Rick Ross Talks John McEnroe Feud, Gluten-Free Cornbread + More

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross  . In a recent interview, the Maybach Music Group boss spoke on how he deals with paparazzi, a feud with a tennis legend and how cornbread makes him know he “made it.”

The reporter for The Guardian attests that he was informed if he mentioned Rick Ross’ date rape lyric from last year that involved Reebok that he interview would be over. However, Ross was open to discussing h is tactics with dealing with incessant paparazzi:

What you do is you don’t fight it. You go out, wearing your nice pea coat and you say, ‘Get this angle.’ Now go over there.’ You know, give the guy some art direction. Then when they think about it later, they’ll be like, ‘Hold up, I just did a free photoshoot!’ ‘Yes you did! Now come along.’ Don’t fight them, use them motherf*ckers!

Ross’ manager and longtime friend Gucci Pucci explained that Ross has a friendly feud with former tennis legend John McEnroe. Ross and McEnroe are neighbors and have apparently been engaging in a battle according to Pucci:

They put tennis balls in Ross’s yard, but the other day I put a big-ass lizard in his yard.

Back in October of 2011, Ross suffered back to back seizure on a private jet a week after becoming the owner of his own Wing Stop in Memphis. According to Ross, his new diet as a result has made him rethink what success is:

You know when you know you’ve made it? When you’ve got your own gluten-free cornbread.

Check out the full interview here.

  • World Dominator

    F*CK this fraud! Too bad that stroke wasn’t fatal…..THE FAKEST FRAUD in Hip Hop history! William ‘Officer Ricky – Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts thinks we CARE about tennis balls in his yard, or his f*cked up diet, or MAYCOCK ‘music’….. his bad acting as a ‘drug boss’, filling these young men’s minds with that POISON & materialistic attitude, & lyrics boasting of date raping young women is enough to WRITE THIS DUDE OFF FOR GOOD! That new garbage ‘album’ should be called ‘PAY-NO-MIND’! Forget this fool asap & bring back REAL ARTISTS on the level of 2PAC, DR. DRE, B.I.G. & beyond!

    • Havoc Wreaka III

      Keep wishing

    • Weedras

      wishing death on a next man, you don’t know…. smh

    • Brindle

      death? over music and lies?

    • Christopher Thompson

      That’s sad u wish death on a man u don’t even know! People say Ross fake Dr Dre wasn’t. He was wearing make up and lace dresses, never had a felony record or really smoked weed but he’s a legend. If you gone judge nobodys exempt!

    • ursocalledgod

      you sound like you got some deep hate lol did dude hit yo baby moms or something? i love all them artists you named but this is a new day and age homie. put on alot of music from them artist right now and see how outdated it sounds. granted the 90s were the rap peek some of it didnt age well. wishing death on another is super BAD KARMA. good luck…

      • you sound like a homo trying to get william roberts to buy you some heels… lol..

      • ursocalledgod

        That’s where you go straight to some gay shit? Hmmmm… SUSPECT

      • dude, did you read your ode to rick ross u just wrote?? lol… and we know “rick ross” has a foot fetish… it doesnt take a genius to see whats up

      • ursocalledgod

        Naw not a genius just an undercover gay man to take that angle. SUSPECT

      • you are an undecover gay man? you need to try better your cover has been blown.

      • ursocalledgod

        Really? That’s what you come back with? My push on with your corny ass for real smh

      • ricky got some high heels for you… go to work bitch

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Niggas be hating yet have at least 5 of his songs on their playlist

    • brotha_man

      not true….i take that back i got two……..its my time ft lyfe jennings and prayer both off the port of Miami….stopped listening to him after that

  • Brindle

    I got none of his songs on my playlist, guess I’m too old cause that 90’s era spoiled me… this fool is a walking front and a fake in all directions…

  • 44.wade

    The MMG business model is built on the idea that if you tell a lie long enough, it will become the truth.

    When you always lie, it becomes second nature and habitual to lie in situations where you are afraid of the consequences of being honest.

  • hustlemania

    You know what I’ve noticed? People who see right through this kind of music are usually self-aware, and get tired of the same formula. Eespecially coming from a man who’s real identity is not congruent with his image. The people that eat this stuff up usually say one of two things: “This bangs.” “This goes hard.” If that’s all it takes, for a song to sound “tough” to impress you, or move you, then I feel sorry for you.

  • rick ross knows how to use people… RICK ROSS knows how to use people… lol.. “RICK ROSS” lmfao

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  • Tony

    uuUUH! I don’t know about ya’ll.. we’ll I kinda do based on the comments.. But Ross’ music, and all other music is Entertainment to me! That’s it.. Entertainment!.. Enjoy it or don’t. If you don’t like what he’s talking about, at least you can show some love to the production because his Music/songs is tight!..

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  • brotha_man

    gluten free cornbread?…cornbread? seems blasphemous but i’m all for a healthy life styles so he gets a pass….dont pass gluten free cornbread my way tho

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      that shit is redundant. If you are making real cornbread, then it is gluten free. corn doesn’t have gluten. milk, eggs, sugar, cornmeal. rick ross is a damn fool.

      • brotha_man

        he the type to eat a 12 piece with a slim fast shake

  • lackin

    So gluten free is whats really gangsta now?? LMAO.

  • richard_b_hard

    Gluten free cornbread and 200 pieces of bbq wings now that’s gangsta!

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