Rick Ross Releases “War Ready” Video Feat./ Jeezy (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) We heard the truce but now we get the first visuals since the in-studio picture of the two titans mending their fences.

With a video featuring enough guns to invade Ukraine, Jeezy and Ross tower in and out of the shadows casting grandiose proclamations of their gangster supremacy, codes of the game and more. DJ Khaled, Meek Mill and YG make appearances in the video.

Check out the music video for Rick Ross and Jeezy’s “War Ready” collaboration below:

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  • Michael Edwards

    The visuals and the subliminal behind this is very manly !! I personally don’t know either one but the message is viscous . I give both of them props for put away their differences. I think them and lil boosie are fixing to give the gangsta rap game a music boost.

    • Y.O.

      don’t compare william roberts to boosie

      • Michael Edwards

        I can’t compare the two because I don’t know them personally I was talking music wise the message From what I know lil boosie just came home from a he’ll of case Ross ain’t been too know jail but the story line or picture they paint both be on some heavy shit . Ross from baller status and lil boosie from real nigga music perspective that’s all I was saying.

  • brotha_man

    the only banger on his whole album, thanks to jeezy

    • baller187

      and this wasnt even a banger thats cd was teereible and ross is so capable, damn shame

  • WillVetterGoodin

    william roberts… you a fat f*ck

  • Hector G

    i honestly cant stand ross…sucks so bad. attitude turned up to 10/10, talent and realness 1/10….hook sucks balls too

  • brotha_man

    i think ross watch shottas before he wrote this.

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  • Spadey

    Is Tip writing for Jeezy now?

  • baller187

    i’ll say this i back ross MASTERMIND was terrible, one good song number 2 and i want my dub back ross, should have put OYSTER PERPERTUAL on that cd bitch