yrs.

        Media ain’t say ‘chet about Oscar Grant…until they had too & then only a little bit!

      • you’re right. I should have asked you better. I don’t think this is a race-baiting article, the facts are clear that white men walk away free of murder charges when they send one of us to the grave; and this woman hurt NO ONE and is facing 60 yrs? This is clear that they throw the book at Black people. Probation, AT WORSE, for returning to the house. Zimmerman disobeyed dispatch orders to stay in the vehicle and walked away UNDER ANGELA COREY. This bish is biased and anyone Black trying to find an angle to throw Marissa Alexander under the bus is a traitor to the people. I know there’s a lotta “Black” trolls on AHH (so they say), agents, and the like. Not sure what category u under, but it’s all good. Still humbly apologize for my delivery.

      • Immortal

        In this case it’s not a black or white issue…..yet, but rather it’s a wrong vs. right issue. She had no business there. She had a PO filed against him, so why take a chance to be anywhere near him without a cop, lawyer, or some other kind of witness to back up your claim? And to make it worse, she had the chance to leave when the arguing started, and only left to get a weapon. There is no excuse for her having done that and then fire anywhere near him, let alone her kids where had the weapon been lower, had a chance to hit? The best thing she could’ve done was take the three years, and run out of prision ahead. But she figured with her lawyer that with all the attraction on stand your ground that Zimmerman had brought, she could skate on what she did, and she with her lawyer gambled wrong. When someone is wrong, they are wrong, and whether or not the judicial system is prejudiced or not, becomes immaterial. Due to a ignorant PA, pride on her part, she’s now fighting to get 20 rather than 60. 60 is extreme, but is there a price you could put on those kids life had that bullet found a lower trajectory and hit one? The DA has a lot to prove and will come at her hard because she had the chance to leave AND because of the botched cases before. A traitor to the people aren’t those defending her, it’s those that refuse to see where wrong is being done, not trying to better the situation whether it be themselves or the area they live in, and those that are willing to kill their own in pursuit of a cheap dollar and commit genocide. I’m not a troll, been here since this site started under different names. I may be an agent, but an agent of peace, an agent of understanding, and an agent of education. I have my ignorant moments like anyone else, but I try hard to be civil to all.

      • “but is there a price you could put on those kids life had that bullet found a lower trajectory and hit one?” They are trying her for 60 yrs based on what COULD have happened and setting murderers free or uncharged for the murders they DID commit against KIDS. This man is also is on record of being ABUSIVE twd Marissa. No, you’re an agent, PERIOD, divisive and manipulative, trying to throw shade on a woman defending herself. And backing Angela Corey in lynching Marissa. You got damn right it’s a Black and White issue, 2 white men w/ ZERO murder prosecutions for the murders they DID commit, meanwhile a Black woman facing 60 yrs for what COULD have gone wrong while she was defending herself. Anybody say any different is an AGENT. You can call it uncivilized, my use of the word ass. I’m not worried about some AGENT’S interpretation of civilization. Snake in the grass, trolling Hip-Hop sites throwin shade on Black women, backing racist ass Angela Corey. calling yourself civilized. U bout as civilized as a lynch mob.

      • Immortal

        I’ll be whatever you like, because at the end of the day there are two things for sure 1. You do not pay any of my bills, 2. You invalidated your entire argument by being childish and using name calling rather than make your case based of pure facts that are clearly indisputable and like it or not some circumstantial. And I’ll even add a third, you’re entitled to your opinion, doesn’t mean anything to me if I choose not to bother with it. Have a good day ma’am.

      • IsiahZeke11

        Her not having any business being there seems to be your only point guy, although that is true it’s not HARDLY a punishable offense of up to 60 freckin years in jail. I mean are you really reading exactly the type retarded bs you’re supporting here?!? She shot and killed exactly NOBODY in self defense… If you want to press trespassing charges against her then so be it, but not attempted murder against an ex who has beaten her repeatedly before… The charges do NOT match the facts of what happened in this case… Drug kingpins, murderers, and rapists don’t do 60 years for thier woeful crimes!!!!!

    • Mike Thompson

      Your wrong and distracting on so many levels. You cited numerous points but never spoke to stand your ground. She could be wrong for being in violation of a restraining order and it wouldn’t deny her a stand your ground defense. We saw Zimmerman was wrong for following the kid, not backing down but it didn’t make the analysis for stand your ground different. All that is needed is fear….whether you’d created the fear apparently isn’t even a mitigating factor. In Michael dunn’s case he made it all up and it was deemed legit fear.

      • Immortal

        Correct me if I’m not wrong; she went into HIS house correct? SHE had a PO taken out against him right due to violence? SHE violated the PO by going into the house, and knew well in advance that going in there would lead to an argument right? So she got the argument that she knew was going to happen right? She had enough time to maneuver to the garage where she knew a weapon was located right? Now in all this moving around, picking up a cell and dialing 911 wasn’t an option? She didn’t even have to talk into it, lust let someone pick up on it and the cops would’ve come right? But she went to the weapon fired it, and expects to get off scott free? Standing your ground shouldn’t apply here because she should never have gone to the house in the first place. How can you use that when you clearly go somewhere you had no business being? Zimmerman was “on duty” in his area of responsibility (couch couch),, but had the sense to call the cops ahead of time (a ploy to save his racist self and it worked), and unfortunately met a superior force with deadly force in killing Trayvon. Each case didn’t have to happen, but with Zimm’s he called the cops. And for the dude that shot the kid, he’s still going to do life in prision due to the number of years they gave him for the other charges. Maybe the DA or Attorney Gen for FL needs to educate themselves on the law they are to enforce and the conviction rate would be better.

