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Lil B Releases Kevin Durant Diss “F*ck KD” Music Video (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The oddest rap beef of 2011 has no become the oddest rap beef of 2014. Today (March 8th), Lil B released the first music video diss response to Kevin Durant in their 3 year “Feud”, entitled “F*ck KD”.

In the video, Lil B is shown running around on the basketball court, shooting jump shots and all while explaining why he does not like Kevin Durant. At one point in the song he makes a startling proclamation and even throws Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports (Durant’s agency) into the mix:

He said that I’m wack? See me on the court/You won’t score on me if you talking about points/I love Roc Nation and I love Jay Z/But on the west side I’m screaming, ‘f*ck KD’

The beef started in January of 2011 when Kevin Durant accepted Lil B’s challenge for a one-on-one game. A few months later, took to his personal Twitter account and stated Lil B was wack and could not understand how he was still relevant:


Check out Lil B’s video for his Kevin Durant diss song, “F*ck KD” below:

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    • DJ7

      Jamar spit that real you sensitive types can’t relate to…if you’re a Caucasian (since that’s who he offended the most causing you cats to get all up in your feelings) I overstand why you’re mad b.u.t. could care less b/c it’s one of your ppl that gave him the platform to create that firestorm in the 1st place

      • chasin money not hoes

        If u African my boy u don’t kno nothin bout African-American culture simple.

      • Savimbi

        and by the way, i felt his message in the beginning but the more he spoke out, the more it sounded like an old, bitter has been who feels he has authority over the culture whilst he himself hasn’t done anything significant for the culture besides being the weakest link to a legendary hip-hop group.

      • DJ7

        Opinions come a dime a dozen as you just demonstrated…I’m sorry you’re not feeling the brotha and why he’s so passionate speaking on the subjects that he does with conviction and it’s okay my brotha…it’s not meant for everybody to overstand initially b.u.t. in time, you will appreciate it or nah…that’ll be something for you to figure out once you become that “old, bitter never was” that young brothas label those much more wiser then themselves today….that’s assuming you live long enough
        U B _ez now young fella

  1. spanky520

    damn lil b has got to be the worst thing in the history of the rap game.only reason anyone pays attention is jus cause of durants name,get off his dick lil nigga

  2. Guest

    this little boy is an embarrassment to hiphop if you like little bitch kill yourself for liking this wack shit.. how can anyone bump him

    i hope he gets knocked out again.

    • Realist4200

      Sometimes I have to watch that knockout video after I hear his music, just to feel a little better about the world.

  3. ZUBU

    Charles Barkley’s voice: Lil’ B Is just Gawd Awwwful, Just Awful……..

    Eric Sermon’s voice: Stick A Fork In Him Redman He’s Done………..

  4. ilovehiphop1972

    Who got the check at AHH? Who cut the check to AHH? You are all assassins of this thing I love called hip-hop. You kill hip-hop with this excrement.

  5. chevy_weight_champ

    If KD even entertain this shit @ all, he will take the biggest L, come on LIL B lmmao, biggest clown nicca ever 2 come from the WestCoast!!! an he need 2 take my lil 3 yr. old brother wife beater off!!!

  6. Fosho3528

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore of the wackest rappers of all time ever it would consist of Lil B, Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, and Lil Boosie.

  7. Rick D.

    Kevin durant could probably murder this retarded ass missin a chromosome mf if he just tried to make a song….

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      if you shepards dont stop using the word sheep we will steal all the wool you amassed over the winter holiday.

  8. Chi5063

    This dude is so terrible. He sounds like what Too Short would sound like if he popped a few pills and chased it with some Vodka and a bag of dicks.

  9. L.

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    • golder1

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      • johnblacksad

        Thank you!

        Her name prolly ain’t Lisa… Shaquanda or Quenisha or some sh!t (no dis to the real Shaquandas and Quenishas)

      • L.

        Finally a man that can at least put two sentences together without cussing. So I take it that your name really is John and not Tyron, Dante, LaDante, etc.
        SHAME AND SELF HATE AMONG BLACK MEN ON THE RISE. The black community knows about this issue of self hate in itself. If you look at the statistics black men date interracially/marry at 3 times or more than other races. Black men are 70% of the prison population, is that not a race issue? Black on black crime is up more than 60%, is that not a race issue? Black men marry/date more than 3 times that of white males, does that not show some type of self racism/self loath? This problem cannot be blamed on any other race, black men must raise their own children and be proud of who he is.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        the only person hating is you…. starting something here on a hiphopsite and then claiming self hate. and for your knowledge i am college educated and a military vet over 10 years active, now working for the the state dept. so please miss me with the rhetoric. … you come with ignorance and we will respond with ignorance… save that for a different topic with you condescending ass

      • L.

        Wow. You can write more than three sentences together without saying b**** or h*. I am quite impressed. Truth hurts. I know this is an emotional topic for most black men since we all know it is true. Have a nice evening.

      • golder1

        Most intelligent people know that an opinion doesn’t make something true. Woodard makes an excellent point, your comments are filled with ignorance but get mad when someone respond with what you call ignorance. That is the true meaning of hypocrisy.

      • L.

        Self hate among black men is growing. Your response proved my point to the point. You cannot say a word about a black women without saying bitch. You cannot date outside the race without downing the black woman. You hate yourself, you hate your Mom, you hate your people. You blame your single mother, and hate your father. You have a slave mentality.

      • golder1

        You dont have a point. Women call each other bitches all the time but want to call foul when a man calls them one. Intelligent black women would never make an ignorant statement like,”You cant date outside your race without downing a black woman”, that is the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. Just as ignorant as suggesting I hate my mother, who wasnt single, that I hate my father who has always been in my life, or that I have a slave mentality. Your own comment proves you have a slave mentality and that you have daddy issues. Self hate among black, ignorant, lost fatherless, uneducated black women is running crazy in this country. And this is not about all black women because their are plenty examples of black women who dont blame others for their own struggles. I tell women all the time, “If you are consistently dating nothing ass men more than likely you are a nothing ass women,” and maybe that is Lisa’s issue!

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      how you know what black men are thinking???? half the time we are thinking “oh shit she taking the whole dikkk in her mouth” or “oh shit this bish swallowed every drop” or “oh shit this bish just said “stick it in my ass” or “oh shit this bish just brought her friend through for some action” or “Mannnn that bish Lisa stay talking that dumb shit so im bout to go fukkkk with this white jawn over here” lmao now please GTFOH with that corny ish you talking!!!

      • L.

        I don’t speak or read EBONICS. College and higher education would be my best suggestion for you.

  10. Malik

    I had to comment, if just for the comical nature of the chorus….

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