Hip-Hop Rumors: Michael Jackson Has A Secret Son?

Ever since I saw Miki Howard on “Unsung,” I knew there was something going on with her. She apparently had sex with Michael Jackson back in the day and now says her son B. Howard is that “Billie Jean” kid. She apparently is ready to take her claims legal with “iron clad” evidence that MJ is the pops. Sadly, MJ is dead and gone. He’s just moon walking from the grave, because not only is this guy claiming to be his son, he’s an MJ knock off too. Peep the video.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Black Jay

    To AHH….. And this is hip hop news, how? Leave that tabloid sh*t to The Enquirer.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Why does he pronounce his words like that..lol this dude is a fake mj, like hes been imitating him based off his moms lie.

  • Terry

    Y’all got to admit it.. that’s a good song!

    • True, although the video is a suspect chin ninjafest!

  • Thenatural503

    This kid’s life is going to be devastated if he’s not his son. His “career” is obviously based on him being a clone. If he does happen to be his son maybe he will be embraced. He does look like a Jackson though.

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    he’s not a knock off, its more like a chip off the old block. y’all got to admit he look more like true kin then the ones that’s being claimed.