Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Lil Boosie Going Back In Legal Trouble?

Don’t shoot the messenger!

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Before I say this, let me say this. Lil Boosie has gotten the streets and the tweets in the tizzy! People either love or hate this dude! They are even going in on his daughter! You saw her right? See that at the end of the page.

Anyway, the hate and love people have for Boosie leads me to my next rumor. It seems like there is a new rumor that Boosie has been busted for weed and is already facing going back to jail. Now, I’m going to keep it real, this person is not hating on Boosie. In fact, they are calling it bulls**t citing that weed is now legal in a couple of States. They also said that smoking weed is still a “major” crime down South.

But..you know “they” are after Boosie.

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In fact, I heard he has or will be relocating to Houston to get away from the laws in Baton Rouge. So I’m thinking this is not real. I am thinking its bad info and that Boosie is actually very insulated. But, let me know what you think about his daughter!?! She’s off the chain.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • OnlyTheReal

    This has already been addressed by his record label as false, created by a website that nobody has heard of and spread by people that cant wait for him to go back to prison. Desperate enough to believe the 1st negative thing they hear as being true no matter the source

    • lackin

      This bullshit rumor showed up before he was even released from prison. It was originally posted on a parody site that also claimed Ja Rule was leaving his wife and kids for a man he met in prison. Just 2 seconds of research and you can find that this is false, I can’t believe they posted it on here.

      • OnlyTheReal

        It’s because its the in thing now to hate on niggas. People literally loose sleep everytime they hear rappers that make street music get acclaim.

        Its cool to not defend yourself but tell a teacher if you are bullied

        Its cool to not whoop your children’s ass but blame the teacher

        Its cool to accuse every successful black man of being in the iluminati

        Its cool to eat hoes out without getting your dick sucked. Etc.

      • brotha_man

        i was wit u until that last line

      • OnlyTheReal

        Dog you need to be around some of these niggas and hear the shit that comes out they mouth. Wayne got these swagged out niggas thinking that shit cool

      • Jason Mazur

        Yeah man….fair exchange….other wise, not cool…etc



  • brotha_man

    until he gets of papers he will always be in trouble

    • hoeyuno

      He’s on parole till 2018 apparently… if they call him in for a piss test and theres weed in his system he could go back probably…Parole never been designed for ppls to succeed…

      • brotha_man

        that what im sahying. po show up and sh*t out of order back to jail. he doing a show in nap town soon….at one of the most gutta hole in the wall spots.

      • Casor_G

        He could always…you know..not smoke weed and do drugs…

      • hoeyuno

        fo sho!! That was just an example..I don’t know his conditions but dude could have a 8 o’clock curfew and a bunch of dumb shit…he’s a rapper in a world full of temptations…shit wont be easy all I’m sayin… cause of his history of being a codeine addict I’m sure they’ll randomly test him…And if boosies reading these wait till long weekends bro anything other then pot will b outta your system in 2-3 days..say there’s a holiday Monday and the p.o. ain’t open then, party it up Friday and you’ll be good for Tuesday!!! Haha

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Every state has their drug own laws.. stop tryna act like the south holds people down for drugs.. Georgia has medical weed and Florida is voting in November for Medical a recreational.. Kill this lying fag Illshit

    • BDB

      He’s on parole, he can’t smoke weed period.

      • Or drink…but he can smoke cigs…WTF?

  • Fosho3528

    Father of the year

  • Guest

    LOL ===>”very insulated” it is isolated dumbass

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      as much as i hate to agree with the poor grammar of illseed, insulated is used properly. To be insulated is to be protected from an outside force such as heat or sound, or to be made into an island with a protective barrier. to be isolated would to be kept away from things.

  • Story is false

  • Fosho3528

    Little Boosie is in trouble with the law again. In other breaking news, the earth is round.

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    Where are the adults they need they’re ass whoooop’d for this video!

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  • richard_b_hard

    Well hold on to your free Boosie shirts till 2018 you might need them!

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  • JimJames29

    Illseeds writing style has me wondering what the hecks going on 90% of the time. ‘This person (what person?) Is not hating on boosie… calling it bs since weed is now legal… but still a crime down south… this story, that I just told you about, is not real… and heres his daughter’. The fuuh? Is this actually lil b writing these things or something? Its sort of surrealist stream of consciousness type sht.