      • Mike Thompson

        Once again…you’re wrong. You’re actually arguing that they get rid of Stand your ground. In other words stand your ground is the reason it wouldnt matter that she was in the wrong going to the man’s house. Just like it didnt matter that Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon after talking to the police. Stand your ground says a person can be in the wrong they have no obligation to run. All that is needed is that they have “fear for their life”. In a “non stand your ground state” everything you mentioned would be relevant to her guilt. But in a stand your ground state.. it doesn’t matter that she may have provoked it. The question is.. was the person in fear of their life. And mind you its so racist because the fear need not be legit… in Michael Dunn’s case it was just music and appearance, In Zimmerman’s case it was just appearance yet in this woman’s case ….they didnt feel she had a legitmate fear? Its obvious a black woman shooting a gun is unreasonable only because of her skin tone. In both other cases there was NO objective measurement to be scared of in her case there was a history of actual “real” violence. She intentionally shot up in the air…in the other cases they shot at people. In the end stand your ground is being applied racially and its unfortunate.

      • Immortal

        You’re misunderstood. I’m not for taking stand you ground away at all. Actually I’m all for it, but applying it correctly, and using information gained correctly. I’m also not so blind that I cannot see a broken system, but at the same time see where the system isn’t broken at all in a case by case basis. In your interpretation of stand your ground, she only had to fear that her life was in danger, and wrong or not isn’t in question. How does that work when she left, walked away, and came back? He didn’t pursue her to continue the situation, she came back to continue it and fired a weapon in the process. She didn’t fire it into the air because the trajectory pictures show where someone could have been hit. That is circumstantial, but when you place people in there, makes a strong argument against someone. So a bully bullies someone, said person goes home, picks up a weapon and shoots in the direction of the bully and can claim stand your ground? That doesn’t make sense. Said person exited the scene untouched yet fearful, and came back with the intent to scare but use a weapon and the means to scare. Who has the stand your ground right then? The bully does. Do I think she should get 60 years? I say no, but I’m not a FL lawyer either. Should she get time served? Again maybe, but at the same time there were kids around that could’ve been hit simply by a sudden unplanned change in trajectory of the bullet. The DA is making a big deal of this, but she did wrong, and should pay. We could argue this for days on end, but I’m not. I’m not a FL lawyer, and even though I’m a criminal justice major, I’m still not an expert. And to make it worse, neither of us were actually there. There are experts dealing with this case, race immaterial, successful or not. I’m going to let them have at it. I have my opinion and you have yours. Shalom.

      • Mike Thompson

        My interpretation? Yo the subject is to real for pseudo knowledge like you’re trying to kick. In the end all of I learned is that you are to stubborn to even look up the law. You seem unable to identify why the two cases are being looked at. And further your total lack of knowledge with regard to stand your ground is shameful being people are dying out there and you’re talking about factors that shouldn’t be considered. Stand your ground doesn’t require her to flee. It doesn’t mean anything that she provoked just don’t get that. In the end I tried to nudge you int he right direction but your opinion is based on a misconception. No disrespect but I promise you if you google stand your ground…then check out the two cases you’ll see why it’s important to understand what is required for a stand your ground defense.

      • hiphoppin

        She didnt kill anyone though so wtf is this 60year BS they tryin to give?

  • I’m not saying she guilty or nutn but if she had a restraining order on dude why was she there? I’m a realist and I done had my share of run ins with crazy broads, never had the urge to get violent with em but the real crazy ones can be a handful, therefore, I can’t really side with homegirl on this one. Shid what did bruh say about all this? I’m pretty sure he was a lil shook with an angry broad waving a strap around, a woman scorned can be deadly. I wanna hear the guys side of the story though, I have seen a chick totally lose it so I kinda ain’t feeling sympathetic. 60 yrs for not hitn no one is ludicrous tho…

    • Pirate7X

      Time served, that’s it. She did 3 years for firing a weapon, let her go.

      They need to remove that state Attorney and beat her ass with a rubber hose. She’s gonna side with GZimmerman & Dunn after MURDERING young Black males but not Alexander for defending herself? F– dat, that b—h needs to be dealt with…

    • golder1

      She was there because it was her home. He came to her home starting shit. This is not a story of a woman scorned. Her family and his have said he was abusive to her and they had heard hin threaten her life before.

  • The sentence was too harsh id admit but shes guilty as hell…do your research on the police reports….if you ask me, they gave her the harsh sentence because she didnt KILL the black man which probably would’ve got her less time

  • hiphoppin

    she didnt kill nobody, she should be free. USA laws are bullshit.

  • ihatefaggots

    I will never go to florida again most insane state in America

  • IsiahZeke11

    None of this makes any sense, this is a SEVERELY flawed case… Not to mention givens Florida’s historical and more importantly recent record of TOTALLY screwing over blacks murdered by white people it makes no sense as to why angela cory is going after this woman so hard and relentlessly!!! I mean damn bitch at least get 1 high profile case right, forever on the wrong side of the law color wise it seems. She is showing her hand as a TRULY racist bigot with a different set of rules for blacks than whites, stand your ground no matter what common sense dictates for whites but NEVER stand your ground in effect for blacks!