Canelo vs Angulo

KNOCKOUT NATION: Alfredo Angulo vs Canelo Alvarez: The Interview

Canelo vs. Angulo airs this Saturday (March 8) on Showtime pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET.

Under most circumstances, it is not in a boxer’s best interest to go “toe to toe” with an opponent. In a sport where the object is to “hit and not get hit,” standing in front of your opponent and trading concussive blows is literally flirting with physical and fiscal disaster. And yet, there are a select few that not only live this boxing mini-game of Russian Roulette, but excel at it.

Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo is one of those fighters. He is equally brutal in victory as he is in the defeat. It was the latter, a vicious battle with Erislandy Lara, that has earned Angulo his first pay-per-view opportunity, a March 8 all-Mexican showdown against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. And while Canelo is the star attraction of this contest, Angulo explains toKnockout Nation how he’s learned a few new tricks to possibly score the first major boxing upset of 2013.

Knockout Nation: Although you consider the ending on your exciting fight with Erislandy Lara a fluke because of the eye injury, you can’t deny that you were taking flush left hands on the area from the opening bell. What have you done in this camp to address your defensive holes?

Angulo: Yes, my coach Virgil Hunter has tried to make sure that I’m ready for different things and attacks. I fought fighters like Lara who are incredibly talented. But my style is always to come in and fight. That’s why the fans like me, because I bring the fight to people. There are many ways you can fight. You can even fight in the ring and still avoid the actual fight. That’s not my style and that’s why the fans want to see me fight.

Knockout Nation: Getting hit in boxing is inevitable, but the very nature of the Sweet Science is to “hit and not get hit.” With that said, how accurate do you feel promotion’s “Toe to Toe” tagline is compared to how you expect the fight to go?

Angulo: I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but this is what the fans want. They know I’m prepared to fight. I don’t know if that will work for my opponent. I prepared to bring a real fight.

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  • Dhz30

    i gotta take canelo in this one, think he will be too slick for angulo

    • Maybe, but Angulo is definitely coming to win, making this fight as exciting as any other that isn’t a title fight!

      • DJ7

        Canelo’s people are avoiding a showdown with Lara like the plague. This fight, if all goes well, is to make him look good / great against a tough, durable yet battered and compromised opponent & hurl him back into the spotlight for bigger paydays down the road. I see his next potential opponents as being the winner of the Cotto v Martinez bout…Neither of which I want to see happen as both are at the end of their careers and would only serve as name recognition opposition to pad his already exaggerated record…who I would like for him to fight next in no particular order:

        1. Kid Chocolate – has a belt b.u.t. doesn’t really seem like much of a threat

        2. James Kirkland – destroyed Angulo btw, would be a good test for Canelo b.u.t. that kid is dangerous and duck worthy if you want a long career

        3. GGG – would give Canelo more than he could chew b.u.t. I’d rather he moved up and face either Julio Caesar Jr or Andre Ward or stay @ 154 & face #1, 2 or 4

        4. Lara – Not gonna happen…he’s been dodging this cat for years

        5. Julio Caesar Jr – The Battle of El Mehico’s bloated record warriors….This fight would be huge if promoted properly…weight issues may play a part in this bout as Caesar is now a super middleweight

        6. Any of those European cats who’s name I’m drawing a blank on right now (not big on those cats b/c they always come to the States and disappoint b.u.t. are beast in their home country)

        These fights would be good fights b.u.t. are unlikely due to the politics in the sport

      • I wouldn’t call Angulo “comprimised”, but I’d say all the other stuff.
        The Kirkland fight wasn’t a beating, per say,niether was Lara, even though Angulo came out looking like a dethawed Neanderthal, as soon as he was injured, he stopped, as opposed to fighting 2+ more rounds with broken eye.

        Kirkland has no defense, none, zero, and he relies on knocking dudes out early…which for the most part, appears to be working quite well for him.

        Exciting fighters don’t last long though.
        Ward is like a bigger version of Mayweather, minus the flashyiness & money, but he has the knowledge.

        Triple G is a beast.
        Any fight he’s in is winnable.

        Canelo vs Cotto = Good look for Cotto $$$ wise.
        Khan may beat Canelo, but I think Cotto KO’s Khan.

        On Kid Chocolate 🙂

        >>With my famz at Gleason’s in Bklyn.

      • DJ7

        Cool pic
        Kirkland destroyed Angulo fam….After he punched himself out in rd 1, his face became a heavy bag and Kirkland don’t throw pity pat punches…destroyed…he just wouldn’t drop although he was done…

        vs Lara…he had to quit if he wanted to keep that eye intact…it’s debatable as to who was ahead (Lara was IMO) b.u.t. he made the right decision to bow out

        Khan is a non factor….Next

        Cotto fighting Canelo is good $$ for Cotto b.u.t. I don’t want to see an aging Cotto fight…just like I didn’t want to see an over the hill Mosley or a shot Judah lace em back up

        Totally agree with your action/aggressive/exciting fighters assessment. They don’t last. It’s boxing….hit and don’t get hit

        I stand by my statement that Kid Chocolate is unproven thus far…Rosado gave him all he could bargain for in his last outing b.u.t. that dude is an awkward fighter to begin with so I’ll give em a pass this time…he has a bout coming up in Apr in DC and if I can get my hands on a pair of tickets for the low, I’ll go & check him out live…B – Hop is the main event so chances are I’ll be watching that joint on showtime @ the crib…either way, I’ll see if he can make me a believer.