    • FatherSha_

      Part of me keeps coming back because I’m a loyalist and I been on this shit since HS…

      And another part of me feels like I’m on a blog site or sum chit…

  • superh8

    They locking his bitchass back up 4 that freestyle

  • aya

    This website works for the feds 4 real… get of the man dick already posting all these hatin ass articles whishing the man ends up back in jail.. yall should just keep on posting shit about loaded lux, talib kweli and saigon or whateva on that wack ass NY bullshit yall stay on… every succesful black man that beats a murder case and is able to walk out of jail and get back to the money to feed his kids, you should b proud of you retarded idiot… boosie back out!!! minor set back for a major comeback!!!

  • Jayson C Williams

    I told ya niggaz I told ya niggaz I was gunna repeat the 2nd grade! I told ya!

    • Fosho3528


    • superh8

      Shut up punk bitch



  • Franky Babylon

    In reference to his daughter: That is sad; this is a child talking like she is a adult. Now when most of us were or for some still might be young, you curse on the low, never would you talk like that in ear shot of a adult. I’m a grown pass man and still calm all that down around my mother or kids.

    It’s funny that as black people, we pride ourselves on the fact our children know to behave/act. We are quick to look at white parents struggling to maintain their child and we comment on what we would do if the child was ours. Well in that case, feel free to beat this child and her parents ass.

    As far as him getting busting for weed: So what, I feel no pitty. If a person (Stephen A Smith voice) CANT STAY OFF THE WEEEED and they know what that it may cost them freedom/money, they’re no better than a cracked.

    • Truth Powell

      I’m in my 30s and I still watch how I talk around older folks too. The prob with kids nowadays. They all think they can act like adults because there is no representation of childhood in popular culture. They don’t know how to behave like children like we did. Childhood on tv is smart-mouthed precocious kids or honey boo boo. Eff the parents that think it’s cute when their kids act like that too.

  • Judah Nazayar

    aya said’
    every succesful black man that beats a murder case and is able to walk out of jail and get back to the money to feed his kids, you should b proud of you retarded idiot.
    Judah said”
    sis.. go over there… and QUIETLY slap and punch yourself.

    • Judah Nazayar

      My daughter is 3 .. and would never act like this.. EVER!!!!

  • ccwaterbound32

    but ya’ll won best urban website of the year…all ima say is this chuck creekmur or grouchy greg or whoever owns this site i hope dude catches up to one of you clowns and punches you both in your f**king mouths all them damn lies ya’ll done put on that man name..i been on ya’ll about that s**t they should have an unofficial street law where if you post up bulls**t and they have an event in certain parts of the country let’s say new orleans they should strip ya’ll butt naked and pistol whip yall so you don’t ever slander somebody name again…now watch allhiphop jump on boosie’s d**k for either an exclusive interview or put out one of his songs to gain hits…ya’ll some fake ass reporting ass sellouts… and this coming from somebody who blessed to see garbage ass s**t a mile away..

    • OnlyTheReal

      I remember when he was going to trial every picture of him was him holding 2 guns and when referring to his case you never heard “allegedly.” They wrote about it as if to say “Well this guy who we never heard of nor liked his music we never heard before is going to prison. Case closed. Now where is my man thong & joe budden album so I can go key my Ex’s car?”

  • baller187

    i dont want to hear no baby talkin like that

  • TB

    This is why we as black never get respected because we don’t teach our children respect. I would hem my damn kids up for talking this f’n ignorant.

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  • This some hoodrat shit, that kid parent is a hood rat I bet. Lil Boosie you been garbage since day one! Looking like a god damn gremlin AKA Flava Flave!

    • pauleyPee

      In the words of Latarian Milton, doin’ hoodrat things is fun.

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    what kind of reporting is this?this site is terrible…..

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  • patti livernash

    my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover
    LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Dadon850

    A satire website put this fake rumor out and now you guys are reporting it?? Lmao!! What has happened to this site??

  • therealest1

    Another prime example of the apple not falling far from the tree. It shouldn’t be the shock of the year if his daughter is talking ignorant based on the idiocy of the dad not being able to stay out of trouble and be there around the clock to instill values and common sense.