      • I want to see B Hop ( PoP’Kins) live.
        If $$ is right, I may head out your way, but right now, my ends are like perfect strangers…they are never going to meet!

        Maybe they could donate some to a non profit organization like Stick N move Boxing, so one of the “REPRESENTITIVES” (*Side Note = Me ) can learn by watching B Hop.
        The Lara fight was close, but the 2 knockdowns had Angulo ahead on my card. I thought Lara thumbed him with the right jab, but either way, he still followed up with a few str8 lefts, so no controversy there.

        Cotto needs that bread, his career was too short IMO, but MSG, on PR Parade weekend in NY makes Cotto’s appearances seem like a tradition.

        Kid Chocolate gets my vote on the strength of taking the time to pose with my Little cousin. He might not ever remember taking that pic, but my cuz will never forget.
        Stuff like that inspires the youth.

        Your pick on Cotto Martinez?

      • DJ7

        You have to keep in mind that when Lara got dropped he came back and pretty much won the rest of those rounds…10 – 9 instead of a 10 – 8 for Angulo….b.u.t…..he wasn’t winning the rest of the fight and that’s why I had Lara ahead

        As for Cotto vs Martinez….if Cotto stick to his bread & butta….infighting, consisting of a vicious body attack followed by overhand rights and that sneaky hook to the dome…he may just stabilize Martinez’s movement enough to connect often and make it a short night b.u.t. if he allows Martinez to control the tempo and utilize the entire ring he will out point Cotto easily…Afterall, Cotto is the one moving up in weight so I’m not sold on his ability to chase dude all night ala the Caesar Jr fight….

      • Do you really think Lara did enough to make it 10-9 in those rounds?
        Not disputing that Lara won those rounds minus the knockdowns, but 10-9 to me = Angulo getting beat from pillar to post and I just didn’t see it that way.

        What did the judges score?
        I’ll see if I can find them, but I’m not disputing that it was close and could have went either way, which I guess indirectly means Lara won, considering the knockdowns. (Fight wise)

        Moving up may not be smart for Cotto. #IJS

      • DJ7

        Official score cards had Lara ahead 85 – 84 before the stoppage…upon viewing the rounds in question again (YouTube of course)…nah…they were in fact 10 – 8 rounds…I gotta give em credit for getting back up and holding his own, seeing how it was the 1st knock down of his entire career, he handled it well…some cats get jelly legs, panic and never fully recover…1st joint should of put him to sleep…The 2nd one he walked in to and still managed to rise and make the round look respectable.

      • That’s what I mean, just getting up made the 1st respectable, & I was impressed, by the whole fight, 2 X 10-8’s like those & still ahead?

        He did his thing….but Lara is worm food for Mayweather though, IMO.
        How will Alvarez handle it?
        It may be a set up fight? but don’t sleep on Angulo (*or bet on him for that matter, but…) he’s coming to bring the ruckus regardless of if he expects to lose or not.

        At that level, anybody who gets in the ring can get it done.
        (*With a few exceptions, your point being Angulo vs Canelo is one of them!)

        Canelo vs Mayweather = Boring
        Canelo Vs Angulo = Exciting
        Mayweather vs Maidana = Highly anticipated because it may be exciting and that’s why it sells.

        Mayweather might go for the KO vs Maidana who always goes for the KO.

        Take away the Broner factor & public outcry arises against Floyd for boxing Maidana or Khan for that matter, but Khan also brings out the most in Floyd, IMHO.

        ** Some ‘chet you can watch over & over for the skill sets on display and still join in with the public outcry for boxing Khan….instead of PacMan.

        If it ain’t Manny, it doesn’t matter.

        If it was Manny though & Mayweather got the spectacular early KO, replete with ‘chet talking apologizes of hating to sleep opponents, etc…..and wanting to retire, etc…ain’t nobody gonna buy his next fight unless it’s against Pop’Kins, or one of them Trip G type ninjaz.. (*Dimitry Porov?) and even then, the public wouldn’t be satisfied until he lost.

      • Lara did wax ‘dat @$$ though!

      • You called it 100%

        I think Canelo just made the case for a PacMan match up next!

      • DJ7

        Just getting in from watching it…destroyed again…smh…can we get that Lara match up now….word is they’re eyeing the winner of the Cotto fight as I expected

      • Lara in either way, Canelo vs Lara looking good if no PacMan fight for Canelo.

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  • brotha_man

    i think angulo style vs may would be interesting

  • Weedras

    not knocking the article, but how is this a part of the “Rumor” section when this is an interview? o.O

  • richard_b_hard

    A mexican with red hair versus a mexican with cornrows …..DAMN never thought I would live to see that shyt!


    • Papi Peligro

      Mexico had the first black president in North America.

  • Canelo hands down, dude is a brawler.